Jaune sat down on his bed, Crocea Mors in his hands. The Breach had been stopped that night. Everyone was celebrating.

Everyone except him. Jaune killed one Grimm, Pyrrha got the highest kills of seventeen. Nora came in second with fourteen, and Ren came in close with eleven.

Now as he sat there, allowing his depression to take hold, NPR, and RWBY were out, getting ready to have fun. Jaune couldn't celebrate.

Not like this.

He pushed and pushed, did everything in his power to become stronger, It amounted to this. One kill. And he barely got it too.

The boy felt tears well up in his eyes and allowed them to drop. 'Even here, I feel like an outcast.' he thought.

lHe drops his sword allowing to clang on the floor before he put his head in his hands. The results are always the same. He wanted to be a little league baseball player: he became the worst valued player of the league. He became part of the middle school band: he barely had any stage time being a backup trumpet player. Hell he even attempted Football: Result: he became the waterboy.

Jaune closed his eyes and sobbed loudly. His life was nothing, No matter how hard he tries, this was the amount he would receive. He trained hard with Pyrrha, the champion of their team. He studied tactics, and terrain, sometimes until late at night, yet after all this and even after the Breach, he amounted to the same skills a simple civilian would have. Jaune felt his heart sank lower as he pick up his sword and leaned it on his night stand. He didn't feel like celebrating. He decided he needs some sleep to clear his mind of his negative thoughts…

Or he was until he heard something wiggle around. Looking to his left, he didn't see anything, but when he switched to his right, he saw it. One of Nora's grenade canisters was moving around as if something was trying to get out. However before he could act on it, the door opened to reveal his team and RWBY.

"Jaune, we have been waiting for you." Pyrrha spoke softly. Jaune did not return her gaze so she stepped in, allowing the others to walk in. When he still said no words. Pyrrha spoke again. "Jaune, are you OK?"

Jaune stood for a few more seconds before finally asking a question. "Nora, did you attempt to put a living thing in one of your grenades?"

Nora raised an eyebrow at her leader. Something living in her ammunition? Sounds unusual but also awesome. Picture it: She could fire a round and upon hitting the ground, the animal inside could leap out and attack whatever she deemed unworthy of life. Mostly Grimm and Pancake activists. Those monsters!

Jaune, still not turning to face them, snapped his fingers, bringing the pink bomber back to reality. Nora, now remembering her team leader's question shook her head. "I haven't done anything like that, Fearless leader. Though thanks for the idea."

Jaune raised a finger at the still moving canister. "Then why is that moving?"

All eyes turned to the round, making their eyes grow wide. Nora however walked over and scooped it up. "No idea fearless leader. Let's crack it and see what's inside."

"Nora" Ren spoke. "I don't think that is a good idea. We don't know what is in there. I suggest we take it to Emerald forest just to be safe."

"But Reeeennnn!" Nora protested. No sooner had she said that the canister moved, tipping it off the bomber's palm. Nora made a grab for it, but it was too late. The canister hit the round and cracked, causing a beam of light to shoot out and hit Jaune's hand. The leader of JNPR yelp as the beam pierced through his aura and into his hand.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha cried out and attempted to reach him but then just as she touched him, his hand turned to dust and moved up his arm. The rest of the group watch in horror as Jaune began to fade away into dust. As it reached his head. Jaune looked at his team one last time. "Guys?" He said before he was completely consumed.

The teams looked on as the remains of their awkward friend fell to the ground. Ruby's eyes began to water, Yang grabbed her, attempting to comfort her. Weiss and Blake stared shocked at the event, while Nora began shaking in fear. Ren, shocked as well could not move nor tear his gaze away from the remaining dust. As for Pyrrha.

She dropped to her knees and and with one mighty cry, she screamed "Jaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuunnnneee!"

Week Later After The Breach

Ozpin stood at the base of the statue symbolizing the huntsman. It had been a week since Jaune had disappeared. During those days, it was chaos of events.

