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A Changed Heart chapter 1

The captain-

It's been 5 years since his beloved Agathe passed away. It's been 5 years since Georg really even looked or talked to any of his children. Really Agethe was the one who he really and truly loved and couldn't imagine his life without her, but unfortunately the scarlet fever took his beautiful kind hearted wife away too soon. Just 10 months after their dear youngest daughter Gretl was born. Oh how much Agethe loved each and every one of their 7 children and even when she was at her weakest she still managed to spend time with them all. Reading telling them stories of her childhood and of course doing their favorite thing singing together as a family.

Music was the one thing now Georg absolutely forbade in this house. He couldn't stand any kind of music or singing because it reminded him far too much of his beloved wife who had the sweetest softest voice that could calm just about anyone especially a crying baby. Oh how Georg once loved music and accompanying his wife on the piano and singing together as a family every night after dinner. But now that was just a faded memory he tried to push out of his head. Yes he has once been happy, joyful and full of laughter but again that piece of him was taken with his wife. He just couldn't stand having anything even laughter to remind him of his wife.

The first few weeks were the worst. After the funeral Georg barley even talked to his children or comforted them when they were grieving. Foe the first 3 weeks Georg mainly stayed in bed sleeping away his sorrows and made Liesl and Fredrich take care of the youngest children. One day he just took off to Vienna without even saying goodbye to the children and spent nearly a month drinking and spending time with friends, specifically Baroness Elsa. He knew he practically orphaned his children but he didn't seem to care much. When he arrived back home everything changed.

Instead of grieving in bed all day Georg decided to run his household like he was on one of his ships again. He decided to treat his children like strangers so he wouldn't be reminded of Agathe. Instead of addressing the children by name he blew a whistle at them to get their attention. He no longer allowed music, laughing, the children had to wear uniforms and he made up all these ridiculous rules foe them to follow. He was no longer the beloved Papa the children once knew, he was just plan Father.

He barley even spoke to any of his children only to punish or yell at them. There was just too much of Agathe in all of his children for him to bear. Liesl was an exact replica of Agathe. She had the exact brown curly hair, dimples her sweet soft spoken voice. Brigitta's love for reading, kurt's love for adventure and pranks Louisa and Marta's sweet shyness Gretl's sweetness and love for everyone, and Friedrich's love for nature and being was just too much of his wife in his children and every time he looked at any of them he saw Agathe there. He refused to care for them and left them in the care to governesses. Most of them couldn't even stay for weeks even hours at a time because the children were always so out of control. He practically forced Liesl and Friedrich to play mommy and daddy to the younger ones. Georg rarely ever smiled and was always sullen and grumpy around everyone.

That is until a certain little nun named Maria, the 12th governess showed up at his doorstep one day wearing the most ridiculous outfit he has ever seen.

"What the hell is that you're wearing?"

"Oh this? Well I don't have any other dress and my good ones were given to the poor, but I can make my own clothes."

"Alright I'll get you some material what did you say your name was?"

"Maria, sir"

"Alright then Maria there are some rules here ya gotta follow. No yellin' singin' the children must march in a straight line at all times and they should be studying even if they're on summer break!"

She looked at him kind of awkwardly like she wasn't expecting this kind of response from a retired sea captain.

"Alright sir. What about play time?"

"Play time?! Heck Maria my children have no time for those silly little games and you address me as Captain ya hear?"

"Yes sir! I mean captain...but you don't look very much like one."

"Hmm well you don't look like a nun...or a governess. Alright let me get the children and memorize their names and blow your whistle when you want them."

Maria look e at him in shock at the mention of her having to use a whistle to address the children.

"Whistle?! Those things are for dogs and cats and other animals but definitely not for children or for me! Why can't I just call them by name? I'm sure their names are lovely."

He ignored her and blew his whistle to summon the children. Maria practically jumped from her skin at the shrill of the whistle. At that all the children marched down the stairs in order from oldest to youngest. He then explained that Maria was their new governess and to tell her their names at their whistle signals. After introducing themselves Georg left them alone with Maria figuring they'll have her out the door screaming in a minute because Kurt put a rat or something in Maria's pocket.

Little did he know that Maria will change absolutely everything in this house. No Maria did not go screaming out the door after finding a frog in her coat pocket or when she sat on a pine cone at dinner. No she was gentle caring loving and all the children loved her. Especially Marta and Gretl who took an instant attachment to Maria the minute they met. Even Liesl who claimed she was too old for a governess even took a fondness to Maria. She loved having an older woman to finally talk to about everything on her mind. And of course the children had someone else besides her in the house to run to if they were scared or upset. Georg even thought she was kind of pretty but didn't want to fall in love with her just yet. One day after finding out that Maria took the children on an outing while he was gone without him knowing, they had a heated argument near the lake about how Georg doesn't know his children and he almost told Maria to pack her bags and leave.

That is until her heard singing. Not just singing his children singing.

"What's that?"

"It's singing."

"I know it's singing but who?"

"The children I told them to sing a song for the Baroness."

At that Georg walked into the house and followed the source of the voices into the living room. Indeed the children were in uniform singing to Max and the Baroness. Not just any song. A song that was once sung by his dear Agatha so many years ago. A sweet old song she heard as a child and sang it to each and every one of their children when they were sick, scared, or just wanted to hear their mother sing. It was one song that made memories of him playing rh piano with Agatha and the children accompanying him in song. This was the one song he avoided for so many years but now couldn't avoid it one bit any longer. It's a sweet simple yet meaningful song.

"The hills ar alive with the sound of music

With songs they have sung for a thousand years

The hills fill my heart with tha sound of music

My heart wants to sing every song it hears

My heart wants to beat like the wings of a bird

That rise from the lake through the trees

My heart wants to sigh like a chime

That flies from a church on a breeze

Ro laugh lik a brook when it trips and falls over

Stones on its way..."

Unable to hold back any longer Georg walked into the room joining his children, finishing the lines of a song he once avoided for a very long time. And for the first time in a long time Georg sang.

"I go to rhthe hills when my heart is lonely

I know I will hear what I've heard before

My heart will be blessed

With th sound of music

And I'll sing

Once more."

After that was an utter silence. Then after what seemed like ages Georg embraced each and every one of his children. Something he has not done in a very very long time. Each child held to him tightly. Taking in every moment they could with their father in his loving warm emrabce. Something was changed. He was changed for the better. Like the Tin Man from the Wizaed of Oz captain von trap has at last found a heart. They were not just the children any longer they were HIS children. And he has a special someone to thank for helping him change and bring music joy and laughter back into his house.

Yes a young nun turned governess was rspinsible for dancing and singing her way into his life and he wanted her to stay forever. He now knew who he loved and it was not th Baroness but the little governess. Yes he really wanted to know his children and spend as much time with them all as possible after so many years of neglecting and pratically making them orphans. He couldn't wait to spend time with them after all that lost time. And of course he wanted to marry Maria. Little did he know that in a far away place called New York City on a street called Fifth Avenue. A man very much like himself Oliver Warbucks was getting this same kind of conversion except with a ten year old redhead orphan named Annie and he loved Grace like the captain loved Maria. Yes he had a changed heart always and forever.

The end! lol I loved how I added Annie into this haha. But I'm an Annie geek and I can't leave our Annie! I own no rights to the song The Sound Of Music. Yep there will me more chapters to come and of course more Annie stories!