peach: yawn morning it's morning everyone the sun is shining the tank is clean and we are getting out of gasp the tank is clean the tank is clean!

deb: but how?

gill: boss must have installed it last night while we were sleeping what's it say peach?

peach: muffled

gill: can't hear ya peach

peach: the aqua scum is designed to scan your tank every 5 minutes?!

purple fish: scan what's that mean? aah

aqua scum: temperature 82 degrees ph balance normal

all: ooh nice

purple fish: oh aah curse you aqua scum

bloat: that's it for the escape plan it's ruined

Nemo: then what are we gonna do about

door chimes ring

all: gasp darla

gill: stay low kid

bloat: false alarm

all: relieved sigh

purple fish: my nerves can't take much more of this

bloat: what are we gonna do when that little brat gets here

gill: I'm thinking I'm thinking

Nemo: aah gill

gill: hold on I'm coming

Nemo: help me

gill: swim down come on kid swim down

bloat : everybody jump in

deb: swim down

all: that's it

everyone except Nemo and gill cheer

gill: good work

Nemo: gill

gill: bloat: sharkbait!

everyone: roll kid lean

(Nemo grunts furiously

Sherman: whoops that'd have been a nasty fall

skip to when Sherman attacks nigel

marlin screams Nemo's name but no response because he's already dead nigel apologizes that he was too late marlin goes home depressed and roll credits the end