TRIGGER WARNING: Carmilla talks about not being able to have a child of her own.

I'm not sure if this needs a trigger warning, but thought I would add it just in case.

I based this fic off of the super adorable baby pictures at the end credits of The Carmilla Movie!

I tend to change what happened in Carmilla's past depending on the fic.

This will be the first "chapter" of my Baby Hollstein Collection of One-Shots!

Baby Hollstein can speak in full sentences etc. because I can only write so much from Laura's and Carmilla's POV.

I made it so that he's growing fast and can do more than what a normal baby/kiddie because he's not human and I know nothing about kids.

I asked my mom how old Baby Hollstein aka Babypuff might be and she said 6 months.

I made sure that Baby Hollstein is well behaved-ish.

Carmilla might be out of character for a lot of the fic but I'll not to have her that way.

I guess a baby brings out the weird in people, not in a bad way, but a cutesy one. :)

"Help!" Laura shouted from their living room.

Carmilla arrived in the living room in two seconds flat.

Laura was holding a small black kitten in her hands.

It looked like the spitting image of the scene in The Lion King when Rafiki is holding Simba for everyone in The Pride Lands to see.

"What happened?! I was holding the baby and then this happened!"

The baby that Laura was referring to had been discovered one day while visiting Silas University after all the chaos had happened. The Library that they had stayed in had rebuilt itself.

One minute, Laura and Carmilla were discovering new that the library had to offer and the next, a baby had literally landed in Laura's lap.

Laf had done research and they had discovered that the baby had both Laura's and Carmilla's DNA. It wasn't exactly clear how it was possible.

Laura was surprised how maternal Carmilla had become. After learning about the way Carmilla grew up, Laura was surprised that having a child was something that her girlfriend wanted.


"Carm, I have never seen you like this before."

"Like what?"

Carmilla was lying on the sofa with the cute baby boy lying on her chest. He was fast asleep and the vampire was always on alert, even if he was asleep.

"Being a mom."


"We have dealt with all sorts of crazy things and you handled them without any problems. All of a sudden, a baby appears, and you handle taking care of him without any issues either."

"I never expected to ever have a child. Vampires aren't meant to have any offspring. Male vampires can somehow impregnate a human, but a female vampire can never conceive a child. It's a punishment even if this curse was given unwillingly."

"Is that why you look at soon-to-be mothers and babies when we are outside?"

"I always wanted a child of my own, Laura. Even if I was with Elle, I still wanted one, but not by taking a baby away from their mother. The woman I referred to as my mother had done just that.

When I turned of age, I had no say in becoming the monster I am now. It was something I could never have and still can't. It's longing for something that is never meant to be."

"Oh Laura, how could you turn our beautiful baby into a cat?"

"I didn't do it, Carm!"

"Right, Creampuff, just like you didn't eat a bunch of ice cream after we broke up."

"That was different. I mean it, what happened?"

Carmilla sat on the floor and watched as Laura put the black kitten down.

The vampire watched as the little black kitten almost toppled, but she swept him up in her arms before any harm came to it.

"Hello Little One, you frightened your mother, you know."

The vampire used her finger to poke the little kitten's nose and the reaction was two paws wrapping themselves around her finger. The tiny fangs appeared and Carmilla winced as they bit into her flesh.

"We do not bite in this house." Carmilla cooed at the kitten, who stopped and licked her wound instead.

"Uh Carm, that's a kitten."

"No, it's our baby, genius. I have the ability to turn into a panther, so our baby turns into a black kitten. When he becomes of age, if he ever grows up, then he'll become a panther as well."

"Why isn't he a tiny panther then?"

"Probably because all he sees are kittens. I wonder why that is…"

"You have to admit that you like those cute cat videos too!"

Carmilla rolled her eyes, "This is serious."

"Is he going to be stuck like that?"

"No, it'll wear off either in a few seconds or a few hours."

"How do you know? He could be stuck like that forever!"

"You're being overdramatic. It happened to me the first time I transformed."

Their son, the little black kitten, meowed.

"He said his first word."

"Don't joke about that, Carm!"

"I'm not, Laura Hollis. He just said, 'Mama' and I know who he was referring to."

Carmilla held him in front of Laura and he meowed again.


"You're his mom too."

"He feels more connected to you. He landed in your lap, not mine."

Laura carefully took him from Carmilla and his meows became more frequent.

"He likes you more, Laura."


"It's good though. You can do things with him that I can't."

"We're a family."

"I know, but I can't always participate in our family get-togethers."

"I won't be able to turn into a panther and show him how to do panther things."

"He might stay a baby forever."

"So he'd be this cute forever?"


Laura looked at their son, "Your mom and I love you very much. No matter what happens, we will be here for you. You will be safe and Carm will make sure that no baddy vampire will take you away."

The kitten had transformed back into a baby and he made cute noises.

Carm stood up and dusted off her pants, "You be careful when you're out, especially on Halloween."

"How do I know what to feed him when he gets hungry? Does he need blood or milk?"

"He needs both since he needs both human nutrients and a vampire's."

"I'm scared of seeing if he can be in the sun. What if he gets burned?"

"If you don't feel comfortable finding out, I can do that."

"You'll get hurt!"

"It's not as bad as you make it sound. Yes, it hurts, but it's nothing compared to having almost lost you. Missing you was like someone cut a hole in me. Having to watch you die…"

Carmilla couldn't trust herself to finish the sentence.

Laura stood up while holding their baby in her arms, "Carm, don't go there. I'm here with you."

She moved forward to cup Carmila's cheek and kiss her.

Laura made sure to move slow.

"He needs a name. It feels weird calling him "Baby Hollstein"."

"I'm surprised you used our "ship" name for him."

"We could just call him Hollstein...for now. It saves time!"

"Whatever you want, Buttercup."