Original Characters written with permission of those they're named after.

8th of October. 2027

"Happy Birthday, you fuckin english-polish whatever the hell, giant." John chuckled as he heard those words. "Piss off, Weiss." John said to the male voice that first spoke up after he joined a discord voice chat to the male voice which was identified as "Weiss". It was late in the day and he just got back home from work, so much had happened over the years and he could barely even think of how the friends he had kept online somehow managed to stick together, from moving on from Xbox to PC, and now this Full Dive VR stuff.

He was the last one to finally get into it, of course. He was the last one to do the same for Xbox One and then PC. Now he finally managed to get one of these new fangled Full Dive VR headsets. "Aye, thanks you prick." John said as he looked to his computer at the discord chat. All his friends from Xbox. Well. The ones that were still around anyway were there. Some had faded off to do what they please with their lives, some stuck around maintaining a good balance between their lives and gaming. John was much the same.

"Yeah just don't drink too much." A female voice came from the computer after the join ping, it was a girl that the whole group was quite familiar with that somehow way back got drug up in the dysfunctional cluster of idiocy that was mainly John, but also his friends as well. "Aye, aye. Don't worry about me. I'm fine, right and proper. Just had half a bottle of vodka, and I'll be hopping on GGO for the SJ. Who's all coming?" John asked as he started to get everything set up.

"Well I'll be there to pick you up when you inevitably get shot up." The female voice quickly spoke up. "Yeah I'll be there with the load of grenades and all else I got." A somewhat just slightly younger in comparison voice piped up. "And I'll be on to lead you and the giant polack." One male voice which John had been familiar with, possibly one of the oldest people John knew there spoke up.

And lastly another familiar male voice as if trying to do a horrid Captain Price impression from the old MW games that had long faded spoke up. "I'll be up to help the other John with his sniping. ...Meaning carrying more rounds for him for when he inevitably misses 95% of his shots." The last voice said to which John took an offence to. "Sarge, you can go right to hell." John said to which the one identified as "Sarge" replied. "Already here." Which caused some chuckles among the group.

"Righto, because anywhere with me is quite literally hell innit?" John said to which the female voice spoke up. "Kinda-ish? I suppose?" The female voice replied to which John rolled his eyes. "Kiersty don't even." John said before he looked everything over, his headset was up and ready, everything was perfectly fine. "So anyway what do we know about these mongoloids we'll be going up against." John asked as he looked over to his computer at the discord chat.

"They're better than all of us." "Sarge" replied. To which one of the male voices, identified as Weiss. "This may and or may not be true. I mean we signed up for it and last time I saw one of these go down there was a strawberry shortcake vs a freaking psychopath. ...I thought the psycho was going to win but no. Strawberry shortcake did. ...And then she was gunned down by a bunch of military wannabes with MGs n all." Weiss said to which the last male voice replied.

"Oh don't worry about it. I have enough grenades to take care of everything." He said to which John sighed and started to put on his headset. "Captain. Your answer to everything as for long as I have known you is either A. Build big guns, B. Build even bigger guns. C. Build Nukes. Or D. ...Build bigger nukes. Just because you're somewhat limited with RPGs but not really with those weird stick grenades doesn't mean you're going to solve all our problems." John said to the last male voice finally identified as "Captain".

"You don't believe enough." Was "Captain's" only reply. John couldn't roll his eyes fast enough. "Okay shut up, don't worry as long as we have fucking Mauzer or whatever his face is on our team. Referring to you, other John. We should maybe be fine. ...Maybe." "Sarge" said to which John sighed. "Fair enough. So I'm Mauzer am I now?" John said to which there was a quiet, one minute bit of silence before "Sarge" spoke. "Yes." "Sarge" said to which John simply nodded his head. "Righto well I'll be disconnecting. I'll see you guys in-game." John said before he disconnected from the voice chat and laid back on his bed, turning on his AmuSphere, and fully connecting, within a minute or two he was logged in and appeared at the main square. Of course.

John opened his eyes and looked down to his hands, looking at them he then looked at the backs of his hands. "Alright. We're good." John said to himself before he opened up his inventory and got his Zastava M76, going to where the SJ was usually held, this was the first international SJ with teams from around the world. However apparently the English and American team was taken by John's team as it was combined, with him being the only Englishman, going to the area where it was to start. John awaited his team and managed to catch a glimpse of the other competition. Unsurprisingly there was a familiar sight to be held.

