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Chapter XIV

Saskatchewan, Canada

A few days has passed since the team defeated Apocalypse and saved the world. However, there was no time for celebrating since they were helping bury Raven after she died. They met up with the children and John to let them know what happened. They returned to John's home where they would bury Raven.

John stood by with the children as they all mourned for the loss of their friend. The group that helped the children and that worked with Raven came to also pay their respects. Bringing with them a priest for the ceremony. Laura and Rachel stood by with the others who chose to stay to help pay their respects.

Erik also stayed for the ceremony as he gave his final goodbyes to the last of his friends. Even Tony Stark came with his daughter to pay their respects and to inform Gamora what happened.

The good news is Cerebro didn't kill anyone, but they will suffer a lot of headaches for the next few days. They also arrested all those involved in the project and will be prosecuted. That includes those in the Canadian government who helped Essex. And officials in the Mexican government for their involvement in the illegal human experiments they performed with the Mutant children.

Erik promised to find the kids a safe home for them to live in. He actually build a country of his own that would be a safe haven for Mutants and enhanced people to live peacefully.

The only bad news is when S.H.I.E.L.D agents went to the base they found some problems. Psylocke and Mister Sinister's bodies disappeared with no trace of where they are. So, they have to assume someone stole the bodies or they are still alive. So, for the time being S.H.I.E.L.D will look into this and hunt them down.

After what happened Victor left to return to his family. In exchange for the information about the facilities where Essex used for his illegal activities he was let go by Tony. And as promised his family was safe. He returned to his wife and daughter happy that they are alive and that they are in one piece.

Soon the ceremony ended as the children all begin leaving flowers all around the burial site. One by one they say their goodbyes and thank Raven for all she did. John walks over next and kneels down in front of Raven's grave and smiles as he feels some tears flowing down his eyes. He leave a flower on the grave and placed his hand on the grave.

"Thank you for looking out for me, Raven. I promise to keep watering the flowers like you always do," said John as he is helped up by the kids before he walks away.

Erik walks over with Edin as she helps her grandfather down on his knees to give a flower to Raven's grave. "I failed you and Charles so many times. Yet you two never gave up on me. I'm sorry I couldn't save you both…but I promise I will protect the children. And make sure Charles' dream will come true…" he is helped up by his granddaughter as he bids Raven goodbye. "Thank you, Raven for letting me help you all and I will see you and Charles soon."

Edin looks down a little sad knowing the condition her grandfather is in he will likely pass away one day. But for now, she'll use the time they have and help him watch out for the little ones.

The last two are Rachel and Laura as they walk over to the grave together. Laura kneels down to leave a flower on Raven's grave before turning to Rachel. Rachel soon kneels down next to her and does her best to hold back her tears. She lets out a small sigh and placed her flower down on the grave.

She closed her eyes and thinks back of the final words Raven told her. She is her family and she will be there for her no matter what. That she loves her and to never forget who she is. She turns to Laura as she feels her holding her hand knowing Raven is right. She looks back at all her memories of her family back in the mansion, to here with the kids, and with Laura.

All good memories that will help her get through this, especially since she knows she's not alone. She looks down at the grave and placed her hand on the flower happily.

"Thank you, aunt Raven…I love you…" Rachel stood up and joins the other kids with Laura.

They all soon begin releasing small flower petals with the wind blowing them into the air. Taking them high and taking them far across the forest.


Jason is seen on his ship as he watches the kids packing their things getting ready to go. Tony Stark offered them all a ship so the kids can be taken to where Erik lives. Abby is glad her dad is doing this, especially since Erik is still wanted by the government for his crimes. But, since he didn't tell them he was there then there is no need to inform them about it.

Jason's mom is getting some supplies as they are preparing to leave. Jason reassured his mom they'll get back home soon after they take the cocoon to Wakanda. After what happened Abby told the others that her dad is moving the preservation facility somewhere less corrupted. So, Kymera offered a place for the endangered animals after she convinced her father to help them.

Gamora wasn't sure about leaving her son again, but Jason reassured her they will go back soon. So, she agreed to it provided he calls her to let her know where he is at.

So, Jason decided to wait a bit for the others to say goodbye to the kids. But he wanted to wait for another reason.

He turns around and sees Rachel walking towards him. She sits down next to him and looks out to the forest.

