Raditz Lives

Thank you all for reading this, this is my first fanfic, so I may look like a very amateur writer especially with grammar errors. I've decided that my first fic to be about Dragon ball as I love the franchise and know there's plenty to "fix". Raditz always seemed like a huge waste of a character, he was Goku's brother, yet he seems like a footnote in the franchise as a whole. So, I will be writing if he survived his battle with Goku and Piccolo and goes on to redeem himself as a Z fighter. Course if your all wondering, yes, I am going to be heavily influenced by MasakoX's what if series about Raditz and I will be copying off some elements from it (like Raunch), though I'm not going to copy his series word from word, and I will be telling my own version with many noticeable differences from that series. Of course I give full credit to him giving me ideas and I recommend his YouTube channel if you like to see other dragon ball what if's. Ok Thank you for the listening, now on with the story.

After a long and hard battle, it seemed that Raditz, Goku's older brother was unbeatable. Just this morning he came out of nowhere, tells him about his true heritage of begin an alien, and demanded Goku to join him in some invasion on the other side of the galaxy. But when Goku wouldn't cooperate, Raditz kidnapped his son Gohan to force him to kill off the planet.

After teaming up with Piccolo, the demon half of earth's god Kami, despite being rivals have decided to join together to fight this more powerful enemy. Even after losing their heavy clothes, they were still no match for Raditz, it was until Gohan with a huge amount of power destroyed Raditzs' spaceship and jumped headfirst into his uncle's chest severely injuring him despite being just a child. Before Raditz was about to kill off his young nephew, his Brother Goku grabs on to him to keep him in place for Piccolo to finally finish him off.

"Piccolo your attack, let's go" said Goku as he holds on to Raditz, not giving him a second chance as he did before with his tail, this time he means to have his brother killed even if it means his life will end with him.

After a bit of energy concertation the alien demon finishes charging his attack, "Special Beam Cannon!" yelled Piccolo and points his energized finger at Goku and Raditz and launches his powerful beam at them. But before the beam get's close enough to the two, Raditz uses the very last of his strength to get out of Goku's hold and just barely missed a directed hit from Piccolo's ultimate move. The beam still hits the left side of his body, giving him a very gushily wound on his lower torso but is still alive despite of it. But not his younger brother Goku, he takes a direct hit to the heart leaving a huge hole in his body and is now losing a huge amount of blood.

Piccolo after witnessing that left him in complete shock, "I missed, I completely missed?!" thought Piccolo in shock, and the wounded then Saiyan launched at Piccolo with a powerful punch, sending Piccolo over 30 feet away.

It didn't look good for the earthlings, Piccolo used the last of his Ki energy on that one attack and didn't have his left arm completely healed yet, Goku was lying near dead bleeding out, and Gohan was still out cold. Raditz could've finish them all off, but that injury he received from Piccolo, not to mention his other injury from Gohan left him completely exhausted and fatigued, he was near out of breath, he may be a Saiyan warrior but was more cautious then the average one, and feared that if he continued to fight he can end up dying from other injuries he might receive from the Namekian.

"You were all strong, I'll give you that" Said Raditz, "But I can kill all of you some other time, once my injuries have healed you'll be no match for me, especially once my younger brother Kakarot is no longer around." The Saiyan gloats to Piccolo.

Despite that painful punch, Piccolo was able to get himself back up to look directly at Raditz, "It's not over for us either. Goku won't be dead for long and will be back stronger than ever before." He sternly says back at Raditz

But hearing that made Raditz then looked confused, "What do you mean by that? Tell me?!" asked Raditz,

Piccolo wasn't sure about telling Raditz about the dragon balls, but he didn't have much of a choice as the Saiyan might just attack Piccolo for the answers. Piccolo then explained, "This planet have powerful objects called the Dragon Balls, once their all collected together, they will summon a powerful dragon, which will grant the summoner any wish they want, this includes bringing people back from the dead.".

"Really?" said Raditz, "Sounds like a nice prize to collect, my comrades are going to love this".

"What?!" shouted Piccolo now confused,

Raditz then smugly explains "This scouter I have here is also a communicator, I can tell them all I know here even galaxies away, and they'll be on their way to help me collect these Dragon balls and kill any resistance.".

Now struck with horror Piccolo realizes he's made a mistake, not only is Raditiz still standing up alive but two even more powerful Saiyan's will be on their way to earth to take the Dragon balls and grant whatever evil wish they desire.

"How long until they will be here?" asked Goku on the ground not sure if he'll get an answer.

"In about an earth year, If I don't kill all of you by that time, they certainly will" Raditz says to the two smugly as he makes a subtle evil laugh, but that smugness and laugh ended after the pain from his injury continues, he needed to rest and heal soon, or he'll share the same fate as his brother. "I will be back, I promise you that." Said the Saiyan as he flies away with blood still dipping from his wound.

Piccolo would've followed him but he knew it would do no good as he was in no condition to fight anymore just as everyone else was here, all he could do now is lick his wounds. But he then looks at the unconscious Gohan. Despite him being a child, he had to strength to stun a full grown adult Saiyan. Perhaps he will be of some use to him.

After only a few minutes after Raditzs escape, Bulma, Roshi, and Krillin arrive to the scene just to see their best friend on the ground bleeding himself out.

"WHAT! Raditz is still alive?!" shouted Krillin, scared out of his mind after Piccolo told him everything.

