Hello everyone and welcome to the prequel to my Guardians of the Galaxy stories! I am so happy to be working on this new story. One where it is going to focus on how my team got together. Well, we know how Jason, Aya, and Kara met, but how did they team up with everyone else?

How did they meet Laura and Rachel? Were they friends with Arthur before meeting the girls? How will what I showed in the preview connect to this story? And will it give us sneak peeks into the Infinity War story?

Well, only one way to find out. Also, thanks to theReaper13 for his help on the story. I appreciate it so much and thank you for lending me your OCs. Will they show up here?

Probably, but we will see. Also thanks guys for the support from the other two stories. Hopefully this one will also be liked. Now then, time for the disclaimer.

Anyways, this prequel will be how Jason, Kara, Arthur, Laura, Rachel, Groot, and Aya became a team. It will take place three years before the first Injustice/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover. It will also take place a year after the Logan movie. More details will be explained in the first chapter, which I hope to get out soon.

I don't own anything from Marvel. It is own by Disney, except for my OCs. Also, by the time the story ends I'm sure X-Men will also be owned by Disney. So, let the story begin!


Earth (Year: 2022)

Outside of St. Charles Missouri, there is an old two-story home. It has a large open field with a long dirt road that leads from the front gate to the home. Next to the home is an old barn house with some horses nearby feeding on the grass. Behind the home is a large forest that also has a walking path that leads to a river.

It is here there is a young boy around 7 years of age. He has short black hair with purple hair streaks in the front, green eyes, and fair skin. He is also seen wearing a baseball cap, blue jeans, a t-shirt that says 'Footloose' and had a person on it. He is seen holding a fishing rod as he stares right at the water where he appears to be fishing.

He reels his lore back and sighed when he saw he didn't catch anything. He was prepared to throw back his line when he hears someone walking towards him. He turns around and sees an older man in his 40s approach him with an apple. He tosses it to the boy who catches it with one hand before the older man sat down next to him.

"Caught anything yet?" the older man asked.

The boy shook his head and looks down at his apple. The older man noticed the boy looking sad and moves his hand up. Motioning for his fishing rod, which the boy handed over. The older man looks at the lore and smiled at the boy.

"Since you don't like using live bait…" the older man takes out from his bag some bread. "How about we try a different way to fish?"

The young man smiles when he saw the bread and took a piece of it before throwing his fishing hook into the water. The older man sat down next to the boy and watches him fishing.

"Your mom told me you had a bad dream. Want to talk about it?" the older man asked without looking down at the boy.

The boy also didn't look up at the older man as he shook his head. The older man placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and tried to get him to open up.

"Jason, I know it has something to do with me. Your mom said you called out for me when you woke up," said the older man as he looked down at the boy who soon looks up at him with some tears forming in his eyes. "Whatever it is you need to know it was just a bad dream. I'm not going anywhere, okay? Nothing bad is going to happen to me or your mom. We'll always be here for you."

The boy tries to wipe his tears away before looking down at the ground. "What about when you, mom, and everyone else vanished?"

The older man sighed as he began rubbing the back of his head. "Okay, well yes that was one time it happened. However, the stones are locked up somewhere safe, the old man is gone, and the galaxy is safe. I promise you, whatever you dreamed it won't happen."

The young boy began feeling tears fill his eyes again as he gave the older man a big hug. "I-it felt so real, dad. I was there, you were there, and then you were gone. It felt like it happened and I lost you. I…I…"

The older man now revealed to be the boy's father returns the hug and held his son close. He tries his best to calm him down, while petting his head.

"Dreams have a tendency to do that. Believe me, I know, but trust me I'm not going anywhere," the older man soon breaks the hug and does his best to wipe his son's tears. "If something does happen know that I am never gone. I will be with you always both in spirit, in your memories, and your heart."

The boy looks up at his father trying to smile a little when he felt his fishing rod moving. He quickly grabs it as his father helps his son. He tells his son to reel it in as the boy fights to get the fish. After a minute of struggling he manages to catch the fish, a small five inch fish.

"Now that's a good catch for your first time," said the father as he congratulates his on.

"T-thanks dad," said the boy as his dad unhooks the fish and the boy puts it in his bucket filled with water. "Can I keep it?"

The father nods in response as the two begin to leave to go back home. "Jason," the father called out to get his son's attention. "Always remember, I love you. Never forget that and always remember I will be with you No matter if you are here on Earth or in the stars. Your dad, Star-Lord will always be with you.."

The young boy turns to his dad and smiles a little. "I know, dad. And I love you too."

8 years later (year: 2030)

A red and gold colored m-shape ship emerged from a jump as it heads towards what appears to be a giant floating skull. It appeared abandoned after an incident that occurred 12 years ago. The incident killed much of the population, while the survivors attempted to flee. It was also home to a known ancient alien that used to collect anything he has his eyes on.

