Chapter Six

"Are we just gonna ignore the fact that four radicals just threatened us on national television?" I burst out in the room full of our royal advisors. On Friday night we had to shut down the whole city of Angeles' power just to stop the video. All video footage is under investigation but we can't even find a location, let alone the identity of the four radicals.

"Were not ignoring it" dad says softly "were just . . . Setting it aside. We are investigating it but what's the point of worrying over some silly threat? As royals we get threats all the time, it doesn't ever actually happen."

"We know they are from Belcourt. What about the safety of the girl from Belcourt? All the Selected for that matter?" I ask. A couple of advisors rolled their eyes at my question, but I am genuinely worried about these girls. Even if they weren't my 'girlfriends' i'd still be worried about them. That's thirty five girls in danger.

"I can assure all girls are under the highest security. Including Miss Harper Lexington." Mr. Astors says in condescending tone. "Besides, you have bigger problems with the Selected than their security."

"What?" I turn to dad who is rubbing his temples.

"It seems you have a rather . . . Interesting bunch." Mr. Wilmington says. He looks around to others for help. Some are smug while others avoid eye contact. What the hell?

"Miss Louise Bristol has a child!" Mr. Astors yells "that's right, a child! It's one of the first rules of a Selected to be a virgin! I demand a re draw from Kent! She is no daughter of Illea!" The law about being pregnant before marriage was lifted, before she would have been imprisoned. But it is still frowned upon by the public eye. I don't know how to feel about Miss Louise's child, I'm sure there's a story behind it. But i'm not sure I'm ready to be a father figure, surely if the child is to come I will be seen as it's mother's boyfriend.

"Um . . . What's the childs name? And gender?"

"Her name is Kimberly, a girl." Miss Claude responds gently.

"There will be no re draw for Kent." I say "Miss Louise was selected for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. It's not a law anymore for a girl unwed who has a child to be punished. If we are more tolerant, it could show all of Illea a lesson. It might actually be beneficial."

"Beneficial" Mr Astors scuffs.

"I see where he is coming from" Mrs Spiegelman agrees "if the royals are tolerate with the girl then the upper castes might become more welcoming too. Or at least start too" I smile over at her. Mrs Spiegelman has a huge voice in the advisors, she is the daughter of one of the most influential families in Illea, but she built her name herself and became one of the first females on the advisors.

"I agree" dad says "and besides, if we re draw it might lead to more conflict." I smile to myself because I got most of the advisors on my side and agreeing with me.

"Well what about Miss Cydney?" Mr Astors says. He's just looking for a fight today.

"Uh, which one is that again?" i ask sheepishly. I haven't looked over the forms yet, I was gonna do it tonight with my sisters.

"From Angeles. The crippled one. She has to be one of the ones eliminated on the first day. I mean, we can't have a royal in a wheelchair. Let alone one so edgy." He has a smug look on his pale face, I don't know what his problem is.

"I will make my own decisions. Thank you." I sneer at him, a couple of people snicker in the background.

This seems to really anger Mr Astors. But instead of him lashing out, he slowly walks towards me and loud enough for the whole room to hear, he says "you should know she is paralyzed from the waist down. Including the reproductive parts, which i'm sure will define your choice real quick. Playboy prince." I feel my cheeks heat up and I look down. When I finally look up, I see a couple of advisors looking amused but not in a good way and others look so disappointed. I was a fool for thinking that my past wouldn't be brought up.

"Any other girls you are concerned about, Stephan?" Dad asks while rubbing his temples. I let him down.

"Montgomery Fa Zhang. I mean, by her picture you can tell that she is nothing but trouble. Those piercings and I bet she has tattoos as well. Not even a makeover can fix that. She'll be eliminated on the first day as well." He tells me and stares me down "are we clear, your highness." He says but the way his snake eyes look its like he's saying 'you may be a prince but I have more power.'

Even though I have no intention of doing as he says i still say "yes." And he sits back in his seat, satisfied that I finally listened to him. Dad told me that I won't always like my advisors but I have to listen to them. When I'm King, Mr Astors is gone.

