"Hi, Tonks," Harry said lazily even as he grabbed Fleur's head with both hands, pumping aggressively even as his gaze met with Tonk's eyes, with colors flickering to display her shock, distinctive enough to dismiss the need to look into her mind.

Though, Harry still took a peek into Tonk's thoughts, leveraging the opportunity created by her shock, which made her occlumency shields slip enough for Harry's subtle probe to sneak in, watching her recent memories. He did so, because he was curious about the way she was dressed, wearing a knee-length pencil skirt and a surprisingly mature blouse with some cleavage rather than her usual colorful robe. She just lacked glasses —and hair that stays in the same color for more than five seconds— to look like a mature yet sexy librarian.

The memories he had accessed surprised him quite a bit. Apparently, just before coming here, she was with Lupin, trying to seduce him, only to rebuffed rather clearly. Surprisingly, it wasn't even her first attempt to do so. Apparently, Tonks was doing her best to show her attraction all year with an escalating scale, starting softly from casual talks to almost explicit attempts, only to be rebuffed again and again.

The last attempt seemed to be an approach from an unfamiliar direction, trying to prove her maturity, hoping to convince Lupin for a date, only to crash and burn spectacularly, much to her frustration.

He browsed all those memories in less than ten seconds, while continuing to pump into Fleur's silken mouth. Tonks stayed silent in the meanwhile, not because she had noticed him poking her memories, but because she was shocked by his daring of continuing to fuck Fleur's mouth even with her in the room. And while she was not in a position to see Fleur's face, her allure was very distinctive, making it impossible for Tonks to miss her identity.

"H-hi, Harry, how are you?" Tonks finally managed to utter as she blushed to an impressive degree that would have been impossible without her shapeshifting talent. She seemed to be unable to handle his uncaring acceptance of her presence, continuing to receive a delicious oral service.

Only then, Fleur realized that she wasn't the only female in the room, moaning in shock, though she was still the only naked female in the room. Luckily, under the effect of her own allure, Harry didn't need to do anything other than pushing his shaft deeper into her mouth, silencing her the best way possible. "Not much," Harry answered with a charismatic shrug. "We're just having breakfast. Do you want some?"

"Clearly," Tonks said, losing some of her confusion in favor of morbid amusement. "And should I assume that you guys suddenly run out of toppings, so our French beauty decided to work on that?"

"We couldn't find the plates, so we needed to improvise," Harry answered, matching her mocking tone.

"Makes sense," Tonks countered, her attempts to suppress her shock successful to a very limited degree. Harry would have expected her to leave immediately if it wasn't for her frustration borne from being repeatedly rejected.

It was one important thing Harry had learned about women, especially the beautiful ones, during his adventures. They weren't used to rejection, and when it happened on rare occasions, they tried to compensate in weird manners. Tonks decided to react by walking closer as Harry fucked Fleur's throat without care.

Though, when she walked even closer to the counter, enough to peek over to see what was going behind the counter, her eyes widened quite a bit, realizing that Fleur was completely naked. "That's hell of a plate," she gasped in shock.

"Oh, yes," Harry said. "And being the plate is not that bad."

"She seems really hungry, licking the plate with such an enthusiasm," Tonks countered.

"That she is," Harry said even as he pushed deeper, enjoying the way Fleur's throat closed around his girth, cutting her breath. She gagged even as her cute nose pushed against his skin, forcing her to focus on his presence in exclusion of everything else. "French people are really enthusiastic about breakfast."

Fleur moaned in frustration, which might have been effective conveying her annoyance if she hadn't been trying to move her head forward, trying to manage the impossible and swallow the last half inch of his shaft.

"She definitely is," Tonks murmured, but this time, she didn't sound mocking, her voice carrying a noticeable hint of arousal, which didn't surprise Harry even a bit. The sight of a naked Fleur devouring his impressive shaft was certainly erotic even without factoring the waves of allure getting thicker as his cock forced her throat to loosen, and Tonks' own rejection-related frustration was certainly not helping.

While Tonks looked down, devouring the sight, Harry cast a couple of spells, preparing a breakfast plate for her. Meanwhile, Fleur continued to devour her breakfast enthusiastically, adapting to the presence of an observer in quick order.

He passed the plate to Tonks, using the opportunity to peek into her mind once more, immersing himself with her growing arousal and frustration. She was already blaming Lupin for being less of a man and not daring to take her after she had done everything to seduce him, while Harry was recklessly fucking Fleur in the middle of the kitchen without care, comparing them together. She wanted to make Lupin pay in any way possible.

