As a consequence of his rather extensive adventures of the previous day, Harry slept in late. It was already afternoon when he woke up —though he remembered waking up earlier, when Hermione left, but not before a delicious morning quickie.

He took a quick shower, and practically dashed downstairs, his stomach rumbling, begging for food, stopping only enough to throw on a pair of baggy shorts and a loose t-shirt. One good thing about living in a crowded house, he thought as he climbed down the stairs, the smell of freshly cooking food hitting his nose. Someone was always cooking, even when the majority was out, no doubt trying to handle the backlash of the battle.

Then, he stepped into the kitchen, only for his smile to widen. The kitchen was empty, except for only one person. His favorite blonde, Fleur Delacour. Her back was turned, but Harry didn't have any trouble recognizing her from the sight of her naked legs, as he had enough time to learn every inch of her body yesterday, when he helped her in her training to get better control of her allure.

Practice makes perfect, he thought even as he walked toward, the importance of food temporary taking second place in the face of sexy French blonde. Fleur was distracted by the sizzling pan in front of her —French crepes, he identified— to notice his presence until he was already behind her, hugging her from behind. "Good morning, Fleur," he whispered to her ear.

"Arry," she gasped in shock, her accent getting even thicker than usual. "W-what are you doing?"

"Hugging you," Harry answered shamelessly as he hugged her, his baggy shorts completely ineffective in hiding his raging arousal, which popped the moment he realized he was alone with the innocent yet sexy veela again. Just because they spent hours together didn't mean that he would let the opportunity slip away. "Why, is there a problem? I thought we were friends?"

"We are, but-" Fleur stammered, only to get stuck before Harry could intercept, too used to men unable to speak coherently in her presence to come up with a quick response.

"Excellent, then," he said even as he tightened his hug. "Then, you shouldn't mind me helping you to cook."

Since he already grabbed some heavy cream and started preparing an extremely generous portion of whipped cream. His tastes were always on the sweeter side when it came to food, but the amount he was preparing was rather excessive even for his sweet tooth, at least when it came to the breakfast. Luckily, whipped cream was more than just a breakfast condiment.

Too used to men following her slightest intent like a religious commandment, Fleur was not practiced when it came to acting sterner. If she could, the day before would have been more difficult than an instant conquest. Harry started helping her, and she just accepted. Not to mention, Harry was rather good in the kitchen even without the magic —one of the rare benefits of growing in the Dursley household— and Fleur didn't have an excuse to argue when he started preparing the fruits after preparing the cream.

Five minutes in, they were already moving around with the practiced ease of a married couple, preparing late brunch after a night of debauchery, silent, yet showing great coordination. Another benefit of spending hours wrapped around each other was to gain the ability to read her body language to near-perfection, Harry realized. "Smells delicious," he murmured even as Fleur took the first crepe from the pan.

"Of course," Fleur murmured, her smugness clear despite her blush —no doubt replaying their adventure of the previous day— showing the typical French attitude toward superiority.

Harry immediately added some sliced strawberries and a rather excessive amount of whipped cream, before taking a bite. "Delicious," he murmured as he cut another bite, this time, raising toward Fleur's lips. She blushed at the domestic romanticism he was showing, and tried to take a bite, only to get a rather generous dab of cream on her ruby lips. "Sorry," Harry said shamelessly. "Let me get that."

"Don't worry-" Fleur started as she reached for a napkin, only to be silenced when she felt his tongue dragging across her lips, freezing in shock.

"Here, all gone," Harry said after pulling back, leaving a wide-eyed French beauty in his wake.

"Arry," she gasped in shock, her accent flaring once more. "What if someone walks in?"

Harry just shrugged. "I was just helping you, completely innocent," he said with a self-satisfied smirk, which worked perfectly to cut her argument halfway. Then, he cut another slice for her. This time, Fleur was much more careful while she bit his present, managing to swallow it without the slightest hint of whipped cream.

"Thanks, Arry," she said, smiling victoriously as she avoided his trap, which slipped in shock when Harry dabbed his finger with whipped cream and dragged it across her lips.

"Sorry," he said even as he took a step forward, trapping Fleur between his body and the countertop. "My hand slipped," he added, giving the most unbelievable excuse possible, even as he locked Fleur completely in place. He leaned in for a kiss, only to meet her hesitant lips halfway. Despite her exaggerated reluctance, she was quick to join in the kiss enthusiastically. "Delicious," Harry murmured in appreciation, as he grabbed a strawberry, dipped in whipped cream, and brought it to Fleur's lips.

The scene of her slowly biting a cream-covered strawberry might be the sexiest thing he had ever seen that didn't include at least two girls in a heated embrace. Fleur was hesitant at first bite, then Harry followed by another quick kiss, feeling her allure heating up in the process. After their previous encounter, Fleur was quick to meet with his wandering tongue.

Still, that enthusiasm was quick to leave its place to panic when he slipped his hand under her skirt and vanished her panties with a simple spell. "Harry!" she gasped in shock as she felt his fingers in her smooth entrance, still slightly puffed after the merciless pounding she received the day before. "We can't do that!" she added, and when he quirked his eyebrow to form an amused question, she followed it immediately. "Not here," she added with a shameful whisper.

"Why not," Harry answered immediately. "Everyone is out, trying to get a handle of the battle. We're alone here," he explained as he let his fingers explore her wetness, which intensified at the mention of the possibility of being caught.

"What if someone comes in," she said, throwing a fearful look at the door.

