Hermione wasn't entirely unfamiliar with the female body. Their little bedroom adventure with Lavender was more than enough to give her a lot of experience.

Yet, it was far different than handling a woman on her own, especially while using the toy he had conjured for her. "Yes, my student, show me what you can do," Crystal said as she pushed her hips, the little bundle she received more than enough to add a sense of enthusiasm, realizing that there would be much more money for her if she put up an impressive show.

Smart woman, Harry thought even as he grabbed Penelope's tits even harder. "T-that's cheating," she said, barely audible through the music.

"Look at her," Harry answered, pointing at Hermione, who was busy getting rid of every scrap of clothing on both of their bodies. "Does she look like she's in the mood to pay attention to her surroundings?"

"N-not particularly, no," Penelope answered as her hips started picking up speed, moving rapidly enough to actually follow the rhythm of the aggressive strip-club music.

Harry wasn't surprised by her sudden excitement, as even as she tasted the amazing pleasures of sex for the first time, she was also watching her coworker — well, ex-coworker, considering she had just accepted his offer in a very memorable manner — get into full stripper mode as she fell on her knees.

Crystal moved her hips, completely free of the weight of her clothes, only wearing her heeled boots. Hermione took a step forward, wrapping her hands around her naked waist as she stood just behind Crystal.

There was no doubt what would follow as Hermione pulled her hips back. "Slowly," Harry warned even as he grabbed Penny's hips, pulling her down hard enough to earn a beautiful cry to underline his words. And, since his hands moved away, her breasts were free to dangle freely, enough to earn a suspicious glare from Hermione.

Luckily for Penelope, Hermione was too distracted by the little show she was about to start to pay more than a second's attention to Penelope's beautiful cry. "You're very lucky," Harry murmured into his ear.

Technically, it could be argued that counting that as a loss for Penelope would have been cheating, but Harry was more interested in the intensity of her relief for not losing the bet — therefore not losing her bonus — to care about such little issues.

As they continued their little, not-so-covert dance, Crystal widened her legs and tightened her back, a beautiful moan telling that Hermione finally achieved her objective and slid inside her temporary teacher, her pelvic trust making her amazing tits shake.

Crystal grabbed a nearby chair to keep herself upright, doing her best to keep her chest up despite the invasion of pleasure, making sure Harry received an excellent show as she served her female customer.

Yet, that was just the start of her tricks. Soon, she put her palms on her legs, letting them slide. It slowly blocked the view of her breasts as she moved down, but the tightening of her legs was more than enough to compensate for that.

Not to mention, it allowed Penelope to make eye contact with Hermione without Crystal's presence blocking it. Harry couldn't help but feel the amusement of their reactions. Hermione's hips came to a momentary stop as she got caught, Penelope's shocking gaze reminding her that Harry wasn't the only one that remembered her as a bushy-haired witch with an obsession to prove herself in the classroom.

Penelope might have stopped as well, but with his hands on her hips, he managed to direct her to continue her beautiful movement. Crystal continued her movement, uncaring of the awkwardness, until she grabbed her ankles, pushing her ass up even more.

"Come on, Mione, don't keep her waiting," Harry reminded Hermione, enjoying her blush.

Her blush wasn't enough to stall her for more than a second. She was certainly not one to stop any task she started, especially one she was so engrossed in. Her hands tightened around Crystal's hips before she shimmied forward, sliding inside her with a renewed passion.

"So, do you think she realized your little secret," Harry whispered into Penny's ear, enjoying her shock.




As she jumped on a man's lap in the private strip club, Penelope couldn't help but appreciate the irony that she was living the exact moment her best friend had warned about when she had accepted the waitressing job.

Like she had any option in the first place to earn money, with no education certificate, no job experience, and no network. Her Hogwarts education, contrary to the claims of her teacher, turned out to be less than useful in a Ministry filled with useless purebloods, and the less that was said about the private sector of the wizarding world the better.

And while she was tempted to use magic to make her life easier, she ultimately chickened out, afraid of the punishment. A pureblood in her place would have probably just gotten away with a simple fine, but she doubted the same would apply to her.

At least, not unless she made some backroom deal with one of those stuffy purebloods.

Of course, when she joined the strip club, she was determined not to be the case, but having Harry Potter as a guest was not something she had been expecting. And, she certainly didn't expect to end up in his lap as a part of a job deal.

Certainly not in the same room with his bushy-haired friend, who was almost as famous as him in Hogwarts, her current state as far from her bookworm image as she could imagine.

Her state of dazed shock was rather understandable.

Penelope couldn't help but gaze at Hermione, who looked too engrossed in her task to pay attention to what had been going on under her skirt — nor that it would take too much to imagine as her uniform got more and more ruined with each passing second. Even at the moment, her breasts were completely on display, while Harry's hands were around her legs, widening her legs.

Maybe she needed to work harder, to impress her new employee she came to a sudden decision.

One way or another, she had made a choice, so there was no harm in making sure she did a good job.

With a sudden decision, she stood up and turned, uncaring at the movement of her skirt displaying her ass. She noticed Hermione's gaze widening as she left his lap, revealing the current state of his erection, but she didn't care much about that.

Harry wouldn't have used that as a bet if he cared about that too much.

Instead, she paused for a moment, dragging her hands over her body sensually, starting from her neck, slowly dragging down her breasts, before ending up in her waist. She felt a bit self-conscious as she did so, aware that while she was beautiful, her beauty fall more on the homely side rather than purely seductive.

Yet, the fact that Harry's gaze was fully on him as she did her best to replicate what she watched her coworkers do repeatedly encouraged her, especially when considering what was going on in front of them. It was a weird, warped sense of pride, but she was still proud to steal his gaze despite the amazing nature of the show that was going on in front of her.

She raised her hips, only to sink down aggressively, again and again, compromising her skirt's ability to keep what was going on a secret as she recklessly opened her legs to the limit. Hermione was too distracted fondling Crystal to pay attention to them…

Not until a grunt escaped Harry's mouth, immediately followed by a warmth invading her core. All without Hermione noticing.

She twisted her neck to catch his gaze, a victorious smile on her face. A part of her mind was shouting just how far she had fallen to treat such a thing as a victory, but she ignored that part, and instead wore a victorious smile. "I win—" she started, which was all she was able to manage before he latched onto her lips, his tongue once again recklessly invading her mouth in a way that stole her strength, replacing it with pleasure.

"Yes, you won," he whispered once he finished kissing. Yet, she must have lost her connection with reality for a moment, as the last thing she remembered was that she had been sitting on his lap. Instead, she found herself standing, with Harry behind her, ramming repeatedly inside her once more, while she stood in front of Crystal who was receiving a similar treatment by Hermione, their hands intervined. She found herself looking at Hermione's face, but she only managed to maintain eye contact for a fleeting moment.

She had a feeling that, her new job would have been more depraved than her current job as a strip club waitress…

Well, she thought. At least it paid better.

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