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WARNINGS: Not really anything extreme yet. Some angst, but what else would you expect from me? There is however, a sentence about an injection, so, being needle phobic myself, I felt the need to warn you guys. I got your backs, fellow needle haters. (:

Pidge sat on the ground next to Hunk, drawing comfort from where their arms touched. It had been about a day since the paladins had been captured, but the guards had only come in once to bring a single bottle of water. The paladins sat in silence, having already exhausted the topic of escape plans.

So far, nobody had anything.

Pidge stared at her spot on the ground - the same spot she had been looking at for the last few hours - trying to clear her mind. None of the thoughts that came to her mind were really ideas she wanted to dwell on. Better not to think and just wait until they get more information on what the Galra were planning.

That being said, not thinking when you're trapped in an alien spaceship and have no idea what they're going to do to you isn't the easiest of tasks. Not to mention the pain of the never-ending wait. Every second that passed without event just made the anticipation of the guard's arrival worse. It was inevitable that they would come at some point; it was just a question of what they would do when they did. Pidge had already ruled out the idea that they would just kill them. If that were the plan, they wouldn't have left them there for a day and risked giving opportunity to escape. Though killing them eventually definitely wasn't out of the cards. Once they got the information or whatever else they wanted, there was no telling what would happen to them.

"Pidge." A tired voice called out. "Get some sleep. It's not your watch."

Pidge knew Shiro was right, but she didn't want to close her eyes. If she took away the visual focus point, she knew her mind would wander and she didn't want to know what pictures her imagination could conjure up. Not that not thinking had really been working thus far.

Shiro sighed, his voice softer. "Pidge..."

"I know." She said, still staring at her spot. Closing her eyes still didn't sound very appealing, but Hunk had started shifting and she didn't want to wake him up with further conversation. They might not have the option to rest much longer.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. As expected, she soon found her mind wandering into undesired places. What were they going to do to them?

No. That kind of thinking wasn't helping anyone. Pidge tried to focus on what information she had so far. Thankfully, the paladins remained unchained, though that could change at any given moment. They were in some sort of metal cell, with the only exits being a heavy door and a small air vent in the ceiling. It seemed like a standard holding cell, perhaps with a little thicker walls, but Pidge was guessing they were on a regular ship. The only thing that seemed out of place what that one of the walls acted as a mirror, reflecting back an image of the despondent paladins. What was that for? Some strange form of torture? Maybe it would be used to make the room's temperature uncomfortably high? Or perhaps it wasn't even a mirror and would serve as some sort of hallucination-inducing projection, forcing them to watch their worst fears play out.

Shuddering, she fought to control her thoughts. It was no use, though, and she eventually gave up, instead digging her nails into her thigh. The paladins had been stripped of their helmets and armor while unconscious, leaving them in only their undersuits. She pushed harder into her leg, hoping the pain would provide distraction.

At the sound of footsteps down the hall, Pidge opened her eyes. Shiro was already shaking the other paladins awake.

There were a few clicks and the heavy door swung open, revealing several guards. Only two of them walked in and Pidge knew that the waiting was over. The guards didn't address them, though. Instead, one lifted his arm, a finger extended.

Pointing directly at her.

"They wanted the smallest one." The guard said bluntly. She felt the others bristle around her and suddenly found herself pushed back, Hunk and Lance blocking their way.

But the guards didn't even seem to notice. "Wouldn't it be smarter to test their bonds first? To verify it could apply to all of them?"

The first guard shook his head. "They already have analysed the options. The smallest will show the most results without needing to test higher doses. Don't question orders."

The other guard didn't reply, just nodded, shoulders pushing back. He then turned to the paladins, noticing the blockage. "Move." He said, all hesitation gone from his voice.

Pidge could tell from the stiffness in her teammates stances that they had no intent of doing so. "Make us." Lance said, and Pidge wanted to smack him. Leave it to Lance to make himself a target.

The guard didn't even bat an eye at the challenge, instead motioning for more soldiers to enter, each holding a gun. They aimed their guns at the paladins and walked towards them.

Pidge saw Lance prepare to move and quickly pulled him back. "Fine." She announced before he could try anything else. "I'll come quietly."

She felt the other paladin's horrified stares on her as she stood up. Avoiding their eyes, she tried to empty her face as she pushed past Lance and Hunk.

