To the End

"Ha ha ha ho! This is just too perfect! Didn't you brainiacs know the zodiac doesn't work if you don't all hold hands? And what's better, you've brought every threat to my power together in one easy-to-destroy CIRCLE!"

Right then, the Master appeared with his hand weaponry that was branched off from technology that once shrunk people, a staser pistol, a dangerous mobile phone with a familar parasol. It can also connect to his disguised wristwatch with a hidden blade and a pin.

He points his laser screwdriver weapon-firing it, it burned the Zodiac.

"Oh no!"

Pacifica noticed that her hair is on fire by the sudden flaming laser and screamed, "Ah! My hair!"

Robbie notices that his hair is on fire and panics also, "Ah! My hair also!"

Bill suddenly wraps and held the Doctor, Stan, and Ford with ropes. They struggled. "You guys wanna see what happens to your friends when you can't get along?"

"Hey! You give them back!" McGucket grabbed his banjo.

"You've gone too far, Cipher!" said Gideon.

"Yeah! We're not scared of you!" Wendy grabs her ax.

"Oh, but you should be." the Master smugly said, as he puffs off the smoke from his weapon.

Case in point, Bill snaps and everyone except Dipper, Mabel, the Doctor, Ford, and Stan floats up beside Bill.


"Oh no!"

"You know, this castle could really use some DECORATIONS!"

The people who he was holding up are replaced by tapestries with pictures of them screaming in front of their symbols.

"Looks like it's too late for your pawns, Doctor!" the Master mocked the Doctor.

Dipper and Mabel scream as a cage encases them.

"Ah! Kids!" Stan shouted.

Bill tells Ford, "But you can still save your family. Last chance: tell me how to take Weirdmageddon global and I'll spare the kids!"

"No! Don't do it!"

"Yeah! Bill makes bad deals!"

"Don't you toy with me, Shooting Star. I see EVERYTHI-!" Mabel sprays paint in his eye, "Ow! Not again! Why?! Every time!"

"Nice shot, pumpkin!" Stan called.

All three are released from Bill's arms and fall to the ground. "Oof!" The Doctor shouted.

"I just regenerated that eye!"

"I know that hurts because I've accidentally done it to myself! Multiple times!"

Dipper pulls out the height-altering crystal flashlight and enlarges their cage. Dipper and Mabel jump out as Bill continues to scream in pain.

"Save yourselves. Run! We'll take care of Bill!"

"What!? That's a suicide mission!"

"Trust us. We've beat him before..."

Mabel finishes, "...and we'll beat him again! Hey! Bill! Come and get us, you pointy jerk!"

Bill growls. Dipper and Mabel run off into the Fearamid. Before leaving, Mabel stretches her lips to blow a raspberry.

"What? No! It's too dangerous!" Ford shouted.

Ford and Stan start to run after Dipper and Mabel, the Doctor lifts himself up, but Bill puts them in a cage.

"Not so fast. You THREE wait here!"

He turns monsterous red and grews six arms, "I've got some children I need to make into corpses. See ya real soon!"

"No! Wait! No! No! Oh, what do we do? What do we do?!"

Ford bangs on bars, "Kids!"

The Master approaches to the prisoners, "Oh Doctor, how still predictable you are..."

The Doctor glared at him. "Every star in the universe... and you want them to be burned by the Time War's timeline and its aftermath that turns into a multiverse-hell wasteland?!"

His rivial grins, "When I nearly died from our last encounter... of course, the dream demon appeared to be to make a deal. Everything was arranged with fate-and everything was planned out with my trap!"

Stan also glared at him, "Who even are you jerk?!"

The Master smiled with a smirk, "As a former Prime Minister, MY Name-is called: The Master!"

The Doctor explains, "He's my sworn arch-enemy, way into glories, chaos, and destruction."

"The master of disguise is what I am indeed best at. How can you resist against such fate, eh Dr. Pines?" He motioned to Ford.

Ford's expression hardened, "Anyone who is directly assoicated with Bill is no friend of mine..."

He smiles, "Death is often frighting when strikes invisibility... especially, the kids!"

Stan and Ford both realized it.

Stan smacks himself, "Oh, I can't believe this! The kids are gonna die and it's all my fault. Because I couldn't shake your stupid hand, Ford! Uh, dad was right about me. I am a screw-up!"

The Master continues, "In twenty-four minutes, the world will be ravaged by that dream demon... soon your smart ape will crack-and everything will cease to exist."

