Whumptober Collection

Day 4: "No, stop!"

I've been waiting for this. I won't even deny it. It's Razzle Dazzle's style of Lotor x Lance. Not really romantic and more...you'll see

Summary: Lotor just can't get enough of making Lance uncomfortable. He delights in Lance's reactions. Lance does not.

Pairings: Lotor x Lance (of sorts)

Related Entries: none

Warnings: non-consensual (but also not sexual) touching

It started out so minor. A bottle of hand lotion gone this day. A little jar of facial cream missing another day. Somebody was pilfering his beauty products and Lance was beginning to get irritated. Especially because he knew exactly who it was, but didn't particularly feel like trying to confront them about it. ...or think about the fact that the disgraced prince of the Galra Empire was finding times to sneak into Lance's room and steal his cosmetic supplies of all things.

Finally, Lance couldn't take it anymore. Which was why he now found himself kicking down Lotor's door. Metaphorically speaking. In reality, he had just needed to wait for it to slide open and then storm into the room.

It was empty. The Paladin hesitated, looking around blankly. He hadn't planned on Lotor not being in his room. What now? Come back and try again later? His gaze alit on Lotor's desk, where Lance's stolen items were arrayed. With a huff, he took a step towards it.

"Lance," purred a voice from the doorway. Lotor's voice. "How pleasant to see you."

Lance spun around, just in time to see the door slide closed behind Lotor as the disgraced prince prowled into the room. There was something...predatory about Lotor that made the Paladin regret coming. Then he shook his head. They were supposed to be allies now. Lotor wouldn't try anything. Especially when he was aware how little the others trusted him. Besides, Lance was a Paladin of Voltron. He couldn't back down now just because of the way Lotor was moving. And staring at him. Straightening up, Lance pointed towards his collection of beauty products. "I want my things back."

Lotor sighed, making no move towards his desk. "That's not very polite," he pointed out.

"Yeah, well neither is stealing my stuff."

"I didn't use any of it, you'll find. Though I've been sorely tempted to. And so I didn't steal them. I simply moved them elsewhere. And I'm pleased to see you finally understood my invitation."

Now the Galran prince was moving closer, that unnerving predator's gaze boring into Lance, freezing him in place. Something uncomfortable coiled in the pit of his stomach. Was he on edge simply because he still struggled to see Lotor as an ally? "I-Invitation?" he stuttered out. It took Lotor getting within arm's reach to galvanize Lance into action. "W-Well you could have just asked like a normal person." With a nervous chuckle, he tried to sidestep towards the desk. "I'll just get my stuff and go."

Hands on his waist stopped him and Lance's eyes widened. He tensed up, barely breathing. He could feel Lotor's breath on the back of his neck, the disgraced prince was standing so close. "Why be in such a rush? I went to all the trouble of inviting you here." Lance shuddered, and then Lotor's hands moved. They slid casually up his sides, around to his back, and then came to rest on his shoulders. The prince leaned forward until his cheek was bare centimeters away from Lance's, his chest pressed against Lance's back. "I just thought it would be prudent to learn more about my new allies."

Lance managed to wrench himself away, spinning around to face Lotor and backing up until he hit the wall. Not good. Because now Lotor was closing in again. This was uncomfortable. Lance didn't even care to try to take his beauty products back anymore. He just wanted away from this situation. Lotor snatched at his wrists. "No, stop! Don't touch me!" Dios, could this be going any worse for him?

Lance tried to pull free but froze again as Lotor's free hand came to cup his cheek, thumb ghosting across the skin in a way that made the hairs on the back of the Paladin's neck stand up. "Perhaps I will ask some time to use your cosmetics. Your skin is quite smooth." He leaned in closer, fangs flashing briefly as he spoke.

And then Lotor stopped. He released Lance and stepped back. An amused look spread across his features that made Lance channel his inner Keith into a fierce scowl. Trying not to let it show how shaken up he was, the Paladin gathered up his beauty products with slightly trembling hands and fled the room, feeling Lotor's gaze burning into his back the whole time.

I live for this. Expect more. I'm very sorry Lance (but not really)