Chapter 1

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"Can Agent Logan Mitchell report to Office 1 ASAP, please."

When your called to Office 1 it's normally important, either that or you're in trouble but most of the time it's about a case only the best Spies work on. Yep, I'm a Spy.

I'll only tell you the basics, my name is Logan Mitchell, I'm a Spy and I'm 17. As I said before only the best Spies get called to Office 1 about a case, and I AM the best of the best.

The main reason I'm a Spy is because of my Intelligence, I have a brain like Isaac Newton, George Washington, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking all rolled into one. In short, I'm like this crazy human being with a crazy smart brain.

"I'm here!"

I declared as I sat down in my chair.

"Good to know Agent Mitchell"

Agent Hudson didn't seem impressed by my entrance, which I don't expect of course I do it for fun I am a teenager, he look annoyed. I leant back and smiled at him.

The meeting was over and done with as quickly as it started. I wouldn't be called in now unless it was important, 3 days before school starts. I was starting at a new school, Dalton Academy. It also meant I would get to see my family even less than I already do thanks to being a Spy. I was kind of glad about this though, I didn't have to live with my alcoholic mother and step dad, his two daughters who rarely visit (honestly, they aren't that bad). Or my dad who I don't often see but we do talk on the phone every day and my half-sister Brittany.

School was as I expected, easy as hell! I was also doing a pretty good job at isolating myself but sitting in my dorm room every day after school with nothing to do is like dying on the inside, so I went and tried out for clubs.

The first club I decided to try out for was the hockey Team (which isn't really a club). Coach seemed surprised at how good I was, I've always loved hockey, but I've always had to play in my free time instead of joining a school team because I moved schools so much when I was younger now I change school every year. This year I want to be a teenager and have friends and be...normal for once.

"Logan can I talk to you for a minute?"

Coach asked after practice. I had to practice with the 'new recruits' and I always had the puck.


I said walking over

"I wouldn't normally do this, but I want you to start practicing with the main team"

"thanks Coach!"

I said before heading to the changing rooms.

"Hey Mitchell, what did Coach want with you?"

"It's none of your business Jett"

Jett Stetson, Deputy Leader of the main team.

"Well your training to join MY team so it IS my business."

By this time, I was already changed into my 'Casual Wear' as people liked to call it. Just as I was about to walk out the door I turned to face Jett,

"See you at practice Jett!"

I said then left, the look on his face was priceless!

About half way to my dorm room I stopped, sat on the nearest bench and called my dad.

"Hey Son! How's school?"


"I thought this school was meant to challenge you?"

"If challenging is being able to do your homework in the lesson, the yes, it is VERY challenging"

"I don't get why you don't just skip to the final year of University And get school over and done with,"

"because I like going to school, it means I don't have to give mum money so she can get drunk out of her mind."

"She isn't fit to look after you Logie,"

"but she has full custody over me, and if that wasn't the case I would be with you instead of her, I know. Just wait until I'm 18 Dad, I'll be free of her."

"I wish you didn't have to go through this, if whats-a-face hadn't come along then we would still be together."

"I know Dad"

There was a pause.


"Do you remember that kid, Ken I think it was,"

"Of course I do! I still have that photo from when we won that hockey game. Speaking of hockey, Coach put me on the main team."

It was dark by the time I finished talking to my dad, it was 9 o'clock which meant I would have to speak to my roommate. I wasn't surprised that he had his friends over, they were all crammed onto the two-seater in front of the TV watching hockey.

"Hey Logan!"

He shouted over the noise of the TV.


I shouted back before sitting on my bed

"Come join us!"

James shouted.

"there's no room!"

I shouted back.

"there is on the floor!"

Blaine shouted.

Eventually I gave in and sat in front of the Tv to. About half way through my phone started to ring, but not my every day one, my 'Spy' one.


I said before getting up,


Carlos asked


I replied before walking into the corridor.

So that's where I'm leaving this chapter. Honestly I don't know why I wrote it so that the chapter ended here but then the chapter would me much longer than this if I hadn't so...