Ford then sits down next to Stanley, "Stanley, don't blame yourself. I'm the one who made a deal with Bill in the first place." He glared back at the Master, "He's right... I fell for all his easy flattery, and I have to save the kids." He looks at his hands, "You would have seen him for the scam artist he is..."

"How did things get so messed up between us?"

"We used to be like Dipper and Mabel. The world's about to end and they still work together. How do they do it?"

"Easy. They're kids. They don't know any better-Whoa, where you goin'?"

"I'm going to play the only card we have left. Let Bill into my mind. He'll be able to take over the galaxy and maybe even worse, but at least he might let the kids free."

"What?! Are you kiddin' me?! Are you honestly telling me there's nothing else we can do?!"

"Bill's only weak in the mind space. If I didn't have this darn plate in my head we could just erase him with the memory gun when he steps inside my mind."

The Doctor realized, "He's right. Bill's mindscape is only his domain... so being in one's mind..."

"What if he goes into my mind? My brain isn't good for anything." Stan stated.

"Heheh. There's nothing in your mind he wants. It has to be me. We need to take his deal. It's the only way he'll agree to save you and the kids."

"Do you really think he's gonna make good on that deal?"

"What other choice do we have?"

"Oh-please attend carefully... the deal that follows is vital for you all..." The Master interrupted. "Soon the demon shall kill them in a minute if you don't go for it..."

He continues, "You better hurry, Doctor! I shall be looking over supreme power over the universe: Master of all matter! This should be speck-cular! The decsion is take the deal... or don't." He smirked, "After all, I have been waiting my whole life for this: if the Doctor can save them from this... so can I..."

He held a fob watch, "Like I said before, what good is the universe and to me, without the Doctor..."

"Where did you get that?"

"You dropped it while I was reactiviating Davros' pets..."

Bill re-enters the main room with Dipper and Mabel in his hand.

"Alright, Ford. Time's up. I've got the kids. I think I'm gonna kill one of 'em now just for the heck of it! EENIE!" His eye went on a pine tree. "...MEENIE..." Landed on shooting star. "...MINEE..." Again pine tree.

Suddenly, a laser beam struck Bill's back, "ARGH! WHO DID THAT?!"

The Master smiled. "Though I never stand with the Doctor... I loved being with powers you possessed me with... Every second of it..." He remembered when he lets Bill take his body to trick Mabel.

"Oh the way you burned like a tree caught on fire... like a whole screaming dimension on fire..."

Bill angrily points his finger at him. The Master laughed one last time. He looked at the prisoners.

"...I remembered that feeling... and I always will... and I will always miss it... although..."

A beam fired is upon the Master, "...I never stand with the Doctor-Hehhahahahahahahahahahoohoohoohahahahahahahahahah-HRK!"

This seemingly burned him to ashes. Bill then turned back to them, "So where was I-ah YES! YOU!"

"Wait! I have a better deal!" The Doctor somewhat called out.

"I am listening!" He drops Dipper and Mabel. A deal from a Timelord? It was considered as a rare jackpot for anyone.

"Don't do it, Doc, it'll destroy the universe!" Stan stated loudly.

"Stan, it's the only way!" Ford chimmed in.

"HAHAHAHA! Oh, even when you both about to die, you Pines twins just can't get along." He drops the cage and ties up both Stan and the Doctor. "No Timelord arrogance from you, eh Doc? What's the deal?"

The Doctor was silent. As Stan struggled, he clunched the given fob watch.

"Ford told me you want the equation, I shall be the one to give it to you... in short I want you to let the Pines go!"


"No, DOCTOR! What are you doing!? Don't trust him!" Dipper pleaded.

"It's a...DEAL!"

He then shook his hand, then enters the mental realm, "Ahaha! Hahaha! AHAHAHAHAHA!"

Outside of the Doctor's firm appearance, as if he is waging a battle between minds, Ford pulls out the memory erasing gun. Stan passes on the fob watch. Ford turns the knob which it says, "Doctor (?)" and aims it at their family's friend.

The rest watched sadly, as Ford is about to wipe the memories from one of the greatest allies to Earth.

"Oh, I'm here. I'm finally here! Look at this place: your knowledge of the Timelords. Gotta hand it to ya, Doc. You really know how to hold your mind than the smartest of these skin puppets!"

He turns to him, "So where is it?"

In response, the background that contained the TARDIS interior of the console room burned. The Doctor gazed at Bill cheekly.

"WHAT?!" Bill screamed.

"A perfect trap, my dear knowledge-eating triangle friend." The Doctor answered.

"The deal's off!" He tries to turn around but the police box's doors to the supposed outside shuts and consumed by the flames, "What the...No, no, no, no!"

