Whumptober Collection

Day 1: Stabbed

Hey guys. So this is my foray into writing for Voltron: Legendary Defender. I had a different plan but then this Discord server (small, focused on Voltron writing, run by a lovely person under the FF.N username sakarrie) I recently joined posted this Whumptober challenge thing and I thought 'hey, why not' because oh boy, do I love me some character pain. Now I didn't find out about it until not long ago so I'm playing catch up here with days 1, 2 and 3. Also there's a maximum word count of 1000. Twice that is usually my minimum, so if these seem awfully short, it's because I'm trying to keep them really short on purpose to avoid getting caught up in the excitement and going over the max.

Most of these are going to be disconnected from each other, but there's a couple that will work off another one. I'll let you know at the start of each one if it's a stand-alone or if it's related to a piece already posted.

Summary: Keith is back in the fight with the false Shiro. But is it really the clone he's fighting?

Shippings: none

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Their weapons clashed again and again, Shiro's glowing energy sword swatting aside Keith's awakened luxite blade every time the younger male struck. He felt a scowl grow more and more on his face with each failed blow, saw the mocking smirk on Shiro's doing the same. He had to bring an end to this fight somehow. He had to bring Shiro back. The real Shiro. Because there was no way that this cruel imitation was Keith's brother.

"Are you even trying? This is pathetic," the not-Shiro taunted, spreading his arms.

Keith gritted his teeth and said nothing in return, instead going for the opening caused by the older male's arm movement. He lunged with his blade...

...and suddenly he was looking down on the scene, watching himself plunge his weapon into the not-Shiro's chest. Except the not-Shiro wasn't not-Shiro anymore. Horror welled up within him as the white color spread from Shiro's tuft of bangs to all of his hair. As the Galra arm became detached at the shoulder to float there, glowing with light blue energy now. As his own visage grew small fangs, his pupils slimmed down, his eyes changed color. Keith watched himself grin savagely as he shoved his luxite blade deeper into Shiro's chest.

Shiro scrabbled desperately at the edge of the weapon as if trying to push it away, shock and betrayal in his eyes as he coughed up blood. "Keith... What–?" Keith's blood chilled when he heard Shiro speak the very words that he himself had once spoken to Shiro's clone. "You're my brother. I...love you."

Keith wanted to respond in kind but he could do nothing other than watch himself lean in closer, his Galran face alit with sadistic glee. Then he spat in Shiro's face, bracing one foot against the older male's body as he unceremoniously pulled his blade out and kicked Shiro away. The lengthened blade shrank back down and the Galran Keith tucked it away and turned his back on Shiro without a word and Keith felt an unwanted thrill course through him because he'd finally done it, he'd finally beaten that insurmountable obstacle. He was better than Shiro!

"NO!" His eyes flew open and he sat bolt upright in his bed, shoving the covers back and breathing heavily. His adrenaline slowly faded and Keith let out a low sigh as he realized that it had only been a nightmare. He squeezed his eyes shut, digging the heels of his palms into the sockets as he held his head in his hands. After a few seconds, he ran his tongue over his teeth. Just to make sure. But he found no fangs.

Keith was himself.

Second-best to Shiro.

And as long as it meant Shiro was alive, he could accept that.

Whew. So, um...there's that. I hope it was good enough. If you enjoyed it, let me know in a review. If you have any constructive criticism, definitely let me know in a review. Just don't senselessly rip into it because that's the last thing my (lack of) confidence in my Voltron writing skills needs.