Cardin, who had pleased of the news had made attempts to court Pyrrha, claiming Jaune did not have any feelings for her and that he would be glad to give her what she needs. The boy would not be out of the infirmary until maybe the day before the festival started.

The headmaster told the champion that he will find a replacement for them, only to have her slap him hard. It was a poor choice but one in which she had to cope with. JNPR's replacement was due to move in a weeks time and to say the initial meet and greet a couple days before was negatively received and that was sugar coating it.

The replacement, a young arrogant boy named Cobalt Turner had flirted heavily with RWBY and NP, to their distain. He openly criticized Ren due to his lack of a 'manly weapon' and brushed off Yang's threats when he began his advances with Ruby. However the dam broke when Cobalt then made the comment that Jaune "Was a coward and deserved his fate." Ozpin was surprised that the boy survived the wrath of RWBY and NPR.

Ozpin lowered his gaze from the statue and closed his eyes. Despite having lied to the school, Jaune was irreplaceable. He was the glue to RWBY and JNPR, he made Ren and Nora feel as if they were a family, He made Pyrrha feel like she was ordinary, His clumsiness made Ruby open up more to the world. He had no ill will toward the Faunus, pleasing Blake. He look out for Weiss, when she was stood up by Neptune, And he even kept up with Yang's banter, making bad puns and jokes the blonde brawler was proud of and assisted in watching over Ruby when Yang couldn't be there. Overall, While Yang and Pyrrha were the "Mothers" of the group, Jaune and Ren was no doubt the "Father" figures of them.

It was even more sad as he noticed both Yang, Blake and Pyrrha harbored feelings for the knight. Pyrrha was easy to tell from the beginning of the year, wishing to train the boy; a Mistral tradition of courting, The boy was very dense about traditions as he accepted the Amazon's proposal.

Blake like Jaune because of his willingness to protect Faunus, even babysitting a cat-Faunus child during their winter break while she and RWBY went to the beach. To see Jaune acting like a father made Blake more adamant to take him for her own, to show that Faunus and Humans can coexist with one another.

Yang never harbored feeling for the boy until the dance. Jaune was like a brother to Ruby, watching out for her, when she wasn't around and even checked her over when the Breach was taken care of; a feat she should have done, but was more concerned with killing Grimm. She always made fun of the knight because of his clumsiness, but his closeness to Ruby as a friend and her second sibling like person was heartwarming.

However it was when She went to the dance that made the difference. He reprimanded Neptune for standing up Weiss, Stayed with Ruby as she hid from the dance floor, and when she decided to go to a club later that night, she was saved by him as she ended up drugged by an unknown assailant who then tried to carry her to a nearby alleyway. He barely had gotten her down to her underwear when the Knight found them and knocked the unknown man out, before getting her to a nearby hotel and stood guard over her all night until the next morning. And not only that, he wasn't even looking for her, he was in town to take a brisk walk; a hobby he still did until the Breach.

The fact that he can make Yang's strawberry sunrise was an added bonus. He and Ren were the cooks of the groups, Ren for breakfast and nutritious drinks, Jaune for hearty meals in lunch and dinner. Ozpin even had a taste of his Lobster Seafood combination. He had to stop Glynda from eating the whole thing. Those were great times but now that the Knight was gone, He felt as if he completely failed in his mission overall.

Before he began to walk back to his personal dorm, a voice stopped him. "Huntsman. Huntresses. Humanity's answer to the Grimm. the heroes destined to bring about peace in this world, and yet the universal statement still holds true."

The headmaster turned to see a mysterious woman standing in front of him. With a very stoic look on her face; on that spoke experience in the form of combat, she had long white hair that ran down her lower back, with a white sailor officer hat. Her eyes were a lilac purple, and she wore a white navy shirt with short black skirt, long black stockings with thigh high black and red boots.

She had on a long navy overcoat with the low part having a "CV-6", a tie with an eagle symbol which was the same on her hat, and a belt below her chest.