The room starts to burn with blue fire.

"Oh yes. You destroyed Fiddleford's mind, Bill. You tricked the Pines. You had your fun on me." The Doctor's voice turned deep and rich with fury.

"Soon you will be a mere thought-prisoner of your own demise. Memory gun. Pretty much everything from your own historical actions, eh?" He then chirped madly.

"Y-you idiot! Don't you realize you're destroying your own mind, too?!"

"That's what I am!" His stance shocked Bill of all places, "A madman with a box, traveling and stopping darkness where I go..."

"Let me outta here! Let me OUT-OW! Why isn't this working?!"

Then Bill understood, he was in the presence of a Timelord. The one whose anger is more hotter and unextinguishable...and the mere reason why he ran.

He was being kind.

The demonic-con tried to plead one last time.

"You're making a mistake! I'll give you anything!"

He looked at him with contempt.


His eye shows a picture of a dollar sign. The Doctor pluckered his lips in dislain.


His eye showed a star. The Doctor's brows were more narrower than before.


His eye showed a pot of gold. He sighs, rolling his eyes.

"INIFINITE POWER! Your own galaxy!"

Then shown a universal galaxy. He is above all disgusted.


"Everything has its time and everything dies." He deadpans.


Bill Cipher, a version of an intergalactic terror, tries to grab him. The Doctor merely swirls to the side as collapsing and melting Bill fell into the fiery flames.

The Doctor then sorrowfully looked around. His memories of every good day... and every bad day...

All of his past selves's voices seemed to drown out the consuming flames...

"No, I must go at once. Thank you my boy. Keep warm..."

"...You can't do this to me!..."

"No, while there's life, there's..."

"...It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for."

"Feels different this time..."

"...My future is in safe hands."

"I gotta stop... him!"

"...Physician, heal thyself."

"Wearing a bit thin! I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time...!"

"...You were fantastic, and you know what? So was I!"

"I don't wanna go..."

"I will always remember when the... was me..."

"...I let you go."

The flames engulf him.

"Guys, I will do it..."

"If he gains a leverage on each of you-it would cost your family and friends... I shall take the burden-take this Stan, give this Ford when he's inside in my mind. Work together... forgive each other... and let this be your best time..."

Once Ford finishes erasing the Doctor's memories, he drops the memory erasing gun. The others from the Zodiac return to normal and drop to the floor. Outside of the Fearamid, the rift sucks all of the demons back into the time crack's portal. Every monster that came from the Time War's timeline is sucked back.

The time crack is finally sealed.

The Fearamid is deconstructed and pulled into the rift. Once it is gone, a wave washes over the town, restoring it to its pre-Weirdmageddon state. The townsfolk look around, Rumble McSkirmish fades away. Gravity Falls is back again.

Somewhere in the forest, a bird lands on a physical statue of Bill, covered in moss and vegetation.

"Time to wake up..."

The Doctor opened his eyelids.

Mabel runs up to him with the others, and puts his recovered fedora on him, "Oh, my gosh! Doctor, you did it!"

"I'm so sorry... do, I know you?"

"Eheh. Doctor... you don't remember us?"

"Are you referring to a hosptial? I don't think there is one around here."

"C-cmon. It's me. It's me... Doctor! Doctor! It's me!" Stan hesistantly drags her back.

"We had to erase his mind to defeat Bill. He let himself to be the one to do it, instead of either of us. It's all gone. He did it. He saved us. He saved me... Thank you Doctor..." Ford pats the amnesic Doctor on the shoulder. "Did I do something wrong?" Ford quickly shakes his head.

Mabel sits down and cries. Dipper puts his hand on her shoulder and cries as well. Stan blinks his eyes and looked sideways. He knelt down as held the twins to his chest with comfort.

Soon, everyone is in front of the Mystery Shack, which is laying in a heap in the woods. Stan groaned softly, "Hm... great... we might need to spend few bucks here..."

They walk up to the door. Dipper bashes against the door until it comes down. Stan chuckles, liking how Dipper toughened up a little...

Yet the time felt very sullen and discouraging.

Everyone walks into the living room, Dipper and Mabel hold Stan's hands.

The Doctor looked around "Hey, this is a real nice place you got here." He points to the ragged police box, "What's that?"

"It's your place, Doctor."

"Don't you remember? Even a little?"

The Doctor sat, "Nope. Say, who's that crying in the corner? Did someone upset him?"

Soos sobs and turns away.

"We saved the world, but what's the point? The Doctor not himself anymore. Everything we knew about him is gone..."

"There's gotta be something we can do to jog his memory!"

