When Harry returned to Grimmauld Place with Sirius, it was almost morning, so, he was planning to have a nice sleep. He was extremely exhausted, considering he hadn't slept since the battle in the Bones Mansion. Even before that, Fleur had done wonders to exhaust him. If he hadn't discovered the trick of circulating his magic to remove his exhaustion —which was the only thing that allowed him to overwhelm Fleur, who, despite her inexperience, was incredible in the bed due to her magical nature— he would have collapsed directly after the battle rather than looking for another alternative.

He directly climbed toward the assigned room, which, thanks to Sirius' arrangements, wasn't going to be a shared room with Ron. He had enough about sharing a room during the school year to actually want to do that during his holiday as well. He just wanted to lay on his bed, and sleep about sixteen hours. Then, he opened the door to his room, and realized he wasn't alone. Luckily, his uninvited guest was less welcome than Ron would have been.

Hermione was lying in his bed, sleeping. Not an unwelcome sight, but Harry would have preferred her to visit him while wearing sexy lingerie —or nothing at all— instead of her normal clothes. It was clear that Hermione dropped by because she wanted to talk, only to get worried when Harry wasn't there. Luckily, it seemed that her habits were slowly changing, as rather than trying to find an authority to ask to, she decided to wait for him.

He closed and locked the door before getting rid of all his clothes, and he lay next to Hermione, naked. When he hugged her from behind, however, he found her clothing to be annoyingly abrasive. Luckily, magic was a true convenience. He vanished her outer clothes, leaving her only wearing her underwear. And what underwear it was. Harry felt his desire to sleep challenged by Hermione's perky body, clad in a set of white underwear. However, it wasn't the usual boring white Hermione loved to wear. No, this time, it was a frilly one with several strategic transparent areas, tempting him to do dismiss sleep in favor of ripping them off her body…

Pity that he was exhausted, so he hugged Hermione tighter, ready to drift into oblivion…

Only for her to wake up with his touch. She murmured sleepily at first, only for it to turn into a panicked yell when she noticed her mode of dress. The fact that he was hugging from behind did make it a bit harder for her as well. Still, she was quick to recognize him even without seeing him. "Harry," she exclaimed, not too loudly, but considering it was the first lights of the morning, it did count as shouting. If it wasn't for the excellent sound-isolation of the room —as guaranteed by Sirius several times— she would have woken up half the house. "Where have you been?" she added.

"Can we talk about this tomorrow? I'm exhausted," Harry murmured as he buried his head to her busy hair, trying to sleep. She tried to pull away from his hug. "Lay still, I'm trying to sleep," he ordered lazily, with the full knowledge that his order would be followed. Hermione bristled a bit, which told Harry that it had been a while since they had been together, and Hermione was slowly slipping to her old habits. But luckily, despite her resurrected indicator of bossiness, she was clearly very comfortable with the fact that she was in her underwear, being hugged naked from behind.

"Where were you-" Hermione started, only to receive a playful spank to her ass, which was made rather convenient with their pose. "Harry!" she gasped in shock. "You can't just dismiss my concerns-" she tried to start again, once again to be silenced by another spank. He didn't hit hard, barely above a caress, making more noise than making it sting.

"Go ahead, I have many more of those," Harry reminded her even as he took a playful bite of her shoulder, which finally managed to silence her, leaving her blushing.

"We'll talk tomorrow," she agreed after a moment of silence, her blush visible even under the dimness of the room, illuminated only by an errant ray of sunlight pushing through the thick curtains. Then, she tried to leave his arms, only to fail. "Harry, you need to let me go if you want to sleep," Hermione explained.

"No," Harry said simply.

"What do you mean, no?"

"I mean, I don't need to let you go to sleep," Harry murmured. "I wouldn't say no to an extra pillow."

"But, what if Mrs. Weasley looks for me," Hermione said, worried. "What if she panics."

