Let's Rock

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Full Summary: Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless human kid, has a dream to become a heroic demon hunter like his idol All Might. After a chance encounter with Dante, the world's greatest demon hunter, he is given a shot at achieving his dream. This is his Hunter Academia.

P.S. Italics is Izuku's narration for the beginning. Narrating won't show up much.

'Not all men are created equal' I had learned that from a young age. You see, in this day and age, about 80% of the population have some sort of power, known as quirks. Quirks first originated when a great war between humans and demons occurred, thus one of the first being a glowing baby in hong kong. The War ended when a demon by the name of Sparda found compassion and joined the side of humanity. Demonic blood then found its way into everyday humanity. As the population grew with quirks and demonic heritage some people took advantage of their new power, making demon hunting a new profession in modern society. Did I forget to mention that this is the story of how I became one of the greatest devil hunters ever?


I didn't have the greatest life before becoming a pro though. At the young age of four, I was thrilled about demon hunters. They were awe-inspiring, incredibly powerful, the awesome heroes to protect us from the big bad monsters! But only one ever stood out to me. All Might, Japan's number one hunter. He was the mark of a new era, making the demon hunting profession more like being a superhero! Since from a young age, I wanted to save people with a smile on my face! Sadly at the age of four, my dreams were shattered. I was diagnosed as quirkless due to an extra bone in my toe and I came from pure human heritage, or so I thought. Anyways, I lost a lot when I found out I had no hope of being a hunter. My best friend became my bully, my peers thought I was stupid, and I had lost any equality as a person I once had. Everyone said It would be impossible, but 10 years later I was finally given a chance to achieve my dreams…

In some High school…

"Alright, you students are all third years so you should all think seriously about your future and careers, so I should hand you back these High school applications…" The rather forgettable teacher then starts throwing said applications into to the air. "...But I know you all want to become demon hunters, so what's the point!" he finishes with a smile.

Within the classroom, all of the students start cheering displaying their quirks. The exception being an ash blonde and plain looking student. "Yes yes, you all have excellent quirks, but quirk use within the school is prohibited so settle down." The teacher yelled at his students.

"Hey teach, don't group me in with these bunch of extras! I'm the real deal, these losers will be lucky just to get into some crap demon hunter course," This statement came from the arrogant looking blonde. This riled up all of the other students, "You think you're better than us Bakugo!?" One of the 'extras' yelled. "Bring it on, I could beat all of you!" Was Bakugo's fiery rebuttal, which silenced the majority of the class.

Katsuki Bakugo was an ash blonde standing around 5'8 in height, though if you looked closely you would see bits black sprinkled through his hair from early usage of his quirk, Explosion. He had red eyes which would darken to bloody crimson when angered and held the look of a delinquent, even though he was near the top of his class academically.

"Yes Katsuki Bakugo, you have exceptional high test results, and you're trying to get into Yuuei high school correct, maybe you will get in" the teacher read of the paper. A kid with green hair began to bury his head into his notebook.

"He's going for the national school?" One of the so-called 'extras' whispered to another. Sparking a wildfire of conversation.

"I heard it's only a 2% acceptance rate."

"That school's impossible to get into that school."

Katsuki then got up," Yuuei is the only school worthy of teaching me, I'll rise above all of you extras and become a famous demon hunter, even better than All Might him-" before he could finish his rant his teacher then also read off, "Ah, Izuku Midoriya you also wanted to go to Yuuei too?"

The entire class went silent, Katsuki's eye twitched in annoyance and Izuku paled. The class then broke into laughter.

"Haha, Midoriya you think only good grades can get you into that school"

"Don't they have a rule against the quirkless humans applying to Yuuei"

"A-actually t-they got rid of that rule this year, S-so I could actually apply." Midoriya stammered out his reasoning when suddenly two exploding fists came down onto his desk. "Deku, you piece of shit! Are you fucking trying to compete with me!" Bakugo looked at him with such intense rage, as if he were ready to murder him in cold blood, it actually got most of the class to calm down from their hysterics.

Izuku Midoriya was a greenette standing at around 5'5 which was a bit shorter than most of his classmates. He has emerald green eyes that would seem to glow sometimes when he shows his determination. Ridiculed for his quirklessness and lack of demonic power he doesn't have much self-confidence and was nicknamed Deku by his former best friend, now bully, Bakugo. He is willing to go above and beyond if it meant becomes a demon hunter.

Our plain protagonist then starts shaking his head in fear and waving his hands back and forth. "N-no Kacchan. I'd never try to compete with you, it's just been my dream for a long time and-". "I'll destroy you!"

"Bakugo! Enough sit down, now class it's time I start our lesson". The foul-mouthed blonde begrudgingly made his way back to his seat. Midoriya silently thanking the fact that class was now starting.