"Laura told you about my little offer?" Jason asked getting a small nod from Rachel. "It's up to the two of you. If you say yes then cool and we'll be happy to have you guys. If not then that's fine and I promise we'll visit."

Earlier Jason had offered Laura a chance to join the team after he was impressed with what she did. Even asked her if she'd want Rachel to join them too, especially how close the two are. Laura did like the idea of traveling around in space and being a hero like her father…but after what happened she isn't sure if Rachel would be interested. Hell, she'd probably would never want to fight again.

Still, Jason reassured her that he won't be mad what decision they make. That it is their choice and it's up to them what they want to do. So, Laura waited about five minutes before the others were heading out. She waited that long since she was trying to figure out what to say.

"Laura seems to like the idea of traveling around in space," said Rachel as she lets out a small chuckle. "Be like a hero that travels around saving the day. It does sound like fun, but she says she wouldn't go without me. But told me she will be fine what whatever I decide. So, before I decide can I ask you a question?"

"If it involves payment the pay is not that good, health care sucks, but the dental is all right," Jason joked trying to lighten the mood.

It worked as Rachel giggled softly. "Not what I was going to ask, but that's good to know," she took a deep breath before she asks what she wants to say. "Why? Why do you want us to come along? You know I'm not much of a fighter, I'm not like Kara, Arthur, Groot, Laura, or you, and I'll just be in the way. So, why do you want me to join you and not just Laura?"

Jason figured that was the question she was going to ask. He looks out to the forest and sighed softly.

"Maybe because I like having you around, maybe because we're both alike in some ways, and we both have gone through so much yet we overcame it all," said Jason as he turns to Rachel and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Or maybe because we're friends and I want to help my friend in any way I can. Even welcome her to be not just a member of the team, but also a member of our family."

Rachel is a little surprised by the response and didn't expect him to say he wants her to be part of his family. She didn't know what to say. I mean, yeah they wouldn't be an actual family like blood-related. Then again Nebula, Drax, Rocket, Mantis, Kraglin, and Groot aren't all blood-related with Jason and yet they are his family. And each of them went through so much before they all came together to fight together while also looking out for one another as a family.

So…maybe this wouldn't be so bad? Sure, she could go join the other kids and live with them. But if she did there's a good chance people like Essex would come for her and her powers. If she joins Jason then maybe she can keep them safe and learn to control her powers like the others did?

Jason got up from his seat and begins stretching his arms. "We'll be leaving in an hour. You can use that time to decide what you want to do. If you want to join us you can, but if you want to stay you can. Its your choice and…"

Jason is interrupted when he felt Rachel wrap her arms around him for a hug. Looks like Jason got his answer and smiles as he returns the hug.

"You sure about this? It's going to be a bumpy ride with a lot of dangers and fights," said Jason wanting to be sure Rachel is up for this.

Rachel nods as she kept on hugging him. "I know and I promise to look out for you when we run into trouble."

Jason chuckles softly by her response and nods as he pets her head.

Jason soon breaks the hug and takes her down to meet with the others. They head on down where they see Kara sitting on a sofa with Arthur cleaning his sword. Young Groot is nearby setting some stuff down with Laura who drops some bags on the floor. Rachel walks over to Laura and tells her the good news.

Laura smiles happily and hugs Rachel who in turn hugs her back. Arthur and Groot welcome the girls to the team while Kara walks over to Jason to kiss him on the cheek.

"You sure about this? They are pretty young," said Kara who isn't sure about this as much as Jason is.

"Probably not," said Jason as he smiles at Kara. "But then again we we're pretty young too and yet here we are. Besides once we show them the ropes they'll do fine."

Kara smiles softly at Jason and knew he's right. "All right. I trust you on this and I just hope your right about this."

"I'm usually always right," said Jason as he looks around for Aya. "Hey Aya, you got a minute?"

Jason sees Aya in her orb form float over to him. "I'm here. Is there something you need, Jason?"

Jason nods in response. "Can you play us something nice while we get ready for takeoff?" he then turns towards Laura. "Assuming you already got your thing packed?"

Laura nods as she shows in the bags there's Laura and Rachel's things. Rachel looks at Laura smiles.

"You knew I would say yes?" Rachel asked.

Laura shrugs her shoulders. "Si, I did know you would say yes."

