Chapter 4


Knightrunner, Chit&Snap, Medkit

Harry sighed in relief when he saw the familiar houses of Privet Drive, it was a long drive what with Knightrunner stopping occasionally to try and return order to his cabin while Harry just tried to survive the toy war. He did feel guilty over letting the Chat brothers run wild, but it worked out in the long run. They were piled on top of their stuffed toy battleground fast asleep, or as the big guy put it, recharge.

They rolled up towards number 4 privet drive and Harry saw that Vernon was home, his shiny company car sitting in the driveway. Oh great, he was so in for it, there was no way Vernon didn't hear or see them pull up and if he saw him get out of the car conclusion will be jumped to. Scratching his head Harry sighed, 'What to do , what to do? Screw it, I'll wing it planning doesn't work so well for me anyway.'

"Wait for me at the end of the street okay? I'll bring Chitchat so I can let you know when it's safe to come back around." He went to open the door, but the door wouldn't budge.

"Is this domicile not safe for you Maker? No it was the sight of the car in the driveway, is the person who owns the vehicle a danger to you Maker?"

Harry leaned back, his uncle wasn't that dangerous, very loud but not dangerous, "He's not a danger to me Knightrunner, he just likes to yell at me a lot." And turn various shades of color while doing it. He could tell Knight was thinking before he heard the door unlock.

"Very well Maker, but call me immediately when you have a secure spot and alert me should anything happen."

Nodding Harry grabbed the sleeping Chitchat and placed him in his pocket, opening the door he knew Vernon saw him as the front door swung open and his bristling mustache was the first thing he saw.

"BOY, get in here now!"

Harry can tell Knightrunner did not appreciate the loud man but right now this was the only place that was safe enough for him to stay at. Letting the door close behind him, Harry jogged over to his uncle ducking his head into his collar just in case the man was going to grab him, thankfully he did not and only glared at him.

Once inside, the stairs looked so appealing as they lead to the 'safety' of his room but he knew Vernon had something to yell and would only be angrier if he wasn't there to yell at. And he didn't have to wait long as he heard the door slam close and turned to see his an angry bristling mustache.

"You will explain to me boy, who that was and why you are back before Dudley is." Beefy arms crossed over a wide chest as Harry tried to think of an answer that was believable.

"I was being mugged on my way to the library and the guy in the car helped out. He wouldn't leave me alone until he knew I was going to be safe so I had him drop me off back home."

Vernon looked hard at him trying to see if he was lying, which he only half was and embellishing the rest. The man looked displeased, whether by his arriving home with a stranger or that the stranger didn't make of with his nephew Harry didn't know. Vernon pointed towards the stairs,"You will stay in your room for the rest of the day, and no dinner either for making that man have to put up with your freakishness."

Harry didn't say anything, only ducking his head and hurrying up the stairs two at a time and entering his room, the door closing a tad to loudly but what did he care. Hedwig was there to greet him from her cage, eying him as if he did something wrong. Which he didn't, thank you very much. Smiling at his feathered friend Harry pulled out Chitchat who was rubbing at his eyes.

"Surprise girl, say hello to Chitchat. Chitchat say hello to Hedwig, the smartest owl you'll ever meet."

Chitchat looked at Hedwig intently, almost falling out of Harry's hand in an attempt to get closer to the owl. Hedwig stared intently as well at the little bot, but Harry didn't know what his feathered friend was thinking or if it was good or bad.

"She's very pretty Maker, can I pet her Maker? Does she like being petted oh maybe she doesn't and you can only look at her and comment on how pretty she is. Does she like being complimented Maker? I can do that instead." Harry blinked as Chitchat continued talking, complimenting the feather pattern and how soft Hedwigs' feathers looked and how much he wanted to pet her. Hedwig fluffed up her feather showing off her plumage, obviously enjoying her well deserved praise.

It seems Hedwig approves, crisis averted.

Chitchat started to vibrate in his hands making the bot stop talking and blink his eyes only to immediately roll them, "Its for you Maker." Then he transformed. Putting him up to his ear Harry answered, "Hello?"

"Ah Maker, you are alright. I'm calling to inform you of my current location at the end of the street. I shall remain here until you require my assistance, is this alright?"

Harry nodded, wait he can't see that,"Yes that's fine. If anything happens Chitchat can call you."

"Affirmative Maker, I await your next call."

Chitchat transformed again once the call ended and jumped out of his hand and onto the floor, Harry panicked reaching for the little guy scared he would break something from such a height. Five feet was five feet and Chit was barely one. He let loose a breath when Chit landed with ease and started to explore his surroundings.

