8th of October, 2027.

A quiet, barely noticeable hum originated from John's throat as he sat up high in a tall building, a mostly whole urban environment surrounded by canyons made up the whole map of this SJ. "So what happened after that." "Sarge" said and John shook his head. "Well I said, pardon me sir, but you're quite well aware how difficult it is to find such a rare item as this Zastava, I won't be planning on handing it over. "Now listen here, you english-." He says before I shot him right between the eyes with my Vz.61. Now of course he wasn't quite too pleased with that, so he starts coming on after me wherever he can, essentially tryna follow me and get me off my guard. But of course unlike most of these IG wannabes I don't hunt with one of these laser guns. I do it with bullets. Sure it's expensive but it's a good lesson on ammo preservation." John said as he looked down his scope, using a box to keep his rifle held up on so he wouldn't have to use both hands.

"And yet you're still horrible at shooting." "Sarge" said as he watched through his binoculars. "What do you want from me, I'm from the UK. I don't have the luxury of using a firearm myself." John said before a target entered his sights and he took the shot, hitting the what appeared to be a muscular man in a sleeveless OD green shirt with a red headband on. "Ruddy chav... Tryna be Rambo." John said before he sat back in his chair and titled his helmet back. "Right well that was your shot. Let's get moving." "Sarge" said as he packed up his gear, and John picked up his rifle, putting his cape back on before the two made their way down the staircase of the tall building.

"How do you think the Handicap, Weiss, and Kiersty are doing?" John asked as the two went down the staircase checking their corners. "If I know you all like I think I know you all, Captain's already probably blown a few things/people up. Weiss is playing things tactically. ...And Kiersty is just following Weiss." "Sarge" said as after a few minutes the two made their way outside and John took his scope off his rifle, placing it back in his inventory before the two continued on through side streets. "Right, so we've already offed probably a few of the mainland Euros. Just need to deal with the Ivan team, the Canadian team, the Indians, the southern British." "Sarge" said before he was interrupted by John. "Southern British?" John asked to which "Sarge" replied. "The Australians." "Sarge" said to which John just shook his head.

"Right, the losers of the Emu wars." John said to which "Sarge" replied. "Yes." "Sarge" and John continued to make their way, going from car to car, and wall to wall. Both had spent quite a few years before this Full Dive VRMMO nonsense became the new gaming standard on countless Ops in ArmA 3, and before that played a few games on the old consoles together.

"Hold up. Contacts." "Sarge" said before he crossed the street quickly and took up position on the opposite side of the street behind a car flipped on it's side. "Looks like another squad." John said as he quietly observed. "The scan isn't for another few minutes. Take these guys out and let's get moving." Sarge said before John laid down, the car he was behind still had it's tyres up, mostly.

"Roger that. On your go." John said as he adjusted the iron sights of his rifle. "Right. On three." "Sarge" said. Before giving a count down via fingers then both in unison began firing, John hitting the legs while Sarge went for the body shots, the ensuing gunfight lasted for but only a minute before the opposite squad was but laid to waste. "Right, moving in. Keep me covered." "Sarge" Said before he advanced up the sidewalk for cover instead of the street, scanning the rooftops as he moved, John stayed in position but shifted, scanning the rooftops on "Sarge's" side of the street. "Nothing, you're clear, see if you can ID em!"

"Sarge" made his way to the bodies and quickly began looking over the weapons. "RK.95, a Famas, a FN FNC, a PSG1, and a weird AK, I've not seen!" "Sarge" yelled before he bounded back into a position with cover. "Might be a FB Beryl! Did it have a absurd looking rail system on it with a white plastic mag?!" John yelled before he himself advanced up the sidewalk on his side being covered by "Sarge", watching the rooftops above. "Yes it did! Also some weird looking foldable stock! Like one of those weird Romanian AKs with the wire folding stock except it looked more like a M4 stock to a degree!" "Sarge" yelled from across the street.

"Then yep, it was a Beryl! Think that might've been the mainland EU team! Even their marksman!" John started to laugh before "Sarge" bounded across the street taking cover with John. "Well that's one team down, then." "Sarge" said while John looked over at the bodies. "Right, absolutely wicked. Now we gotta worry about the other commonwealth scrubs, the Indians, and that team from Japan." John said before he reloaded and dumped his mag into a mag dump pouch on his kit. "Right." Sarge said before he started to check the scan. "Hmm... Oh. We need to move. Now." "Sarge" said as John took a look at the scan, himself. "Oh. ...OH. ...OHHHH, that's not good."

