"This is what you've been doing annually, Elizabeth?"


Elizabeth was minding her own business defeating Erebus yet again for another year since 2011 (that's a 7-0 record against humanity's collective wishes to die) when suddenly her sister, Margaret, and her younger brother, Theodore, came up to her with a really bad news. The Velvet Room was sucked into an unknown realm of collective unconsciousness, Margaret and Theodore were denied access to it, Igor was captured and replaced with a fake.

Margaret told Elizabeth about the predicament, which admittedly got Elizabeth worried even though at the moment she technically has severed her ties to the Velvet Room. Elizabeth wanted to help, but she had her own reservations about it, since she had no intentions of returning anytime soon. Plus she's not going anywhere until the figure chained to the door is freed.

That's when Margaret told Elizabeth that she could help freeing the figure, but there was a catch. Said figure would have to technically go on another journey to help free the Velvet Room of its current predicament. The catch was met with mixed reactions by Elizabeth, but mostly anger, because she wanted him to be free from any ordeals, not be put into another one.

"You want to put him into another year of ordeals!? He's suffered enough! He deserves to be free from this...dreaded thing. Why not entrust it to the new wild card!?"

"Sister, hear her out, please..." Theo tried to calm Elizabeth down.

"We...can't. Whoever has managed to deny us access to the Velvet Room and capture our master is not to be trifled with. He has cheated his way into his current position, and he most likely will do so again to accomplish his goal." Margaret explained.

"Why can't you just do it yourself? He's cheated, right? That would give you a right to cheat, too." Elizabeth argued the case.

"We would, but he's cheated us out of interfering, and he...he's managed to manipulate Lavenza as well. The one, or ones, attending to the new wild card are not her. They're two different beings. We can't trust them." Margaret replied with a sad tone.

"Lavenza got manipulated?" Elizabeth's expression turned from that of anger to absolute shock. "No..."

"I know it's hard to take in, but-"

"Fine, do it. Whoever this is, I'm not gonna forgive him for taking Lavenza." Elizabeth looked sharply at her older sister. "But under a couple of conditions."

"Name them, Elizabeth." Margaret looked at Elizabeth dead-on in her eyes.

"One, I demand that I personally attend to him...I'll perform the fusions and manage the compendium. Two, you must stick around and look after the seal." Elizabeth met her sister's glare with her own.

"...very well. We'll fulfill our end of the deal." Margaret sighed.

Margaret put out a blank, shining card from her compendium, and pushed it up towards the face of the chained figure. The card resolved into a light that engulf around the figure, and the figure's stiff crust began to dissolve. The barbed wire wrapped around its arms disappeared, and the figure fell from its position. Elizabeth quickly acted and caught it.

Said figure opened its eyes a minute later, and was welcomed with a sight of a silver-haired woman craddling him in her arms. Elizabeth couldn't hold back her tears as she saw the blue-haired boy in the eyes.

"Elizabeth? Why...what...happened?" Minato got up, looking at himself dressed in nothing but a pair of white shorts.

"Minato..." Elizabeth embraced Minato tightly, her face buried in his chest. "You're alive..."

"Oh, yeah...I've technically been dead, haven't I?" Minato put his hand on Elizabeth's hair, stroking it lightly. He then turned on to see two more silver-haired figures, one man, one woman, walking towards him. "And you two are?"

"Pardon the circumstances under which we meet. I'm Margaret, Elizabeth's older sister. This is Theo, our younger brother. As you can probably see, we're also Velvet Room attendants, like Elizabeth." Margaret and Theo bowed at Minato as he and Elizabeth got up.

"Why are you two here?" Minato asked.

"Pardon us for the urgency. We have a pressing predicament we'd like you to help us with." Theo answered, then Margaret added to it.

"I hate to say this, but in short...the Velvet Room has fallen." Margaret went straight to the point.

"WHAT!?" Minato raised his voice slightly before clearing his throat. He's obviously worried. Even though he never showed it, he actually cared, being that it once guided him. Then he moved on to the next important question. "Is Igor alright?"

"Unfortunately, our master has been captured, and we couldn't find him. Otherwise, he'd be here with us." Theo explained, also with a sad tone.

WHAT!? Minato immediately realized how pressing the matter is, realizing he's probably freed because he might have to do something. "For those things to happen...do you at least know the cause?"

"Unfortunately, we haven't been able to deduce much. But the things we know for sure are that the new wild card is most likely at a major disadvantage, and his attendant has been manipulated to help achieve the perpetrator's goals." Before Minato could ask more questions, Margaret continued. "We wouldn't be here if we could address to it ourselves, but we've also been denied access to the Velvet Room. Which is why we're here."

"I see." Minato knew this was serious. Just as he embraced Elizabeth who was still burying her face in his chest, he asked another important question. "What should I do?"

"We would like you to help the current wild card, and look after him. There's no telling what's about to happen, this is as much as we can do to interfere with it. Elizabeth will personally assist you again, as always." Margaret answered.

"Here's what you need, and a set of clothing." Theo handed a duffel bag and a clean outfit to Minato.

Minato quickly put on the outfit, complete with his music player and earphones. Then he checked the bag for its contents, and picked it up.

"You've done this before, but, hold on to this." A key appeared in Minato's hand. He knows what it is, his old Velvet Key. Then a door to the outside world appears a few steps away from him.

Minato knew the drill, and as much as he's happy to be alive again, he knew his work was cut out for him. Before Minato left, he exchanged words with Elizabeth.

"I know it's sudden, but, please be careful out there." Elizabeth tightly grips Minato's shirt, pulling his face closer to hers.

"Yeah...thanks." Minato blushed. "It's good to see you again, I miss you."

"I miss you too, Minato." Elizabeth pulled Minato closer until their lips met. Minato held Elizabeth tight as they shared a passionate kiss they last felt when he took her to his room at her request.

They let go of each other, and Minato walked to the door. Before Minato stepped out, Elizabeth said one more thing.

"We'll meet again. Be safe out there."

"Yeah, you bet." Minato walked out and the door closes.

A/N: What is this, two fics involving the Bluenette, Blue Jesus, Door Jesus, El Messiah, Minato Arisato? From Toskie?

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And there's no way in hell would the real Igor ever fire a comment on what the wild card's Velvet Room looks like upon first impression. Have you ever seen the real Igor complain about Minato's Velvet Room being an elevator? No. Have you ever seen the real Igor complain about Yu's Velvet Room being a limo? No. That's why I think he's suspect from the get-go in P5. Plus that voice just sounds off (I'm playing with Japanese voice and English subs, don't judge me) although I know the Japanese VA for Igor has passed away.

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