Since Lupin was one of the few adults that had treated him relatively nicely, Harry would have been inclined to let Tonks go untouched, but her memories were clear. No matter how she tried, Lupin rebuffed her, clearly uninterested. And while it might be about his crippling lack of self-confidence rather than a lack of interest, Harry wasn't magnanimous enough to consider it. If that was the case, then he could only lament in his lack of initiative.

After all, there was only a number of times you can reject such a spectacular gift like Tonks, who was as close to the perfect girl as possible thanks to a combination of her attitude, magically gifted body, and surprisingly impressive skillset that earned her the most dangerous job possible. She was a prize.

A prize that walked to him obediently without him raising even a finger.

"Would you mind helping her a bit, she's having trouble keeping her breakfast down," he said, gesturing at the struggling Fleur, dazed with her own allure, repeatedly swallowing his shaft. She was not exactly having any trouble per se, but Tonks wasn't inclined to point that fact, not when her frustration —with no little assistance from Fleur's allure— was working full-time to break her inhibitions.

"That would be the kind thing to do, isn't it?" Tonks murmured, trying to encourage herself even as Harry took a step back, dragging Fleur along, giving Tonks just enough space to squeeze between, her ass pressing against the counter even as her hands replaced his, pushing Fleur forward with a surprising aggressiveness. Apparently, she really had a lot of frustration to work out, if that was how she started.

Harry still looked down to peek into Fleur's mind, to make sure she was happy with the new arrangement, and found satisfaction mixing with raging arousal, with only one little concern. She was unhappy about the lack of direct interaction between him and Tonks. The small seed of a kink he had placed about her watching him having sex with other women had sprouted much stronger than he had expected. Apparently, he had accidentally tapped into a true feeling, just lie Hermione's obedience.

Unfortunately, it was still too early for that, so Harry limited himself to the consolation prize for the moment —which might be the greatest consolation prize in the history of mankind, an enthusiastic blowjob from a veela while a metamorphmagus took the role of conductor. However, he was quick to update his time estimation when he started noticing the subtle changes going on with Tonks' body. No single change was huge, her chin got a bit sharper, her eyes slightly bigger, her cheekbones just a touch more pronounced, while her hair stayed into an impressive dark color. But the combined effect was spectacular, gone was the playful, childish Auror, replaced by a supermodel that would make every single fashion magazine editor beg for a single photo.

And that was nothing combined with the changes that were going on with her body. Her breasts started to swell, straining her modest blouse to its limits, the top button starting to creak under pressure. Her hips expanded as well, turning her pencil skirt into something a porn star would wear for the first two minutes, three sizes too small, before it was ripped off her body… Watching the changes, Harry couldn't help but imagine all the possibilities with that spectacular ability.

Lupin was a true idiot…

Receiving an enthusiastic service from a sexy veela while watching a metamorphmagus perfect her body while inevitably turning her current clothing into the porn version of a librarian was not a situation easy to resist, even without adding the weight of the allure, coaxing for him to explode. Technically, if he strained his mental capabilities to the limit, he could have achieved that, but why would he, when he could fill Fleur's mouth with his seed and allowing himself to take the next step.

"Don't waste a drop," he warned Fleur even as he started exploding into her mouth, filling her mouth to the brim, but despite her desperate gasps, Fleur managed to get all of it. When he finally pulled out, Fleur was looking sexy and proud despite her pudgy cheeks. "Don't swallow," Harry warned her, which made Fleur surprised, then he finished his sentence. "Why don't you share some of that with Nymphadora, after all, she was kind enough to help you with that."

"Don't call me Nym-" Tonks started, her reaction to her first name automatic, which was what Harry intended in the first place. Distracted by her routine outrage, she wasn't able to reach when Fleur jumped up to her feet, locking her lips in a domineering kiss even as she started passing his seed.

Tonks froze under the unexpected assault, not expecting to find herself kissing with another girl while sharing the cum of a man, giving Fleur the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Not one to use such an opportunity, Harry reached around Fleur and ripped her blouse, revealing her tits, trying to break free off her bra. And it was a beautiful one, black and lacy, giving a sense of sexiness and maturity at the same time, perfectly complementing her mature getup. Still, their presence was inferior to a lack of them, so Harry decided to help Tonk's poor breasts, pushing the bra down before replacing their tight grasp with his fingers, sinking into their recently-expanded expanse.