Rachel shook her head but never stopped smiling. Arthur grabs their things and lifts them up.

"All right. I'll show you guys to your rooms then," Arthur then turns to Jason. "We'll see you in the cockpit."

Jason nods as he turns to Kara before stroking her hair. "So, you feeling okay after what happened?"

Kara nods as she wraps her arms around his head. "I feel better than I did before and I promise I won't do anything stupid, reckless, or act like a complete jerk again. As long as you promise not to do anything reckless or dangerous."

"I'll try, but you know me," said Jason as he leans down to kiss his girlfriend on the cheek.

Kara sighs knowing he will end up doing something dangerous and reckless. "Well, as long as you try," she replied with a passionate kiss on the lips as the two embraced each other.

*Ain't no Mountain High Enough* by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell begins to play. Jason and Kara hear the music playing as the two begin dancing around a little.

Meanwhile, Abigail is seen with her father helping rebuild John's home. All while they wave the kids goodbye as the ship carrying them all begins taking off. Inside the ship Erik turns to his granddaughter as she flies the ship. She turns to her grandfather and held his hand as the ship speeds up to take them back home.

Meanwhile, Gamora is seen on the deck of her ship with the others relaxing and drinking as they head back home. As they did Gamora looks over to see a hologram picture of her son with herself and Peter. She couldn't help but smile a little knowing how proud Peter would be of Jason and his friends. She begins receiving a message and walks over to check it out.

She looks at the message and begins smiling even more when she saw it's a picture of Jason with his friends. Jason and Kara hugging each other while Laura and Rachel are holding on to Groot's arms and Arthur posing with his sword. She looks down to see Jason asking his mom what she thinks of his new team, the Young Guardians.

Gamora does like the idea of her son with his friends as a team, but she knew that name doesn't fit them. She instead replies a different name. 'How about, the Guardians of the Galaxy? I think it's time for a new team to take the name and be the new guardians. So, what do you say…Star-Lord?"

Gamora looks down at her messenger waiting to see what his response is. Jason soon replied thanking his mother. 'Thank you, mom. I promise we won't let you down.'

Gamora shook her head knowing her son will never let her down. 'I know you won't and good luck…my little Star-Lord.'

Jason quickly immediately replied appearing embarrassed. 'Mom!'

Gamora chuckles softly before putting her device away to join the others.

Meanwhile, back with Jason he walks towards the cockpit where he sees Kara strapping herself in. Arthur is sitting behind her with Laura and Rachel sitting beside her. Groot sat beside Arthur as Jason walks passed them to get into his seat. Aya activates the ship to take off.

"All right. So, we got drop off the cocoon and then home?" Jason asked his team as he looks behind to them. "Or maybe we go somewhere else? Something good, something bad, or a little bit of both?"

Kara turns to the others and they all nod in response. Kara turns to Jason and smiles. "We'll follow your lead wherever we…Star-Lord."

"Provided I am back by dinner," said Arthur as he leans back against his seat.

Jason smiles a little and knows just what to do. "A little bit of both and then dinner at Arthur's place. Thanks Arthur."

The ship begins taking off and flies up to the sky as *I want You Back* by Jackson 5 begins to play.

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Twelve years later (Year: 2042)

Years has passed since the team formed the new Guardians of the Galaxy. It has also been six years since the team moved to Kara's universe. They have been protecting this world from any threats and any enemies that try to come to take over. It has also been a year since the team defeated Brainiac and saved the world again.

Since then a lot has happened. Jason and Kara had twins, Lara and Jon. Both names that Kara's cousin wanted to pick in case the child he almost had was a boy or girl. They gave the names to their kids and now raise them in Kara's world.

The team also found out this universe have their own Infinity Stones. They found out about this after they defeated Brainiac. This concerned the team since stories about the stones began to spread across the galaxy. Fortunately thank to one of their friends they managed to hunt down almost all the stones.

All except for one, the Soul Stone. Still, without the other five there isn't much to be concerned about, especially since they plan to bring the stones to their universe. Knowing that the stones won't work in other universes outside of their own.

So, if they do this then they can make sure the stones will forever be out of reach of whoever wants them.

Arthur is seen onboard his transport ship preparing to transport the first of the stones home. He is in his room as the ship is getting ready to use the power of the Space Stone to take them home so they can lock the stone up.

