"Such an interesting discovery, daughter of Molly Weasley, working as a two-knot whore," Fleur murmured in amusement, even though the glare she had sent Harry was tinged with annoyance. Apparently, her desire to watch him have fun with other girls passively didn't extend to redheads that belonged to a family which was particularly apt in angering her, especially since the said redhead was one of the worst offenders, second only to her mother.

Luckily for Harry, Fleur was more than happy to unleash her distaste to Ginny rather than trying to annoy him about it.

"Come on, Fleur," Harry murmured with a smirk, with no intention of actually defending Ginny. "She does get several galleons for her exquisite services."

"Oh, in that case, my apologies," Fleur said as she looked down to Ginny, who was still coughing even as she tried to use her arms to cover her body, wearing nothing but a pair of black lacy panties, soaked in her own arousal. Then, much to Harry's surprise, her hand sneaked under the cloak once more, pushed through the hesitant barrier of Ginny's tits, and squeezed them harshly. "You're definitely overpaying, she's not worth more than two sickles," she commented dismissively."

"Harry-" Ginny managed to stammer, only for Fleur to press her finger against her lips.

"Silent, little whore, the grownups are talking."

"You can't-" Ginny tried to say, louder than advisable considering their closeness to the street, her famous showing the signs of exploding.

"Oh, so you would like to discuss that with your harpy mother," Fleur countered, which silenced Ginny more effectively than magic. She gulped and stopped struggling as Fleur continued to squeeze her tits. "Maybe four sickles," she corrected herself. "They are a bit small, but at least they are tight enough to enjoy."

"Come on, Fleur," Harry said, not bothering to hide the mocking edge in his tone. "I understand that you're angry with her comments, but that's no reason to insult her. Believe me, I'm the one that's getting a bargain."

Technically, what Harry said was still an insult, assessing her like a whore —though an accurate statement considering at this point, the only difference between her and a whore was that she only had one source of payment— but after Fleur's insultingly lowballed assessment, that still made Ginny smile in appreciation. With her lips still stained with his cum, it made quite an erotic scene.

Harry presented his arm to Ginny, to help her stand up, but just as she was about to do that, Fleur pressed on her shoulder. "Don't tell me that the show is about to be over," Fleur said.

"Unfortunately, yes, Ginny has some shopping to do," Harry answered before Ginny could, like he was trying to defend her. Ginny sent him an appreciative glance, but missed the mischievous one he had shared with Fleur.

"Not a problem," Fleur said as she looked down. "I can accompany you two while you shop, I'm sure it'll be a fun outing."

"I'm afraid it's Ginny's decision," Harry countered, committing on his white knight role aggressively.

"She's a whore, of course she'll accept," Fleur said dismissively. Ginny opened her mouth to argue, her anger back. "Two extra galleons," Fleur said, cutting off her anger once more.

That proved to be as effective as threatening her with her mother. "Five," she countered, unaware of the mistake she was making under the allure of getting even more money.

"Three, and I'll pay for your muggle shopping as well," Fleur countered. "And that's final," she cut when Ginny opened her mouth. While Ginny mulled over the price, Fleur grabbed her discarded shirt and threw it at her. "Put this on, and let's get moving."

Ginny looked at her bra, which had been discarded by Fleur earlier. Fleur just smirked before vanishing it. Ginny sighed, but she was smart enough to realize it was not a battle she could win, and let that go. However, after she put on her blouse —which looked deliciously sexy without her bra— she looked down, only to realize her bra wasn't the only thing that had been vanished.

"My skirt," she gasped.

"A slut like you doesn't need a skirt, does it?" asked Fleur, her smirk wild and erotic at the same time, making Harry consider the relative merits of abandoning the little game they were playing to get a taste of her beautiful lips.

Ginny gulped and took a step back, intimidated by Fleur's attitude, though it was more about the magical weight of her allure rather than her expression. Intimidated, yet aroused at the same time…

Harry chose to take a passive role, quite pleased by the way things were developing. Ginny was startled as Fleur took a step forward to close in the distance, reaching to squeeze her breasts once again. Her small, delicate hands looked amazing on Ginny's barely covered breasts.

"W-what are you doing?" Ginny asked as Fleur unabashedly fondled her breasts, the scene made even weirder by the fact that only her head and her arms were visible.

"Checking your size, of course," she said as one of her hands started to move lower. "I need to know your sizes perfectly before deciding which store to visit."

It was such a silly answer that Ginny failed to answer, which gave Fleur's hand the opportunity to travel down and slip inside her panties. The other was still on her breasts, squeezing aggressively, enjoying her fleshy globes. Harry was quickly developing another erection, perfectly visible considering he didn't bother to put that back in his pants. He had no intention of attempting to hide his enjoyment.

Ginny finally acted when Fleur started pulling the neckline of her blouse down, trying to brush her away. "Is that really necessary?" she stammered.

"Well, I can always check it in an alternate manner," Fleur said before casting a modified switching spell, and Ginny's panties ended up in her hands, leaving her bottom naked. Ginny crouched down, trying to hide her pussy, while Fleur raised her panties, examining them with a serious expression. "Huh, better than I expected," she murmured as she caressed the texture. "Expensive as well. Clearly, it's not the first trick you're turning for some extra cash."

Ginny sighed reluctantly, but she failed to do anything else, unable to handle her increasing nakedness. "That's enough," she murmured.

However, Fleur had no intention of letting her go. In a forwardness that surprised Harry, she grabbed Ginny's red hair and pulled her up her feet before pushing her against the wall, revealing her slit for his viewing pleasure. Then, she spanked Ginny, hard, however, the physical blow was only a part of it. Her allure strengthened once more and slammed against and Ginny's mind. Surprisingly, it didn't even touch Harry. More importantly, it felt markedly different than the usual aura of playful seduction, fiery and domineering.

