Chapter 24: The Prefect Being.

Up at earths lookout point everyone was horrified by the new power that has formed below. Raditz, Gohan, and Goku knew full well that was the newly remade Cell. But the were not just horrified by Cell, they can feel that Piccolo and Trunks partner ki falling like a rock and were bleeding out and dying.

Gohan was the most concern by this, "No Piccolo and Ra...ra... that girl, they are going to die soon. We need to help them now dad and uncle Raditz." he bags to them also trying his best to keep Ranchs identity a secret as she wanted it.

"Gohan no we will not stand a chance against cell, we would just be throwing our lives away. We need to get stronger first before we can even lay a finger on Cell." Goku says to his son.

"But they will die before Vegeta and Trunks finally get out. We can't just stand here and do nothing!" Gohan starts to shout to his dad now seeing all of this to much alike Namek with Frieza where standing around got his uncle killed.

But his uncle Raditz spoke up, "Your both right, neither of those two will not be surviving long if we don't do something soon, however going in now will get us killed. We will need to wait for the right time to quickly act." he says trying to calm them both down.

But Gohan was still uneasy by the whole thing, "I understand Uncle Raditz, but when will that time be the right time? They don't have enough left in them." he asked his Uncle.

"We just need to wait and see. Hopeful we will get that opening soon. I just hope they can both hold on to their lives enough until the right time." Raditz says as the three look down from the lookout point as they watch and hope that they can find that right moment before its to late.

Android 16 continues to look terrified as the Semi-perfect Cell smiles toward android 18.

Android 16 acted quickly and grabbed on to 18's arm and attempts to make a run for it, "Come 18! We need to get as far from here as possible!" 16 yells at 18 but despite the fact he was dragging her along 18's broken leg was making this more difficult to getting far.

But Cell in a blink of an eye flys right in front of the two scared androids finding the whole thing amusing, "There's no point in running, why don't you stand aside and allow me to achieve my destiny already. I've waited years for this already." Cell intimates toward the two.

But 16 wasn't going to go out without a fight first and immediately attacks Cell as soon as he finished that sentence and punches him right in the face. But to 16's surprise the punch did absolutely nothing, not even making Cell flinch.

Cell then smugly smiles back with a fist in his face, he raises his arm up, and blasts right at 16's head. Making him fly a few dozen feet away with part of his android head now exposed and damaged, falling flat on the ground.

18 could hardly move a muscle by how much fear she is feeling right now, what was she going to do against Cell now? She quickly walks backwards at Cell as he moves closer her forcing 18 to continue to slowly step back herself, "Now my pretty, it's just you and me now. Why don't you stop this nonsense and just allow me to absorb you already. You might even see your little brother again if you do... maybe.. hahahahahah." Cell intimidates and laughs at 18 wanting to have his fun first before completing himself.

Up on the crater wall, Yamcha were starting to panic knowing this situation will get worse if they don't do something, "This is really bad Tien, if Piccolo, the future girl, or the other androids couldn't take Cell down, how are we suppose to stop him ourselves?" But Tien was silent as he thought to himself, he was unsure if this was even a good idea, but it was all he can think of and it may be a fatal one, "Tien! Come on, if you have thought of a plan at least tell me about it?" Yamcha asked Tien again wondering why he was so silent.

"Yamcha, I won't be able to kill Cell or 18 first. But I can at least keep him distracted for a while. I hate to say it but this may cost me my life." he says to Yamcha. Yamcha didn't like the sound of this but they have no other options left so he listen in on Tiens plan.

Back with Cell and 18 the two continue to walk slowly toward and away from each other waiting to see if one or the other will react first.

Cell finally speaks up, "This was fun for a little while but now I'm getting bored. Just give up already." he says to 18 who was now putting her hand on her chest.

"Don't try me Cell! You know full well Dr. Gero putted bombs in all of his creations including me. Get any closer and I'll set my off." 18 threats to Cell.

But Cell wasn't worried about it, "Go ahead and try. My speed far exceeds yours, I'll absorb you into me first long before you are able to activate that bomb first." he mocks to 18 who didn't know what to do now as she didn't know if Cell was just bluffing or actual means it. Judging how he's acted so far it might be the former.

But Cell had enough of it, "Alright forget this already! Time for..." Cell says but he stops when he sees a red energy ball heading his way until it finally landed in front of him. It was Yamcha using the Kai-o-Ken

"Wolf fang fist!" Yamcha yells and goes all out on Cell, hitting him multiple times all over Cells upper torso doing his best to do some form of damage to him. Yamcha contiunes to use multiple quick paced moves on Cell using all the energy he has. But as Yamcha was trying as hard as he can, Cell just stands there blankly looking at him undamaged from Yamcha's attacks doing absolutely nothing.

Yamcha continues his pointless beating until the Kai-O-Ken drains him out. He finally stops and starts breathing heavily from exhaustion. Yamcha finally looks up at an unamused Cell, not happy of the interruption, "Is this some kind of joke? Your so weak, what were you expecting to accomplish? Your nothing compared to me." Cell says as he raises his hand up charging a attack.

Yamcha was horrified at first until he looks up and smiles, "That's easy to answer, I make a good distraction." he answers confusing Cell.

"Huh? Distraction? what are you...?" Cell asked but Yamcha interupts him.

"Tien NOW!" Yamcha shouts and jumps away as Cell turns around to see what hes talking about. He didn't see anything until he looks up to see a Tien flying with his hands forming a triangle

"TRI-BEAM!" Tien shouts and with all of his energy he blasts a huge energy attack on Cell and creating a giant deep hole in the ground. The force making even 18 and Yamcha tremble from the power.

When the blast died down, Yamcha knew what to do next and went after Piccolo and Ranch hoping to get them to out of there.

Once he picks them up and looks toward a scared 18, "I can't belive I'm saying this to you. But you and 16 need to get out of here now!" he shouts to 18 who was still confused by all of this.

Tien then yells at her himself, "I can't hold him forever! RUN!" Tien shouts down at her and Cell after recovering attempts to engage Tien but he continued on his super attack on Cell over and over again keeping him down and pushing him further into the crater.

