Hello my friends,

It's me, Rinter. Now I know I told you guys that I would be putting out a chapter but unfortunately I am stalled. Not because I am tired of writing but because of Vol 8. Call me a slow learner but I now have to rethink my stories because of the fucking side note that Salem is literally an unkillable bitch.

How do you make a good fan fic when one side is mortal with the other is literally a Demi-god, so to speak.

Not only that but the way the story is going, I don't know how to effectively merge canon, with Azur Lane. Seriously, a flying whale? A talking grim, what's next? Ironwood gets one of the main characters killed?


...I'm good. I'm good. Ok then, real talk. You guy love this story and I love writing this for you, but I need to figure out how I can make the Azur Lane ladies compete with Dumbass Ozpin's Ex-wife. I've been going over this for many moons and I don't know how to do so. If you guys got any ideas so I can move forward faster. Send it to me.

Here's to RWBY Vol 8, stop slacking on development. And I don't mean just the characters.