"Hello, and welcome to the Annual Pokemon Contest!" Alice announced as she was in the spotlight with Chimchar and Dinah.

Everyone began to cheer.

"Let's give it up for this year's competitors!" Alice smiled.

The spotlight shined on Dawn, Estelle, and the others and they all smiled and waved to the audience who applauded them, and they each looked ready to compete.

"Oh, you guys, this is it." Pachirusa shivered nervously.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." Teddy told her.

"Oh, I sure hope so." Pachirusa sighed.

Ursula soon let out her Pokemon which were Gabite, Wormadam, Plusle, Minun, Jigglypuff, Flareon, and Vaporeon.

"Oh, my..." Estelle gulped.

Ursula smirked towards Estelle. Estelle looked nervous, but soon glared while trying to look brave and not bothered by this girl. Ursula saw how many Pokemon Estelle had and simply laughed quietly.

"Is she laughing at us?" Teddy asked.

"No, she's laughing next to us." The female Kirlia replied.

"That feels like the same thing." The male Kirlia muttered.

"This is so going to be easy to win." Ursula whispered to herself.

Estelle gave a small growl towards Ursula.

"Let the games begin!" Alice announced.

Everyone then cheered for that as another Pokemon Contest was about to begin.

'Here we go.' Estelle thought to herself.

"First up is... Estelle vs Kenny!" Alice announced.

"Oh, my..." Estelle told herself. "This is it. Okay, Estelle, just relax, and you'll be fine." She then took a look and knew exactly which Pokemon to choose.

"Just so you know, I'm not gonna go easy on you, even if you're one of Dee Dee's friends." Kenny smirked.

"Fine by me." Estelle replied in determination.

"Come on out, Alakzam!" Kenny called out as he tossed his Pokeball.

As Alakazam came out so did pink bubbles.

"Don't get discouraged now, Teddy." Estelle told her Pokemon.

"Don't worry, Mama, I won't let you down." Teddy promised.

"Teddy." Kenny snickered to the Pokemon's nickname as it sounded childish.

Teddy looked ready to compete.

"Teddy, use Fury Swipes!" Estelle told her Pokemon.

"Alakazam, Teleport, and then use your Hidden Power!" Kenny replied.

Teddy soon came to swipe at Alakazam who teleported away and soon came up behind Teddy and used another attack. As the attack hit the bar around Estelle's picture lowered some.

"That was a dirty trick!" Akito glared. "I demand a recount!"

"Just shake it off, Teddy, and use Bulldozer!" Estelle told her Pokemon.

Teddy soon did as his mother/trainer told him to.

"Alakazam, quick, Light Screen!" Kenny called out.

Teddy seemed to be faster than Alakazam as his attack burst through the light screen and hit him.

"All right, Teddy!" Vincent smiled for his sister's Pokemon.

Buneary and Pikachu began to both cheer for Teddy as they sat in the audience. The match went on for a while until the timer hit zero.

"I... I can't believe it..." Kenny muttered.

"And the winner is Estelle and her Ursaring!" Alice announced.

"We did it!" Estelle cheered.

Teddy smiled as he celebrated with Estelle.

"Hm... Good match, Pinky." Kenny told her.

"Thanks," Estelle smiled. "You too."

Kenny held out his hand. Estelle then smiled and shook hands with Kenny to be a good sport.

"Well, at least he's not like Stingy from Lazy Town..." Felicity commented. "That was my first impression of him."

"You got that right." Akito agreed with her on that.

Two other competitors soon came to take their turn who weren't Dawn or Estelle.

"How'd I do?" Estelle smiled.

"Oh, Estelle, you were amazing out there, and so was Teddy." Dawn smiled back.

Teddy smiled bashfully as he heard that. Dawn smiled and ruffled the top of Teddy's head which made him chuckle. Estelle soon took out a plastic bag and took out a honey bun to give to Teddy as a treat. Teddy, of course, accepted the treat with a smile.

"Who's a good Teddy? You are, you are~" Estelle cooed to her Pokemon.

Teddy smiled and nuzzled up to Estelle.

"Oh, how cute." Harley's voice taunted.

Estelle firmly pouted to Harley after giving Teddy his reward for the battle.

"Like I said, this will be a cake walk." Ursula smirked.

"Don't let them get to you..." Estelle coached both herself and Teddy with a slight glare towards Dawn's rivals.

Teddy simply nodded firmly.

Harley and Ursula grinned at Estelle while she glared at them. Eventually, the competition ended for the other competitors.

"And the winner is Lucas and Bidoof!" Alice announced.

"Good game, Lucas." The other boy told his competitor.

"Good game, Barry." The first boy replied as he stood with his Starly.

'This is getting intense.' Estelle thought to herself.

Dawn and Pachirisu were soon next.

