Chapter 2: Raditz receives help from someone special

Only a day after the Raditz fight, the Z fighters did their best to get their team together to prepare for the Saiyan invasion. Bulma was able to create a device to help them find there high powered friends, though it was very crude as she didn't have anything to go by since they lack a scouter Raditz still had. It didn't show any specific numbers, but it operated like the dragon radar allowing them to track beings with high power levels.

They knew to stay away from the largest one as that was Raditz and second biggest was Piccolo and they avoided him since he didn't want to be bothered with his training with Gohan.

They were able to still use it to find Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. They told them everything including Goku's death, the Saiyan invasion, and that Raditz was still alive and active.

"Then we all need to get to Kami's place and train for the year until Raditz's buddies arrive and show them who are the weak one's here" said Yamcha still being a little cocky despite the tense situation.

Though Tien didn't look as confident, "Maybe, hopefully we can wish Goku back in time and to be stronger then ever, but we must focus on our own strength for now." Tien said taking the situation a little more seriously.

Chiaotzu remained mostly quite but then something came to his mind "Oh no! Tien what about Launch? We completely forgot about her and didn't even say good bye." Said a concern Chiaotzu,

"Launch already went off on her own to meet up with Roshi, she's a strong woman and can take care of herself. We have more important things to do right now, we have to be ready once the Saiyan's finally attack" Said Tien but then he looked a bit concerned himself after saying that,"I just hope she doesn't do anything crazy if she sneezes again" Tien thought to himself.

Things haven't gotten any better for Raditz, even after a day his condition is just as bad as before and was still bleeding from his injury. He's now worried about getting an infection, while Saiyan's have extreme resistant against many diseases, they were not completely immune to everything, and having a continually open wound isn't going to make that situation any easier.

After flying for a while, he eventually had to settle down at a large flower patch, he's been awake for the past day and was afraid that if he went to sleep he wouldn't be getting back up again. But his fatigue got the better of him, he couldn't move or fly anymore so he had no choice but to rest on the flowers and hopes that he will wake up again.

But as he closes his eyes he sees a silhouette of some being with blue hair, "What was that?" he thought, but he was too tired to think about and finally passes out.

After a long and tired nap Raditz finally wakes up after that long pass out and was feeling a lot better then before, but he was no longer at the flower patch but in some sort of house on a bed. His scouter and Armor were missing, only wearing some par of green earth pants and a white T-shirt, though he noticed that his wound was now covered in bandages. It still acks but not as painful as it was before. He doesn't know what happen to him, this doesn't look like any sort of hospital, medical bay of some ship, or even a prison but he'll take what he can get.

But suddenly He then heard some humming, it sounded feminine. He got himself up and snucked up around the house to be on the safe side. He then turns his head at the corner of the hallway and he finally finds out where the humming was coming from. It was a blue haired earth woman cooking a meal.

"Could have this been that thing saw before I passed out?" thought Raditz as he walks up to the weird earth woman.

The woman hears some foot steps and turns around and sees the no longer passed out Raditz "Oh my, your up already." Said the earth female with a big smile on her face. "You've been out cold for the last 5 days with that awful wound you had at the meadow, but I helped take care of it and allowed you to heal up while I kept an eye on you." She continues to say.

"Uh well thanks I guess." Said a confused Raditz, he didn't know what to think about this random alien stranger who these past few days helped him out from his condition without any repayment or asking for a favor. Its something he never saw from all of his encounters, not from his own former comrades, not from the Frieza force, not even from his own Father. He only ever felt such kindness from his long dead mother.

Now thinking about his comrades, he remembers that they were still coming to earth to slaughter everyone including him. He didn't have much time to waste and had to come up with some sort of plan. He then looks angerly at Launch, "Where's my scouter and armor at, you better not have thrown them away?" He asked in an angry tone.

"Oh I just put them in the closet, that armor in particular though was pretty dirty and had a big hole in it, I was thinking of just throwing it away but I figure you still may want it though so I just washed it and would let you decide on what you want to do with it" she says without flinching to Raditzs anger.

Raditz then moved into the closet to get his stuff, his scouter is working fine but his armor as the woman described had a huge hole in it when that Namekian used his beam cannon. It was useless in battle now that has an obvious weak point that can be attacked so it was no good to him anymore.

though even if it was in prime condition he's not sure if it will do any good in a fight with Nappa and Vegeta. He still didn't know what he was going to do about those two, he can't run away as he could before in other situations, he's now stuck on this planet and must come up with some other strategy to save himself.

As he puts on his scouter the mysterious woman comes into the room with him, "Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself, my name is Launch and I'm glad you're doing fine now." She says rasing her hand up to shake his hand,

but Raditz says in an uncaring matter ignored her and starts moving to the door, "Fine whatever, thanks for the help, but I need to get going now." But before he gets close to the door, he drops on to his knees in pain from his left side.

Launch runs up to him to help help him back up "Please don't leave yet, you're still recovering from your injury, you probably should say here until you properly heal." Said a concern Launch.

Raditz would've pushed her out of the way and ignore her for a weakling which according to his scouter is only at a power level of 5. For someone like her to tell him what to do is major insult. But she was right, he was still recovering from his injury and making more enemies on this planet isn't going to help him against Vegeta and Nappa. He's stuck on this planet now and it's in his best interest to keep the locals happy with him.