Ford pulls out the memory gun and tossed it on the couch. The fob watch was still attacted to it, "There isn't. I'm sorry. The Doctor that cared about us is gone-"

"I know my amazing friend is in there somewhere! There's gotta be something around here that can help bring him back." She walks all over the Shack-until she leaned to the TARDIS... somehow, it felt her pain...

Its keyhole suddenly fired a projection of the Doctor:

"Recording preserved. Hello! By the time you reached this recording it means my memories are gone..."

All of the Pines' ears perked up.

"Rest assured, the plan for the memory lapse I created was a back-plan... the fob watch that is held..."

It continues, giving them hope, "...shall be the instrumental to my revival. Good Luck."

The projection shuts off.


Everyone looked at the Doctor...

"...what's this doing on the couch?" He held up the memory gun's certain battery: the fob watch.

Mabel shouts happily, "That's it!" She runs over and suddenly sees her scrapbook on the ground.

She picks it and looked at her family and Soos.

Everything is not yet lost...

"Good morning, Gravity Falls. It's another beautiful day, but every day is beautiful now that the...unpleasantness is over."

Lazy Susan wipes a drawing of Bill off of her window.

Sprott chased some Eye Bats out of his barn, "Git outta here, you ornery critters!"

A zombie popping out of the ground. Greg Valentino pushes it back into the ground with his foot.

"Ah, good as new. Oh! Looks like you've got a friend!"

"Robbie, would you be a dear and get us the sawed-off shotgun?"

"Ugh. Fine! Whatever!"

Mayor Befufftlefumpter pops out of the ground as a zombie, "Brains, and so forth."

"Nope. None of that, thank you." The Valentino family looked over the graveyard in case if paranormal made zombies come back alive.

Soon, later-turned Mayor Tyler Cutebiker is standing on a podium in front of a crowd.

"None of us really understand what just happened and none of us want to. That's why I'm passing the Never Mind All That Act. If anyone goes asking around about the "events" of the last few days, what do we say?" He drops a banner saying "NEVER MIND ALL THAT".

Crowd yelled, "Never mind all that!"

Sheriff Blubs added, "And if you break the rules, we're gonna zap you."

Deputy Durland also waved tasers, "Zap! Zap! We're mad with power!"

"In other news, the Northwest family has gone broke. After pledging his allegiance to Bill and then placing all his savings in weirdness bonds, Preston Northwest had to sell his mansion to preserve his family fortunes have also turned for local maniac, Fiddleford McGucket, who, after regaining his sanity, has made millions overnight submitting his patents to the U.S government!"

"I'm gonna buy me a bigger shed! Hey, that one's for sale!"

Soon enough, the Doctor is leaning on the doorway of the TARDIS that is outside. Dipper and Mabel are celebrating their 13th birthday.

Ford comes up to him, "...memory doing fine?"

The Doctor chuckled, "Doing better than ever-thank you for saving me..."

Ford shook his head, "No... thank you for everything you have done for my family.

The Doctor nodded. Suddenly the phone rang from the police box. "It must be the parents..."

Soon Dipper and Mabel standing in front of a cake with many townsfolk who are finishing their song.

" you." Their friends and allies cheered happily.

"I can't believe you all got together just to throw a party for us."

Tyler replies, "After all the Pines family has done for the town, it's the least we could do. You've helped everyone here."

Gideon added, "Thanks to y'all savin' us, I'm gonna learn to open my heart to kindness. No more evil-doin'. From now on, I'm gonna try to be Li'l Gideon, regular ol' kid."

Soos stated, "Dude! Make a wish, dawg."

Dipper began, "You know, on my first day here, if you had asked me what I wanted, I would have said, "adventure, mystery, true friends." But looking here at all of you I realize that every wish came true. I have everything I wanted..."

Mabel finished, "If I had only one wish it would be to shrink all of you with the shrink ray and bring you home with us in my pocket. But since that's impossible... Is that impossible?"

Ford waves his hand up and down and shrugs. The Doctor bellowed with laughter.

"Since that's probably impossible, my only wish is for everyone to sign my scrapbook. I'll never forget you guys. Wait." She sets the memory gun on the floor and smashes it, "Now I'll never forget you guys!" She and Dipper blow out the candles.

Wendy hugs them, "AND I now officially declare you technically teenagers. Welcome to angst and acne forever!"

Wendy, Tambry, Robbie, Lee, Nate, and Thompson shout, "One of us! One of us!"

Blubs and Durland fire a cannon, "WOOPEE!"

"So how do you feel?"