Just down the street, in the last building on the left, three of team LPFM was there. "Okay yeah time to go, small munchkins, grenade launchers, all that isn't fun. Let's make like puritans in England and get out of here." "Sarge" said as he got up and made for the near alleyway, John did the same and the position they were just at was obliterated by grenades. "Holy. Jesus. Come on let's get out of here! The little munchkin in pink like a hyper version of the flash with her speed!" "Sarge" yelled, he and John both ran as if their lives depended on it through alleyways before they finally met up with Weiss, Captain, and Kiersty.

"You guys look like you just had an encounter with a deathclaw. What happened?" Weiss was the first to begin asking questions while John and "Sarge" were busy coughing up their lungs from running like a British Expeditionary Force member in 1940 upon receiving orders to retreat to Dunkirk. "We. Found. Something. Much, much. Worse." John got out as he was just about finished catching his breath back into his lungs. "Oh god you guys found the psychopath and the small blonde munchkin with the grenade launchers didn't you." Kiersty said while she looked up to John and Weiss simply let out a sigh.

"Well don't worry, we got the Canadians while you guys were busy playing footsie with those munchkins." Captain said before John shot him a death glare. "I. Will. Titanic. Across. The. Atlantic, on a door. Just. To kick you into the dirt. Captain." John got out after just about finishing getting his breath back. "Doubt." Captain would only reply with before John rolled his eyes and dropped the conversation.

"Regardless, we dealt with the mainland EU team." Sarge said before the group decided to relocate underground into the blown up metro that was under the map. "So we pretty much just blew up the Canadians with a couple RPG rockets, some well placed shots, and strangely enough Kiersty is actually a decent shot for being absolutely horrible in Battlefield." Weiss said before Kiersty pouted. "Shut up!" She yelled to which John sighed. "Righto. Well regardless. Unless we have a miracle from god I think if the munchkins come for us with the psychopath, we're done." John said to which "Sarge" was quick to attempt to try to lighten the mood.

"I doubt it. I'm sure we can get them... Though I have an idea. It's risky and involves us splitting up, dividing their forces. I'm sure it has a chance of succeeding though." "Sarge" said to which Weiss shrugged. "Can't be any worse or end any badly than it possibly could." Weiss said and "Sarge" nodded. "Right well, I'll remain in the metro, John get to a high vantage point, Weiss, go with Kiersty to try and draw their team out along the main road. "John, keep watch for the tall guy on their team. We need you to take him out. ...Though secondary target will be the psychopath." "Sarge" said and John tipped his helmet. "Roger that." John said to which "Sarge" held up his hand as if he wasn't finished. "Also, be sure to get that pink munchkin if possible. We can handle the munchkin with the grenade launchers. Right. Everyone knows their assigned objectives. Get to it. Cap, do you know how to boobytrap?" "Sarge" asked before John made his way through the metro and out.

Just sometime later, John made his way up a building to the highest point, it was a broken down, deserted skyscraper. However what he didn't expect was to find another marksman up there. The building was a perfect vantage point so John of course hadn't the foggiest clue why he didn't consider it. And even better. It was LPFM's marksman from what John could tell as he hid around the doorway. into a large office room filled with cubicles. From what he could tell, this man was using the cubicles for cover. Smart.

"Right... Time to put you out of the game..." John took out his Vz.61 and pulled back the charging handle, extending the wire stock he held onto the magazine and quietly approached, looking down the sights, however the situation quickly turned. He was heard. The tall man in the OD green outfit and boonie turned around to shoot John with his Mk14 EBR, however John was closer than clearly anticipated and John pushed the rifle aside, his Vz.61 Skorpion being knocked aside with the MK14, the fight now was hand to hand with no real advantage, John and this tall man just somewhat barely under his own size, wrestled about, knocking each other around on the cubicles before John got enough and managed to get his knife out, keeping the blade hidden towards his wrists along his arm, he allowed this other man to get up close to him, pinning him to a desk before John stabbed him in the neck multiple times then the side.

The body fell limp and around about the last stab the "Immortal Object" purple hexagon appeared over the somewhat just barely shorter man's body, before John pushed it off and began to dust himself off. Not opting to waste his healing injection for quarter dent in his health. Taking up his Zastava M76 and his Vz.61 putting it back into it's holster, John took up the position occupied by it's previous inhabitant and looked over the battlefield. Everything was mostly going to plan for him. However of course there would be one thing he didn't account for... One particular mission objective he didn't take into consideration The "Pink Munchkin" was closer than he anticipated, unbeknown to him of course.

However he did expect some sort of response. Given that in Squads were essentially player parties. They would show the health of your fellows in the squad. It would be likely that LPFM wouldn't take the loss of it's marksman, lightly. As such he would of course expect a counter attack, however when it would come... John wouldn't know until it was already happening. John would of course, take the proper steps to atleast have some sort of warning as to when it was going to happen.