"Also Miss India Lucille May. We all remember her father Ernest May. And how he basically attacked our government. She's gone. First day." I remember that. When Ernest May came out with his book basically saying how we were bad leaders. Thankfully our people defended us, making Ernest May an unpopular name in Illéa. As much as I want to give Miss India the benefit of the doubt, it's hard not to take her father's work personal.

"For the last time, I will be making my own choices Mr Astors. I will meet Miss India and then decide how I feel. And besides, it might send a good message to the people if we keep her. It shows that we are listening to them and trying to make us even better."

"Mm-hm" he grunts while looking at me like I'm an idiot. Any satisfaction that he had from before is gone now and replaced with annoyance.

"How many girls do I have to eliminate on the first day?" I ask dad, I shift my body away from Mr Astors so that he knows I'm not talking to him.

"Well, it's really up to you. But I'd say at least five" I nod. That seems like a reasonable number. I'm sure I'm not gonna connect with all thirty five on the first day. "Any other questions?" He asks, and I shake my head no.

"Okay, moving onto taxes." Oh great. My favorite subject. Not. God, taxes are so boring! We literally have to talk for an hour about math. I can think of about a thousand other things I'd rather do, including eating a raw onion.

I start to zone out but I tune back in when I hear the door open and see Paris walking towards me. "I need you" she whispers into my ear. I jump out of my chair so fast I almost knock it over. "Excuse me father, Chase is needed for Selection duties." She curtsies and turns around. But she doesn't get far because Mr Astors is taking her hand.

"Princess Paris, you look lovely as ever" he kisses her hand. She forces a smile on.

"Thank you Mr Astors."

"Oh please, call me Stephan." My mouth drops open. He doesn't even let me call him Stephan. I thought it was because I was the only person under twenty one in the room, but no. "You know, Calvin is still wondering if you could go to lunch with him. He would adore you as much as I do." What an ass kisser! He's only being nice to Paris because he wants his son to marry her!

"I would love too. Unfortunately, I'm very busy these days with the Selection. But I'll try to make time" she smiles and turns around to me, giving me a look that's says help.

"Excuse us" I announce and we start walking again.

"Do you have hand sanitizer? Ugh!" She asks me as soon as we get out in the hallway. "Can you believe him?"

"Yes, I can. He was being a total ass to me during the meeting. But as soon as you walk in he's Mr. Matchmaker and Smiles." I roll my eyes.

"Ugh, I know. As if I would give his son the time of the day. Calvin is almost as bad as his father." She's not wrong, his son is a cocky little prick. The stereotypical rich kid who thinks he's better than everyone else.

"You sure, Paris? I heard some girls find his unibrow irresistible." She slaps my arm while holding back laughter. "So what's this 'Selection duties'?"

"We have to show you their rooms, go over when your going to meet them and how. Also you have to fill out a questionnaire for the makeover, don't worry it's easy. Just your favorite scent and stuff like that."

"Don't you think your a little overdressed then?" I ask her. She's wearing a forest green dress that tight but has another skirt attached to it so it fans out as she walks. Not to mention her matching black velvet heels with full makeup. No cameras are even gonna be around today.

"Absolutely not. Everyone else is simply underdressed." I roll my eyes at her. She really is something else.

"Perfect! Chase your here!" Laurel calls from the other end of the hallway and jogs toward us. I burst out laughing at the sight of her. She's got a clipboard and her hair is a complete mess.

"What?" She snaps.

"You look crazy" I chuckle.

"Thanks. I just got back from the ward. Can you take this seriously?" She yells. She's stressed. She's always super snappy when she's stressed.

"Yes. I'm sorry."

"Okay, follow me. I'll take you to see the Selected's bedrooms." She starts walking away. Paris and I look at each other before following her.

"Do you mean like, every individual bedroom?" I ask hesitantly.

"Yes, of course." She answers it like it's the easiest question and I'm a idiot for not knowing.

"Aren't they all the same?"