"Same-y, but different-y." She added, "Allons-y!"

Pacifica comes forward, "Hey, you two. When are you gonna open your presents already? I broke a nail wrapping them."

She and Dipper laugh, "Pacifica." Mabel giggled.

Dipper and Mabel each grab a present. Stan claps.

Ford signals to him, "Stanley, I need to talk to you. I didn't wanna say anything with everyone listening, but we've got a problem. Weirdmageddon has been contained but I'm detecting some strange new anomalies near the arctic ocean. I want to go investigate it but I think I might be too old to go it alone."

"Are you sayin' you need someone to help you sail around the world in the adventure of a lifetime?"

"I don't just want someone to come with me Stanley, I want it to be you." he gives him a photo of them as kids posing on the Stan-o-War, "Will you give me a second chance?"

"You think we'll find treasure? And babes?"

"Heh! I'd say there's a high probability. But, what should we do with the Mystery Shack?"

"I think the town's had enough mystery for one lifetime. Besides! Thanks to Doc, we got the boat ready! Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make. Me and my-heh! Nerdy bro over here have some catchin' up to do. We're gonna be away for a while. That's why I'm shutting down the Mystery Shack for good."

Crowd gasp and murmur.

Soos then spoke, "You shut down your mouth for good! I'm sorry, Mr. Pines. It's just that this shack is the most magical place on Earth. Sure, the attractions are all fake, but dreams aren't fake!" He holds up a fiji mermaid taxidermy, "Like, this mermaid. It's not just a dead fish butt sewn to a monkey carcass. It's a marvelous creature that makes us believe that anything is possible. You shut down this shack, and you shut down our dreams! At dreams!"

The Doctor smiled.

"I'm sorry, Soos. It's just, there's no one around to run it. At least, there wouldn't be if I hadn't just found the perfect replacement." He puts his fez on Soos, "Ladies and gentleman, the Mystery Shack is under new management!"

Everyone cheers.

" mean it, Mr. Mystery?!"

"You're Mr. Mystery now, Soos. Try not to burn the place down."

Abuelita carries luggage and assorted items, with a 'Movers' truck in tow, "I'll move in immediately."

The partygoers keep cheering.

The Pines, Soos, Wendy, Candy, Grenda and Waddles are at the Doctor's police box.

"Do you really have to go? There's still so much we haven't done together." Candy stated.

Mabel replies, "Summer's over, Candy. It's time for us to grow up."

"But not too much."

"Aaah! I hate my dumb heart for making me feel things. Cut. It. Out. Heart!" Grenda punches herself.

"Hey, can you punch my heart, too?" Soos added.

"No, mine! Punch my feelings away."

Mabel hugs Candy and Grenda, "Candy and Grenda, thank you for being my people. You'll always be my best friends. Grunkle Stan, thanks for wearing my goodbye sweater."

Stan stated, "Ah, it's cold out. I had to."

"What? But it's like eighty-something degrees out today."

Stan and Ford both shout, "Can it, Soos!"

The Doctor Dipper, Mabel, Candy and Grenda all burst out laughing.

Wendy kneels next to Dipper, "Hey, you mean a lot to me, man."

Dipper fist-bumps Wendy, "You, too."

Wendy switches hats with Dipper, "Something to remember me by." She hands Dipper a letter, "Oh, and this. Read it the next time you miss Gravity Falls."

The Doctor shook hands and bid farewell... every friends and allies.

Stan spoke, "Kids, you knuckleheads were nothin' but a nuisance and I'm glad to be rid of ya."

Mabel and Dipper hug him, 'We'll miss you too, Grunkle Stan."

The Doctor hands certain passports to Ford, "Certified clearance, certain contacts of mine from U.N can help you guys out... also tell Harkness to wise up...but remember-"

He tips his hat, "-have fun exploring the unknowns."

"Ready to head into the unknown?" Dipper said to Mabel as they enter the police box.

"Nope. Let's do it." Mabel replied. "Hit it Doc!"

The Doctor smiled, "With pleasure." He pulls the lever.

Everyone looked on as the police box faded from existance...


The TARDIS Console shines all the way through as everything is turning its gears.

Suddenly a thunk was heard.

They arrived safely at the hometown of Piedmont, California.

If you've ever taken a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, you've probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls.

It's not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it's a myth. But if you're curious, don't wait.

Take a trip. Find it. It's out there somewhere in the woods. Waiting.

Dipper opens the letter, which has signatures from various people and read: "See you next summer".

He smiles with Mabel.

They looked at the Doctor, as the TARDIS doors opens in front of their home.

He winks.