A/N: here's chapter 3! Yes I made another Annie reference! The opening scene leads into the day the children meet Maria. I don't know all the lines from the movie so I kind of made them up as I went along and from what I remembered. Enjoy! Happy holidays


Liesl was probably the only Von Trapp kid who actually knew their mother and a very very different father than he is now. Agathe was the kindest most gentle hearted person ever and the best mother to her oldest daughter. When Liesl was a baby her mother would sing a sweet soft lullaby she learned once as a child about the hills being alive with the sound of music. It was an old old old Austrian song written long ago in the Austrian hills. Agathe had a voice as sweet soft and soothing as honey. Liesl had almost the exact same features as her mother. Same exact brown curly hair piercing blue eyes and sweet little dimples.

Father was much much different then he was now. He was Molly, rosy cheeked always laughing singing and dancing around the room with a two year old Liesl then baby Fredrich. He was stern and did set some rules for his children to follow but was also kind thoughtful and very protective of his wife and children. One of the things Liesl remembered most about her childhood was when Father and Mother would sing together. Father loved singing just as much as Mither did and often accompanied her in song on th piano. He was a good singer and there was always music and laughter in the Von Trapp house for so many of those early years.

It was now a mere 5 years latwe since Mother's passing. No more music, laughing a jolly happy Father. In place of him was a mean cold military man who was once Father and often didn't take one glance at any of his children other than yell at them or bark an order at them. Liesl wished her two youngest siblings didn't have to go through this and they could have the loving caring Mother and Father that she once had. Most of the time she took to caring for them since no one else was around to she loved her siblings dearly but she so wished they could have a mother again and Father to be the Father she once knew.

One night in early June Liesl sat on her window sill thinking about all this. Her insomnia was bad that night and it was nearing 3:00am. Maybe she'll have a mother soon again maybe she'd come for her soon. They weren't poor but she wasn't rich inside. Just as she was about to drift off she heard a cry from the room across from her.t was Gretl having yet another nightmare and calling for her big sister, the only mama she's ever known.

"Mama! Mama! MOMMY!"

At that a grumpy half asleep Louisa grumbled

"Be quiet I'm trying to get som sleep! How am I supposed to get any sleep around here?"

Brigitte being the protective 10 year old she was quickly came to her littlest sisters defense.

"Aw quit yappin' she's just a little kid! Give her a break will ya? You're the one keeping us all awake with all your yellin' and fathers gonna come in here any minute and give us a beatin"!"

Liesl then entered the room where here 4 younger siblings shared and shushed the older girls and told them to get back to bed before Fathwr gets in there and they'll all get in trouble. She gently picked her sobbing 5 year old sister off th bed and held her tightly in her arms.

"It was only a dream honey go back to sleep it's nearly 3:00 in th morning."

Liesl gently wiped Gretl's tears with th back of her sleeve while she ro,d her about her dream.

"I was on the ferry boat and you lofted me up to see all the big ships then suddenly you were gone and I was all alone and I was left at an orphanage with a really mean fat lady named miss hannigan who made us clean!"

An orphanage? A mean lady named Miss Hannigan? Liesl had no idea where her sister even got these ideas from but all in all she wanted to comfort her youngest sister from her bad dream like she did almost every other night.

"There there it was only a dream baby try to go back to sleep."

"Will you sing to,me?"

Liesl could never say no to that sweet request so she laid down on the bed and held her sister in her arms as she sang her to sleep.

Maybe far away or maybe real nearby

He may be luring her coffee

She may be straightening his tie

Maybe in a house

All hidden by a hill

She's sitting playing piano

He's sitting paying a bill

Bet ya they're young betcha they're smart

Bet she hey collect things

Like ashtrays and art

Betcha they're good

Why shouldn't they be

Their one mistake was giving up me

So maybe now it's time

And maybe when I wake

They'll be there calling me baby


Seeing that Gretl was finally asleep Liesl gently got out of the bed and put her sister under the covers and fixed her other sisters blankets while finishing her song.

Betcha he reads betcha she sews

Maybe she's made me a closet of clothes

Maybe they're strict as straight as a line

Done rally care as long as they're mine

So maybe now this prayers

The last one of its kind

Won't you please come get your baby


Seeing that all of her sisters were in bed and comfortable, Liesl quietly left the room and went back to hers where she fell into a deep sleep. Liesl didn't know this but in a far away city in a New York City orphanage for girls a little redhead girl named Annie was singing this exact song to a small girl very much like Gretl who had just woken up from a nightmare to comfort her. Even though they were in completely different parts of the world, miles and miles apart they had one thing in common, they dreamed of a parent coming for them someday.

The next day they were all surprised to learn that they were to have a new governess again. Liesl hoped this one would be better than the last one who only stayed two hours. She really didn't want to deal with another new governess and gave to go through thte same routine as always marching in a straight line and imrodocung each other by name as their fathers whistle. This woman didn't look too mean sr strict she was sort of oddly dressed and had a huge straw hat on her head. She actually seemed quite nervous herself and admitted that it was her first time being a governess. When the woman, Maria, asked for their names and ages Liesl as always having to be the first to metrofcu herself and trying to make an impression to Maria she quickly stated her name and that she was 16 And did NOT need a governess. Then the other children took it upon themselves to tease Maria and give her advice about being a governess like to always blow her nose and never show up to dinner on time. Gretl being the sweet girl she is took an instant liking to Maria and said to not listen to a single word the older children were saying because she liked her.