"Mostly. But they have different stuff for each one. For example, Miss Gwen York from Allen's likes to sing so she has a stand in her room and books full of songs and other things that relate to her application. Does that make sense?" Laurel is talking so fast I can barely understand her.

"Laur, you okay?" I ask.

"Yep, I'm great. I'm running off of three hours of sleep and four cups of coffee with extra espresso!" Oh boy, Laurel is going crazy.

"Do you want to take a nap? I can take over for a little while you sleep." Paris offers.

"Paris, you know I love you, but I'd rather put anyone else than you in charge. You would turn it into a glamorous and luxurious competition and spend way more money than we should."

Instead of lashing out on her like I expected Paris too, she just shrugs and says "fair point."

We keep walking for a little before entering the Selected hallway. It's filled with maids running and out of room with fabrics and cleaning supplies. "Okay, here our first room. Miss Penthesilea Onasis, 4, from Likely." We enter a big room with a king sized rose gold bed and the sunlight shining in on it from her windows. On the right I notice some seeing machines, fabrics and scissors and other stuff.

"Isn't there a room where the maids do that?" I ask.

Laurel shakes her head "Miss Penthesilea, is a tailor, her parents own a bridal store." Laurel says while reading through her form. I nod and look around some more.

"Ah! Here it is!" Laurel exclaims and hands me a picture of Penthesilea. The first thing I notice is her beautiful smile which lights up her brown eyes. She's definitely beautiful.

After Miss Penthesilea's room Laurel takes Paris and I across the room to Miss Maia Campos. I remember Miss Maia's picture, she was so hot.

Her room is much more simple than Miss Penthesilea's. It accents the natural beauty. It overlooks the gardens and even has the doors opened slightly letting in the breeze of flowers in. On the nightstand holds a camera.

"Isn't she a model?" I ask while staring at the camera.

"Yes" Laurel confirms. It's interesting that she has a camera or likes cameras, she's a model, aren't the camera's supposed to love her, not the other way around?

"Wait, is her sister Clara Campos?" Paris asks.


"And her mom is Savannah Lawrence-salts?" Laurel nods again. Paris's eyes turn into a glare and her lips go into something that looks like a snarl. She looks absolutely terrifying.

"What's wrong with that?"

"Her mother is a bitch" she spits out. My eyes widen. Not off to a good start. "I haven't met her sister but I heard she's a bitch too."

"Why's she a bitch?" I ask.

"She had absolute no respect for the royal family. Plus she has a twelve inch stick up her ass. God! I can't stand her!" I'm shocked. I'm kind of worried about Miss Maia now. I choose to be optimistic though, and give her the benefit of the doubt.

"What about Miss Maia?"

"Oh" her muscles relax "I haven't heard anything bad about her. Just that she's a little closed off but nothing compared to her family. Even heard that she's nice and humble." Paris nods and gives me reassuring pat on the back.

"Okay, onto the next one before Paris goes says anything else about her family." We move next door to a room that's is supporting the theme of light blue and white.

On the walls hang hockey jerseys and sticks. This room is really cool. I didn't imagine any of my Selected being interested in sports, let alone hockey. I'm more of a basketball and football guy but hockey is still really cool.

"Who's room is this?"

"Miss Kinsley Sullivan, 2, from Yukon." I squint my eyes trying to remember what she looks like. Laurel can see how much I'm struggling and hands me her picture. She's gorgeous, she reminds me of some of Paris's model friends with her high cheekbones and tall stature.

"So she's into hockey?" I ask trying to sound chill but I'm kinda freaking out. It's so cool she likes hockey, I wonder if she likes any other sports? And her favorite teams?

"She plays hockey" my eyes widen. She looks so fragile but wow. That's really cool.

"That's so cool" I admit out loud.

"I'm surprised, I thought your precious ego couldn't take the fact that a girl might be better at sports than you."

"Nah, it's cool. We could talk about sports and stuff." I smile.

The next room we go into belongs to Miss Adena Crawford. It's more neutral with basic colors but it still looks pretty.