18 finally runs toward a damaged 16 and despite her injuries she and 16 fly away from this island, hoping to get as far away as they can form Cell. Yamcha does the same thing going in the opposite direction hoping to at least get to Kame house before Tien had enough.

High above the earth the Saiyan brothers were watching the whole thing taking place with Gohan doing his best to calm himself down from all of this. The floating outposts magic allows those looking down from the earth god's palace to see the mortals actions.

Both looked worried, but Goku was the most worried about Tien, "Damn it Tien, he's going to get himself killed by repeatedly doing that move." Goku says very worried about his friend knowing now with earth dragon balls gone Tiens death can now be a permant one.

Though Raditz was a little relieved by the act, "At least he's stoping Cell, we need all the extra time right now and he's buying us it now." he says but he looks worried again when he looks back at Yamcha carrying the severely injured Piccolo and Ranch, "Those two don't have that time though, We need to get them here now." he continues.

But Goku was troubled about that, "Hold on there, if Cell gets to you.." he says but Raditz interrupts him

"Cell won't get to me, I can be in and out as quickly as possible to get Piccolo and the girl to safety. You need to focus on Tien and get him once he can't take it anymore." Raditz tells his brother.

Goku didn't like any of this especially how Tien was throwing his life away but with both of their teleport powers they can save everyone quickly, "Ok Raditz, just make sure your out before Tien gives out." he asked of his brother with him nodding back. Goku then looks to his son, "Gohan go to Korin as soon as possible to get more Senzu beans, they will all need them quickly." he orders Gohan with him nodding in agreement.

Raditz then places his fingers on his forehead and teleports to Yamcha.

Raditz pops up right in front of the flying Yamcha, he was frighten at first thinking it was Cell but is immediately relieved that it was Raditz, "Good lord Raditz, you nearly gave me a heart attack." Yamcha says to Raditz.

"Listen we don't have time to chat, hand me Piccolo and the girl and I'll get them healed quickly." Raditz says to Yamcha which he hands them both over without question knowing they will be healed by Senzu beans.

"Tien is also still out there barely able to..." Yamcha says until Raditz inturpts him.

"Yes I know, Goku will get him quickly when he gets the opportunity to. Right now I need you to go back to Kame house and get my family and Chi Chi out of here as far as you can." Raditz finally says to Yamcha wanting to calm him down as well as wanting to get his family to safety from this dangerous area.

Yamcha nods in agreement, "Ok I'll take everyone to Bulma's place, they will be safe there away from Cell." he finally says to Raditz as he immediately teleports back to the outpost.

Back with Tien his attacks have almost drain the last of his life as he keeps Cell at bay.

Cell grows angrier and angrier by this annoyance and was ready to just blow the area from the bottom up knowing full well his prey was far out of there.

But after one more large blast, Tien's body had enough and stopped was forced to stop his attacks. He passes out and quickly falls down. Cell was no longer stunned and from his anger he blasts a giant Ki attack upward to kill Tien.

But in the nick of time Goku appears right by Tien, grabs him, and teleported him out right before Cells Ki attack come up and explodes destroying the rest of the island with the area now all covered by the sea.

Cell emerges from the water and looks around, "I know you haven't gone to far 18. I will find you and finally achieve my destiny!" he shouts out and flys off to find other islands to find them.

Goku appears back at the outpost with Tien and placed him along with Piccolo and Ranch all three barely holding on to life, "That was to close Raditz, we almost got caught in Cells blast." Goku says, "but at least we know Cell's perfection has at least been delayed a little longer." he continues.

Gohan finally appears with the senzu beans from Korin tower. Goku and Raditz quickly gives the three of there injured combatants the senzu beans instantly healing there horrible injuries.

Goku was happy to see all of them recovering, "That was close guys you nearly scared us out of our minds, especially you Tien that was a pretty crazy thing to do." he says to them in a more cheerful tone then before.

Gohan speaks his thankfulness as well, "Yeah we almost thought all of you would've died, but at least you guys are all okay now and android 18 was able to escape Cell."

Though Piccolo wasn't completely at ease, "Still we only slowed Cell down, the other androids won't be able to far enough from Cell for him to able find them, we either need to destroy 18 or kill Cell as soon as possible." he says to everyone.

Everyone was silent, they all understood what Piccolo is saying and they are unsure themselves if they can find a way to even hold out against Cell at his very powerful state. The most upset of all of them though was Ranch who remained mostly silent since she got healed with an angry look on her face.

She continues to look at the ground and finally sat down on her shins, until she finally lets out her rage and smashes her fists into the ground leaving a with a bunch of large cracks on the ground drawing the others attention, "How could I've been so foolish, I should've killed 18 when I had the chance but I threw it all away trying to kill Cell. This is all my fault, I failed all of you. Especially Trunks." she says out loud to everyone, not only feeling broken by her failure but also allowing her timelines Trunks sword to be destroyed and whats left of it was now lost in the sea.

The others were mostly silent knowing how damage the girl was feeling but Piccolo was the first to speak out to her, "Don't feel to bad about yourself, I was in that same battle and I fail to kill either android myself. I also should've destroyed Cell before he absorbed more innocent people in the last few days but I failed to find him." he says to comfort her.

Tien also speaks up, "We are not completely out of options yet. Bulma apparently finished the shut down controller and Krillin was off getting it while you two fought. So there is still hope yet." he says giving the others some confidence back with some hope of stopping the Androids.

But as they are trying to think of another strategy they all hear Mr. Popo shouting, "Goku, Raditz, everyone! Come, I believe Vegeta and Trunks are about to come out of the time chamber!" He drew everyones attention and they all followed the minor god to the time chamber.

They all soon gather near the entrance with a timer above the door set on zero. After a little bit of tense waiting the door finally opens, "Hey everyone, sorry to keep you all waiting." said a familiar voice as a figure walks out of the chamber. It was Trunks, with longer hair and tattered clothes from his year of endless training.

Following suit was Vegeta who also comes out of the chamber with tattered clothes as with his still ever present angry face.

