As Konstantin grew up, he now had three moms to take care of him. Dracula was taking her time to catch up to modern day technology and was enjoying herself with every new technology she mastered. She started to watch "Vampire Diaries", "Twilight", and other vampire movies that were based off of her specifically or vampires in general. She had worse commentary than Carmilla and Laura had to cover Konstantin's ears half the time with her cursing up a storm.

"She hasn't threatened to eat us, Carm, so I think we're safe, right?"

"How would I know, Poptart?"

"You're supposed to know since you're a vampire too!"

"Yes, but our timelines are different."

"You two should try bonding!"


Dracula came over and smiled at Laura and Carmilla.

"I would love to bond with you, Carmilla."

"Not like that!"

"Ah, in a platonic way."

"Yes, a platonic way. She's my girlfriend."

"Of course."


Dracula and Carmilla were on the rooftop looking up at the stars. Carmilla had the key that kept Dracula trapped. After all of the improvements that Carmilla had seen, she thought she deserved to be free too.

"I take Laura up here to stargaze and see that we're so small compared to what's out there."

"I bet she finds that very romantic."

"Of course she does."

"What do you see when you see these stars? I imagine they're my loved ones up there looking down on me."

"I don't imagine them as being anything, but stars."

"Not very poetic, Carmilla."

"Not everything has to be poetic like that."

Carmilla took the key and unlocked Dracula's collar that kept her from harming anyone.

"Everyone deserves a second chance, Dracula. Laura saw that I deserved second chances too."

Dracula stood up and dusted herself off.

"Where are you going, Dracula?"

"Since you have given my freedom, I want to help take care of Konstantin as well as your little family."

"And after you accomplished your task?"

"Then I choose to leave this place and live in this time period."

Carmilla held out her hand and Dracula shook it.

"Thank you for showing me such kindness."

"Laura would expect me to be kind towards you. In a way, you're family."

Dracula nodded, "I knew there was a reason I liked that blonde."

Carmilla chuckled, "Laura's mine, don't forget that."

"And your hers?"