Harry drew his wand, and cast a couple of spells, shutting the door and establish a ward that would keep any guest out of the kitchen for a while. "Here, solved," Harry said with a smug smile even as he slipped a finger inside her. "Any other problem?"

Fleur stammered a nonsensical response, and Harry used the opportunity to grab her shirt. A tug later, her buttons flew around, revealing a lacy white bra, deliciously sexy as it barely covered her perky tits. "But, what about the breakfast," she murmured.

"Good point, I'm quite hungry," Harry said even as he ripped her bra off, and pushed her against the counter, before he grabbed the whipped cream and the strawberries, covering her chest with both. The small clouds of whipped cream, crowned with strawberries, both defying the effects of gravity thanks to a simple wandless spell.

"Harry," she gasped in shock as he leaned forward, licking the edge of her newly acquired edible bra, the cream tasting even better thanks to the flawless presentation. Her face blushed, her shyness not helped by the immediate moan that escaped her mouth as grabbed her skirt, and subjected it to the same rough treatment her shirt received. And since her panties had vanished already, it left her completely naked, ready to be eaten.

"Delicious," he murmured even as he munched on her breasts, while his fingers slipped inside her wetness. When he pulled back after finishing half of the whipped cream, turning her already revealing cleavage into something truly obscene, her nipples peeking through the white clouds. "It's a good look on you," he commented.

She blushed in response, her allure once again slamming to him like a freight train, but his occlumency strong enough to prevent him from turning into an addled idiot. It still enhanced his arousal to a new level, turning his pants into a confining prison, but he kept them on for the moment, too interested in his innovative method of having breakfast. When that was about to finish, he summoned a jar of spreadable chocolate, and started spreading it over her stomach, its color contrasting greatly with the whipped cream, the strawberries adding a nice brightness. It was almost too beautiful to eat.

Almost, but not quite.

He immediately dived down, his tongue devouring the chocolate off her belly, smooth enough to send a supermodel into a fit of jealousy. Her moans rose immediately, providing a worthy melody to his breakfast. All the while, his fingers continued to work on her wet tunnel, driving her to a quick climax. "Damn, this is a spectacular breakfast," Harry commented as Fleur steadily climbed toward a breakfast. "You're an amazing cook."

Fleur might have been annoyed by his patronizing comment if she wasn't busy processing the waves of pleasure that were invading her mind. But even as she trembled on the edge of a climax, her movements were graceful, almost ethereal, which was an achievement considering the pornographic quality of their embrace. She would have made an amazing erotic movie star, if Harry wasn't a possessive bastard that would never let anyone else —other than another of his girls, either conquered or prospective— to see the perfection named Fleur.

As Fleur moaned, he was getting closer to an explosion. Harry chose that exact moment to stop, leaving her on the edge. "Harry," she murmured, shocked.

"Sorry, Fleur," Harry answered, not bothering to hide his mocking edge. "I was distracted by my hunger, and realized that I neglected your hunger. You clearly want to eat as well.

"W-what," she stammered, trying to follow what he meant, which was hard as her mind was blanketed with pleasure. Luckily, Harry's statement wasn't difficult to understand, especially when he pushed his pants down and revealed his erection, quickly covering it with chocolate and whipped cream. "D-delicious," she stammered as she slid down the counter, her tongue jumping out hungrily as she licked the side of it.

"Not bad," Harry commented, enjoying the sight of chocolate-and-cream-covered Fleur down on her knees, steadily licking her breakfast. He didn't know whether heaven existed, but if it did, they would need to put serious work to surpass what he had been experiencing at the moment. She assaulted his erection with surprising gusto, proving that her attitude hadn't been reset after a day, just waiting for him to excavate it with a few gentle —or not so gentle— touches.

He looked down silently as Fleur's tongue rapidly moved around his shaft, depleting the food he used to cover it. But the real show started when she grabbed her thigh and wrapped her beautiful, chocolate-stained lips around his shaft, and started bobbing. And from the angle he had, it was an amazing show, especially since the only thing Fleur was wearing was the errant leftovers of his decadent breakfast, just adding some color rather than covering something important.

Harry moaned in satisfaction, surprised by the initiative she had been displaying. He just watched silently as her head bobbed repeatedly, removing the last scraps of chocolate from his skin, leaving only his glistening girth. Fleur didn't seem to mind, however, as she continued to bob her head aggressively, pushing him steadily toward a climax of his own. With her puffed cheeks and excited eyes, she was doing a wonderful job, especially when her tongue joined the fray.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, preparing to grab her head to push her even deeper, to once again enjoy the tightness of her throat, when he was distracted by his ward being attacked. He looked at the door, alarmed, only to relax when he noticed the identity of the intruder.

Miss Nymphadora Tonks, the Metamorphmagus Auror.

He watched her from the transparent door as she prepared to cast another spell, which would take down the ward he had hastily erected. He could have reinforced the ward, of course, but why would he, when her sudden intrusion gave him such a nice opener to add her to his growing list of conquests.

Fleur didn't realize the situation she was in, too distracted by the length she was trying to swallow, while Tonks completed another spell, and the ward around the kitchen had fallen. Tonks entered the room, her eyes widening in shock immediately as she realized what was going on. Fleur was mostly invisible behind the counter, but the top of her head was just visible enough to inform Tonks about what was going on behind the waist-height wooden barrier.

Tonks' hair color cycled between a variety of bright neon colors in shock, from pink to green while Harry made eye contact with her…