"Just tell her that you were in the library. It wouldn't be the first time you lost there," Harry said, chuckling at Hermione's sudden bristling. However, she finally stopped trying to get out of his hug from behind, allowing Harry to slowly drift to his sleep.

Or he would have, if Hermione didn't start shuffling to make herself more comfortable. It wouldn't have been a problem if Harry hadn't been hugging her from behind, which meant that her every shuffle inevitably rubbed against his shaft, making it grow back to its full size in quick order. Harry sighed, trying to ignore the sensation, even though even he was surprised by the potential of her body, still searching for more stimulation after having Fleur and Susan on the same day —and not discounting some rather entertaining help from Penny as well, though to a lesser degree.

Still, he would have let it go due to his mental exhaustion, if Hermione didn't continue her attempts to search for a more comfortable position. Harry made a show of sighing. "Okay, you win," he murmured.

"What do you mean?" Hermione murmured, failing to understand what Harry was talking about until Harry grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down, so that her face was buried against the pillow, while her ass pointed upward. When Harry pulled her panties to the side to slip a couple of fingers inside, that panicked statement was replaced by a gasp. "Harry!" she exclaimed, which he would have termed as panicked if it wasn't for her moan that conveyed desire.

It seemed that she was feeling starved for attention while he spent his time locked in Privet Drive. Luckily, while he was exhausted, he wasn't exhausted to the point of ignoring the urgent needs of his 'best friend', at least, not when she was rubbing her scantily-clad ass to his cock until it made it impossible to sleep comfortably.

"Weren't you feeling tired?" Hermione asked cattily, which was a rare attitude for her, but she was clearly caught flat-footed by her body's reaction as well. The moment Harry slipped a couple of fingers inside her, she gushed in anticipation, making it extremely easy for him to slip in.

This was lucky, because, after the extended play with Penelope, he wasn't in the mood for another lengthy foreplay. "Well, I was," he answered even as he changed position and pressed his shaft against her entrance, ready to plunge deep. "Then you jiggled your sexy ass against my naked body, and awakened the monster. We need to solve it first before I go back to sleep."

Harry didn't know whether Hermione was planning to argue against his statement, because any potential statement drowned in a deluge of moans, exploding the moment his shaft forced itself inside her tightness, forcing her to accommodate his girth. "Damn, I missed you," Harry groaned as he slowly pushed deeper while Hermione used the pillow to a great effect, suppressing her cries with it. And to make things even funnier, he really did, despite the sudden flood of available sexy ladies around him. Every single one of those ladies presented a different experience, which he appreciated…

"Harry-" Hermione tried to speak, only for her words to disappear when Harry pulled back, only to slam deeper inside. It was entertaining to see Hermione failing to mount an argument under the rush of pleasure, which varied greatly from her usual attitude. However, she was helpless under his touch, because thanks to his increased memory —yet another benefit of his Occlumency— he was able to perfectly remember every little trick that enhanced her pleasure. A touch here, a caress there, and soon, Hermione was mewling whenever he touched a particularly dense bundle of nerves, playing her like an instrument to aid his push.

"Damn, girl, you're tight," Harry murmured as he pushed even deeper as he pumped in repeatedly. Hermione failed to answer, too busy moaning helplessly, but subtle undulations her hips made, the way her pussy moistened as he pushed in repeatedly, the change of pitch in her voice, the faint moans that turned into loud cries, the way her hands grabbed the head post of the bed desperately… Every single reaction of her body told him a story of arousal, making him rather proud of his achievement.

Then, he finally managed to push deep enough to lodge his full length inside her, making her back arch beautifully. "You bastard," she cried, once again loaded with pleasure. "Slow down, you're killing me," she begged, but at the same time, her entrance tightened around even further, begging for him to go faster. Naturally, he listened to the request of her body, and sped up further. "You bastard," Hermione cried, her voice tinged with pleasure.

"Such a dirty mouth," Harry smirked as he spanked her ass, mocking her deliciously as revenge for her calling him a bastard. "So, it's the state of the golden girl of the Gryffindor. What would the others say if they saw the golden girl of Gryffindor moaning like a two-bit whore."

