Hey, guys! So, this second chapter actually used to be a part of the last one, but I split it in half because I figured

Suspense, and

It flows nicer that way. Plus I have more time to come up with ideas and edit and such.

So, uhhhh yeah! Enjoy. I love taking suggestions from readers and putting them into my story so seriously, if you have any idea of what you want to happen or how you want this to end, I'm all ears! I'm actually not totally sure how I should make this story- do you guys want it to be kinda short (like 10 chapters) or long and drawn out (so like 20 chapters)? Warning, with the second one it'll probably be angsty and Tony won't find out about Peter being Jasper Stark/Spider-Man for a long time or even at all but, uh….

Also, I realized I completely changed the tone in this chapter about halfway through writing it but what can I say? I love myself a happy Peter Parker, so I made him be excited (if not a little really nervous).

Love y'all! Enjoy chapter two.

Also, I updated the last chapter to work in why Peter is so upset about having Mr. Stark as his real dad, since a few people asked about it. I explained my vision and some other important stuff, so go read if you want clarifications!

"I promise I'm supposed to be here, could you just check the system?" Peter had been pleading with the receptionist at Stark Industries for over ten minutes, and he was supposed to be in conference room 1B in five.

The woman looked him up and down.

"No can do, kid. Look, I'm sure you're plenty smart enough to be an intern for him or whatever, but the application was for college kids only." Peter sighed, rubbing his face with his hands.

"Ma'am, I swear I got the acceptance letter in the mail and everything. I just forgot to bring it and I'm supposed to be up there in five minutes. Seriously, can you please just run my name through the system?" The receptionist let out a deep sigh and relented.

"Alright, kid, but let me just warn you. I've got to be harsh on anyone who comes in here because crazy people try to get to Mr. Stark all the time and I've got to deal with them. I'm only checking for you because… I dunno, actually. Guess you just got a trustworthy face," she said. "Peter Parker, you said?" Peter nodded.

"P, e, t, e-" he began, but she stopped him by holding up a hand.

"I know how to spell, Mr. Parker."

"Oh. Uh, my bad," he replied, opting to stay silent until the receptionist had finished looking him up. The woman frowned at something on her screen (which Peter really wished he could see right now) before looking up at him with an apologetic, albeit confused, expression on her face.

"So sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Parker. It seems that I was wrong about you. Let me print out your pass, and I'll notify Mr. Stark of why you'll be late." Peter let out a sigh of relief at the woman's statement.

"It's alright, miss, really. I get it, heh. I would be skeptical too if a teenager walked in saying they worked at Stark Industries." And really, Peter did get it. This woman must have a hard job, having to deal with everyone who came in here claiming to be an employee. Could Peter do that? Nope.

He suddenly focused into his surroundings when the woman gave him a smile and handed him a pass with purple on it, featuring the words

Peter Parker, Level 3 - Intern

"There are ten levels," The receptionist explained. "The higher the level, the higher your clearance. You have the same badge as any beginning intern, save your name." Peter nodded, exhilarated, before the woman raised a single eyebrow. "You're just going to stand there? You'll be even more late than you have to be if you don't go now." Peter jolted up, breaking into a sprint.

"Sorry, ma'am!" He called out to the woman at the desk as he disappeared around the corner. He left her chuckling and shaking her head.

"There's just something about that kid," she murmured to herself before turning back to her computer.

As soon as Peter had stepped into the huge building, he had started to get excited about his new job. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all, right?

Nobody had to know that he was Jasper Stark.

And then there had been that whole thing with the lady at the front desk. She seemed like a genuinely nice person, if not a little stressed out. But, hey. Who wasn't a little stressed out nowadays?

But now, as Peter was dashing through the halls in a one horse open sleigh, his nervousness came back again.

What if they didn't like him? Or they fired him on the spot for being late? What if someone recognised him as Jasper Stark? He was in Stark Tower, after all.

Oh, God. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Maybe he should just turn around now and get out while he still could-

All of a sudden, Peter's thoughts were interrupted by a loud smack and a collision. Nice going, Parker. Why don't you just staple a sign to you forehead saying "I'M TOO CLUMSY TO WORK HERE! FIRE ME" in big letters, huh?

"Oh. My. God. I am so sorry, I wasn't looking at where I was going and I ran right into you, oh my God I'm going to die of embarrassment." Peter stopped to look up at the poor unfortunate soul who had to meet him this (just terrible) morning.

And promptly froze when he actually saw the poor unfortunate soul who had to meet him this morning (which was steadily getting much worse).

It was Natasha. Fucking. Romanov. Ever had one of those day where you're just like "kill me now"? Yeah, this was one of those days. Except Natasha fucking Romanov would probably happily oblige.

Realizing he had just been staring up at her in utter horror for, like, two minutes, he quickly tried to fix the situation.

"I mean, uh... " Ooh, good save, idiot. "I'm so sorry! I'm just- I'm late, and- you're The Black Widow- like, Natasha Romanov- ohmygod this is so cool- wait no it's not I just ran into Natasha Romanov I am such an idiot." Realizing he was rambling (as he did when he was nervous- a nasty habit that he could, unfortunately, just not break) he quickly just shut up. Natasha blinked at him and then opened her mouth to respond.

"Hey, it's alright. I don't mind. Did you say you were late? Where you going?" Peter couldn't believe that she was actually being nice to him.

"Uh… Conference room 1B." She cracked a genuine smile.

"Hey, me too. Why don't I walk you?" Great, Peter thought to himself. I get to meet the actual Black Widow and I run into her at full speed. And then, just to top things off, she'll be with me when I get to meet my boss/father-who-doesn't-know-I'm-alive-

because-he-thinks-I'm-dead-because-I-was-kidnapped-as-a-child for the first time. Huh. Lengthy title for Mr. Stark. Think I'll just stick with calling him boss.

"Sounds great," he lied.

They walked to Peter's doom the room in complete silence, Peter thankful that it was a short trip all the while. Finally they reached an enormous door that had a shiny silver plaque outside reading

Conference Room 1B

Natasha gestured for him to enter the room before her, and he gulped before stepping in.