This sucked. I repeated in my head, I had to wake up at six in the morning just to wait to talk to my parents. I get that they are the King and Queen but still, they couldn't fit me in any other time than six am. I yawned again, I'm not used to being up before nine am, spoiled I know. I've already had two cups of coffee, but it hasn't done anything to help. I couldn't think of what could be so important that I have to get up at the crack of dawn and made sure no one was around.

Maybe it's because I just turned twenty. Maybe I'm finally getting a private yacht that I've been asking for! Just thinking of all the parties I could host made me smile. I know what your thinking, that I'm a wild prince like some in illean past. I'm not though. Well, not all the time. I'm twenty though, I'm gonna want to have some fun.

It most likely isn't a yacht though, my parents are adamant about not making ridiculous amounts of spending, because what would our people think of us? It makes sense, we are the royal family. We do still get to live a luxurious and rich life but I still wish that I could have a private yacht. I remember asking for when when I was twelve and my dad just laughing and saying some day.

A butler finally emerged from my parents office and says in a very studious tone "you may enter now" I rolled my eyes at him and entered. I wish it was Ansel, he's my favorite butler.

My parents, King Hugo and Queen Rosalind sat in two chairs in the middle of the room and I sat front of them sat a lonely brown chair. I sat down and raised my eyebrow as if saying well?

My father cleared his throat "as you know, things are particularly tense in Belcourt right now" it would be hard not to know what was going on in Belcourt, whispers that the rebels are back. There has been many occasions of houses of nobles being burned down and people mysteriously go missing or murdered. A couple of weeks ago father got a mysterious note that they were gonna strike again, sure enough they did in a very public manner. Father didn't want anyone to worry so he didn't tell the people, but after that attack everyone knows. And things were getting tense in Belcourt because that is were the attacks were and people are demanding answers. At this point I am going to have a country I'm ruins before I even take the throne.

"Yes" I said.

"We need a way to distract the nation, give them something to root for and be excited about while we take care of our people." Are they talking about a. . . No. No. We haven't had a Selection in a decade. Mom is from Italy, that's where we get our sun kissed skin and golden hair.

"You want me to have a Selection" I finished what I knew they were gonna get to eventually. I've never been told I was going to have one. But I was also not not told. It's kind of been a topic that no one ever wanted to talk about. And now I wished we did, so I could know how I feel about it. Because right now, I just feel nothing, kind of like I'm searching for my feelings.

My parents looked at each other then back at me, they are to read my emotions on it. I refuse to let them know, even if I don't know, so I put on an emotionless face. "Precisely" Mom finally said.

I sighed and slouched, something that drove my father crazy "well, I don't see how this will stop the unrest. Whether or not I hold a Selection the people will still be upset. If anything, this brings an opportunity for spies to infiltrate the palace."

Once again my parents shared a look, i brought up a good point. And they knew that. I know that I am intelligent like my father, but mom always warns me that my arrogance could get me into serious trouble someday.

"It's not going to get rid of the problem completely, but it might help. And I assure you their will be extreme background check and security measures taken." father tried to reason.

I just crossed his arms and puckered his lips a little " I don't have a choice, do I?" I say evenly while staring them down. I'm not against the Selection exactly, I have my fears but ultimately thirty five girls coming just for me sounded like a pretty good deal, who says I even have to choose one?

"Of course you have a choice" Mom said growing impatient, I got my short temper from her "but it would help us, your parents greatly. And you might find something that you never even knew you wanted."

"Well, I don't want to find something." It's true I didn't want to settle down, but I know that I am just making this difficult.

Mom finally had enough, she slammed her hand against the mahogany table making everyone in the room jump, a piece of her blonde locks came down from her bun and fell right on the corner of her eye "you are a Prince. Not a king. And we are your parents, you do not get to disrespect us anymore. It's time for you to grow up, you are not some regular twenty year old boy who can run around and do whatever. You are the next king and it is time you start acting like it! No more sleeping around with whoever and saying whatever you feel like, you will act like the gentleman that I raised you to be, are we clear?"

I nodded. My mother was a good mother, she raised me the right way and I knew it. She sighed every time I came into the room reeking of alcohol and some girls perfume, she tried to keep her temper in check but at times like this it flared out. And I do know that i have to stop with my playboy actions, but no matter how hard I try I kept going back.

Dad stroked his wife's arm, in a way that calmed her down. They were perfect for her, she lit his flames and he stopped her from burning too bright. I wonder if dad was nervous when he met mom. Dad was a softie, especially when it came to his children so most of the times she had to do the disciplining.

"I'll do the Selection" I spoke up after a couple of minutes "but don't expect me to like it." With that i got up and stormed out of the room. There! At least that's a little dificance.

I don't know why I'm acting like this. I'm not against it, is it something that I want most out of life- no. But it is something that could be beneficial. If I'm honest, I think it makes me upset that they think that I need a Queen. I'm content on my own. Besides it's not like I could trust any of them. As a Prince and soon to be king, all I can trust is myself.

As I rounded the corner I ran smack dab into my one of my three younger sisters, Laurel. Laurel was erratic, you never knew what she was gonna do next. Even though me and my sisters are close, none of us ever knew how Laurel was doing, she was as mysterious as the night.

"Watch it" she grumbles dusting off her light blue dress that matched her eyes. I couldn't help but laugh, when Laurel is mad everyone is scared of her - except me. I don't know why, but it always makes me laugh. Which makes her even more mad. I've tried to stop it but it never works.