Liesl so hoped Maria would stay and that the rest of the children could like Maria as much as hee youngest sisters did. She was so glad to finally have an adult wo,an around who the youngest children could look up to and go to her if they were frightened or had a bad dream. Maria really did look like a mother figure and hoped that by some little miracle Father could fall in love with her and Maria will officially be their new mother.

Latwe that night after Liesl went out to meet Rolf for a while it started to rain quite heavily. She didn't want to risk getting caught so she decided to climb through Maria's room where she saw her on her knees praying seemingly talking about her.

"...oh dear god about Liesl please help her to know that I, her friend and that I can guide her In the name of the father and thy son and the Holy Ghost amen."

At that Liesl got nervous that Maria would be angry at her and tell Father where she's been.

"You're not going to tell in me are you?"

"Well no, not if we wash that dress our ans you can wear one of mine then when you're dried off we can sit on the bed and have a talk"

Seeing that Maria was the farthest from angry with her she decided to tell her about what she said earlier today was not true.

"Oh Maria remember earlier today I said I didn't need a governess. Well maybe I do"

At that Maria smiled and led Liesl out the door so she could dry off and put on some dry pajamas. Well Maria doesn't seem half that bad at all and she honestly really did like her as much as Gretl and Marta did and couldn't wait to spend even more time with them. Maria really did know how to dance and sing her way into people's hearts ans she certainly changed Liesl,s heart and hopefully one day Fathers.

When Liesl was done changing she noticed that it was thundering pretty loud and Gretl would probably be needing her for comfort. To Liesl's surprise Gretl was not in her room when she went to check on her. She was actually in Maria's room with her other siblings dancing and singing around her bedroom singing about their favorite things. Liesl was so happy her siblings could find comfort in someone else rather than herself and went to Maria when they were frightened and it looked like Maria quickly took their fears away! Liesl couldn't blow but to laug and join in on their fun laughing, singing and dancing, something they haven't done in years! She so wished Maria could really and truly be their mother! She already saw so much if a mother in her!

A few days later the children were surprised to learn that Maria has made play clothes for them out of the drapes that used to hang in her bedroom and will be taking them out on an outing! They knew Father was not going to be happy about this and give Maria quite an earful but Maria said she'd talk to him later. The children all enjoyed their outing and had a picnic in the hills. They played cards, tossed a ball around and just relaxed in the sun. Louisa then asked Maria

"Can we do this every day?"

"Well wouldn't you get tired of this?"

"Every other day?"

Kurt then added,

"I haven't had this much fun since we put glue on Fraulien Josphine's toothbrush."

Maria gave him a surprised look, she was surprised to her that they would ever play tricks on people. Kurt explained that it was to get Father's rest of the day was spent singing dancing and laughing. Finally being able to just be children not marching around for once. A few days later when Father was due home Maria took the children on a canoe ride around the lake. They all enjoyed themselves and sang and laughed. They then noticed Father walking over to the lake.

"Father! Father! You're home!"

At that all the children plus Maria fell into the lake! They were all fine just wet and Louisa managed to save Gretl from drowning. Father was pretty angry and Liesl knew what was coming next. He angrily blew his whistle and told them to line up and introduced them to the Baroness. After introductions Liesl led her siblings into the house to change. She knew they were all in trouble and Maria would be sent back. She really didn't want Maria to be sent back and neither did her siblings. They met the Baroness and Uncle Max in the living room after changing. Liesl noticed Gretl looking as if she was going to cry.

"Father sounded so angry! I don't want him to be mad at Maria!"

"Oh sweetie it's alright I'm sure Father won't send Maria back!"

"I don't want her to leave she's the bed governess I've ever had and she feels like a mama to me!"

Almost tearing up herself Liesl gathered her youngest into her arms and gave her a tight hug. Wanting to distract the children from being sad Liesl suggested that they sing a song for the Baroness and Uncle Max. They all thought that was a great idea and started to sing Mother's lullaby.

The hills are alive with tha sound of music

With songs they have sung

For a thousand years

The hills fill my heart

With the sound of music

My heart wants to sing every song it hears

My heart wants to beat like the wings of a bird

That rise from the lake

Through the trees

My heart what's to sigh like a chime

That flies from a church on a breeze

To laugh like a brook

When it trips and falls over

Stones on its way

At that moment all the children stopped abruptly when they heard Fathers deep voice finishing the song.

To sing through the night

Like a lark who's learning to pray

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely

I know I will hear

What I've heard before

My heart will be blessed

With the sound of music

And I'll sing



All they could do was stare at Father. Liesl has not heard her father sing or show emotion since their mother died. And the youngest have never ever seen Father show a bit of emotion once in their lives. They could not believe what they were seeing or hearing. Liesl finally saw Fathwe again! Her father her rap father who he really and truly was! She took a step forward to her father and hugged him tighter than she ever had since she was a small child. Her siblings did th same and they all embraced Father. Liesl knew Maria was the one who changed Father foe the better and they could be a happy family again. In many weeks to come Maria and Father fell madly in love and were to be married! Oh they could all finally have someone to call Mother! They were all so thrilled about the news! Liesl loved being a big sister and taking care of her siblings but she was so happy to have an adult help take care of them now and she can finally be a child herself! She couldn't wait fo all the adventures they would go on as a happy family!

The end!