Alright everyone I've started another fanfic and this one is a little different. But before all that lets set some ground rules the manga is over but the ova's and second movie are still in play.

A little Shop in Nerima


Came the kind voice of a young woman in her late teens with long brown hair and eyes full of kindness and warmth. This girl was Kasumi Tendo eldest of the Tendo sister currently looking up at the sign on the new shop just after a day of grocery shopping. This was a new place for sure you don't live in a town like Nerima without knowing every business and those that owned it.

Much like most of the businesses in Nerima this shop had glass windows and doors with the sign above them. Seeing no harm in seeing the new business Kasumi walked through the door.

"Oh how cute." Kasumi giggled upon hearing the sound of the door chime as she stepped inside. While the exterior was no different than any other shop the interior on the other hand was well-lit and open with about four to five round tables scattered around, and some longer ones against the windows looking outside. The counter had a glass display. There were also a number stools at the counter. The thing that stood out the most a large map on the wall with certain locations on said map having a small trinket placed there.

There in the middle of the room was a black haired guy carrying two large boxes one in each hand. His eyes examined Kasumi with a curious gaze.

"Hmm thought I left the closed sign up." he said more to himself then Kasumi.

Kasumi's eyebrow arched in curiosity as her eyes shot to said sign only to notice that said open sign was looking her in the face meaning the closed sign was facing the glass.

"Oh my I'm so sorry I leave now sorry for the intrusion." Kasumi quickly apologized bowing in shame while backing away.

"WAIT! I mean you can stay if you want I still need to finish unpacking and I could use the company." the young man quickly said. Putting the boxes down he makes his way to the young Tendo and extended his hand. "Um I'm Kazuma... Kazuma Hishigaki (He-she-gah-key)."

"Hello Kazuma I'm Kasumi Tendo nice to meet you." she responded while shaking the offered hand. Now that she finally got the chance to get a look at the young man she couldn't help but notice that his attire was different than most of the people that recently lived or frequently visited the first thing was rather then wearing a gi, or anything of the Asian background. Instead he wore a white short-sleeve hooded jacket with black trim. Under it was a black t-shirt that still displayed his muscular frame, tan cargo pants and ironically black kung-fu slippers. The things that stuck out the most was the silver sacred bead hanging around his neck. And the black bands around his wrists, and ankles.

Realizing she had been staring Kasumi quickly attempts to change focus. "So Kazuma you own your business what do you sell? Oh and what brings you to Nerima?"

"Ah it's a coffee shop and to answer your question this is the only town that allows a sixteen year old to own their own business no questions asked." Kazuma answered while shifting his eyes at the last part. "And before this I was a wandering martial artist I went..."

The very moment those words left his mouth Kasumi's eyes slightly widen with the realization that this was just another martial artist most likely here to fight Ranma.

"... but that was in the past while I still train I decided I didn't want to be a karate hobo."

"Karate Hobo?"

"You know the martial artist that only learn the art in order to avoid work yet still demand that we bow our heads respect like they're actually changing the world." Kazuma said while he continued to put away boxes.

"Oh my! So you have never heard of Ranma Saotome before?"

"How would I know who this guy is?" Kazuma asked emphasizing guy as if asking a question.

"Yes he's a guy and a martial artist he and his father are living with me, my father and two sisters."

"Wow talk about a full house and know I don't know him, but I guess I could look him up." Kazuma said not noticing the Kasumi eyes widened briefly. This unintentionally causes an awkward silence to fall over the shop.

"I can leave if you want." Kasumi said.

"Excuse me."

"If I'm in your way..."

"No no no your fine in fact it's to have someone to talk to, it gets pretty lonely setting up shop you know. So uh... what's your poison?" Kazuma asked scratching the back of his head hoping to change the topic.

"Poison! Oh my! I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" cried out a panicking Kasumi.

Silence washed over the room as the two stared at each other Kasumi with a look of mild alarm and Kazuma with a raised eyebrow. This silence only lasted for a brief second as the sound of laughter erupted from Kazuma. "Hahaha it's a figure of speech, it means what can I get you. I mean this is a coffee shop so what do you drink?"

"No thank you coffee is more my sister's thing, to me coffee is more like..."

"Eating a lemon." Kazuma interrupted with a smile as his watch the Tendo girl laugh. The smile only grew as an idea arises. "Maybe it's because you haven't had the right coffee. Wait here!

Kazuma then back flipped over the counter and went back to his boxes. Kasumi didn't have the heart to tell him not to bother. Oh how she wishes Nabiki was here she was a natural at being honest.

She watched curiously as he ran back holding a blender plugging it up and fiddling with the switches until he got it powered up. In the blender went ice, some brown liquid and a dark brown syrup seconds later the contents went in a long white cup. On top of the drink was topped off with whipped cream, sprinkles and more syrup.

"Oooh what's that?" asked a wide eyed Kasumi.

"This my friend is a frozen cappuccino." he didn't get the chance to say anything as Kasumi had already taken a long sip.

Seconds later Kasumi had calmly put the glass down, whipped the whipped cream off of her mouth before locking eyes with a now nervous Kazuma.

"Kazuma this is good." Kasumi whispered while drinking.

"R-Really?" Kazuma asked in surprise only to recieving a nod.

"Hehe glad you liked it." Kazuma said with a chuckle.

As she continued to enjoy her beverage a thought appears to the Tendo girl as she looked at the small business owner before her. "So Kazuma I could help noticing that map on the wall."

"Oh that's just everywhere I've been since I was a kid. Yup been just about everywhere at least once."

"Oh my that must have been a grand adventure." Kasumi said just as she finished her drink as a comfortable silence washed over the small shop.

"So since I'm new here you mind telling me about all the players in the field of Nerima?" Kazuma asked with a smile which only grew when he heard the Tendo girl laugh. The Tendo's smile only increased when in a second Kazuma slid another Frozen Cappuccino in front of her.

"Hhhhmmmm well I guess I could just to get you into the swing of things." Kasumi then said with her ever present smile. She then began to tell Kazuma all the things have happened in the city since the Saotomes arrived. And that was how the day went the two would exchange of stories sharing laughs and looks of bewilderment by the end of each story.

Kasumi was having a blast talking to Kazuma it had been so long since she had a conversation with someone who could talk about something other than fighting Ranma, food or Akane in some way. It was nice granted she had many friends from her school days most of which she still keeps in regular contact with it wasn't the same as they had all either moved, worked or had gotten married not leaving much time for old school friends.

This conversion last for a few hours during which Kasumi learned a few things about her new friend for one when he said he's been everywhere he means everywhere from one corner of the globe to the other. And like herself he enjoyed reading even sharing a few of her personal favorite books.

She also learned he was a bit of a pervert if some of his stories and the occasional glances he'd give her were anything to go by.

But like any good things Kasumi's fun must come to an end as it was time to return home. After all someone had to make dinner. The hardest part of the day wasn't leaving it was forcing Kazuma to actually take money for both her drinks. Which after a little back and forth Kazuma reluctantly accepted the pay with a generous tip.

"Well Miss Kasumi it has been a pleasure to have your company." Kazuma said with a bow causing Kasumi to laugh at the antics of her new friend.

As Kasumi made her way out on to the midafternoon streets of Nerima on her way toward her home one thing and that was her new friend. From what she could piece together he was a young man who had seen enough and wanted to walk a different path."Kazuma Hishigaki... hehe I'm definitely going back."