"She doesn't have anything extra?" I ask concerned. It doesn't seem fair that everyone else has something but she doesn't.

"She's an architect. It's hard to find something for her. Getting her plain notebooks seems silly so we thought that we could just have her maids get to know her and then personalize it." I nod. I still feel bad, I hope she still likes it.

"Next we have Miss Roselyn Wellington." Her room is a little more complex than the others, it has more of a old palace bedroom feel. On the sides of the wall she has a tall bookshelf full of books. I remember she's a three so it makes sense.

"Hey, didn't she look really familiar to you guys?" I ask.

"Yeah! I was wondering the same thing" Paris says.

"She did. Which is why I looked her up" Laurel starts "and I found out that she-"

"There you guys are!" Vee comes in the room. "Chase, the staff needs you to fill out that questionnaire ASAP! Laurel, mom and dad need you right away to talk about one of the Selected. And Paris come with me, we have to look over the Selected."

I'm still curious to what Laurel found out. I'll have to ask her later. But I'm really intrigued now, what is it about her?

I find Gertrude halfway down the hallway "come on Chase! The maids are driving me crazy, the poor dears are worried sick about being perfect. They need to know your favorites."

"Aye aye" I salute her and she lightly laughs. She brings me to a room and inside is a bunch of maids. I give Gertrude a weird look, I thought I was just gonna be filling out a piece of paper.

"Your own your own from here" she tells me and leaves. I slowly walk toward them and sit down.

"Hey" I say. And then all stare back at me in amazement. I can see they all have their pen and papers with them.

"Hello" one speaks up "my name is Isabelle. Um, is it okay to ask you some questions regarding your favorites and what we can do for the girls?"

"Of course. Go ahead" I smile trying to make myself seem friendly to relieve the tension in the room.

"What's your favorite scent?" One asks.

"Probably vanilla. But I also love sweet scents too." I answer honestly.

"What's your favorite color?"


"Light or dark. Baby blue? Royal blue? Navy blue?"

I chuckle " you guys are very particular" they giggle "navy blue."

"What do you like best in a girl?" That's the tuffest one so far.

"Honestly, I have no idea what I'm looking for in a girl. So to answer that, just being herself." They are writing this down furiously.

After an hour of this I am so tired of talking about myself. Now I lie on Vee's bed next to Paris who has all of the forms in front of her. Laurel is across the room from us on a loveseat with Vee.

"This is Lady Caroline Doreward from Whites, she's a Three and a veterinarian assistant." She holds up a picture of blonde girl with a cute smile. "She's really smart" Paris notes while looking through her educational background.

"Who's the one who got interrupted during the Report?" I ask.

"That's Miss Priscilla Balfour, a Four, from Paloma." Laurel answers immediately. We all stare at her, she already has all of the girls memorized.

Paris searches through the folders before finding Miss Priscilla's. She holds up the picture of her and hands me her form. I can see that she's a jeweler and her hobbies are designing jewelry and clothes. Hm that's interesting. Maybe she could talk to Paris considering Paris is the fashion icon of Illéa.

The next form I have belongs to a girl named Lorelei Marie Summers. I can't find any job in her application but I see that her hobbies are drawing and reading. Her picture looks so pretty.

"I need a drink" Paris says and stands up.

"Your eighteen" I remind her. She rolls her eyes.

"Well Champagne is always a good idea" she replies. I chuckle at her and continue reading Miss Lorelei's form.

"Laurel, how do you handle all this without totally losing it?" Paris asks while flopping on the bed. It's half serious half kidding.

"I've always had to be the responsible one." She answers while not looking up from her paperwork.

"You and Vee are tied for the responsible one." I but in.

"I'm the fun one!" Paris exclaims and then makes a dramatic pose making us laugh.

"Please don't say which one I am" I joke but also don't want to hear them say how I'm the player out of us or the least irresponsible.

"Your the caring one" Vee tells me. "I mean, you may have done your fair share of not caring things, but your always the first to make sure we're okay or to make us laugh. Or just in general to not judge." I smile up at her.

I hope the Selected agree with her.

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