Everyone can feel there new found power. It was incredible and they were just in there normal states, the could only imagine what they will be like as Super Saiyans.

Gohan was the first to respond to the two, "So how did it go Trunks?" he asked.

Trunks respond immediately, "Well it seemed that dad was able to push past the Super Saiyan barrier in just two months in there, but that wasn't good enough for him. So for the rest of the time he's been..."

"Been What?" Vegeta quickly says to Trunks, surprising him and the others, "You said more then enough." he continues, Vegeta saw no point in continuing to speak about his and his sons time in the chamber as well as not wanting Raditz to know anything when it's his turn so he will continue be ahead of him by a margin once more.

Piccolo decided to speak up to Vegeta and inform him on the situation, "Well during your year long training session, Cell absorbed one of the androids and now his power has grown tenfold unfortunately. So he's not to be underestimated." he says to the two.

But Vegeta just smugly smiles, "Good, I've been hoping for a worthy opponent after such a long time. You all might as well not waste your time in the chamber, I'll squish that bug like nothing with my power." he brags to everyone.

The group were surprised to how little Vegeta was concern about Cell. They all knew he was more powerful now, but was he and Trunks strong enough to beat a ever more powerful Cell?

Raditz just rolls his eyes from Vegeta's boasting, "Yeah and you said similar things after your three other years of training before this and you nearly died once by a mutated zombie Nappa and got your ass kicked by a android punk." he insults to Vegeta.

Vegeta just looks angrily at Raditz and gives him a angry stare, "Watch your tongue peasant, you should respect your royal superior in every way." he says back at Raditz. The two would've continued insulting each other but they both saw it as a waste of time, Vegeta saw himself as the best and didn't care what his former subornate thought, and Raditz knew that he was outclassed again and Vegeta can beat him without any effort until he had his turn in the chamber.

Trunks also noticed Ranch had tattered clothing like his but she wasn't in the chamber like him. he finally spoke up to her about it, "You look like you have been through a fight Ranch, did Cell or the androids attempt to directly attack you or were you trying to protect our families from them?" he asked her.

"No Trunks, while Piccolo was trying to beat android 17, I directly attacked android 18 and attempted to kill her myself." Ranch answered shocking Trunks a bit.

"What!? What were you thinking? I thought we agreed to not directly fight the androids until we were all ready? You could've gotten yourself killed. How could you break our promise like that?" Trunks scolds to Ranch with her getting depressed thoughts.

"I'm sorry Trunks, I thought I was strong enough to kill her and I almost did but I allowed my emotions to get in the way and allowed Cell to get in my head and... and... I lost your sword because of it. I figure since I was the most expendable one here it wouldn't have mattered at all if I died or not." she apologized to Trunks in a sad voice with her nearly crying, though the last part made Trunks worried about Ranch,"most expendable?" she said to describe herself. Trunks was really worried about her mind and wellbeing.

Trunks remained silent but Piccolo finally spoke up in her defense, "She was quiet the powerful warrior Trunks, she nearly beaten 18 all by herself and never stood down no matter how many threats she being given to her." he says to Trunks giving his support to Ranch.

Trunks looked back at Ranch who had a tear in her eye, the loss had really took a toll on her spirit. She knew Ranch has been through a lot in the future and had even more bad experiences with Cell and the death of her timelines Trunks. Trunks decided to put aside the issue and comforted his partner, "Look don't make a big deal about, we can put all of that behind us. Me and my father now possessed the strength to fight them now and you and Mr. Raditz can now take your turns in the chamber and we can finally fight together evenly." he says to Ranch, making her smile after she wipes the tear away.

"Alright Trunks, fair enough we will all get strong together and we will beat any threat between us." she says happily to Trunks with him now happier as well.

But then Goku butts in, "Well hold on a second you two. Don't you guys remember, it's me and Gohan's turn now. So me and him are up next and afterwards will be Raditz and your partners turn." he reminds them.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that. Training a whole year in there can make you forget things." Trunks says.

But then Vegeta spoke up again, "Like I said before, it doesn't matter. You will all be wasting your times since I will be the one to kill Cell myself with no trouble. And I will not need any help from Kakarot, my son's girlfriend, and especially not from Raditz." Vegeta says to everyone.

Both Ranch and Trunks blushed in embarrassment when Vegeta called Ranch Trunk's girlfriend, "Oh nononono, we.. we are just friends to each other." Trunks says in denial

"Yeah yeah, just friends nothing more nothing less." Ranch quickly denies it at the same time

"Whatever the case is, I will be the one victorious on this day as the universes strongest being and not that pest." Vegeta continues to brag.

But before any more of that could continued everyone heard a voice, "Hey guys hello? Is anyone there, you have a visitor."

Everyone ran out of the temple to the voice and it turns out to be Bulma who had came up there with her plane with baby Trunks. Normally most planes and rockets would be repelled out of the sky if they got anywhere near the lookout point, but due to lack of an earth God to watch over, any protection magic has vanished allowing anyone to get to the temple.

"Oh there you are guys." Bulma says as the group come out of the temple.

"Bulma what are you doing here?" Goku asked

"Krillin told me where you guys were at and I figure I see what all of you are doing. I see future Trunks and Vegeta changed a bit." Bulma answers them though Vegeta was lacking any patience.

"Whatever woman, just get to the point." Vegeta demands.

"Alright alright Mr. impatient." Bulma says to Vegeta and looked toward the others as she takes out a capsule, "Vegeta asked me to get his new battle armor to fight in. And since I knew all of you will be fighting I might as well get uniforms for everyone else." she says and releases the capsule revealing crate with Saiyan armor in it.

Vegeta quickly puts on his and Trunks follows suit. Raditz puts on the only set with a tail opening in it that looks just like his old armor. Goku and Gohan put on armor as well figuring it might be useful for when they train in the chamber.

Ranch however looked at the armor and sees that they are all men's armor and wouldn't fit her at all. Bulma noticed and threw out another capsule that revealed a smaller box.

Ranch quickly looked into it, "What is this Ms Briefs?" she asked.