A team of four people, two short girls, one decked out in pink garb another that looked about as normal as everyone else but with the same size as the girl in pink, the other a tall slim, tanned woman with a sort of bodysuit. The other was a tall man in OD green with a boonie and a large pack. John stood on the opposite side of the group. He clearly stood the tallest out of everyone else at 206cm, even the one in the group at around 190 he estimated. Just then his friends came rolling in, Sarge was dressed in a stereotypical modern military special forces fashion, however for some reason he had muttonchops.

...And John could only guess as to why. The second, Weiss came in with short white hair, red eyes and was dressed much like Sarge, save for the muttonchops. Captain was... He was all over the place, bright florescent green shorts, a black BDU shirt with equipment, least he had knee protection on and a bright blue helmet. Kiersty of whom was trying to follow Sarge with clothing had worn kit and clothes much the same except in tan with a long scarf.

John himself was dressed in a OD green BDU with his kit on him mainly a load of magazine pouches for his M76, as well as a VZ.61 submachine gun in a holster on his belt. Hidden under a OD green cape with a M.59/85 steel helmet with a OD green cover on it, under the helmet he wore a balaclava and black face paint. "So you managed to find your way, finally." John said to his friends, Sarge just rolled his eyes. Cap... Cap had a thing for grenades as clearly presented by the amount he carried. Kiersty looked halfway normal even for 95% of the people playing this game.

Weiss too looked halfway normal. "Right so you manage to scope out our competition?" Sarge asked to which John simply pointed to the four off in the distance. "Yep. And check it. Those four." John said and immediately a universal feeling of despair fell over the group. "So... Should we possibly withdraw?" Kiersty asked to which John simply shrugged. Sarge was halfway considering it probably. ...Maybe. ...Okay no he wasn't. "Nope. We're staying. And we're going to beat down some munchkins." Weiss said to which Captain agreed. "Yeah, don't worry. I have enough grenades. I'm not going to let little blondie over there out grenade me." Captain said to which John could only roll his eyes as he expected nothing less of a response.

"Right then I guess we're staying." John said before the other group found their way over by John, Sarge, Kiersty, Weiss, and Captain. "Heads up, tangos inbound." John said as he noticed the one girl clad in Pink, that was before the tall slender one in the body suit spoke up in english. "Hey, you. Super size, what's up with you? How are you taller than M?" She asked John. "Well evening to you too then." John said before he'd give an answer. "Because this height is my height. I am 206cm." John said as he leaned on the nearest table just barely half his size.

"Looks like you have a large target, hope you won't miss!" The woman said to the tall man in the group with the boonie of whom silently stared at John. Though he wasn't the only one, it seemed that the little girl in pink was also staring up at John, John took notice of this and looked down to her. "Need something?" John asked to which the small girl in pink apparently just realised she was staring. "O-Oh! No, nothing! Just, wow... You're actually 206cm?" The little girl in Pink asked to which John nodded. "Yes. I am. Giantism is a hell of a thing." John said and Weiss interrupted. "He's the best sharpshooter in the game too! Can't miss a thing!" Weiss said proudly, John knew full well he was lying but wasn't about to correct, the more this group overestimated, the better.

"I see." The tall man clad in OD green with boonie spoke up as he looked John over. "Wellp, just wanted an answer to that question, destroy you all later!" The slender woman in the bodysuit said as she turned and walked away, the tall man clad in OD green followed and as did the two short girls, though across the room they could be heard conversing in Japanese before the announcer interrupted everyone's conversations. It was time. SJ was starting. John's squad, 357 was ready, Kiersty had a Type 56 AK, Sarge had a highly customised M4A1, Captain... Of course had an RPG-7. Weiss... He had an AK-74M with a GP-30 grenade launcher and Eotech. And then... There was John with his Zastava M76 and Vz.61. At this point they were determined after what the woman clad in a black bodysuit had said. 'Destroy you later!...' That sort of arrogance John was used to shooting down time and time before in games he'd played in the past, however this was completely different.

Even in those older games he'd never taken part in any sort of "tournament". This was his first so despite him being halfway drunk he was still confidant he could pull through. ...Atleast he hoped so.