Somewhere, in an alternate universe, there was Dimmsdale. Many residents - mostly children - lived in this town, and a lot of them weren't the smartest people around. However, if there was one person who stood out from the rest, it was a girl named Tootie Walden.

Tootie had light skin and black hair in ponytails, held together by light blue hairbands. She wore a black shirt with short white sleeves, as well as a grey skirt, white socks and black shoes. She also wore cats' eye glasses; even though she could see just as well without them, she almost always wore them because she thought they looked cute on her. Her glasses had purple frames, and the glass parts were a light blue.

At first glance, Tootie was your average little girl: cute, nice, playful and feminine. She was exactly that, but she was also brave, intelligent, adventurous, and always knew the right thing to do. She attended a first grade class with Mr. Crocker as her teacher; he always gave her difficult assignments and complained about nearly everything, but she tried her best to win his trust. With the exception of one student, Tootie didn't really know her class too well, despite that she could remember all of their names and talked with them almost every day. There was only one student who was her true best friend.

That best friend was Clara Belle, a girl with brown hair and green eyes. Clara was extremely sensitive, cowardly and shy, but she had a heart of pure gold and she did whatever she could to help Tootie solve her problems. She usually avoided most situations, especially scary or dangerous ones, unless Tootie was by her side.

Teddy Rascal, one of the students in Tootie's class, was the school bully. He seemed to hate everyone, but everyone hated him as well. He would constantly trick the other kids into doing something dangerous or stupid, and he would threaten them if they didn't oblige. He did have his moments, but they were quite few.

Teddy, however, wasn't the biggest problem that Tootie had in her life. There was one thing that she hated much more, and saw as a much more serious problem. That problem was that there was a giant, evil, living jet that everyone could only refer to as, "The Jet." Nobody knew who created it, but the Jet was alive, had a mind of his own and could talk. He was a male, and was able to do anything humans could do. He had two robotic arms built into him, and whenever he needed to manipulate an object or make a gesture, he would open at least one panel in his body, and out would come one of his robotic arms. He was built with a sensor that could sense Tootie's location; almost every day, the Jet would fly to wherever she might be. Often, he would try to capture her and take him to his garage, where he intended to make her do whatever he told her to. The Jet wasn't always up to his evil deeds, however. Sometimes, he just wanted Tootie to do him a favor, with the promise that he would help her as well.

Even with the Jet constantly after her, Tootie didn't let him slow her down. She always found a way to stop him and get him to leave her alone, no matter what. And getting him to lose against her often involved making him sneeze with just about everything she could find. She usually didn't have a problem with that, however.

Tootie lived in a nice house with two living parents. Her mother, Nicky, was a stay-at-home mom, and her father, Michael, worked many hours a week in order to keep money flowing in. They also had a pet cat, which was a female, white cat named Tammy. This cat was obedient, friendly and listened to every word that Tootie said to her. They didn't have a dog, however; Tammy usually ran away from them, and Tootie thought they were too loud, too dirty and sometimes even scary. She had socialized with a dog before, but he belonged to one of her neighbors that she weren't as familiar with.

These are the stories of Tootie's adventures, with her friends, family, and the Jet, in Dimmsdale.