Well, this is long overdue. I want to start off by saying, thank you to all the people out there who looked at this story and said, "Yeah, this is worth my time and I want to see where it goes,", about 189 people saw this and decided to follow or favorite this story, and that honestly flattered me. And this is why this next part is gonna be a little bitter.

I officially will not be continuing this version of Hero May Cry. Despite this being the most effort I have ever put into writing a story, I'm just not happy with it looking back. The pace and the characterization are fairly poor. I'm actually very disappointed with how I handled Izuku as a whole because from a psychological standpoint it doesn't make much sense. Spending a year with a complete stranger boosts his ego more than a year with his idol? Yeah, that was just dumb on my part. For the past two years, I have also been improving my artistic abilities, so I have been spending more time drawing than writing. I won't lie, I tried to write chapter 7 like 5 times before things got too busy and frustrating in life, but I had to make a choice on what I wanted to develop further.

Real Life has also been a fickle bitch. schoolwork became more important, applying for a college started to become more present, I've lost family members, went through some heartbreak, and then COVID comes in and delivers the final kick to the balls by making it that much stressful to basically just live. All of that kept piling up, so I had to focus so much more on the IRL problems.

However, I really don't want to just throw this idea out like it never even existed, but I defiantly won't be continuing this mediocre piece of writing. So right now I'm stuck between 3 options. 1. I Offer this story for adoption, 2. I completely overhaul the story and re-write it (which would take a long time), or 3. Post some of my major plot points and twists I had for the story in a final note to send this story off.

I apologize for getting your hopes up that this was an actual chapter after so long, but with everything that has happened in the last 2-3 years, I felt like you awesome people at least deserved to know I wasn't going to continue. If anyone wants the story, PM me. But if nothing is really said (which I completely understand), I'll just shoot for option three. Thank you again you wonderful audience. You've really made this humble bozo feel like someone important.