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Chapter 3

Glynda Goodwitch

Glynda Goodwitch rushed down the hall. She had been told that someone was screaming in team Rw(p)by's room, and with the tremors that seemed to be hitting every two seconds, there were few possibilities on why they were screaming. Someone must be hurt, she thought, as she burst into the room, only to be met by a confusing sight.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang were all at the bedside of Perseus, who was screaming and writhing in his bed. Outside, thunder boomed and lightning flashed, and the room shook once more. "Step aside children," said the blond-haired professor, walking to his bedside, "I have dealt with similar situations. I believe, as I can see you do, that he is causing this." She then knelt down next to the inexperienced students, "It is dangerous," she said, stopping their attempts to shake him awake, "to wake someone in a violent manner when they are like this."

Ruby looked up, worry plain in her expression, at the deputy headmistress. "What do we do?" Asked the young scythe wielder, "He sounds like he is in pain." Glynda was forced to pause and reevaluate her opinion of Ruby, she, at first, seemed to be a reckless girl who had and would chase adventure no matter the damage, now Glynda saw that it was her concern for others that drove her to jump in without thought, Ruby Rose would make a great huntress.

"We," said Glynda, gently tapping his shoulder, "must do our best to wake him gently."

Just as she said this, Percy shot up, sweat glistening on his skin, breathing heavily. He looked around, seeing the people around him. "Um.." He said, clearly trying to collect his thoughts. "Wh-," he paused, putting his hand to his head as if he had a headache. "Did anyone get hurt?" he asked shakily.

To Glynda, it was clear that this had happened before, though she asked him to be sure. In response, he nodded, "It has, just not around people, and it has been a while since the last episode."

"It is clear to me," said the blonde professor, " that you have an egregious case of PTSD, which is extremely uncommon among people your age." she paused, curiously glancing at the young swordsmen. "May I ask…." Glynda started to ask but didn't get to finish, as Percy stood up and walked over to the window currently being battered by a downpour of rain. Glynda, seeing what he was going to do, said, "Oh please don't, the rain will soak the carpet."

As Percy opened the window, he waved his hand and the rain stopped, the clouds disappearing from the sky, leaving all present completely baffled. "I would prefer," said Percy, leaning out of the open window, with his arms underneath him, "that you don't ask, it's a... very traumatic memory and I would prefer to avoid talking about it for a while if that is alright."

Glynda nodded. She understood why he was reluctant to reveal his past. She also had an idea to help him out, not a solution, mind you, but a way to relieve stress. "Perseus, if I am correct," she said, trying to get him to take an interest, and having mild success, "and you are not going to be able to sleep for the rest of the night, would you be interested in going to the campus combat arena to spar?" He looked back and nodded, following her without another word, leaving the room in stunned silence.


Ruby collapsed onto the bed closest to Percy's, shock and concern painting her features. " I'm surprised that they would let someone with such… difficulties… into such a prestigious academy!" Weiss huffed indignantly, causing Yang's eyes to flash red and Blake to clench her fists. However, before the two partners could do anything, they were stopped by the sharp shrrr of wood against wood that drew their attention to the fourth person in the room.

Ruby, now standing, walked slowly toward the white-clad heiress, her eyes on the floor, her hands at her sides, nothing in her demeanor betrayed her feelings to the remainder of the team. Stopping a foot or two in front of Weiss, Ruby spoke, any semblance of the shy, anti-social girl Yang grew up with gone, "what did you say Weiss?" The question was legitimate, causing Weiss to look at the young girl and answer her with confusion evident in her features.

"I was simply stating that Persesus's condition will bring the team down!" Weiss said with confidence.

Ruby drew in a long breath, her eyes rising to meet Weiss's, anger shining in their silver depths. "So," said the small reaper, in a voice that barely concealed an abundance of rage " first you are elated to be on a team with a "world-renowned swordsmen", and the second you find that he has some form of trauma you want him gone?!"