"Very well I will stay, but don't be telling me what to do." Raditz said angrily.

"Alright then, why don't we just sit down and eat I just made supper." Said a cheerful launch.

Raditz was indeed hungry, he hasn't eaten anything since he got to the planet and Saiyan always had a huge appetite, so he was starving for anything at this point.

At the dinner table he chows down most of what Launch had made, eating most of what she prepared in only in a few minutes.

Launch hardly eating any of it at that point was quite surprised, "Wow your eating habits remind me someone I knew a while ago, it's almost identical." Launch said.

"Yeah who?" Raditz said with his mouth full of food, he did seem somewhat curious to who would have a stomach like a Saiyan.

"A little boy I knew few years ago who is a man now, his name is Son Goku." Launch answered.

Raditz almost chocking on his noodles, had stopped and looked shocked after hearing that name, "Do you know who he is, he had a tail just like yours when he was a boy and he's been on tv plenty of times in the big tournaments?" asked Launch,

But Raditz didnt know what say after hearing that,"This woman knows about Kakarot." He thought, "Damn it just as I'm getting her on my good side, though she seems to be unaware that he was killed recently, and I was involved in that killing" he continued thinking.

But after thinking about for a minute he finally answers, "He's my younger brother actually, he's been long lost for a while. I've reunited with him recently." He answers seeing no point in lying about his relationship with Kakarot, but he'll keep the Saiyan and death details to himself.

Launch then smiled, "Oh, that's wonderful, I've never imagine him having a brother. It's so good to see a long lost family getting together again after so long. Thats so beautiful." said Launch in a very cheerful tone.

But Raditz then starts cluch his fist in anger. He wasn't happy about the reunion at all, it was his idiot brother that he was in this situation in the first place. All because he couldn't do the job a baby can do. He absolutely hates his now dead brother.

He just wanted to change the subject and continue eating, ignoring what Launch asked him,

He eats and eats more wanting to get his mind of his brother but as he ate the fish thought the it was dry really dry. He ends up picking up and starts sprinkling a bunch of pepper on the fish, shaking large amounts of it due to angry mood. But some of it went towards launch, she starts reacting to the large amount of pepper and ends up making sneezing and once more changed her personality.

The moody Raditz finally speaks to Launch to complain "Hey, you need to cook this crap a lot better, it's as dry as the sand on this damned planet!" yelled Raditz still angry about his whole thing with his brother. But his only response was a hard slap in the face.

The surprised Raditz with a red mark on his cheek looks back toward the angry looking blonde Launch, "Listen here bud, I made that dinner with my own damn hands without any sort of help, if you're not happy about it, then you can go outside and eat the grass like the ass you are!" Yelled Launch not tolerating Raditz's attitude unlike her other personality.

Raditz was in complete shock without any words to speak, "What the hell just happened, it's like she turned into a completely different person?" Raditz thought to himself, "Even her power level is now at 20 according to the scouter, doesn't seem like much but it's crazy to see a weak human just increasing their power level 4 times over like that." he continued.

But after the scolding from Launch she turns around and down to the floor, "Sorry about that I'm just a little pissed of about something else." launch says a little calmer than before, "My boyfriend Tien recently just left me to meet god or whatever and he didn't even give me a damn goodbye, or anything for that matter, not even that little bastard friend of his Chiaotzu did say anything to me." She continued still angry and upset.

Raditz didn't know what she was talking about or why he should even care. He understood what it feels like to be suddenly betrayed by close friends like him with Nappa and Vegeta. He also admits to himself that this blonde hair woman is kind of hot and appealing to him. You usually don't see that kind of attitude from a being outside of a female Saiyan, even when she so beneath him in terms of power, he likes this kind of fury.

Launch finally looks back at Raditz with a small smile, "Well again you can stay here as long as you need to heal yourself, but don't act like a bitch about everything or your out of here" Launch says to Raditz who admittedly herself has a small attraction with the big strong muscular injured man she found out in the meadow a few days ago, especially with his bad boy attitude that she like about Tien originally, but this bad boy had hair, a lot of hair.

She then takes out her gun and loads it up with a magazine, "I'm going outside for target practice, Tien's old room is yours to stay in." she said, "But make sure you clean that mess up when your done eating, I don't want this place turning into a pig sty." She demanded of him.

"Um ok sure." Raditz responded, If she was any other space creature and told him the same thing, Raditz would've blasted her right then and there for making a powerful Saiyan do any work for a weakling, but this woman was a big exception. She had the attitude to talk down to those higher then her, something that he would never do with the likes of Vegeta or Frieza. It's definitely something that appeals to him and is willing to go along with it.

Launch smiles back and goes outside with her pistol.

After putting away his dishes he finally lays down on his bed looking outside the window in a moonless night, which is odd to him, he thought this world had a moon, but that's not important to him right now. For the next few weeks he'll wait until he fully recovers from his wound and at the meantime he needs to come up with some sort of plan to deal with Nappa and Vegeta before they slaughter him like livestock. He has less than a year to be ready for them and needs to come up with something as soon as possible before the year is finally up and the Saiyan invasion would finally begin.