She had a well endowed body that could have put many ladies to shame. With breasts that were as big as Glynda's and a rear that surpassed many, this lady also looked toned, with abs, biceps, and even her thighs chiseled as if made from stone.

However is was her stance that made her stand out, as she stood a full height of 5.10, at a 'Parade Rest' stance with her free hand behind her back, while the other held her weapon, a unique looking bow, at her side.

She turned her eyes to Ozpin and nodded her head. "War never Changes, regardless of the era."

Ozpin's eyes narrowed at the remark before speaking. "A wise statement. Something he would have agreed to."

His eyes soften as he spoke of the young knight. The woman nodded in understanding but maintained her posture. But as Ozpin lowered his eyes, She took a deep breath. "Jaune is a good person. He is a good and dear friend to me. I'm so glad to have met him."

Ozpin's eyes shot straight up alarmed. "Jaune is alive?" He asked hastily. The woman nodded. "Yes, he is." she replied. "He has spoken of his friends here with me. I am here because of him, because he misses his family."

She slowly walked forward and touch the shoulder of the headmaster, hers eyes showing warmth toward the headmaster.

"I am here to bring him home to you."

Later that day….

Summer Rose, leader of team STRQ and the mother of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long, stepped off the Bullhead and began her trek toward Beacon Academy. She had just finished a standard mission for her friend/sister, Raven and decided to visit Glynda as well as her daughters. Carrying two bags of her famous chocolate chips cookies for her daughters, She began to enter, still hearing some students whispering about the attack was fresh in her mind, as when it occurred, she nearly dropped everything to get over there to protect her daughters. It took Raven coming out of hiding and tackling Summer to that ground to stop the leader of STRQ from interfering, saying that the girls needed to learn to fight on their own, if they wished to survive in the world.

After she heard what happened after the breach to JNPR and RWBY. Summer left it to Yang to care for Ruby as they made it clear this Jaune character was very close to her girls.

Ignoring the other students, especially the boys who were staring lustfully at her, Summer made her way to Headmaster's office. As she entered the elevator, she took a deep breath. Ozpin still tries to get her to go on missions for him, but she denied every time. It was the headmaster's doing that nearly got her killed in the Grimm-lands if not for Qrow and Raven hearing about it too. Before she could think about it further, the sound of the elevator reaching the top floor made her stop. When she entered the Headmaster's office she saw Qrow, Gynda, Winter, Ozpin and Ironwood talking to a white haired girl. Or attempting to interrogate the girl who had one of her hands clasped behind her back, calmly answering any questions, while in her other she held a weird bow like weapon.

"What's going on?" Summer asked in confusion, The group in question turned to look at her. "Hey, Sum, just a guest. I guess" said Qrow as he look at girl who nodded at the newcomer. Summer then smirked. "Qrow, doing it again, aren't you?"

Qrow just shrug as the elevator ding again, revealing RWBY and (J)NPR. "MOM!" Ruby and Yang shouts excited as they ran to hug their favorite Supermom. Summer smiled and returned the hug. The moment was broken when the unknown woman cleared her throat.

"Good, you're all here" She spoke."my name is Enterprise, and the reason why I'm here is to tell you about Commander Arc" Their eyes widen as the rest of Headmaster office remained unfazed. Enterprise smiled then sat down in one of the chairs, leaning her weapon on Ozpin's desk. "Jaune is a very grand strategist when I met him. He was scared upon meeting me, but during the Second World War, I-"

"Wait a second." Ironwood cut in, gaining her attention. "A second World War? I don't wish to sound skeptical, Ms Enterprise, but the fact that Remnant had only one Great War debunks your statement."

Mrs Prise smiled. "Your world has, but where I come from, we have had two. And to be honest, I am here not just to bring you back your Leader, but to show you what he's has done for me and the nation we fought under."

The room remained silent, soaking up the new information. Enterprise waited patiently until Ruby decided to try and get the situation under control with the only way she knew how. She zoomed up to The white haired lady, surprising the young woman and asked. "So what kind of weapons do you have?"