Leaving the toy-bot to his wandering Harry felt that since he was stuck in his room until tomorrow, now was a good time to work on that ambulance he saw earlier. Humming to himself he walked over to the pile he saw it at, it's bright green color a beacon. Pulling it out caused some of the other toys to fall to fill in that gap making a small mess he will clean up later. He placed the toy on his bed, only because it was too big to place on his desk and work comfortably. Looking at it now Harry saw that it was in pretty bad shape, there was only one door left on the thing, the lights on top were broken off and one of the EMT's was missing from the front and the other had no head.

The plus side was that it still had all four wheels and the insides still looked like what an ambulance would have inside, Harry squinted, maybe; it's been a long time since he saw inside the back of an ambulance.

'Whatever, lets see if I can find the doors in that pile of junk.'

-I am a Line-

It was close to midnight when Harry stepped away from the broken ambulance, it wasn't so broken now but he had to cannibalize the lights from some semi-intact police cars and he found a few doors that fit the general shape of the opening. It wasn't the prettiest fix up but; with batteries it will light up and make sounds, the most important parts. He also found a small toy man that fit in the space of the missing EMT.

Staring at the clock Harry realized he spent a lot of time on fixing the toy and he didn't even realize it. Fixing things were just as effective as taking a dreamless sleep potion without any of those side effects. Smiling to himself Harry set the ambulance on the ground and pushed it with his foot, watching it roll on the ground with a small amount of childish glee.

He never was able to play with Dudley's toy cars, the only chance he got was when they lost one or all of its wheels and there was no fun in playing with a wheel less car. Humming to himself Harry pushed the ambulance further until it hit the pile of junk, the top shook a bit threatening to fall over but thankfully didn't. Chitchat popped out from one of the other piles of junk to look over at where the ambulance had stopped.

"Is Maker done?"

Harry flopped back onto the bed listening to the creak and squeak, "Yea, for now." Everyone was probably asleep by now and he wasn't even remotely tired yet. Maybe he can start sewing up the few stuffed toys he saw, most of them had their arms or legs even their heads ripped off. Walking over to the ambulance Harry sifted through the pile for stuffed parts, picking out bears and the occasional exotic animal. Funnily enough, no pigs. These he set down on the desk, putting the extra he had on the bed before sitting down to get to work. Picking up the body of what could be a bear and the arm of maybe a monkey, Harry began to sew.

-I am a Line-

The clocked showed 4 am in semi-bright red as Harry shuffled to the bed, he should be tired after all that fixing up and yet here he was. Awake. Chitchat was fast asleep on his pillow, having conked out a few hours prior and Harry wished he could join him. But his mind wouldn't settle down, it was like something was calling him to do something but he didn't know what and it was driving him mad.


Harry looked down to see what he hit his toe on and saw the ambulance, right where he left it. Crouching he picked up the toy. It was a decent sized toy, he remembered when Dudley got it. That was one of the few Christmases the Dursleys let him out from the cupboard. It looked small compared to the then overweight 8 year old Dudley but a lot of toys were. Moving it this way and that keeping his hands on the doors to keep the EMTs inside, something inside Harry pulsed. He stopped. It pulsed again, this time stronger just below his heart.

Harry looked down, trying to see if something was there and trying not to panic. Another pulse, 'What's going on?'.

All of a sudden his hands began to warm, he tried to drop the toy but it was if it was fused to the skin. Harry could feel his pulse quicken, feeling almost as scared as when he almost got 'mugged'. The heat grew and Harry could visibly see a light peak through the seams of where his hands met the toy. The light grew brighter and he felt something click in his head and heard something click in his hands.

The light was gone and Harry let the toy fall now that his hands weren't glued to it. He winced when the tires hit the floor, it was heavier sounding than plastic should be, he prayed that Vernon couldn't hear it over his snoring.

Harry watched the ambulance begin to shake and its lights begin to flicker. He was backing up towards the door when he saw it stop and a beam of blue light went from one side of the room and moving over the rest of it including him. When he thought it was all over Harry felt his eyes widen when the toy began to move and grow.

As if it was transforming.

He was shocked, he couldn't believe it, Harry had just made another robot and he had no idea why. Breathing out he told himself to calm down, the last three robots were okay, this one should be no different. Slowly walking toward the robot, who was currently looking at him, he cleared his throat.

"Hello there, I'm Harry."

The robot nodded its head, well so far it was acting polite.

"Hello Maker, I would give you my designation but I currently do not possess one. I would be most glad if you gave me one."

Harry blinked, it was a girl robot and she sounded older than the Chats but younger than Knight. Interesting. Tapping his chin he thought of a name that sounded interesting and wasn't masculine either. Bright green with blue highlights, not much came to mind. Looking around he saw his fix up kit sitting on the desk and then it came to him.

"I'll call you Medkit."

I made Medkit green! Some modern ambulances in England are green and blue. I got a good review that I'll probably drawing inspiration from and I plan to try and add a toy every other chapter. Maybe. The names for those toys have been decided, where I'll grab them is yet to be decided.

Anyway, until next chapter stay shiny!