"Yeah I knew you wouldn't fit in any of the smelly mens stuff. So I designed female Saiyan armor myself to fit you specifically." Bulma answers and Ranch quickly puts on the armor as it free from fits on her female body just it did with the others armor. Bulma also s left a opening at the back so Ranchs tail can be out like Raditz's. Thankfully for her no one questioned her about the tail or her Saiyan heritage.

The only ones to not put armor on are Piccolo and Tien, "Why aren't you two putting anything on Mr. Piccolo and Tien?" Ranch asked them.

Piccolo quickly answered, "I don't need armor, it will only slow me down.".

Tien followed suit with a more personal reason, "And I don't want to wear anything Saiyan related. I rather fight in anything else then what Vegeta's fights in.".

Vegeta just smugly smiles and start to walk near the edge of the lookout, "I think I wasted enough time with you weaklings. It's time for me to show Cell who is the real perfect being." he quickly jumps over the floating palace and blasts full speed ahead toward Cell.

"I guess that's a sign for me to get going to." Trunks responds walking near the edge as well.

But before he left Goku made him stop, "Wait a second Trunks, you might need these before you go off fighting Cell," he says as shows him two Senzu beans.

Trunks takes the healing beans from Goku's hand and puts them in his armors pocket, "Thanks Goku, these will be lifesavers for us." he thanks to Goku but before he lift off again Ranch grabbed his arm to say something to him first.

"Look Trunks, you don't have to do anything reckless out there. If your father really wants to fight Cell alone then let him. And if things go bad you can just run away as fast as you can and you just abandon Vegeta if you have to." Ranch advises Trunks.

"I understand your concern, but I have no intention of abandoning anybody including my father." he responds

"Are you serious Trunks, your father is a evil bastard who doesn't even care about his own family. Are you really willing to waste your life on him if the situation comes to it?" Ranch continues to argue with Trunks but he wasn't stepping down.

"I agree, Vegeta is a evil bastard, but I have allowed too many people in my life be killed off as I run away from trouble. I'm done with people dying on my watch. I'm going to stop this one way or the other." he finishes and starts to lift off.

"Trunks please don't!" Ranch yells but before she could finish Trunks flys off to meet up with Vegeta, "don't die on my watch either." she quietly says to herself as she worries for Trunk's life.

Everyone was mostly silent for a few seconds until Goku spoke up again, "Well then, unless anyone else has anything else important to say I think its time for some training. Gohan are you ready to go?" he says toward his son.

"Yes dad I'm ready." Gohan responds.

Raditz did have one thing to say, "Just make sure the both of you get out stronger then Vegeta . I'm afraid what will happen afterwards, if he does somehow beat Cell." he says to his brother concerned with Vegeta knowing him to well.

"Don't worry bro, me and Gohan will be stronger then ever once we are done in there. And you will get your turn next." Goku responds with Raditz smiling back at his brother knowing well he will come out stronger.

"Good luck to the both of you then and get out before Vegeta decides to blow up the planet again." Raditz jokingly says to the two.

Goku and Gohan then follow Mr. Popo toward the time chamber as they start there 2 years of training.

After a few minutes rest from this stressful time. The group move toward the edge of the lookout point to observe the upcoming fight.

Though Ranch didn't know how it worked, "So um.. Mr. Piccolo how do I see anything from up here I just see endless clouds?" she asked him Bulma was wondering the same as well as she wanted to see the fight to.

"You have to be thinking of what you want to look for. And this temple will show it to you. This was how Kame observed the people of earth without having to leave here often." Piccolo answered.

"Ok Mr. Piccolo." she responds and trys harder to think about what she wants to look for. She doesn't want to think about Cell but if she is going to see anything she will have to. After a minute of concentration though she finally gets to see something through the clouds. It was blurry at first but after some more focus it finally became clear. She sees Cell flying across and destroying various islands looking for the other androids.

Cell has spent most of this time trying find android 18 and 16. He knew they couldn't have gone far with his super-speed and has been blasting island to draw them out, but Cell was starting to loss his patience as island after island is vaporized with no sign of her or 16 anywhere.

Cell then speaks out loud, "I know your out there somewhere 18 there no point in hiding anymore, you knew this is enviable so stop this nonsense now!" he shouts out toward the distance, but can't see anything comeout of hiding anywhere.

Cell growled in angry until he finally lets out his rage as he blows up another island below him, "WHERE ARE YOU!" He shouts out from the top of his lungs that can be heard for miles.

Androids 18 and 16 heard it quite well as they hid out on one of the last islands Cell hasn't destroyed. Both were in deep fear of him.

18 knew couldn't stand around any longer, "That freak is going to find us soon, we need to get out of here 16, aaaaahhhh," she yells in pain from her still broken leg.

"No 18, we're safe here for now, he can't track your Ki and neither of us will be able to get far with mine and your injuries. He won't kill you no matter how much he will says he will, he needs you to become prefect so your to valuable for him to kill." 16 warns 18, he knows everything about Cell from Dr. Hero's records so he knows hes pretty much invincible now and it will only get worse if he absorbs 18.

"So we are just sit our asses out her and wait him to blow us up and then..." 18 says but she stops when she feels a presence above the island. She sat down next to 16 and looks above high in the sky and see's a figure. It was Cell finally at there island.

Up with Cell he looks down at the island and smiles, "The last one, I would've saw 18 flying out from my other blasts and there is no way she escaped further away without me noticing. It looks like my search is finally done." he says to himself as he descends near the island as he continues to look for 18.

18 herself could hardly contain her fear as the mutated bug android scans the area like a hawk looking for his prey to attack, "This is foolish 16 were getting the hell out of here." she says as she attempts to move 16.

"No 18 if we just fly out now, he'll immediately spot us. We need to stay low and hope that he will leave once he finds nothing." 16 protests.

18 didn't like this at all, but she knew 16 had a point and with there injuries they will not be able to outrun Cell, hope is the only thing they have left to hold on to and they only have so much of it.

Back with Cell he contiunes to scan the island but sees nothing he decided to just end this and raises his hand prepared to blow away parts of the island to draw her out he didn't care if it injure or harmed her, being alive is all that concerned Cell and nothing else, "Your my now." he says to himself ready to blast the entire island.

