A/N: So...it's been awhile. Specifically (about) seventeen months, but whose keeping track? Well...I guess you guys are, because you've been waiting for an update. Guess I broke that pinky promise, huh?

So, first off my old phone kind of crashed, so I lost my whole pages document of future plot points and ideas (my mind was reeling). Even now I still can't remember what ideas I'd had lined up. After that I couldn't find the motivation to pick it up again, until I forgot about it. It wasn't until I came back to read Dirty Laundry (It's a Voltron thing...) that I felt extremely compelled to comment, and logged in. It was at this point I remembered I do in fact have un-finished stories. So, here I am. How have you guys been?

I know it sucks to wait for shit like this and I adore all of your guy's comments, so I don't want to be the one that makes you disappointed. Seriously. I've been on the end of waiting for a fanfic update that never comes... I don't want to be that guy. Really. I don't.

In all honesty, I don't even watch Supernatural anymore. When I made this story I barley watched it anymore. It just spiraled until I was thinking about the show less and less. I have zero idea what happens after Season 9. I took all my Supernatural posters down. I gave my sister all my t-shirts. Like, I don't even display my signed pictures anymore, (and yeah, I was that fan.) Supernatural is just not a fandom that will always stick with me, like (for example) Percy Jackson will, which are books so integral to my childhood that I still re-read them to this day. No...Supernatural was just a phase to me, and I think I've accepted that.

At this point this story was more of me holding onto past seasons, subsequently that entire section of my life where I was obsessed with the show. I feel kind of bad too because the continuing push for more content sort of shattered Eric Kirpke's original interpretation of the show. Like...Supernatural was supposed to end at Season Five, we all know this. There was the perfect ending, it brought all the plot points together in this large, chaotic finale, where the younger brother finally sacrifices himself and Dean gets the "Apple Pie" life. It wasn't a great show, but you could look back on it and say "good while it lasted", right? They had some bizarre executive decision where Eric left because, "that's the end of his show"; but the guys upstairs were still making a ton of money so (even if they barley had a plot to go off of) they just kept the thing going. Capitalism ruins everything.

Anyways, that's enough complaining. I'm just a Breaking Bad type of fan. It ends when it ends. It's good because it knew when to end. Another weird note: anyone notice both Breaking Bad and Bojack Horseman ended with songs about something blue? Like... "Baby Blue" and "Mr. Blue"? Perhaps that's a dumb comparison. Oh, and She-Ra: Princesses of Power. I finished the final season yesterday and cried three times! It was great, I highly recommend.

At this point I'm just procrastinating posting this note. I guess if anybody wanted to continue this they can? I don't really know how that works, but if you wanted to take the entire concept of this story and just use it in another fanfic, go ahead, Adam needs more representation.

So, that's it. Sorry to be that guy, but this is my depressing discontinuation. Also, sorry if you saw this update notice and expected the long-awaited next chapter.

See ya.