"I can do it... I... Can do it!" Pachirisu told herself before glaring.

"Let's see what you're made of." Ursula smirked to Dawn before she tossed one of her Pokeballs.

Pachirisu looked ready to battle whoever Ursula chose. Gabite glared to Pachirisu as this was between them.

"Let's settle this." Ursula smirked.

"Pachirisu, Discharge!" Dawn called out.

"Gabite, Dragon Rage!" Ursula told her Pokemon.

Both Pokemon soon did the attacks their trainers told them.

"I won't lose to you!" Ursula glared to Dawn.

Dawn just glared back.

Their match went on for a while until in the end it was Dawn.

"It's not possible!" Ursula cried out.

"Sweet Kiss, Pachirisu!" Dawn smiled.

Pachirisu soon blew kisses which made pink hearts fly out of victory. Estelle was happy for Dawn. Ursula soon whined and sulked in defeat.

"You did great, Dawn!" Estelle beamed. "So did you, Pachirisu."

"Thanks, Estelle." Dawn smiled.

"I don't want this Pokemon fun to end." Estelle beamed happily.

Alice smiled as Estelle had a fun time in her first ever Pokemon Contest.

"Sadly, it will end." Harley smirked.

Estelle gave him a look.

"Just trying to be honest." Harley smirked. He soon brought out his number one Pokemon.

"He certainly has interesting Pokemon." Felicity commented.

"Yeah, that one looks like a living cactus." Vincent agreed.

"I had a feeling your first Pokemon would be something close to a cactus." Estelle told Harley.

"What makes you say that?" Harley replied.

"Did Estelle just call that kid a 'prick'?" Cherry smirked.

"Oh, easy, by your hat and your personality." Estelle smirked at Harley.

"Hmm..." Harley glared. "Let's see what you got then."

"Come on, Kirlia!" Estelle called out.

"Which one?" The Pokemon twins asked her.

"Uh... Ladies first!" Estelle then decided.

The female Kirlia then went to go while her brother stayed with Teddy.

"Here we go." The female Kirlia said.

"Cacturne, Bullet Seed!" Harley told his cactus-like Pokemon.

"Kirlia, use Psychic!" Estelle told her Pokemon which resembled a ballerina.

Cactune and the female Kirlia soon used their powers against each other, but the Kirlia got hit by the other attack at first.

"Nice try!" Harley laughed.

"Oops..." The female Kirlia frowned before calling out. "Sorry, guys!"

"Don't worry, you can beat Cacturne, Sis!" The male Kirlia smiled.

"I can do it!" The female Kirlia told herself.

"Cacturne, Poison Sting!" Harley demanded.

"Kirlia, Teleport!" Estelle told her Pokemon.

The female Kirlia soon concentrated and teleported away which meant that Cacturne had missed the Kirlia.

"Boo!" Kenny's Alakazam pouted.

"Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me~" The female Kirlia mocked Cacturne much to his and Harley's frustration.

"Nice one, Sis!" The male Kirlia smiled.

The female Kirlia smiled back to him.

"I will not lose to a little girl," Harley glared. "Cacturne, get that Kirlia with a Needle Arm!"

"My pleasure." Cacturne replied darkly, lunging out for the female Kirlia.

"Kirlia, stop him with Psychic!" Estelle told her Pokemon.

"Is that all you got?" Harley scoffed.

The female Kirlia then used her signature move which was Psychic as Cacturne flew towards her. Because of this, Kirlia was now floating in the air.

"Maybe I should let you down nice and easy..." The female Kirlia smirked to Cacturne who looked very peeved off.

"You better." Cacturne glared.

The female Kirlia smirked and soon threw Cacturne down on the ground, but not in an overly painful way.

"I thought Kirlias were peaceful and emotional Pokemon!" Harley complained.

Kirlia and Estelle simply shrugged innocently. Cacturne tried to get back up, but found himself unable to.

"I guess Kirlia wins this round." Akito smirked.

"Looks like it." Vincent added.

Alice soon announced Estelle and Kirlia as the winners while Harley looked outraged about losing. Estelle and Kirlia both smiled as they won that match. The others also smiled as they felt happy for Estelle as she did very well for her first Pokemon Contest.

The last two were now Dawn were Estelle.

"And now, the winner will be determined between Dawn and Estelle." Alice told the audience.

'Here we go.' Estelle thought to herself.

"You're doing really awesomely, Estelle." Dawn smiled as she came with Pachirusu.

"Thanks, Dawn." Estelle smiled back politely.

"But don't think I'll go easy on you." Dawn smirked playfully.

"Oh, challenge accepted." Estelle smirked back.

Dawn soon decided to bring out her Piplup for this battle, and where Estelle went with Teddy.

"So, what does the winner get?" Felicity asked.

"Usually ribbons." Brock replied.

"Ooh." Felicity said.