But as he was charging he suddenly stopped after feeling not one but two giant power levels heading his way. It was enough to surprise and draw his attention turning towards the powers.

And in only a few seconds the first power flew right in front of Cell, Vegeta. Cell was both confused and somewhat nervous at the same time despite the fact this was the first time meeting him face to face, "Wh..what? Vegeta." he says to him.

The Saiyan Prince just smugly smiles at him with his Super Saiyan mode on, "Yes the one and only."

Cell still couldn't understand how he got this powerful this quickly from what data he had on him, but despite his confusion Cell calmed himself down and smugly smiles back to Vegeta, "So Vegeta is this where you spout that same nonsense that you will defeat me?" he asked Vegeta.

"Defeat? Ha! You think that's all I'm going to do with you? How about me killing you then blasting your corpse into a billions pieces and afterwards piss all over whats left of that." Vegeta boasts toward Cell who is just as equally amused.

"hahahaha, Really? I like to see you try." Cell boasts back not scared of Vegeta. But to surprised him even more he finally sees that other power coming its way. This time being Trunks who was also in his super Saiyan form, "Ah, so the son to the father finally showed up. I see you've also grow in power Trunks." he says to Trunks, "But again that won't matter, I've already disposed of your little girlfriend earlier so don't expect me to take you seriously.

"She's not my girlf..." Trunks attempts to say but gets interrupted.

"He's not important here, my son is merely but a spectator for our fight. I would actually be more offended if he decided to but in." Vegeta says with Cell who was continually amused as the three descend to the ground.

As this was going on 18 watches from afar with the two still too injured and frightened to make a break for it. 18 didn't understand why Vegeta thinks he has any chance considering how she saw her brother beat the living crap out of him a few days ago, what made Vegeta think he have a chance against Cell?

Vegeta continues boasting, "Now how about you watch close Cell. I'm going to easily wipe that smirk off your face.", Vegeta then moved his body into a power up stance and in only few seconds starts to raise his power. Vegeta starts to shout higher and higher as the power builds up within him. The ground begins to shake, rocks start to float, and energy ki lighting starts to emit out of the princes body. Cell didnt react to it at first, but his smudged smile quickly went away as Vegeta's levels start to skyrocket as a bright beam of light starts to envelop Vegeta.

Vegeta's body was also changing as his body grows larger and his muscles get wider and thicker then before. The beam of light finally explodes into nothingness as dust and smoke cover Vegeta. Once it finally disappears both Cell and android 18 were horried to see the final result. Vegeta had indeed surpass Super Saiyan with power that even passes Cells strength at this point and Cell himself knew it.

And before everyone could comprehend the prince's power, Vegeta immediately strikes at Cell below the chest. Causing great pain to the Android.

Vegeta continues to smile as he continues to have his fist deep in Cells body, "What's wrong? Need me to say go first?" he mocks to Cell as he jumps back away in pain. But before Cell can get his focus back, Vegeta jumps at him again punching him the gut as well as throwing him up in the air. Vegeta was showing no mercy on Cell as he continues to punch and throw around Cell all over the island causing pain to all parts of Cell unable to fight back as Vegeta continues to strike hard and fast.

Vegeta punches and punches Cell over and over, as both Trunks and 18 watches as Vegeta beats the once invincible Cell to a pulp.

Vegeta stop for a second just see what Cell has on him. After finally getting time to recover Cell gets the opportunity to fight back, but despite his speed and strength Vegeta just casually dodges Cell fists. No matter how many throws, Cell can't even touch Vegeta. The prince just finds this whole thing amusing and starts punching back at Cell with great power in each and everyone of them.

While this was going on Krillin had finally made it to the island with the shut down controller after feeling Vegeta's energy, "Ok so this must be where the last android is at. Oh man I can't believe how strong Vegeta is now. No no Krillin you need to stay focus, just find the android, get close to her for the signal to be in range and everything will be better at the end. I hope." Krillin says to himself scared out of his mind to be surrounded by such titans of strength, but he knew he had a mission and see to press forward very low and very quietly to find android 18.

Back with the high Cell continues to try to at least hit Vegeta, but once he finally did seem to get a hit Vegeta he barely flinched and returns the favor by smacking away Cell as he continues his beating on him, "Is this really it? Is this really all a super powered being can muster?" Vegeta mocks to Cell as the semi-perfect being gets thrown around like nothing. He knew it was only matter of time before Vegeta gets bored and just blow him up. He knew this one on one fight isn't going to work as after some time thinking in between the beatings, Cell finally had a idea, instead of fighting him he would exploit Vegeta's ultimate weakness, his ego.

At the lookout, everyone saw everything including Vegeta beating Cell like a rag doll and Krillin finally approaching the island.

Tien speaks up about this, "I can't believe how much stronger Vegeta has gotten in just one year, he can really beat Cell now." he says in a happier tone then before.

Ranch was equally confident as well, "Yes, this is prefect, Trunks dad can finally kill that monster as well as that bitch 18 and this timeline will forever be safe."

But Piccolo and Raditz had there doubts especially Raditz, "He can beat Cell, but I know Vegeta to well. He doesn't like it when battles are to easy when he's fighting for fun. He would do anything to get his adrenaline rush as long as he's ahead. Half of you saw it with how he acted when he first came to earth." he says to the group. It made them feel more worried about Vegeta's wildcard nature.

But Tien still had some confidence in the battle, "Well even then we still have Krillin out there, as long as he destroys 18 it won't matter what Vegeta does afterwards."

"Either way there isn't anything we can do about it right now, we just have to watch and see what happens next." Piccolo says himself.

But as they were talking Ranch noticed something off, "Hey guys, look back here it looks like Vegeta and Cell stopped fighting and are just talking to each other?"

The others wondered what she was talking about and turned back around to look below to see what Cell and Vegeta are even discussing.