It was the end of the day and most students had left the classroom as well as the teacher, leaving only Midoriya, Bakugo and his goons. Midoriya was packing up, when Bakugo came up to him. "Hey, nerd we aren't done" Katsuki then proceeds to swipe the notebook Izuku was about to put away,"

"Heh, what is that his diary?" Goon 1 asked

"Demon hunter notes for my future volume 13?" Goon 2 said, "Don't tell me your taking notes on how to be a demon hunter"

"So pathetic."

Bakugo then blows up the notebook, causing Midoriya to scream, and then hurled it out the window, the book landed in a koi pond below the class. "Most great devil hunters show great potential early on, you can just look at them and know they are destined for greatness" Bakugo continued, " I'll be the only one from this shit school to get into Yuuei and people will talk about me like that. That's not ego talking I just know I'm that good". He placed his hand on Midoriya's shoulder, smoke rising from his hand. "So do me a favor and don't think about applying." He began to walk away.

"If you really want to be a devil hunter so bad I got a good tip, take a swan dive off the roof and pray in the next life you get a quirk." Katsuki laughed. At that point, Midoriya had enough and was about to tell him off, but then Katsuki reminded him, how much he greatly feared this guy. "Got a problem?" Katsuki's voice had an edge to it, and his face held malice. Izuku immediately tensed up. Making his point clear, the bully and his underlings walked out of the room completely. About five minutes later he retrieved the journal from the fish pond it landed in and proceeded to walk home, alone.

"Stupid Kacchan, what if I had listened to you, would you still be laughing…" Murmuring as he was under a tunnel when he got jumped by a sludge demon. The demon was a sickly sewer green. It had nasty yellow teeth and disgusting glazed yellow-green eyes. Izuku noticed it had several other sets of eyes around its torso. The creature poured itself onto the young boy, cackling as it did so. "A medium-sized invisibility cloak, thanks kid you're my hero." Midoriya started to struggle against the ooze body of the demon, pulling, tearing trying to get the oxygen his body needed, however, his vision began to fade. 'No, this can't be it…"

It was at that moment that a large gust of wind blew the demon off of Izuku. A white-haired man in a red coat suddenly walked into view, wielding a blue short sword in hand. The man called out, "Well kid you're lucky I was around". The man put his sword away, then walked over and realized Izuku was unconscious and then lightly kicked him in the ribs. Izuku stirred a bit but didn't wake right away. The man then noticed the scorched and soggy book and took a look into it. Surprised that it contained perceptive knowledge on many pro demon hunters, he signed a free page. The white-haired man then bent down and slapped Izuku across the face.

This action got Izuku to shoot up immediately, taking in his surroundings making sure he wasn't dead. His eyes then locked onto his savior. The man was in a faded red coat, brown pants, black combat boots, a black T-shirt and wearing fingerless gloves. His white hair ended at the neck and he had some stubble starting to forming a beard. (think current DMC 5 Dante, not the reboot by ninja theory) "Y-you're D-dante, T-the world-famous S class demon hunter!" He picked up his notebook, "Could you please sign-" He cut himself off when he saw the book was already signed. Izuku the proceeded to make 90-degree bows, "Thank you very much, It will be a treasured family heirloom". Dante smirked giving a shrug, "Ah kid you're making me blush" He then notice the sludge demon was nowhere to be seen and decided to pursue it.

"Well kid it was nice to meet you but I've got a demon to kill" Dante was about ready to use an air hike and air trick to leave, but Midoriya jumped on him last minute yelling, "Wait, I have so many questions!" and he too teleported off with Dante. A split second later they both fell onto a rooftop, the extra weight hitting the older man's back made him fall over.

Annoyed Dante turned to Izuku, dusting off his coat, "Look, kid, as much as I love the fans, this is just too much." He turned to leave, hoping the kid would get down safely himself, when he heard the kid shout out, " Do you think a Quirkless and Pure human can become a devil hunter?!" the cry was desperate, Dante could tell. The snow-haired hunter turned back to look at Izuku, his annoyance lightened up a bit as he glanced at the quirkless child with some pity. "It's been my dream for as long as I cou-" Dante cut him off with a long sigh.

"Listen kid, I don't need your life story, but I will answer your question. No kid, I don't think a pure quirkless human child doesn't stand a chance in that world. Without a quirk or even demonic heritage, there's only so much you can do." Dante began walking to the edge of the roof, "Ya know, being a cop isn't as stylish but it's still a good profession. Be a little more realistic kid." with that he jumped off the roof back to pursuing the demon, leaving a greatly depressed child behind.


"I guess Kacchan and all the others were right, I should have woken up a long time ago" Izuku depressingly muttered to himself as he was heading home, with his dreams shattered and on the brink of tears. Well, he was on his way supposed to be on his way home but he was unconsciously walking into the presence of danger. Before he knew it, he was staring at a lot of fire.

