Harry couldn't help but feel excited as he watched the predatory quality on Fleur's expression getting more and more intense, fascinated by how her anger could turn her from a silent submissive into a raging dominatrix in just a few minutes. A quality that he was more than happy to see on her as long as she didn't get the idea of stretching that kind of switching to their balance.

It was not something he would enjoy, not even a bit.

Seeing her naked figure hover above Ginny's equally naked figure, keeping her down on the floor after Ginny's most recent collapse, however, was much more enticing. Especially when Fleur's expression brightened with a sudden idea. "Would you mind allowing us going for a girl's only trip for the rest of the day?" she murmured seductively as she took a step toward him, her naked chest brushing against his arm.

"What do you have in mind?" Harry asked curiously.

"Oh, just some shopping, maybe some adventure as well, to make sure she deserves the money she makes," Fleur replied with a sinister tone that made Ginny shiver.

"Excellent idea," Harry said as he leaned in for a kiss, grabbing her hair painfully as he did so, sharing the passion. After a short yet passionate explosion, he pulled back, taking a quick peek into her mind about the plans, not deep enough to get anything concrete —not wanting to ruin Fleur's surprise— but still enough to make sure she didn't have anything too humiliating for Ginny in store.

He was not a sharer.

"Make sure to keep her away from the other men," he whispered her ear with a soft tone that was impossible for Ginny to hear, but still sharp enough to convey his seriousness. Fleur shivered as the threatening tone hit her body, showing that despite her momentary experimentation into the land of dominance, she was still a submissive in the heart. He decided to reward her a bit. "But scaring her is fine."

Fleur showed her appreciation with another kiss, before speaking. "Do you need the cloak for the rest of the day?" Fleur asked.

"Unfortunately, I do," Harry answered. He didn't know whether he did, but he was starting to discover a lot of mysterious details about his family cloak, to a point that he wasn't willing to lend it away for a whole day without a good reason. And Fleur's day trip didn't count as one. "Just use the one order gave you to patrol Privet Drive," he said. Since he did more against Voldemort than the rest of the Order combined, he saw no problem in using their resources for his personal benefit.

It was the least he was owed.

"As you wish," Fleur answered before suddenly grabbed Ginny's red hair, and pulled her up her feet in a manner that looked very painful, something Ginny's shocked cry confirmed. Still, Ginny was far too lost in the situation to actually disobey Fleur.

They disappeared under his cloak, suddenly leaving him free for the rest of the day, with the great chore of finding something to occupy his time.

Or maybe, someone…

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