"So bug are you serious about this absorbing thing? If you get to do this, you will grow stronger then ever before?" Vegeta asked Cell

"Yes just as Dr. Gero's computer designed me to do, I will become prefect and you shall finally have yourself a worthy opponent to fight. You don't want to just win, you want prove to yourself who is truly the strongest in the universe and if you destroy me without my transformation then you shall never know if that is even true. Imagine living with yourself never knowing the truth of who is really the strongest." Cell says as he tries to convince Vegeta to stop fighting him for now and allow him to become prefect, "So what do you say Vegeta, will you finally prove yourself? Or allow yourself to be forever in the dark?" Cell continues making Vegeta contemplate himself if he really wants to do this. And unfortunately to everyone after a minute of thinking he was.

"Alright, bug you sparked my curiosity. Would you please continue?" Vegeta ask. Cell smiles back knowing he now Vegeta had bought his bait and was ready to pull on his hook.

Back at the temple things were started to get more intense, "Is Trunks dad really that stupid?!" Ranch yells out loud angry for the fact that Vegeta would even think about doing this at all.

Raditz comments, "This was no surprise to me at all, like I said Vegeta always wants to fight hard opponents. At least we still have Krillin with that controller and after he activates it he can kill the other Android and the threat will be neutralized for good." Despite Raditz calm look right now he was secretly growing nervous by this new change of events. His family was in danger and they have only one chance left to prevent all of there lives to at risk, so Krillin was there only hope right now.

And as they were discussing Krillin, the short fighter himself had finally found android 18.

Krillin was laying low after spotting 18 who was watching the Cell and Vegeta fight. He was slowing moving his way toward her on foot doing his best to stay hidden as he needed to at least be 30 feet near the android for the device to work.

The others at the lookout were anxious over this hoping Krillin will not be spotted, "He's almost to them all he needs to do now is not get caught, press that button, and blast that thing away." Piccolo comments as they wait for Krillin to final make his move.

After some careful sneaking around Krillin does finally get about 30 feet near 18. All that was left was to push the button with everyone at the lookout watching afar.

"Prefect Krillin can just press the button now and kill that bitch now." Ranch says happy to see 18 die again in here eyes.

They all wait for the that critical moment for Krillin to push the button, but something was wrong, "Why? Why is he not pressing the button?" Ranch asked.

Raditz was just as clueless as Ranch was, "I don't know, what's he waiting for?"

They continue to watch as Krillin's fingers were all on the controller ready to push, but he was not pushing any button, "Krillin now! Push it!" Raditz shouts out loud hoping that Krillin would finally stop waiting.

None of the lookout crew hand any idea what Krillin was really thinking at that very moment, they all only see 18 as a cold killing machine, but Krillin saw something different. He sees a innocent girl being transformed by a evil mad scientist and 18 and partner 17 were only clueless of there place in the world and all they have done was make things worse for them by continually attacking them despite not doing anything wrong yet. Was he now going to kill a misguided young woman just because of fear. He had no idea what should he choose now, will he follow his mind and push the pushing the button to end the threat forever or will he follow his heart to not murder a helpless young woman.

The outlook crew were loosing patience with Krillin, "Krillin what are you waiting for? Push the damn thing now!" Raditz yells hoping Krillin will actually follow through despite Krillin not being able hear any of it. Raditz was the most anxious of all of them thinking about his family, his wife and daughter in danger by this threat and his most hated rivial Vegeta was actually going to follow through Cell to become prefect. Krillins action will only be the only thing to stop this threat for good and he was hesitate to just push the stupid button.

Krillin's hands continue to shake and shake as his mind contiunes to conflict itself, all he sees now are images of 18 sparing him and kissing him, he does all he can to get the image out of his head but he couldn't help himself. Save, Kill, Save, Kill that decision was going over and over again and he can't make up his mind as he tears itself apart by his emotions.

Finally that struggle came to an end Krillin finally made up his mind, he removes his fingers off the button and drops the controller.

Everyone in the out posted were completely shocked by this especially Raditz, "What the hell is that idiot doing!?"

"Did he just? No don't tell me?" Piccolo says now realize what Krillin was going through right now.

Back with Krillin the drop of the controller alerted 18 and she sees and remembers Krillin standing above a remote.

Ranch then yells downward, "Krillin no, come on don't? Don't do this?" she fears knowing what Krillin is going to do next.

Krillin finally makes his ultimate decision and smashes the controller with his foot destroying the shut down switch.

"NO! That idiot! What has he done!" Raditz yells not being able to believe what just happened.

Everyone else ws just as bewildered by this, "What the hell is Krillin doing!? I've spent days making that damn controller!" Bulma yells with her and the others unable to understand why Krillin will do this? Except for Piccolo

"It seemed that Krillin's conscience has gotten the better of him. And I can't believe I'm going to say this but it seemed like an act of love as well." Piccolos says giving his view on it.

Raditz can't believe he heard that, "Love!? Love!? Your saying he's risking all of our lives because he has the hots for some robot!?"

"I doubt it's just sexual love? Krillin didn't have the heart to kill a someone so helpless like that, it should've been one of us who had that controller but we put all of that pressure on his fragile soul." Piccolo says giving his insight on the situation with his Kami side of understanding human kind. But Raditz didn't understand, all he saw was a idiot screwing everything up for very stupid reason.

Ranch then alerts them to the situation, "Guys look Vegeta is actually agreeing with Cell, he's going to allow that monster to absorb 18 now."

Raditz had more to ask, "Well why isn't Trunks doing anything? Why is he not stopping Cell or Vegeta?" Raditz was on his last straw about this with those three below.

Ranch attempts to explain,"I..I... he can't bare the thought of actually fighting his own father, Trunks doesn't want to go against him and damage his pride. It may seem dumb, but Trunks has always been about wanting to understand his father. And... and he is unsure what to do about it himself."

But Raditz just facepalms himself in anger, he finally decided that he had enough of this, "That's god damn it! I'll kill the bitch myself and just end this!" Raditz then puts his fingers on his hands and was about to teleport toward to Krillins location.

"Wait Mr. Raditz don't!" Ranch yells at her father, but it was to late as he disappears to the battlefield, "No I can't let him die out there." Ranch then runs off the outlook and blasts her way back to toward the island.

Piccolo, Bulma, and Tien could only watch as events start to get crazier.

