A/N: I'm bored, have a Pokemon crossover.

It was a peaceful night for most and Felicity was sleeping for once through the night as she went through some changes lately. She was sleeping soundly until she saw something in her dream which looked kind of creepy, and not in a good way. It looked like a black shadow ghost or something like that and it seemed to run to her which made her scream and wake up in her bed as she had a rather terrifying nightmare.

"Felicity, dear?" Mrs. Potts's voice asked as if she heard the girl screaming from where she slept.

"M-Mrs. Potts?" Felicity gulped.

Mrs. Potts soon came in to see the girl. "I thought that was you, dear..." she said to her.

"I had a nightmare..." Felicity frowned to the woman.

Mrs. Potts began to make Felicity a cup of honey tea. Felicity rubbed her eyes as she hugged her comforter around her body.

"Here, have some tea, luv." Mrs. Potts soothed, handing her the cup.

"Merci..." Felicity said, accepting it and drinking it.

"Feeling better?" Mrs. Potts asked.

"A little bit..." Felicity said. "Merci for the tea."

"Of course, dear..." Mrs. Potts smiled. "Tea with honey always made your mother feel better after a bad dream."

"It worked because I had a horrible nightmare." Felicity told her.

"Try not to worry about it too much..." Mrs. Potts soothed. "Do you want your mother here?"

"Oh, I'd hate to bother her..." Felicity said softly, sounding a lot like a very young Fluttershy.

"I'm sure she wouldn't mind." Mrs. Potts said.

Felicity rubbed her arm shyly. After a little while, Cherry soon came down to see her daughter.

"Maman, I'm sorry to disturb you, but I had a nightmare..." Felicity frowned.

"What was it about?" Cherry asked.

"I saw something..." Felicity said. "It was kind of black and almost like a ghost or a shadow... It reminded me a lot of that Shadow Pony Uncle Atticus told us about one time in Equestria with Rockhoof, Flash Magnus, Mage Meadowbrook, Mistmane, Somnambula, and Star Swirled the Bearded."

"Hmm... That's interesting..." Cherry commented. "You're sure it wasn't Stygian?"

"I am not sure what it was, Maman, but I do not think it was him..." Felicity shrugged.

"Can you describe what it looked like?" Cherry asked.

Simon looked cranky since his big sister's cries woke him up.

"Simon... I need your help..." Felicity said, handing her little brother his sketchpad and pencil. "I had a nightmare."

Simon nodded and Felicity told him what she dreamed about and when she stopped, he turned the sketchpad over.

"What is that thing...?" Cherry muttered as not even she knew what it was.

"I'm not sure, Maman." Felicity frowned.

"Maybe your cousins might know." Cherry said.

"Can I write them a letter?" Felicity asked.

"Go for it." Cherry suggested.

Felicity soon came into the castle study with a lit candle by her as she began to write a letter for her cousins and had Witherspoon send it out once she was done since she felt scared about whatever she dreamed up and included Simon's sketch inside of the letter so that they could see for themselves. Once her letter was sent, all Felicity had to do now was wait for her cousins to reply. Felicity let out a yawn as she looked too scared to go back to sleep.

"Flick, it's late, why don't you go back to bed?" Cherry suggested.

"I... I can't..." Felicity frowned. "What if I see that thing again?"

"Hmm... Let's try using a dream-catcher." Cherry wondered.

"What is that?" Felicity asked.

"It's a Native American trinket that some people used in which they believed would save them from bad dreams," Cherry informed. "Erm... I used to have one..."

"Why?" Felicity asked.

"Why do you think?" Cherry replied.

"You had nightmares?" Felicity asked out of surprise. "You?!"

"Do you want one or not?" Cherry asked.

"Um... Please..." Felicity said.

"That's a good girl..." Cherry said before she walked off and came back with a freshly made dream-catcher and hung it over her daughter's bed. "I don't know what that thing is you dreamt about, but hopefully you'll be protected with this," she then muttered about a certain Alicorn. "I'm just surprised Princess Luna didn't do anything..."

"Night, Maman." Felicity said.

"Good night, child..." Cherry said. "Get some sleep..."

Felicity soon came into her bed and tried to fall asleep this time.

"That thing better not attack the castle or I am suing it for every dollar it's worth." Cherry muttered to herself as she came back upstairs.