"I'm afraid so, he was severely injured though, so it will take him awhile to heal, but that's the least of our worries. Now we got two Saiyan's more powerful then him on their way in only a year." Said Piccolo, which only made the others freak out a bit more now. But despite that they wanted to think about it later, as they wanted to around Goku as he was bleeding out.

Goku then says his final words to his friends until he finally dies and passed on to the afterlife. Piccolo ensures them that he'll be training in heaven and tells them to collect the dragon balls for his resurrection and to prepare for the incoming invasion and get as strong as possible.

Piccolo then grabs onto the sleeping Gohan, "I'm going to train the boy in the hopes he will be strong enough to fight the other Saiyan's." Piccolo says to the group, while that was his number one prioty at the moment. After the Saiyan thing passes, he has his own nefarious plans to use the boy for afterwards,

But before he leaves with Gohan he gives his final warning "Watch out for Raditz, no doubt he'll be back after he heals, best case scenario he'll wait until his friends arrive, but if not and if he attempts to attack any of you again, just run away. You will be no match for him and he will kill you if you let him directly fight you." As Piccolo finally finishes his warning, he leaves with the boy whether they wanted him to go or not,

But the group didn't have time to argue. They will have to get in hold of Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu, then head off to train with Kami and then collect the dragon balls to bring Goku back once the time comes, they only have a year, so they had to act quick.

Meanwhile, about an hour after the fight, Raditz still injured flew a few hundred miles away from Piccolo and attempts to make contact with his Saiyan Teammates Nappa and Vegeta.

Once he finally lands on the ground feeling far enough from the Namekian Raditz starts pressing buttons on his scouter, "Vegeta, Nappa I hope you all got that transmission I gave to you an hour ago" says Raditz to his teammates through the communicator

"It's about time you respond Weakling" says Vegeta in an impatient matter as he and Nappa were busy eating the corpses of the people they are trying to conquer "Yes we got your message, these Dragon balls do sound very useful we will definitely be on our way there, I don't think Freiza will mind if this planet taking a little longer to conquer" Vegeta to Raditz,

though Vegeta knew of Freiza's character, he will certainly mind and will not be happy about this, but at that point Vegeta and Nappa didn't care, if they can wish themselves for immortality Frieza's threats will mean nothing to them.

Raditz was happy to hear that his more powerful comrads will be heading to earth to help, until Vegeta says this to him, "But know this Raditz, when we finally get to that backwatered planet, we will kill you." Vegeta says in a very straight manner

Raditz went into complete shock after hearing that with that smile completely disappearing, he was absolutely confused and terrified now,

"Wait a minute what do you mean?" Raditz said in a scared tone and was beginning to panic.

"If you couldn't even properly kill a bunch of weaklings with a power level less than a thousand, you're a disgrace to the Saiyan race. You are no use to us anymore and need to be properly punished for your failure" Vegeta scolds to Raditz,

"Wait a minute, after I heal up I will be able to kill all of those earthlings in less than a weeks' time, I absolutely mean it." Raditz begs to Vegeta trying to bargain with his former commander.

"Its to late for that, even if you do, you still fail to kill them off the first time and I don't tolerate failure. We will be there in a year and were going to kill every living thing that is on that planet and that includes you." Vegeta said no longer willingly to tolerate Raditzs cowardly nature.

Nappa who was also listening in on the whole thing gives out an evil smile, "If I were you Raditz I get off of that planet as soon possible before we get there. We will not show any mercy to you Raditz and will kill you without a second thought." Nappa says to Raditz,

"But... but my ship was destroyed! How am I supposed to get off of this planet now!?", asked Raditz now in complete panic mode.

"Well that's too bad, you should have token better care of your equipment, we'll look forward into seeing you soon then Raditz." Said Nappa,

Raditz was never so scared out of his mind in all of his life, and did all he could to negotiate with Vegeta, but he wasn't budging, "Wait you can't do this to me! We've been comrades for years, the last of the Saiyan kind! You can't just throw me under the bus like that!" shouted Raditz as continues to panic

But Vegeta had about enough of it, "Were done here Raditz, we'll be their in an earth year, we will kill everything including you, and then finally use the dragon balls for ourselves. Don't attempt to communicate with us again, it will do you no good. Enjoy your last year, hope you make the best use of it. hahahahahahahaha" Vegeta finally said and ends with him evilly laughing about it before turning his communicator off,

Raditz couldn't believe what was happening, "Wait Vegeta, Nappa don't do this this to me!" he yells out, but it was no good for Raditz since they were no longer listening, he attempt to contact them again and again but he couldn't get any sort of connection anymore with them, Vegeta and Nappa must have permanently blocked him from their communicators so he wasn't getting anything out of them anymore for the next year.

Now Raditz was in deep fear and horror, his own comrades, his own prince had turned against him and they were going to kill him in a years time. He knew that they were far stronger then he ever.

Raditzs was completely freaking out from those revelations, "This is not fair! What the hell am I going to do now?! My ship is destroyed and had no idea how to repair the Damn thing. And this world is so primitive they won't know Jack all to make a ship that can go lightspeed. And I'll be signing my death wish if I get in contact to Frieza. What am I suppose to do?!" he shouts aloud to himself as he no longer has a way to run away from a hard problem this time,

but those were thoughts he had to think about later, he was still severely injured from that fight and needed find a way to heal himself before he ends up bleeding out.