Where he was or what happened to him no one knows. He too disappeared and hasn't been heard since. However, some of his former collections have been rumored to have been left behind. Though no one dared to go to this part of the galaxy after the many stories that has been passed around about ships disappearing when they go to this place.

The ship didn't seem to care though as it flew inside the skull and inside the city that was build inside this ancient cosmic being. The ship flew over the abandoned city where it appears no life can be found. The ship finds a landing platform and begins to descent. It landed on the platform as a figure began emerging from the ship.

The figure appeared to be wearing a helmet that covered much of the front of his face and back of his head. The eyes of the helmet glowed red as the figure also appeared to be wearing a long red jacket that covered much of his body. He also appeared to be wearing a black uniform with blue stripes alongside it. He also is seen wearing black boots, gloves, and two blasters in their gun holsters on his belt.

He begins scanning the area making sure the area is breathable before moving his hand to the right side of his head. He presses something and it causes his helmet to disappear from around his face. He appeared to be a young man around his teenage years, with short black hair, purple hair streaks in the front, green eyes, and light tan skin. He soon took out a device from his jacket, which helped him scanned the nearby buildings.

The scanner soon picks up what he is looking for as he puts the device away. He soon took out a headset as he puts on in his years. He then takes out a small musical device as he begins playing the song, *Come and Get Your Love by Redbone*.

Guardians of the Galaxy: the Prequel

The young man continued to dance as he walks towards the building. He kicks some of the water that is on the ground before doing a little spin. He sees some strange rodent creatures nearby as they appear feral. They see the young man and begin charging at him to attack.

The young man sees them and kicks each of the three creatures away. One is seen hanging from a nearby building and leaps off at the boy. The young man caught him and begins lip synching to the song, while using the rodent as his mic. He continued his dance as he does another little spin before coming across a skeleton.

He moves the skeleton's skull to face him before he continued to dance and lip-synch to the song. He then tosses the rodent away and slides across the floor, which appeared to be wet. He stops on his path when he noticed much of the floor before him is gone. Leaving a large hole before him and his destination.

The young man presses a button on his belt activating the rockets that are attached to his boots. He flies over the hole before landing to his destination. He begins climbing the steps before he stops in front of a large door. It appeared to be locked, but he manages to hack his way inside and enters the room with a sphere that begins lighting his way.

The young man walks along the abandoned building. Noticing some shattered chambers that appeared to have once hold different items or beings inside. It didn't surprise him as he begins looking for the item he has been sent to find. He soon finds it in the form of colorful cocoon.

The young man examines the container since he didn't want to risk breaking what is inside. He takes out a small device, which once turned activates a laser. He begins using it to cut alongside of the glass so he can get it off. It took him a minute since he needed to be careful.

Once he got it off he moves his hand down to his wrist gauntlet activating the suction on the gloves he has on. He presses them against the glass and pulls it off the container slowly. He manages to get it off and sets it on the ground. He then takes out a large bag and grabs the cocoon.

He gently sets it inside the bag, before pressing a button on it. The bag is sealed up inside and that was that the young man thought.

He turns around to leave when he spots three armed men stopping him. "Drop the bag, now!" the leader of the group shouted.

"Hey, cool, man. No problem. No problem at all," said the young man as he puts the bag down gently before the two other armed men walk over to the boy.

"Who are you, boy? How did you get in here?" said the leader as he kept his gun aimed at the boy. "No one has been able to get in here since the Collector disappeared."

"I mean, I just went through the front door. I'm surprise no one tried doing that," said the young man who also hacked into the security system left behind to protect the objects, but oh well. "As for who I am? My name is Jason and I'm a collector myself. Collecting junk or anything cool looking like this bug."

"You look more like a Ravager, boy. Judging from the clothing you've got on I'd say you are one of them," said the leader of the group as he got a little angry. "Never liked them Ravages. Thinking they are noble thieves and don't steal from innocent people. Not like us, right boys?"

The three men begin laughing as the young man faked his laugh. "That's funny and judging from the garb you guys got on you must be the loser gang I heard much about," said the young man causing the men to stop laughing. "Yeah, I heard of you guys. You are outcasts and losers who couldn't join the Ravagers so you formed a little gang to try stealing from innocent people or from abandoned places like here, right?"

"Shut up! Move!" the leader ordered out of anger.

"W-wait, hold on. Where are we going?" the young man asked.

"It's been days since we've had a decent meal and you look good enough to eat," said the leader as he begins licking his lips.

The young man gave a disgust look before fake barfing a little. "Oh yeah and you guys are cannibals too. I forgot about that," said the young man as the two men motion for him to move. "Wait, hold on I forgot to give you guys my name…Star-Lord."