"Looks like things only going to get worse from here." Piccolo finally says.

Raditz pops up right up next to Krillin very angry with him, "Whoah Raditz what are you doin.."

"Don't give me that crap! What the hell were you thinking!? Your just going to let this monster go! Because of you god damn feelings!" Raditz angrily yells at Krillin who was now fightened by the mad Saiyan.

18 recognized Raditz and was wondering why he was here now?

Krillin tries his best to calm down the saiyan, "Wait a second Raditz you don't understand."

Raditz continues his yelling."Understand what? that your going to risk my families lives just so you can have some robot girlfriend that will probably break your spine when you have your back turned!"

Killin trys to reason him, ", I mean all we have been doing these last few days is trying to kill her and 17 when they haven't done anything wrong. We've been trying murder them in cold blood."

Raditz wasn't falling for it,"This bitch told me right in may face that they were going to murder my own brother for the damn fun it! You expect me to let that go!?"

But then Krillin started to get angry with Raditz, "Now wait a second Raditz don't like you haven't done similar things yourself."

Raditz become confused by that random statement,"What the hell are you even talking about?"

Krillin then goes on a tangent, "When you first came to earth yourself, you threaten Gohan and Goku with there lives just because they weren't going along with you. You even demanded Goku to murder 100 random innocent people just to prove your point. And yet here you are been give a chance to roam earth peacefully. How many innocent alien lives have you murdered for the fun of it before you came to earth. Maybe we should've also just killed you at that time as for good measure well! How do you feel about that murderer!?"

Raditz then growled in angry as he transforms into Super Saiyan with Krillins angry face quickly turned into a fearful one, "Uhh... umm... I'm sorry Rad..." and Raditz smacks Krillin aside into cliffside injuring him greatly.

He then looks toward 18 who was horrified by the act, knowing now she in between a rock and hard place with Raditz and Cell who was still on the other side of the island.

16 finally speaks up to her, "RUN! 18 RUN!" he shouts 18 as she turns toward Raditz.

"It's time to finally end this nonsense!" Raditz then shoots out a bunch of Ki ballls at 18 who dodges out of the way of them and runs off away from Raditz. Despite her injuries she could've still overpower Raditz like before, but her fear of Cell was too great to be exposed in the open so she runs away quickly on the ground as Raditz attempts to blast her.

Back at Vegeta and Cell they both notice Raditz and 18's chase and are both amused, "So Raditz finally shows up again and is trying to kill 18, that might be a bit problematic." Cell says to Vegeta,

Vegeta just smiles ,"Don't worry about him, I deal with him myself."

Trunks could only watch in anger of what his own father was doing. But his respect for his father was too great for him to stop Vegeta directly. His only chance now was to wait and only go after Cell when he has the chance.

Back with Raditz, he continues to blast at 18 hoping he can finally vaporize her, but the young woman does her best to dodge these attacks.

Raditz finally just uses his teleportation ability and teleports only a couple of feet up with his other arm out toward 18 who was both surprised and stunned to see Raditz in front of her.

"Gotcha," Raditz says and quickly lets out a giant Ki blast right in front of her. The blast was so large and bright it blasted away a large chunk of the island trees away in a blinding flash of light.

"18!" both Krillin and 16 shouted, thinking that 18 has finally been killed by Raditz's anger induced power. Raditz smugly smiles in victory knowing that it was now over for Cell without 18.

But as the smoke cleared, Raditz smile turned into a horrified face once he still sees a figure in front of him, it wasn't 18. It was Vegeta giving his own smudged face. And right behind Vegeta was 18 still alive and well, Vegeta had a token on Raditz's blast head on to save 18. But not out of gratitude only pride.

Vegeta finally speaks up,"What do you think you're doing?"

"Vegeta what the hell are you.." but before Raditz could finish Vegeta punches Raditz in the gut causing great pain and send him flying into a bunch of rocks.

"That's prince Vegeta to you peasant." Vegeta says to Raditz as he jumps up and kicks Raditz sending him flying again as the rocks behind him are destroyed by Vegeta's force.

18 sees the opportunity and attempts to make a run for it again, but to her out of nowhere Cell zips right in front of her with his evil smile, "Now again 18, why don't you just stop this running and Just.."

"NO!" Cell heard and without much warning gets punched right in the face, by none other than Trunks who finally intervened against his father's wishes while he was distracted by Raditz.

18 didn't know what was happening with all of these people she fought before now helping her out. But she was not given any time to think about it with Trunks, "Don't just stand there. Run! RUN!" Trunks shouted at her as he flies back at Cell and engages him with the two putting up an even fight.

Back with Raditz, he struggles to raise up after the powerful punch in the gut,"What... What the hell are you doing, your allowing Cell to become Perfect?" Raditz struggles to ask the prince.

"Of course I did, what's the matter with that? Aren't you a Saiyan to? You should be happy to see and fight such strong opponents within your Saiyan blood. But I see your just the same weakling as you were years ago afraid of anyone slightly more stronger then you." Vegeta mocks at Raditz.

Raditz wasn't having it with Vegeta and gets himself back up to attack Vegeta with rapid-fire punches but they did absolutely nothing to the Prince.

Vegeta grabs hold of Raditz arm to his and starts throwing Raditz around like a rag doll, "I wanted to do this for years Raditz and I now get the opportunity to put you back in your place."

Beget a continued to do this until he finally throws Raditz back on the ground with him reverting back into his normal form. Beaten and injured badly Raditz had no chance of even putting up a fight with Vegeta at this state with his time chamber training.

Vegeta then puts his foot on Raditz face to add insult to injury, "Your now back where your suppose to be. Licking the boots of your superiors, I've had enough of your rebellious nature for once and now it's time you respect your Prince again."

Raditz attempt to bring sense into Vegeta, "This stupid Vegeta, There is no Saiyan race left. There's no planet Vegeta. And their is no monarchy anymore. This is all pointless."

But Vegeta just steps on Raditz's face again, "Shut up! I've had it with you and your damn imbecile of a brother. I don't care if I were to be the only Saiyan left. As long as I'm around the Saiyan race is greater than it ever was before. My name will be immortal as the true perfect being. I will finally prove to the universe that I am stronger than anybody else. Including you."