"You turned into such a bad boy, Harry," Hermione countered, which, technically, was a complaint, but her tone of ecstasy had turned it into a compliment.

"You don't seem to have a problem with that," Harry countered. "But if you feel that concerned, maybe I should stop."

Hermione's gasp of horror was delicious when Harry suddenly stopped. "Don't you dare," she cried even as she raised her ass more. "Not when I'm about to cum."

"As you wish, you slut," Harry said as he quickened, the claps filling the room as he impaled her as hard as he could manage, triggering Hermione's orgasm, once again accompanied by earth-shattering cries.

Harry pulled out, and Hermione let out a relaxed gasp, missing the significance when Harry unhooked her bra. But when he flipped her over and pulled her bra off, putting her into a missionary position, helplessly trapped as he put his arms on both sides of her, she realized that he had no intention of actually stopping.

She gasped as he plunged inside, his hands immediately grabbing her perky tits, squeezing them hard enough to pull her out of her post-climax daze. "So, you were talking about where I had been?" Harry said casually, contrasting his domineering invasion.

"Right now? We're talking-" Hermione tried to say, only to be interrupted as he squeezed her nipple.

"Why not?" Harry said. "My mouth is not doing anything currently, after all," he said even as he leaned down and flicked her nipple with his tongue, just to contradict his own words.

"You're a bad boy," Hermione repeated her earlier words, but it was clear that she had no problem with it. Harry would have been surprised if she did, after the amazing time they had shared with Lavender.

"We went out with Sirius," Harry simply said.

"Harry, that's dangerous," Hermione gasped in shock. "You shouldn't go out without a guard."

Harry snorted. "Half of my so-called guard is so incompetent that it's a miracle they can hold the correct side of their wands. It's not like I didn't need to act whenever there's a danger," he said, which was actually the case. The only point that their help could have been useful was the dementor attack the last year, in which they failed to even be present. "Anyway, Sirius was with me, and he's better than every other guard, so it's good. And we went back to muggle London, it's not like Death Eaters could discover us there."

"I see," Hermione answered, stopping her argument rather quickly compared to her usual attitude, which Harry attributed to his merciless pumping. It seemed that a good fucking was indeed the best way to silence the opinionated witch.

Harry decided to push a bit more. "Yes, Sirius was feeling cooped up, so we went to a strip club."

"Harry!" she exclaimed, scandalized. "That's wrong."

"Why?" Harry countered immediately, which Hermione failed to answer. He didn't doubt that Hermione had many reasons about the wrongness of visiting such establishments outside the jealously she would feel, unaware of most of the things he had done outside her knowledge, but she failed to pin down those ideas under the rush of another incoming orgasm. "It's a safe location to keep Sirius docile, not to mention it was rather entertaining to wait in the main area while I waited for Sirius." That didn't seem to mollify Hermione, so Harry decided to double down. "I'll take you there for the next visit."

She gasped, scandalized, but before she could say anything else, Harry leaned down and captured her lips, his tongue invading her mouth domineeringly. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pinning him in place, which was not a problem as Harry had no intention of pulling back in the first place.

Once again captured under the weird mixture of domineering and intimate, Hermione's climax built up rapidly like a forest fire, and Harry felt a deluge gathering in his hips, ready to be released, one that would make her fire burn even more intensely. Then, when he finally exploded, filling her insides with his seed, she climaxed once more, her legs turning into a steel trap around him, imprisoning inside the most amazing prison possible.

"That solved the problem," Harry murmured as he pulled away after he poured every last drop inside her, exhaustion hitting him like a raging dragon, about to knock him off. He pulled out after her legs finally loosened, and leaned down for one last kiss, this one a gentle peck. "Good night," he whispered as he lay on her back.

"Good night, Harry," Hermione murmured, no less exhausted. The last thing Harry felt was the tickling sensation of her bushy hair, resting on his chest.

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