A/N: Hi everyone! I know its been a while, but I have been going through a lot and finally got back to writing. The italicized text is the dreams the character has in this story. Enjoy it!

A giant wind surrounded her. Lightning and thunder crashing everywhere she turned. It was as if she were in a Tornado. She could hear screams of her special friends who she saw as a family, and long lost lovers. She saw their faces swirling around her and screaming, begging her to rescue them from being lost forever. She reached out to grab them but a giant gust of wind lifted her up in the air and panicked once she saw green smoke forming into a face with dark soulless eyes. It let out an evil laugh as it charged for her and then...She woke up.

Alison's P.O.V.

I woke up with a giant gasp, sweat rolling down my face. I woke up to see myself in the same home where I called home. A giant summer home 4 stories high. It looked like it could fit a lot of people and it did. It could easily fit up to about 50. I went downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. It had been quiet in this house for a long time.

As I cooked my eggs, i looked at a photo on the fridge. It was a photo of me and a bunch of Fairytale misfits who I called my family. I especially missed my two friends who were the most strangest, yet miraculous pairing I have ever met. The girl, the elf of a former shoemaker named Leisel, or Lee, as the people called her. And the boy, was none other than the wooden puppet, Pinocchio. He had amazing black hair and had a bit of a southern accent when he talked in his high pitched voice. They all got kicked out of Duloc just because of how odd they were. They fought their ruler and got their homes back, but decided to live out here in this summer home Pinocchio grew up in. Along the way, I showed up after being ridiculed in my village by all the men that lived there. Pinocchio and Lee had a wedding after confessing their love for each other months after the fight. Who says an ogre and a donkey were the only ones to find true love. They fell in love with each other. Everything was wonderful.

That is until one morning, I woke up and they were all gone. Like as if they just dissapeared. Suddenly I could see a blue light coming into my kitchen.

"Hello Alison" the light said.

"who are you?" I asked in fright, holding up my frying pan, getting ready to strike.

I relaxed when I realized that it was the blue fairy. She smiled at me and I felt a wave of embarrassment flush over me.

"Alison, I come to you with a mission. Your fairytale family is not gone. They have been captured by an evil Jester" The blue fairy said.

"So...they're still alive?" I asked as I sat in the chair at the table.

"Yes my dear. But you don't have much time. You must gather your long lost lovers in order to build an army big enough to save your Fairytale Family" the blue fairy said.

She poofed up a piece of parchment with all the names of the men I came across and fell in love with, and who I hoped in return, loved me back (which they did). Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the list. I looked up and found she had dissapeared. I knew what I had to do. I had to save them. I got dressed and headed for the ship that was on the docks of Duloc. I then headed for open waters, headed for my first destination: Russia.