Estelle soon brought out her male Kirlia for the battle. The two girls and their Pokemon then stood across from each other.

"Kirlia... Psychic!" Estelle told her Pokemon.

"Piplup, use Bubble Beam!" Dawn told her Pokemon.

Piplup began to do as Dawn told him. The male Kirlia soon got hit by that.

"How do ya like that?" Piplup smirked even though they were friends.

"Oh, cocky are we?" The male Kirlia smirked back.

"Never!" Piplup replied.

"Peck, Piplup!" Dawn told her Pokemon.

"Kirlia, attack with Psy Beam!" Estelle told her Pokemon.

Akito looked in suspense for their new friend and Estelle, wondering who might win in the end.

"I can't watch." Dinah face-pawed as Piplup was hit by the male Kirlia's attack.

Chimchar began to pray for the male Kirlia. Even Alice looked in suspense and she grabbed Tonio's hand. Tonio blushed from the hand holding and smiled to Alice before hugging her with comfort.

Eventually, the male Kirlia came out as the winner after Piplup fainted.

"And the winner is Estelle and her Kirlia!" Alice announced.

Estelle and the male Kirlia soon beamed and cheered for themselves.

"Oh, this is a happy, happy day!" Estelle beamed as she did a victory twirl.

"It sure is." The male Kirlia added with his own twirl.

Ursula, Harley, and Kenny glared to Estelle, though Ursula's glare looked more deathly.

"Aunt Cherry, did you see me?" Estelle smiled as she ran to the audience.

"You were pretty amazing out there, kiddo." Cherry replied.

"Yeah, it was like you had done this before." Akito smiled.

"I guess I'm a fast learner." Estelle smiled back.

"You were really amazing." Vincent added.

"C'est magnifique!" Felicity beamed.

"Thank you." Estelle smiled.

"Congratulations, Estelle." Alice said before giving the young girl a ribbon for winning the Pokemon Contest.

"Wow." Estelle smiled as she accepted the ribbon.

Everyone then clapped and cheered for Estelle. Estelle giggled as this was her favorite Pokemon adventure by far, at least, so far.

Soon enough, it was time for the Fudo cousins and Cherry to go back home.

"Come on, kids, I'll take you home." Cherry said.

"Wow, thanks, Aunt Cherry." The Fudo siblings smiled.

They soon went to go back home and Ash and Emi told Dawn that they would see them all again sometime later in the future, but no one knew when that would be just yet. Felicity hid a small smile as she saw Alice and Tonio holding hands and smiling while Baron Alberto cried in defeat.

When the Fudo siblings got home, Estelle was handed an envelope by Mo.

"Welcome home, kids." Mo smiled.

"What's this envelope for?" Estelle asked.

"You have a letter." Mo smiled.

Estelle smiled back and soon went to the couch and opened it up. "It's from Jenny!" she then told the others which made Vincent come toward her with a hopeful smile. "She wants us to come over for Thanksgiving and see the parade up close!"

"We should totally go." Vincent smiled.

"Can we go, Mom?" Estelle asked.

"Well, Thanksgiving's a bit far away for now, but..." Mo replied before smiling. "That sounds wonderful. I'll call your father of course."

"Wahoo!" Estelle cheered.

"Oh, Estelle, that's a nice ribbon." Mo then smiled.

"Huh? Oh, thanks, Mom," Estelle smiled back once she remembered what she won. "I won this from a Pokemon Contest in the region we traveled to."

"That's wonderful." Mo smiled back.

"Oh, Mom, it was so amazing, and I wore the cutest dress!" Estelle beamed.

"And you should have seen the performance round." Akito smiled.

"I guess you kids had a good time," Mo smiled back. "Congratulations, Estelle. You must be very proud of yourself."

"I really am." Estelle beamed.

"And guess who evolved this time?" Akito smiled.

"Hmm... I'm not sure..." Mo paused.

"Come on out!" Akito called out to his newly evolved Pokemon.

Rapidash soon came inside to see his trainer's mother with a small smile.

"Mom, this is the Rapidash formally known as Ponyta." Akito announced.

"Your Ponyta evolved." Mo smiled.

"Sure did," Akito smiled back. "We're gonna have races in the backyard."

"Alright, just don't get too competitive." Mo told her younger son.

"I'll try..." Akito replied. "Dad says I'm a lot like Aunt Rainbow Dash before she got to join The Wonderbolts with Uncle Soarin'."

"And he's right." Mo said.

"This is gonna be awesome~" Akito smiled to Rapidash.

"You remind me a little of Spirit." Mo also smiled to Rapidash.

"Thanks." Rapidash smiled back.

Mo soon decided to make some lunch for the kids to welcome them back home. Estelle smiled to Jenny's letter and now she felt very excited about Thanksgiving this year.

The End