Weiss started on with shock, "I-I….." stammered the heiress.

"No," Ruby said, cutting her off, "that is not how a team works Weiss! We are supposed to look out for one another, to be there when one of us is in pain, and to help no matter what! We are going to be a team for FOUR YEARS so either get with the program, or I am sure that Glynda will gladly help you transfer back to Atlas, her desk is in Beacon tower."

With that, Ruby turned and left the room, leaving behind her stunned teammates, but most importantly, her stunned sister. "I thought she was shy?" said Blake, having been the first to recover from the event.

"Not when it something she is passionate about," Yang said with a slight chuckle.

Blake nodded, "I had my doubts about her being our leader, but they seem to have vanished," said Blake, causing Yang to chuckle.

Seeming to snap out of her stupor, Weiss huffed, crossing her arms, "whatever," she said indignantly, but yang could see a hint of respect shining in her eyes.


Full of anger, Ruby rushed into the combat arena, prepared to destroy anything she could get her hands on. "Miss Rose?" asked Glynda, "have you come to check on Perseus so soon?" Ruby almost responded with a "no" but then got an idea, she could kill two birds with one stone.

"Actually," Ruby responded, "I came to see if he would like a partner to spar with." Glynda smiled a wide, genuine smile.

"it's wonderful that you're so considerate of your teammate, I will ask him…"

"I would love to spar with you, Ruby," Interrupted Percy who was standing in his armor, with the helmet retracted and a small smile across his face.

"Alright," said Glynda, as Ruby stood opposite of Percy, "Standard tournament rules, ready, begin!"

Ruby dashed forward, bringing her scythe in a downward slash that would have been across Percy's torso if he hadn't blocked. The block confused Ruby to no end because she was sure that up until that exact moment Percy's sword was in its sheath. In the split second that she thought of this, Percy allowed the blade of Crescent Rose to slip diagonally to the ground, and then with practiced ease, bashed her shoulder with the pommel of his sword.

Ruby jumped back with her semblance, creating a trail of rose petals, causing Percy to raise an eyebrow. "Ahh," he said with a grin, "so you're a speedster! Why do you deactivate your semblance?" Ruby looked at him with confusion,

"what do you mean?"

Percy smiled, "Running is about endurance and control right?" he asked, causing Ruby to nod. "Well," said Percy, dawning a serious expression, "what better way to train your semblance is to always have it active so you can learn how to control your speed, while also training your endurance or the amount of time you can use your semblance?"

Ruby's eyes widened, Glynda off to the side matching her expression. "T-that's Impossible!" said the deputy headmistress, "she would run out of Aura!" Percy's face turned to confusion, "the way it was explained to me is that or Aura is a manifestation of or soul, is this correct?" He asked, inciting a confused nod from both of the ladies. "Well," he continued, "how can you run out of soul?" Glynda froze, absolutely stunned, it was a simple observation, but its implications were tremendous.

"Are you trying to say that you can sustain the entirety of your aura throughout a fight, no matter how many hits you take?" Asked Glynda, causing Percy to nod. The more Ruby thought about it the more she wanted it to be true, the ability to run forever was an exhilarating idea. "Please explain," asked Glynda, her curiosity taking hold.

Percy Laughed, sheathing his sword. "Ruby," he said, snapping her from the fantasy of endless speed, "Hit me with as many strikes as you can in rapid succession." Ruby nodded, speeding forward she hit him with several, recoil powered, slashes that would break anyone's Aura causing him to fly into the wall, shattering said wall. Imagen her surprise when she looked up at Percy's Aura meter only to find that it was completely full.

"Y-you d-d-didn't lose any Aura!" Cried Ruby in shocked aww, with Glynda matching her expression.

"Might I inquire as to how this is done?" asked a new voice from the top of the stands.

"well," said Percy, watching Ozpin descend the stairs, "I can teach you how to recharge your aura, but maintaining it throughout an entire fight is a technique that is unique to each person."

"Very well," said Ozpin, "please do so."