"What was that?" Fleur asked, the domineering weight of her allure more than enough to compensate for the cuteness of her tone.

"I'm sorry," Ginny begged, her submissiveness turning up several dials.

"Not yet," Fleur said even as she slapped Ginny's ass once again. "But you'll soon be…"

And just like that, Harry stood at the back as he watched Fleur spanking Ginny repeatedly in an alleyway, one of them wearing only a shirt, the other one wearing only an invisibility cloak, a cloak that had parted open enough to give Harry a glimpse of her beautiful body as well.

At first, Ginny tried to keep her voice down, showing her pride, but under the combined assault of Fleur's physical touch and magic, her willpower was quick to deplete. Soon, she was moaning desperately with every spank, pain and pleasure mixing together.

Harry's shaft was rock hard, begging for him to go forward, but he managed to hold himself back —barely— because he was curious just how their little game would end. Watching Fleur discover her previously unknown magical abilities and apply them to sex immediately was more than enough compensation for ruining his little ploy with Ginny.

Especially when she was still helping him get Ginny, just in a different manner.

"You're lucky that you have a half-decent body, you stupid slut," Fleur said as she continued to spank her. "At least, you can live your life riding other people's broomsticks once your stupid Quidditch dreams fail."

"You don't know-" Ginny started despite the spanks, the assault to her long-term dreams managing what Fleur's physical touches could not. Unfortunately for her, Fleur was in the mood, and immediately grabbed Ginny's hair, silencing her with pain.

"I know enough," Fleur said as she grabbed her and pushed her against the back of the car, her waist pressing against the trunk, which allowed her tits to hang freely once Fleur vanished them. "You're just a whore, and you better let your customers enjoy the goods properly rather than teasing them with blowjobs.

Fleur gestured Harry to walk closer, who was more than happy to follow that particular order, far too amused by the way the situation was developing. Fleur kept Ginny pinned against the muggle car —not that it was necessary considering Ginny was not struggling at all.

"Can't I just give a titjob," Ginny offered hopefully, only to earn a derisive laugh as Fleur slapped her tits even as she lowered her cloak, displaying her own perfect tits, resisting gravity despite their impressive size. Ginny's tits were also deliciously perky, and definitely top-grade, Harry admitted in his mind, but that didn't prevent Ginny from wilting in inferiority complex.

After all, Ginny's tits might be beautiful, but Fleur had the body of a goddess…

Seeing Ginny's silent acceptance, Harry had no problems in grabbing her cheeks and stretching them to get a better view of her cute pussy, unsullied by male attention. Still, he had to admit, he was amused that Ginny didn't even mention the fact that Fleur's nakedness under her cloak, which made her initial claims about Ginny's promiscuity rather hypocritical.

Still, he realized that he had underestimated Fleur when she grabbed his shaft just as he was about to push in Ginny, taking her virginity. For a moment, he thought that Fleur was suffering a change of mind, but when a familiar spell to clean a certain tight entrance hit Ginny's puckered hole even as Fleur led his shaft to change its target an inch to the up, he realized that even then, he had been underestimating Fleur.

"Harry-" Ginny moaned, but when he pushed forward mercilessly, making Ginny's tits dangle freely as he forced her tight hole to adapt to his presence painfully. Fleur had neglected the portion of the spell that was supposed to loosen her, an omittance that could be only intentional considering her magical capability.

However, Ginny's cry contained surprisingly little pain in comparison to pleasure that drowned her voice. She bent forward, putting her hands against the smooth surface of the car while she pushed her ass out.

She was a redheaded sexual buffed, ready to be devoured.

"Slow down, please," Ginny begged after a few pumps, but Fleur clearly had problems with that.

Instead, she walked behind Harry as she removed the cloak, revealing her naked body with all its glory. She stood behind Harry and pushed him forward even as she whispered into his ear. "Fuck her faster, Harry," she begged. "Ram her, use her, make her your whore forever."

Harry's control over his darker side wasn't strong enough to resist the seductive whispers of the naked angel on his shoulder, especially not when the said angel was pushing him to fuck Ginny even harder. He obeyed happily even as he grabbed her ass, squeezing the smooth curve of her tight ass painfully as his fucking.

Ginny just moaned harder.

Harry was once again fascinated by just how firm and round her perfect ass was, probably thanks to all the Quidditch she was playing. They felt fantastic, a perfect mixture of fleshy and tight.

Ginny let out occasional yelps at the rough treatment, but they were simply buried between her moans of pleasure. Harry didn't know whether he was discovering a natural masochist, or Fleur's magical and physical domination turned her into an utter submissive temporarily, nor that she really cared about that.

He was more than happy by the way her tight hole clenched around his girth as he fucked her mercilessly, and the feeling of Fleur's perfect tits pressing against his back, and her fingers massaging his balls, didn't exactly hurt. The fact that they were still in an abandoned alley, where anyone might walk in, just made it even better. Not really, of course, he had already warded the area, but Ginny's fears made her even tighter.

Also, Harry was glad that he had the ability to erase the memories of any accidental stumbler — provided that they were not a sexy female who might be interested in what they might be doing.

Ginny moaned as Fleur decided to use her free hand to caress her soft entrance, adding another layer of pleasure to her already overwhelming rush of joy. She leaned forward helplessly, her tits were smashing against the smoothness of the car. A pathetic whine escaped her mouth when Fleur's fingers disappeared inside her, triggering another climax of her.

Harry could have resisted the temptation to explode inside her when her ass tightened around her, but he decided to be merciful, and painted her bowels with his unique white mark.

Especially since it seemed that Fleur looked at his eyes with a mischievousness that excited him.

She was clearly just starting…

Notes: Harry discovers some interesting depths of his veela companion.

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