Raditz knew Vegeta had completely lost it and had no hope in getting him to end his petty delusion. He only hoped that Trunks can kill Cell now. But that fight had mostly been in a stalemate as the two continue their rapid punches together.

Back with 18 despite her warnings from 16 she attempts to make a run for it off the island, but when she got near the shoreline ready to take off she noticed an figure from the distance. It was hard to see at first but after she gets a closer and clearly look at it. To add even more horror for her, it was Ranch finally here flying as fast as she can with fury rage in her face once she sees 18 herself, "Shit! Not this crazy bitch again!" 18 says out loud and quickly to runs back to the inland of the island hoping to find 16 again.

But it was too late for her Ranch finally made it to the island and saw 18 running, without hesitation she goes at her with just her fists with Saiyan the rage behind her.

Unfortunately, while they were him and Trunks fighting Cell also noticed the two, "Hmmm, a perfect distraction."

Ranch uses all of her strength and speed on one punch if she can get one on 18 she will die instantly. After remaining in the air for a while she finally has a clear shot on 18 and goes for the kill, "Time to end this" she says to herself and engages at 18.

She was about to strike 18, but Cell using his super-speed to fly away from Trunks allowed himself to get punched at the chest by Ranch with her punch doing nothing to the monster, "How many times must we go through this." Cell mocks and with his backhand smacks Ranch away into the direction of Vegeta knocking him off of Raditz.

Ranch laid on the ground again and Trunks took noticed, "Ranch! Raditz! No!" Trunks run toward them completely forgetting about Cell.

Back with 18, she could no longer make up her mind, with all of these people and Cell she was overwhelmed by decisions and risks that she could only stand around in silence and confusion.

Until a hand grabs on to her, "Come on let's get out here! I know where we can go to!" it was Krillin who had recovered from Raditz's hit and was without questioning was trying his best to get 18 out of harm's way.

But as they were running Cell finally appears right in front of the two. Without even speaking a word Cell swipes Krillin away with his tail and looks directly at 18.

18 attempts one last effort to stop Cell by blasting him with a large Ki ball, but despite its power Cell shrugs it off as he walks forward to 18.

Back with Trunks he helps get Ranch and Raditz up from there injuries while ignoring Vegeta, "Ranch, Mr. Raditz are you okay?"

"You damn brats! Stop getting in my way!" Vegeta yells at the two but was completely ignored.

"Trunks don't worry about me right now! Stop Cell now!" Ranch yells at him and Trunks looks back to see 18 barely able to back Cell who had finally grabbed hold of her with his tail opened up now.

Trunks, Raditz, and Ranch tried to fly as fast as he can to stop Cell. But it was to late. Cell had enough of games and finally put his tail over 18's body and was quickly consuming her.

This didn't stop the fighters from stopping Cell with Trunks, Raditz, Ranch, and even 16 himself despite his damages were throwing every punch they have to get Cell to spit her back out but their punches either did nothing or are outright dodged.

Cell simply punches and kicks four of them out of the way as 18 gets sucked in deeper into himself. Krillin even gets up again and tries in all of his might to fight Cell but it was useless with 18 finally getting being absorbed inside Cell.

Almost immediately after absorbing her Cell begins to develop a glowing electrical field around his body with his power going through the roof.

Everyone but Vegeta was terrified by this transformation as it grows greater and greater as Cell transforms into his perfect form.

Trunks and Ranch attempted together to blast at Cell but it was too late, the energy being produced by Cells transformation had created a near-impenetrable shield preventing anyone from stopping the transformation.

Cells power continues to expand and expand, higher then any power anyone has ever seen before, soon the entire energy bubble had completely consumed Cells body into a large green energy dome.

The continued to grow bigger and bigger with energy was spewing all over the area, with no one able to do anything but watch as the energy finally erupts into a large blinding light.

After the massive light flash, everyone looked back at Cell with everyone but Vegeta watching nightmare that was the new Cell.

Cells new form had radically changed his appearance, he has become more humanoid and gaining human features like a nose, his tail has been reduced to a small stinger, but he maintains his ugly green skin and black spots, and had developed a pair of large wings. It was more than just his appearance though, his power is near God levels. His second form had great power, but this was something completely different he had been turned into a living a power source that no one can compete with.

no one able to contain the horror they are witnessing now.

Vegeta, however, was only smirking, "Finally a worthy opponent."

Cell finally opens his eyes and looks at himself, he to so sees the power he has in him now and could only feel proud of himself, "I am now... Perfect."

Authors note: I really should stop staying that I can get a chapter out quicker than before, I seem to always Jinx the whole thing by having the exact opposite happen. With that being said again I'm sorry for how long this chapter took compared to the other ones. I tried to maintain at least one chapter a month policy but I ended up skipping over a month anyway (which happened to be my 1st anniversary month of this story). There had been some reasons to why for one I had some real-world stuff to deal with that had made me distracted from writing. I also had a very bad case of writer's block of trying to find ways of making this chapter interesting. I'm trying to maintain a decent pace of this arc by not making chapters to long but not too short either, it was even harder on this one chapter because well to be honest with myself this had been one of the most repetitive parts to write in Cell arc where it's constant fighting on islands and constant one-upmanship of the characters or what YouTuber Mistarefusion (who I recommend watching if like to hear a serious analysis on the Dragon Ball series) called it, "Cell tennis". It was exhausting to write the whole thing, watch the episodes over and over again, and to fix any grammar errors (that seem to escape me no matter how hard I try.). So for a little while I took a break from writing and sort of lost track of time. But don't worry I have no desire to abandon the story, I've actually decided to that I might start up a new non Dragon ball related story while writing Raditz Z. But only one for now as I don't want my workload get too cluttered, just to change the pace a bit, since while I love Dragon ball, writing only just Dragon ball starts to get repetitive so writing about another source material can help relieve myself of that. So thank you again for ready my story and I hope to go back to a one chapter a month pace but I won't Jinx it anymore than that.