He looked up to see what was going on, pro hunters had blocked off the area and had to wait for back up, due to none of them having good quirks to deal with the fire. Midoriya gazed at the scene, the demon that tried to kill him before was now suffocating his childhood friend, while Bakugo was wildly releasing explosions. The pros tried to tell him to calm down so they could help him, but it was ineffective. One thought was running through Izuku's head at this point.

'This is my fault, if I didn't distract Mr. Dante earlier he could have taken this thing down'. Izuku then bolted toward the danger, ignoring the yells of the pros telling him to stop. From a nearby rooftop, Dante finally arrived at the scene. "For an actual piece of shit, this guy can really cause a commotion…" His eyes widen when he sees the same quirkless kid from before charging at the demon, throwing his backpack at its face stunning it. Taking advantage of his time the kid started desperately clawing at the sludge, a glow radiating from his eyes. The demon hunter clad in red was surprised, but then started to smirk. 'People just love proving me wrong, huh.'

He then jumped down, taking out two devil arm swords. The blue sword from earlier and its brother blade, a red short sword. 'Agni, Rudra let's get to work.' Dante jumped into the fray, slashing Rudra around creating a small tornado blowing the monster off of Katsuki, he then teleported over to both of the boys and threw them back, being caught by a hunter with a plant like quirk. He then looked back at his target and plunged both of his blades into the ground, creating a streak of fire disintegrating the demon. "Impressive as always, Dante," Both swords said to their wielder. Slightly annoyed his twin swords, seemly disappeared and were replaced by a claymore with a demon skull at the hilt, "I really should enforce the no talkie rule again." He shrugged a little.

Turning around to the bystanders, "Who's your hero?" He waved to the audience. They broke into a cheer, in awe about how completely and utterly awesome he was. While he was soaking in the glory he saw the two kids he rescued, one looking extremely pissed and the other getting the verbal lashings of a lifetime. 'Yeesh, better wrap this up quick. I got the offer of the century for that kid"


Izuku was now properly on his way home. The pro hunter had scolded him about running into danger without a license, much less a quirk. Katsuki had also come to yell at him, "Listen here Deku, you might have tried to play hero, but I don't owe you anything! I'm gonna be the best pro hunter and you better top thinking you even have a ghost of a chance at competing with me!" with that the ash blonde turned his heel and walked away. That actually cheered Izuku up, seeing his old friend's determination. "Good to see you're as fired up as ever Kacchan, *sigh* I guess it's time to start preparing for a more realistic future."

Just then Dante appeared in front of him. This actually startled our green-haired protagonist, causing him to fall on his butt. "Mr. Dante, w-why are you here? And h-how did you get away from the paparazzi?" Izuku questioned. "Kid if I couldn't at least manage to get away from photographers and fangirls I would have died a long time ago," He laughed, "and don't call me Mr, I'm only 35. Way too young for that title." Dante then extended his hand out to the kid and picked him up.

"Kid, you proved me wrong today," Izuku's eyes widened, " It doesn't matter what your heritage is, or even if you have a quirk. It's the heart of a human that makes us pro demon hunters strong." Tears began to well up in Midoriya's eyes. "You kid can become not just a demon hunter, but a damn good hero." Izuku had lost all feeling in his legs and was on his knees. "Hey, kid I got an offer for you." Izuku looked up, with blurred vision. " Want to inherit my power? I can go into detail right now, but do you want this chance?"

Izuku was shocked, he was offering the power of the greatest demon hunter, this couldn't be real. Without much hesitation, he nodded vigorously. "Yes Dante, I'd be honored to take on your power," he said with conviction. The red hunter smirked at Izuku. "I'm starting to like you kid. Meet me at Dagobah beach tonight around 11, then we'll get you on the track to being a demon hunter. Also, come up with an excuse to why you'll be out late so your folks don't get worried." Dante called out as he turned and left. Izuku nodded and then went home, ate dinner and told his mother he'd be sleeping at a friends house that night. She had eyed him a bit suspiciously, due to him not really having many friends, but let him go.

Dagobah beach was practically a dump, natural wave currents collected trash here and as a result, people eventually started throwing their own trash here. He couldn't imagine why Dante would want to meet here. He looked at his phone, it was about 10:50. Ten minutes later his soon to be mentor showed up. He waved at him, "Hello Mr, er I mean, Dante." Said man gave the boy a two finger wave. "Hey kid, you ready to become my student? Successor? I don't know, you ready to inherit my power?" Dante asked. "Yes Dante, I-I'm ready, but could you explain what we're doing here or how I'm supposed to inherit-" Izuku didn't get to finish before Dante had whipped out his claymore, Rebellion, and impaled him through the heart. Izuku coughed out blood, eyes trembling, his vision fading. He could see his blood dripping onto the floor.

"W-why?" is all he could choke out.

That's it, for now, folks. stay tuned for more.