Enterprise stared at the little reaper before smiling. She pointed to her weapon and said "This is my bow. It fire projectiles that turns into a squadron of aircrafts. My ammunition consists of either SBD Dauntless dive bombers, SB2C Helldiver dive bomber, Avengers TBF torpedo planes, or F6F Hellcats Fighter planes." Ruby cooed at the deck, fantasizing about the possibilities of having such a weapon until Pyrrha asked the important question. "Wait, you sound as if you are a ship? How do you know Jaune?"

Enterprise smiled. "The reason I have a weapon that is like that of a ship is because in the world where Jaune was, I was a ship." She declared. Everyone looked at her as if she had grown a second head, but the blonde continued. "And the reason I know Jaune personally is because he was the commander of my task force. During the war, we took part in many campaigns, from naval battles to Island hopping. He as well as a couple others led me to victory against Empire of Japan. However when the war ended, I was no longer needed and I was taken apart. Jaune did everything to save me but it was not enough."

The room was silent as Enterprise regained control of herself. Wiping away her tears, she continued. "I thought it was all over, but then I had a dream. It told me that I was going to wake up in Remnant and my job wasn't finished. Jaune was needed back here and as his flagship, It is my job to serve him once more. A job, I couldn't be happier to do. Jaune was to take command and protect me and my task force. A job I know he will fulfill. After all, he told me that as an Arc, he is sworn to uphold his word, no matter the cost."

She finished her tale with a hint of pride. The room was silent before Ruby, being the closest, hugged Enterprise, surprising everyone, especially the Blonde. After a moment, the Reaper let go, her eyes watering. "Well, knowing Vomit-boy, I think it's safe to say you are telling the truth." she spoke. Enterprise smiled warmly, before Weiss spoke. "Wait you said 'Task force? There's more of you?"

Mrs Prise nodded. "Yes, I have Fourteen ships currently with me. Twelve were with me during the first stages of the war while the other two were elsewhere. Not that I mind. They are battleships; you will never find any ship more powerful and more deadly to bear in a fight, both naval and amphibious." The group were astounded by her declaration to her force. Ironwood was surprised. If what she said was true, imagine if he could meet with them. Then he could study how they operate and if the results proved useful, Atlas could have the firepower needed to finally eliminate the Grimm.

Ozpin was also having a positive look on the newcomer. She seemed more experienced and more powerful than even Ms. Nikos. Maybe he could use her to become the next Maiden instead of the Amazon. But first he needed to see her in action.

Qrow was silent but in his mind, he was reeling with questions. A girl who was once a ship. Sounds like a fairy tale. Not to mention she was a very sexy woman. There's not many times he found himself drawn to other than women but this ship was now a girl and if she is battle-hardened in combat, maybe he can educate her in other areas, mainly assist her in fully integrating into a true woman. He was so immersed in his fantasies, he didn't notice Glynda pulling out her crop until he felt the weapon smack him in the back of his head.

Glynda was also taking it in stride but she was giving her respect silently to this woman. She was very well built not just in beauty, but in the form of her muscles. There was no doubt in her mind that if she was a warship in her previous life, then her figure alone showed she was a very well built vessel. A warrior they very well needed in this time.

RWBY and (J)NPR were amazed. This woman fought alongside Jaune as a ship, and she was able to survive a World War II. However If she was really strong, they needed to see if she can hold up against them. Jaune wasn't the best of Huntsman and if she was on par with him, then that meant that the students had two people to train.

Summer watched the young ship/girl with a motherly eye. There was no lie she could see in her eyes. But she had to ask a question. Clearing her throat. She spoke. "So if you are a ship, then what is your full name, and what ship were you."

The blonde girl turned to turned to the leader of STRQ and grinned. "I was and still am an Aircraft Carrier. My Designation is CV-6, My Class is Yorktown." she stood up at attention and salute.

"I am USS Enterprise: Eagle Union's strongest carrier!"