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Part 1

Po, the Furious Five, and Master Shifu were all eating a celebratory dinner in Gongmen City with the other masters and some citizens. After the defeat of Shen, it was finally time to let wounds heal. Physical and mental.

As Tigress was eating, she kept looking back at Po, from time and time. This was a new feeling for her. Having such a close friend. But it felt like it was something even more than that. Tigress couldn't place it yet, but it wasn't a bad feeling at all. Something between them felt different ever since they started to go after Shen. Tigress was wondering if Po felt the same way. Something was different about him. She noticed that, while Po was his usual jovial self, he seemed a little distracted, as well. He couldn't tell if it was just her or the whole ordeal they had been through.

After the dinner, Po went off by himself. He left so quietly that Tigress almost missed him leaving. That amount of silence from Po, alone, was enough to worry Tigress. But, she managed to catch sight of him just as he was exiting the city and followed after him. She followed Po as he headed deep into the forest, miles away from the city. After a while, they arrived at the remnants of a destroyed village. Po stood silently among the wreckage, surveying it with sad eyes.

Tigress was observing him from behind a nearby tree, wondering what he was doing. But, soon, her eyes widened as she realized where they were. She approached Po and, when she was close to him, whispered, "Your home."

Po turned around, surprised to see her. "Tigress. Hey. How long…"

"Since you left Gongmen City," Po said, in a daze. She looked around the village in horror, "This was your home. Shen. He did this. He destroyed it all."

Po became solemn. "Yeah."

Tigress looked at him, concerned. "Po…"

"I'm okay, Tigress." He thought about that. "I mean… I think."

"You don't have to be okay."

Po scoffed. "I guess I'm not. It's just… I'd hoped I'd find more. You know, when I found my home. I hoped I'd… find something. It… just kinda hurts that I didn't." He looked down at the ground. "It hurts a lot."

Tigress felt that in her heart.

Po chuckled, softly. "Guess I'm not as hardcore as you thought."

"Wrong," Tigress said. She looked at her paw again and started to rub it. "Because… the hardcore do feel things. Even me. After everything you did, you're hardcore, too. Just… in your own way. And there is nothing wrong with that."

Po smiled, "Thanks, Tigress." He looked around then a curious thought entered his mind. He turned back to her, "Hey, why'd you follow me?"

"I was worried about you," Tigress said. "You were… really quiet when you left. You're never quiet. Now, I understand. You wanted to be alone. I'm sorry I intruded."

"You didn't. I'm glad you're here. I thought about asking you to come with me but… I didn't think you'd want to."

"Don't be ridiculous. Of course, I would. Friends are there for each other, right?"

"Yeah," Po said.

"Besides, I wanted to talk to you," Tigress admitted. "But… it can wait."

"Wait for what?" he asked.

"For a… less dreary setting," she replied.

"Tigress, what happened here was bad but we're friends. And, if there's something you want to talk about, I want to hear it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep," Po confirmed. "Go for it."

Tigress walked closer to him, "I wanted to say… thank you."

"You're welcome," Po said. "What for?"

She rubbed her palm again, "For everything. I get why did you all of the things you did, going after Shen on your own. It was… a bit dangerous but I do understand. But, when all seemed lost, you saved us. Thank you."

He gave a small smile. "You're welcome."

"And…" Tigress said before she could stop herself. "No, never mind."

"Tigress, what's wrong?" Po asked.

"This isn't the place, Po." She turned. "I'll… see you later." She started to leave.


She stopped.

"Please," Po said. "Just tell me what's up."

"Not now, Po," Tigress said. "I'm sorry… for intruding." She walked off without another word.

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