Someone reached out, catching her wrist. "Pidge-" Lance said, a mix of fear, anger, and confusion coloring his voice.

Pidge pulled herself free, turning to look him in the eye. "I'll be fine." She said evenly. She doubted it was true, but she refused to let Lance see that. Before he could protest more, Pidge gave him a small smile, and walked towards the guard. "What do you want with me?" She hoped it came out as a defiant demand, not the scared squeak it felt like.

He didn't respond, instead taking her wrist and dragging her out the door. Behind her, she could hear the others shouting, but no shots were fired so she figured they were behaving well enough. Thank goodness.

Once all of the guards had left the room, they sealed the door, a loud click resonating down the hall. Her friends now out of danger, Pidge started struggling. It didn't do anything but tighten the grip on her wrists, though, and, realizing she was just wasting her energy, Pidge quickly gave up on getting free that way.

They had barely even started walking when they suddenly stopped in front of the next door over. A soldier opened it and shoved Pidge in. One of the walls seemed to be transparent and she could clearly see the others through it. Lance was at the door, his mouth moving furiously as his hands pounded against the metal. Unable to hear more than some distant banging, Pidge was only able to imagine the creative things Lance was shouting. The others were against the back wall, Hunk sitting and Keith standing with his arms crossed. Both wore faces of barely suppressed emotions. Shiro had started walking towards Lance and tentatively put a hand on his shoulder. Lance stopped pounding but didn't turn around until Shiro's mouth stopped moving. Spinning quickly to face him, Lance bore an expression of such hatred that Pidge was momentarily taken aback. The fury quickly melted into despair, though, as he accepted Shiro's outstretched arms. He didn't return the hug, but Pidge could have sworn she saw his shoulders start to shake.

Suddenly, she didn't want to watch anymore.

Prying her eyes away, she glanced at the rest of the room. The lack of window in the door made her nervous, but she tried to hide it. Deciding to try her luck again, she asked, "What do you want?"

The grip on her wrists hadn't left like she was expecting, but in retrospect, she wasn't surprised. They'd already waited a day, of course they were going to get right into it.

That thought caused Pidge to stop for a moment. Quiznak. They were about to torture her. Fighting to keep calm, her eyes darted around the room. To her relief, it was empty. Maybe they weren't doing it immediately after all.

The momentary hope, however, was quickly crushed as one of the soldiers brought out a syringe. Just like that, all pretenses of confidence were gone, and she kicked and squirmed with all her might.

It didn't do any good, though, and she soon felt the needle enter her arm. A scream ripped from her, not at the pain, but at the fact that they were inserting an unknown substance into her bloodstream. Who knew what it would do to her?

Movement caught her eye, and she saw that the paladins had reacted to her scream. Apparently the door to her cell being open was enough for her to be heard. Distracted by the horrified expressions the paladins traded, Pidge didn't even notice that the guards had let go of her and moved away until the door slammed shut.

She rubbed at the sore spot where the needle had been injected, but quickly stopped as she realized that would just help it spread faster. "Guys?" She asked tentatively, tapping at the clear wall. There was no response, as expected, but Pidge still felt the tiny hope she had held onto be crushed.

Now, forced to watch her friend's terror for her with no way to reassure them, that hope was gone completely. She sat with her back against the transparent wall, forcing herself to look away. Picking a new spot on the ground to stare, she fought the urge to rub at her arm again. Pidge hated anything entering her body without her knowledge. She's always been terrified at the thought of being drugged or having a drink spiked, but this was so much worse. Who knows what the Galra could have put in there? Did they even know how it would react in humans? For all she knows, it's a slow-acting acid that will burn through her from the inside out.

Okay, Pidge definitely didn't want to be thinking about that.

Glancing over her shoulder at the others, Pidge felt her heart tighten. Lance was now huddling against Hunk, his face red and puffy. Hunk didn't look much better, and Shiro and Keith seemed to be having a quiet conversation in the corner, Keith refusing to look at Shiro.

Pidge squeezed her eyes shut, tearing her attention away. They had been fine just a few doboshes ago. Their distress now was all because of her. If only there was some way to tell them she was okay, but she knew there wasn't one.

Burying her head in her hands, she wished she was the one with the solid wall.

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