The leader of the group stares at the boy confused at first, before he began to laugh loudly. "Star-Lord? The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy?" the leader mocked as he and his men laughed louder. "I heard that fool died years ago! Died a pathetic way trying to save a bunch of kids who were off to be sold as slaves. Got to say, good riddance to that old fool. I just wish I was the one who had a chance to waste him and take that bitch of his who is fine as…

Star-Lord whistled loudly as an arrow appeared from the holster hidden in the back of his belt. The arrow is shot towards the three men hitting them all right through the chest before being caught by the young man. The three men fell to the ground, with two of the armed men dead. The leader though was still breathing a little, but it was shallow.

The young man puts the arrow away and took out his Quad Blaster. He looks down at the wounded leader before moving the blaster to his head.

"You know those two people you were just insulting right now? Yeah, see I'm actually their son," the young man introduced himself. "Jason Yondu Quill aka the new Star-Lord, and also the asshole who just killed you assholes."

He opened fire and killed the leader before putting his weapon away. He lets out a small sigh and picks up the bag. However, before he can take off he hears some footsteps approaching the room. He turns around to find more of the leader's followers arriving as they see what happened.

Jason nervously smiled and raised his hands. "Um, he did it," he pointed towards one of the rodents from earlier.

One of the men lifts a rocket launcher and fires it. Jason falls backwards to avoid being hit. The rocket hits the wall behind him as Jason activates his rocket boots before flying out of the building. Jason crashes into an abandoned market shack before he got up and begins taking off to his ship.

Jason notices some more of the armed group heading to his ship, but he tosses a Gravity Mine at them. The mine activates causing the men to all get pulled in together. Jason activates his rocket boots and flies over them as he heads towards the ship. He sees more opening fire at him and he tosses his orb from earlier.

The orb exploded and evaporated the group before he begins contacting someone from the ship. "Aya! Get the ship in the air now! We got company!"

"I am aware, Jason and already getting in the air as requested," said Aya from Jason's wrist communicator.

The Gravity Mine loses power and one of the armed men opened fire. Hitting one of Jason's rockets as he falls towards the ground. He begins getting up slowly as he sees the group soon surrounds him. They all aim their guns at him as he moves his hands up.

The group get ready to shoot him, but Jason begins smiling as he flips them all off. Suddenly a blonde hair girl flew by and grabs Jason just as the group opened fire. Killing much of themselves in the fire. Jason looks up to see the blonde hair girl around his age flying them both into the ship as the landing platform begins closing on them.

"Aya! Fly us the hell out of here!" Jason shouted as the ship soon took off on its own and flies out of the skull before making the jump to the next destination.

Jason begins laughing softly as he gets up off the floor. "Woo! That was close. Good work, Ka…" the blonde hair girl turns around and punches him right in the arm. "…ra? What the hell?"

"That was for not waking me up that we were here and for almost getting yourself killed…again," said Kara who looks upset with Jason. "I don't like being told by Aya you took off without back-up again and having to get me to save your butt…again."

"S-sorry. I didn't tell you because I wanted you to get some rest after…" Jason didn't even bother to say any more than that. "I'm sorry. I really am."

Kara knew what Jason was going to say and sighed as she rubs her head. "I know you wanted me to get some rest, but please don't do that again. I don't want to have another nightmare of me unable to save someone else that I…that I care about."

Jason looks at Kara and smiles softly before going over to her to give her a hug. "I know and I promise I won't do something stupid like that again."

Kara smiled a little and returns the hug. "You better or I'm going to have to find another spaceboy to get me home."

Jason laughed a little and breaks the hug. "Good luck with that. I doubt you'll find one as good looking as me."

Kara rolled her eyes as she took the bag from Jason. "You are not that good looking, trust me," she said before she took off.

Jason was left a little insulted by the comment. "That's not what you said last night!" he shouted, but she was already gone. He turns to his right side to see a floating orb appeared with a green light in the middle. "How long have you been floating there?"

"A few minutes," Aya replied in her robotic voice. "I apologize for not waking her up sooner, but you did tell me to let her sleep for a few more minutes."

Jason nods knowing what he told her to do. "I appreciate you waking her when I needed her to. By the way, did you already make the jump to get us back home?"

"Yes," Aya replied as she shows a holographic timer. "We will reach home in three hours. Shall I let your mother know we are heading back?"

Jason nods in response. "And let Arthur know we found the bug."

There we go with the first chapter. A good way to start things off. Originally was going to only have it with Jason and his father Peter. However, I decided to add this part here too to make it longer.

Still, hope you all liked the introduction to some of the characters. The home is also based off the comics where Peter lived on. Since we didn't see the home in the cinematic universe I am assuming where Peter and Gamora live to raise their son is similar. Also, yeah Jason not gonna let people talk shit about his dad.

Another thing, while we don't know if the Collector is alive or not I did decide to have him live in this story. Just went looking for another place to live. I also wanted to try finding a good item for Jason to take, but then I found not much information on what sort of items that the Collector has. At least ones for Jason to steal.

So, we this is what we got. Anyways, that's it for now guys and we will see how things continue on next time. If you like how this went then please leave some reviews, but don't leave anything negative please. See you all next time for the next chapter and be safe everyone!