While it is true the stones don't work outside of their universe, they found a way to draw the energy from them. Good thing too otherwise they'd be stuck in another universe without a way home.

While he wait in his room he looks at a picture of his fiends together. It was an old picture of when they first became a team. It seemed so long ago that the girls joined them and that he accepted his Asgardian half. He was glad he got through his fear so he could use his powers to help his friends and for them to become a team.

As he sets the picture down he hears a knock on the door knowing who it is. There is of course another reason why he came to Earth to pick up the stone. But

The door open and sees an older looking man that appears to be in his early 50s. He appears to have short grey hair, long beard, and wearing an armor around much of his body. With a long red cape behind him and a large axe weapon on his back.

"Your mother said you would be here," said the older looking man as he approached Arthur. "She also said I should go see you since you weren't busy…right?"

Arthur smiles a little and shook his head as he pours himself a drink before pouring some for the other man. "Not at all, father. I just came to get a drink…" he picks up the glass and hands it to his father, Thor.

Thor took the drink and smiles. "I'm glad to hear that."

Arthur took a sip of his drink and leans against the nightstand. "By the way, thanks for spending time with Megan. I know it meant a lot to me to see you accepted her. Even if she isn't Asgardian."

Thor simply chuckled and shook his head. "I fell in love with your mother who is human. You dating someone who isn't human or Asgardian doesn't matter to me. As long as you are happy."

Arthur nods happy to know his father is okay with this. "Thanks and also thanks for offering to take Megan on a tour to Asgard. It may not be like the old one, but it is still something."

Thor nods in response as he took a big sip of his drink. "As long as our people are around anywhere we live will be Asgard," said Thor as he lets out a small sigh. "Besides, if she's able to give me a rough time in our sparring fight then I know she'll be able to handle you."

Arthur rolled his eyes as he takes another small sip of his drink before walking towards the window. "Still, it really means a lot to me you will be there for the wedding. And for letting the wedding be on Asgard."

Thor walks over to his son and pats him on the back. "Of course. I wouldn't mind if we did this in a traditional Earth holy place or however Martians marry. As long as you two remember we are here for you two no matter what. And how much we love you both."

Arthur knows and understands. Thor finishes with his drink and sets the glass down on a nearby table.

"I also want you to know it is up to you to decide if you want to be king of Asgard. I won't force it on you and whatever you decide I will stand by it," said Thor as he turns to his son and placed his hand on his shoulder. "It is your choice on what you want to do."

Arthur knew his father was hoping he would become king, but Arthur wasn't sure if he should. He wasn't like his father. He wasn't a warrior, he doesn't like fighting, and isn't sure he is strong enough to rule. He always felt as half-Asgardian he would never be good enough to rule.

Still, it was nice to know his father was giving him a choice. "I'll think about it, but I appreciate the choice."

Thor nods as he looks out the window to see the portal opening and they are going through it. Thor begins smiling a little and then begins to sigh. "Just so you know I won't give the throne to Loki or his kid."

"Oh of course not," said Arthur who didn't like the idea of his uncle or little cousin taking over. "Still, you got plenty of years ahead of you dad. So I have time to decide what I want and what I want to do."

"Exactly," said Thor as he sees they are coming out on the other side. "We Asgardians live for a very long time. And I'll be around long enough to see you get married, have children, and see them have children of their own. I know your grandparents weren't around to see you or spend time with you. So, I promise I'll spend as much time with your kids when you decide to have them."

Arthur begins chuckling softly as he nods. "Well, Megan has been thinking about it since we took care of Jason's kids. So, we might have some. As long as you promise not to tell any stories about you defeating your enemies by killing them and stuff like that."

Thor began laughing softly as he pats his son on the back. "Relax. I know better than to tell them any stories they are too young to hear. But does that include my fights as an Avenger?"

"As long as it's not how uncle Loki cut your arm off or aunt Hela cut your eye out then fine," said Arthur as he pours some more drink in his glass. "Still it might be a while. But like you said we got plenty of time."

They soon see something large and dark appear over their ship. The two look up to see it is a large ship as it begins glowing.

"Oh this doesn't look good," said Arthur as he grabs his sword.

Thor took out his Stormbreaker and in agreement. "Yes, this feels very familiar."

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