Hey guys! So, here's another fic. I was kind of inspired after reading one about Peter finding out he's Tony's biological son, and I thought I'd add my own little twist to it- that Peter went missing as a kid!

So I'm kind of excited for this fic cuz I like the idea a lot. Sorry if I don't update regularly. I'm pretty busy with school and my other fics are taking up some time since I already promised a fixed update period of every week.

Ummmm so yeah! Enjoy, I guess.

Oh, also! I posted my fic "Peter Parker's Fantastic Field Trip" on AO3, but it says it's posted by an anonymous user (me) for some reason so o.O

Here u go!

For those of you who have already read this fic, I edited it a little bit after a few people asked why Peter wouldn't want to be Stark's kid.

So I guess I just kind of thought about it in my head but never put it down on paper. I wanted for Peter to feel torn- he's just been told (by his dead birth parents, no less) that his dad is actually Tony Stark and he's his missing son, Jasper Stark. He just needs time to think about it and process this, a fact which I don't think I communicated well in the story. So I basically only edited the conversation between him and May about what he's going to do and how he feels after watching the video.

Peter thinks he might eventually tell Mr. Stark, but do keep in mind that he's grown up idolizing this guy, and he doesn't know if Mr. Stark wants him back or how everyone will react.

Thanks! Enjoy.

Peter rummaged through the old box of his mother's things that he had found in the attic, TV playing in the background.

"... And today, the world mourns the thirteenth anniversary of young Jasper Stark's disappearance. The heir of Stark Industries and son to billionaire Tony Stark and CEO Pepper Potts was last seen by his parents as a two year old, abducted from his home in a terrorist attack in 2005.

No trace of Jasper Stark has been found since, although police remind you to call authorities if you see or hear anything that you think could help solve the case. Last night, authorities released a sketch of what Jasper Stark would look like today. Here we have the picture right now, and as you can see…"

Peter glanced up at the TV, startling at the striking similarity between himself and the photograph on screen. Shrugging and dismissing the thought, he went back to looking through the heirlooms.

His hand hit a hard rectangular container, and he jerked it back, sucking in air through his teeth. Reaching in a hand, he fished out an old cassette-type thing (reels, tape and all), and inspected it. Scribbled on hurriedly in sloppy letters were the words

'For Peter, Love Mary and Richard'

He frowned and looked around for a place to put the tape in. Spotting a cassette player on the TV, he inserted it carefully.

An old camera's shaky film came onto the screen, and Peter pursed his lips in anticipation.

The video shows a wooden floor, then suddenly flips around to show the faces of Peter's parents.

"Hey, sweetie," says Mary. "Ah… I'm sure you're probably wondering what this is- assuming you're older, of course." She paused to clear her throat. "So… We need to tell you something really important. And it may be a shock to you, but we need for you to say calm." Richard takes over.

"Here's the thing; we aren't your real parents. In fact, we had never met you before until you were two years old. See, we found you on a recon mission- because we're spies. We work for S.H.I.E.L.D., which stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. And… One day we found you in a H.Y.D.R.A. base, and took you home in secret." He glanced towards Mary, and she continued for him.

"We ran your DNA, and it turned out that you already had a match in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s system. Heck, you had a match in every system. Because, uh… You're Tony Stark and Pepper Potts' kid. You're Jasper Stark."

Peter felt his stomach drop, and he paused the video as fast as he could.

There was no way he was Jasper Stark. Everyone knew who Jasper Stark was- hell, Peter was just watching Jasper's- no, he corrected himself. His own missing report on TV.

Did May know? Probably. May knew everything about everyone, especially her nephew.

Suddenly a thud sounded, and his aunt's voice rang out.

"Hey, Peter? Come help me with these groceries?" Peter pushed himself up reluctantly and trudged over to May, cassette in hand.

"Aunt May?" He asked hesitantly. She turned, a smile on her face.

"Yeah, hon?" Her gaze locked onto the box in Peter's hand and the grin turned into a grimace. "Oh dear. I knew you'd find that one day, but I suppose I never prepared myself for it. Ah… Have you watched it yet?" All Peter could do was nod his head weakly and she winced sympathetically. "Then you know. I'm so sorry. I should've told you earlier, but-"

Peter found a voice and cleared his throat to interrupt. "It's alright, Aunt May. I get it." At the dubious look on her face, he tacked on "Really!"

"What are you going to do?"

"Um, I don't know. I just… If anybody found out, it would change my whole life, you know? I just need some time to figure it out." He paused, still taking it in. "Maybe I'll tell him, but… I only just found out that I'm the missing son of Tony Stark." May nodded sympathetically.

"What about the internship?" She asked, and Peter groaned.

Earlier that year, Peter had applied for a prestigious internship directly under Tony Stark. He had submitted a video explaining why he wanted to have the position, and turned in designs for a project he had started that year.

Now all he could do was pray that he didn't get the job. It would only complicate things more. He had just been told that his dead birth parents weren't actually his birth parents at all. Peter just needed time to think about it. May could sense his obvious distress and clicked her tongue.

"Mail came today. We could check," offered May, and Peter smiled (or tried to smile; It was more of a grimace). Taking out a bundle of envelopes, May began checking the addresses.

A few moments later, her face turned to one of pity.

"There's only one for you here. From, ah, Stark Industries." Just his luck.

He tore open the letter and sank into the chair nearest him.

"Accepted. Out of hundreds of thousands of applicants, the one person who got it was the one who didn't want the job." He sighed. "Think it's too late to retract my application?" May sighed and shook her head.

"Have fun with it. You don't need to ever tell anyone- especially him." Peter sighed.

"Looks like my first day is next week. Can't wait for my first day," He groaned.

"Look on the bright side. You work for Tony Stark!" Exclaimed May.

"Yeah, but look on the downside. I work for Tony Stark."

Peter was going to be dreading the first day all week.