Tonks moaned desperately, surprising Harry with the intensity packed in her voice. Apparently, she didn't only make her breasts bigger, but also more sensitive. It turned out that being a metamorphmagus was even more useful than Harry had first assumed.

However, while squeezing Tonks' tits, he didn't neglect Fleur in the process. A flare of magic easily brought him back to full erection, and since Fleur was conveniently positioned, all it took was a push to slide in her wetness, forcing her slit to widen. Fleur moaned in arousal, which made some of his seed spill off her mouth, but Tonks was quick to devour them, quickly getting in the mood after sharing a kiss with Fleur.

As he pushed, he could feel a fire in his chest growing stronger, filling him with a desire to conquer both beauties in the most visceral manner possible. It was true rush sliding inside Fleur as her body writhed helplessly, locked between the half-naked body of Tonks and his own, her feet leaving the floor whenever he pushed inside her aggressively, and that wasn't before counting the sensation of Tonks' breasts, even more perfect than what should be physically possible, proving the real benefits of magic.

However, no matter how perfect Tonks' breasts were, he had no intention to limit himself to them, especially when Tonks was equally imprisoned under the circumstances, locked between Fleur's body and the kitchen counter. So, when Harry moved one hand to her thighs, slipping under her skirt, she couldn't have escaped even if she wanted to. Not that she showed any inclination of wanting to do so, unless Harry was seriously misreading the meaning of her leg parting to give him easier access.

His hand traveled up, gathering up her skirt in the process. He had thought about ripping it off, but ultimately, the sight of a gathered pencil skirt was sexier than a lack of it while she still had her ripped blouse and bra on —but not covering anything important. He reached to her panties in short order, and tried to push them down, only to hit a snag. With her legs parted, it was hard to push her panties down. This time, he decided to use a shortcut, and ripped them off, making her moan in desire even as he threw the soaked piece of fabric on the floor.

Tonks' hands finally decided to join the fray when his fingers slipped inside her wetness. She started mauling Fleur's breasts while Harry started fingering her aggressively, meaning the room was filled with their matching moans. Fleur seemed rather happy with her position, her moans loud even if they were being suppressed by Tonks' kiss.

Heaven must be something like this, Harry decided even as he quickened his pace, enjoying alternatively caressing two magically superior voluptuous bodies in front of him, creating the world's greatest breakfast sandwich. Tempted, he leaned down and started kissing Fleur's neck, aggressive enough to create several hickeys in short order, all the while her lips stayed locked in a kiss with Tonks. His fingers disappeared in the depths of Tonks wet tunnel, pumping furiously in an attempt to bring her to the same level of arousal with him and Fleur, with spectacular success, with no little help from the achievements of his other hand, repeatedly sinking into her tits, accompanied occasionally by Fleur's wandering fingers.

His relentless pumping was bringing Fleur closer to climax, her tightening informing her about the impending explosion. Harry decided not to hold himself back, as Fleur certainly earned another reward with her enthusiasm. A deep, guttural groan escaped his lips as Fleur tightened with a final manner, pulling back from the kiss she was sharing with Tonks in favor of filling the room with moans, her head tipping off.

Harry made eye contact with Tonks, whose arousal was working even better than sweetest wine to make her act drunk, her beautiful eyes flashing with different colors —literally, considering her ability— as she felt Fleur tremble helplessly against her body, their tits pressing against each other, conducting Harry's furious pumps as he exploded inside Fleur, filling her to the brim.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Fleur cried repeatedly, making Harry glad that while Tonks removed the lock from the door, the silencing spell was still intact. He could have locked it again, but the fact that they could get caught made his conquest even more delicious, so he left it untouched.

When he pulled out, however, Fleur reacted quicker than he would have assumed, slipping out of the formation, leaving Harry facing Tonks, sending Harry a hesitant yet aroused gaze. Luckily for her, Harry knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted him to fuck Tonks while she watched from the side, turning their threesome into an experiment for her desires.

Harry had no intention to reject that request. It wasn't like having sex with Tonks while Fleur watched was a chore. Before Tonks could even react to changes, he took a step forward, his arms on both sides of her, trapping her between his body and the kitchen counter, ready to drink her arousal, as well as the panic that suddenly appeared in her eyes after she realized just how far she let things came…

Harry felt curious whether that panic would be enough to cut things short, or whether she was too far gone to reject what was about to happen…