"Where are you going that has you in such a big hurry?" I tease.

"Wouldn't you like to know" she replies, causing me to shake my head and smile. "Besides, what are you doing up so early?"

"Meeting with mom and dad" she grins. Knowing exactly what it was about. Laurel is ten times smarter than anyone in our family, I can't help but think that she should have been the first born so that she could be Queen. She would be the most amazing Queen. When I think about it I could imagine it in a textbook, talking about how Queen Laurel was the best Queen Illéa has ever seen. Too bad I was born first.

"Be discrete" I tell her.

"I always am" she replies and walks away and her dress swishes with her. Sometimes I really wonder about her.

I finally got to my room and got to think in peace.I can't stop thinking about the Selection. I guess you could say that I'm not ready to settle down. I remembers though that once King Louis had his Selection for three years, so maybe after three years I'll would be ready to settle down. Although I highly doubt it would take three years.

I think about this for hours. I take lunch in my room and try to take it off my mind by watching the basketball game of Kent vs Whites. Even that can't clear my mind. Finally I found a way to clear my mind ,I got on my athletic clothes and went down to the gym, I had to maintain his six pack for the ladies. Once I got down to our extravagant gym in the west end of the palace I found my other eighteen year old sister, Paris, named after mom's favorite city. France was so delighted when they found out that they named her after one found their cities, they offered them an alliance that very day.

Paris looked different than myself and my two other sisters. With dark brown hair and matching eyes, completely different from the family's blonde hair and green eyes, it was rumored that Queen Rosalind had an affair and that's why Paris looks different from all my other siblings. I know that it's ridiculous, anyone who saw the way that she looks at my father would know she's madly in love with him. Her dark locks were up in a ponytail which she was twirling around her long perfectly manicured fingers. She wore a matching light pink sports bra and spandex, showing off her desirable figure. She gave a guard who at the weights stations a flirty smile and winked. Before going back to the elliptical, she was a world famous model.

"Chase" she said "how delightful."

"I could say the same" I said in a even tone "will you stop leading the guards on?" I say it irritated, I know I lead on girls but at least I give them something, a one night stand, but Paris ghosts every guy that she talks too.

"But what would be the fun in that?" Paris is known for being a flirt, the beautiful rich girl. Not once has she been in a serious relationship. She could make even the biggest playboys a fool for her. I don't even know if she's ever even gotten action. I think secretly she loved the control.

"Ugh, you love stirring up drama, don't you?" She smiled in response, she did love drama. Or as she would say, the drama loved her.

I did an intense workout, Paris and I were trying to beat each other, but I won. It did take my mind of the Selection but dinner was in twenty minutes and I'd have to face my parents soon. I was dripping with sweat and ordered a long hot shower when I got back to his room. When I got out I put on a white t shirt and joggers, not dressing up for dinner. It was just going to be his family after all. When the girls came in he would have to start wearing suits all the time. The idea of it made me groan.

I walked down to dinner and as soon as I Walked in i realized I was late. Even though Paris was sweating just as hard as i was, she now sat next to her mother, with her hair dry and loose curls on her shoulders with a designer dress and red lipstick, her favorite. Paris is always dressed to impress. Laurel is next to her with her hair in a bun and a yellow romper, she looked radiant.

And the youngest in the Schreave family, my sixteen year old sister Venus, but we all called her Vee. Unlike my other sisters, she was more quiet and kind. Her sisters were intense to say the least, but Vee prefered to fly under the radar, she hated being in the spotlight. She wouldn't freeze up, in fact she would do very well, but she hated it. In a perfect world Vee would be spend her whole life in the gardens stargazing.

I sat next to Vee and gave her a small hug.

"Your late" his father chided, being late was one of his pet peeves, 'time is money' his dad always said.

"I know. Sorry, I was at the gym and I thought I should shower. Sorry" his father nodded.

"Laurel, I hear that you are late on you mathematics assignment. Is it too hard, honey? Do you need extra help?" It's not secret that his mother was the rare type that actually liked math and was good at it, she always offers her help.

"No. I'm sorry, I just lost track of time" Laurel lightly said. Laurel twirled her pasta around on her fork and stared at it intensely.

"I can't eat this" Paris suddenly said, and sure enough she hadn't touched her fettuccine Alfredo. "It's too many carbs and I have a show in a week" she snapped her fingers and a servant came over "chicken caesar salad but no dressing, and add lots of protein." The servant scurried away to get her new meal.

"Paris you should have told us, we could have planned a meal around you, so we could all eat together."

"Sorry daddy, I just found out last minute" she knew that our father was a total softie and she used that to her advantage.

"So Vee! What's going on with you?" My mother changed the topic, but she was genuinely interested in what her children are doing.

"Um, I just finished a new astronomy book" Vee loved the stars and most nights she had a clear sky to stargaze, which she'll do all night if you let her. If the stars are out, she's out.

"That's great!" She sighed "Chase, have you thought about what we said earlier?"

"Yes I have" I proclaimed. Even though I told them earlier, I was sure now "send out the forms, I will have a Selection" my parents smiled proudly but Paris's jaw dropped.

"Your having a Selection? How did I not know?" She slams her hand on the table staring daggers at me.

I ignored her and went on "I thought about it, and your right, it's time I grow up. I will have my own Selection."

"Well finally" Paris said "it's about time, things were getting a little dull around here."

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