'I hope I can get some sleep.' Felicity thought to herself.

Eventually, the next morning came.

Felicity soon woke up and beamed brightly. "Wow! I feel a lot better!" She soon saw her dream-catcher in tatters. "Simon, did you do something to my dream catcher?" she then asked her little brother, suspiciously.

Simon simply shook his head.

"That's odd..." Felicity frowned to her dream-catcher.

They soon came upstairs to join everyone for breakfast that morning and Felicity was luckily in a better mood because she slept better last night after her mother's help. Once they had breakfast, Witherspoon came flying in with the Fudo siblings' answer. Felicity soon took the answer from Witherspoon to read what they said.

"You got mail." Cherry quoted from a 90's computer, chuckling to herself even if no one else would get the joke, being from the 18th century.

Felicity let out a small giggle to that before opening the letter.

"Dear Felicity,

we're not sure what that is either, but that looks pretty spooky, and you sound like you could use a break. Why don't you come with us to visit Ash and Emi and the others? We heard that they have a new friend named Dawn, and they're going to visit The Sinnoh Region.

Love, Akito, Estelle, & Vincent"

"Oh, Maman, can I?" Felicity asked hopefully.

"Sure you can." Cherry actually smiled.

"Oh! Thank you, Maman!" Felicity beamed and hugged her mother.

"Just stay safe, alright?" Cherry told her. "I know I may not seem like it, but I do worry about you on these Pokemon adventures."

"Don't worry, Maman; I'll be fine as long as I'm with my cousins and as long as I have Mismagius." Felicity smiled.

"Okay, stay safe." Cherry told her.

Felicity hugged her mother one last time and soon went off to go on an adventure which would involve Pokemon, in more ways than one.

"Hopefully that nightmare doesn't bother her again..." Cherry said to herself as she took out an apple and bit into it, sucking the redness out of it.

"Cerise, do you know why this corner leading to Felicity's room looks bent?" Forte asked.

"What kind of question is that?" Cherry replied.

"Come, please see." Forte told her.

Cherry soon came out of her seat and came to take a look. "What the what...?" she muttered, feeling disturbed.

"Maybe one of us should go with her." Forte said.

"I'll do it... You had nearly her whole life with her." Cherry suggested.

"Alright." Forte said.

Cherry soon packed up some things and took her gun with her for just in case, even though when she was younger, she wasn't very fond of them because of what they did, but usually kept hers for self-defense and for her work.

Meanwhile, the Fudo siblings were getting ready themselves.

"I wonder what Dawn's like?" Estelle smiled in excitement.

"We'll have to find out when we get there." Akito said.

Felicity soon came to her cousins.

"Felicity!" They all beamed before hugging her.

Felicity giggled to them. "Hi, guys, I missed you a lot!" she then said to them, showing she had really improved on speaking English.

"We missed you too." Vincent smiled.

They soon broke out of the hug.

"So, you had a nightmare about that thing, huh?" Akito asked.

"I thought maybe it was that Pony of Shadows, but I'm not sure what it was." Felicity replied.

"Let's see if the Pokedex has any information of any Pokemon that might cause nightmares." Vincent said.

"Where's the picture?" Felicity asked.

"I have it right here..." Akito said, reaching into his pocket and brought it out and unfolded it before taking out his Pokedex. He soon began to look through the Pokemon in his Pokedex alphabetically until finally he found one that was under the letter D.

"Find anything?" Felicity asked.

"Here we go," Akito smiled. "Hm... According to this, you dreamt about a Pokemon named Darkrai."

"What can you tell moi about it?" Felicity asked.

"Hmm... So far the only information I'm getting is that it's a Dark Pokemon..." Akito said. "Well, you know, we're gonna see Ash and Emi anyway, so maybe they can tell us more, especially Emi."

The others smirked a bit as he said Emi's name.

"Shush." Akito blushed to that.

"So should we get going?" Vincent asked.

"Let's go then." Akito said.

Little did they know, as they began to go off, Cherry was going after them. She also decided not to leave them out of her sight. Akito and the others always had a way to find Ash and the gang whenever they would come over to see them and they were walking along and they had a new girl with them who wasn't May or Misty which meant that they were also going to make a new friend.