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Chapter 8: Tails' Curiosity

Doctor Ivo Julian Robotnik is sitting down in his main quarter to study to learn more about these ancient texts since the moment he saw the holo-footage about the ship with a strange texts that he never seen anything like before in his entire life. Yet he bought out so many books and scrolls that was bury down within the palace that's hold any desire secret that within the palace stronghold for many years since he took over Robotropolis so that he can learn everything from it, including when he found those weapons was also bury deep in the bottomless and well deep in the castle supply room. So that he can use them for destroy those meddling Freedom Fighters including that meddling blue hedgehog that he hated the most.

He keep finding it in so many books and scrolls, yet so far, he found nothing whatsoever he keep throwing them like trash. Yet he try but failed to find any information to learn more about those texts. What does it mean exactly? And why its never show up in any reference databank? Unless from his own theory that the texts that he saw in the main footage is indeed an alien writing. That's explain everything from what he look so many books and scrolls that it was never register in any historical record for many years.

Yet he need that alien ship so that he will recreate his empire and soon he will conquer the entire universe to learn more and more about every planets' that's beyond in the Ahch-To system since it was discover many years from many alchemist and ancient wisdom said that Mobius is somewhere in the System that's compare from both Solar and Ahch-To system since it was written long ago.

Once he keep looking at those ancient scrolls since it was written by the Ancient – the ancestors of all Mobian was long before his people and the House of Kintobor and Robotnik step forward. Yet his patience is getting thin since he had well enough from his own stubborn excuse behaviour he's having today.

"Every time I look at so many books and scrolls," he said to himself like he's have a mad tantrum. "And yet I have found nothing until I realise that they didn't written about alien from another world. Not a single one of them who making a report about all this. What is it that they'd keep secret for not show up something else? My patience is starting to wear thin since I look at the main footage when I saw this strange – but unknown writing that I have never seen anything like this before. And yet it wasn't made as in official records. Unless that the Ancient have somehow keep secret without getting expose since the future next generation comes along since they're memory about the past is somehow forgotten. Clever I would I say, but, I still have no idea what those symbol meaning!" he roar out that his anger and rage that's suddenly raging in. That he was going to smash something to keep his cool in motion, like he wanting it to like dismantle several Swat-bots or anything that's interesting to recycle them into spare part for his ultimate pet project.

But before he will smash and ripping those books and scroll, until the same device on his work desk that's flicking in lesser luminous light-blue when his metallic bird Cluck who quickly make a metal-clanging when Robotnik look at it from his work desk, until his expression is already change when he look at it. Only he know what it is since he remember that Minver give it to him. A long communication that's only work in secret so that his nephew nor any of his family nor his people couldn't saw it.

"Oh no," Robotnik look at it, and becoming a heap of panicking when he look at it in sudden shock when he press with the same luminous blue and the same person from before in hooded figure, except the appearance is slight different when Robotnik look at it. That he know that figure in slight differential in different custom that the shoulder length is different the mouth is slight narrow and the body is slight skinny from what he look at it that Robotnik knowns who that guys is, Minver, one of the Doctor Ivo greatest fear, when he grasp out in sudden flight to see Minver when he quickly said to him. "Lord Minver," his voice is sudden panicking is less worry to see him again. "I – I – I – I thought that y-y-y-y-you were going to see me today."

"There has been some delay since what happen in my report," Minver said to him in light but dark impression voice to him as he speak. "My Master have sense something long time ago there is a great eruption in the planet surface since I got report from my . . . 'trusted'. . . 'accomplish' told us about this ship have entering the planet atmosphere for not report to us from the beginning. Why did you not contact us from the beginning session, Ivo?"

"Forgive me on my concern Lord Minver," Ivo forgiveness on him when he's rubbing his hand together from his sudden intrusion. "I was a merely distract by that meddling-"

"You should've get rid of them, rather in your custom relaxing in your personal residence that you admire it!" Minver shout back to him for his utmost fury upon him, "And not only that you have failed dozen of time to destroy the Mobian rather than turning into this machinery nonsense for using them as slave!"

"But my Lord, the experiment from what Sir Charles created in the past is truly work," Ivo quickly respond back. "That I read the report from Sir Charles' work that the creation he's working on since what happen in the Great War is now perfection so that he will use it for slavery on the Mobian so that we can use for-"

"That's machine is ideal used for alchemist device for those any living organisation into machinery," Minver replied to him. "That machine should be destroy not as a weapon of your mass destruction for bring this abomination from use it. You have failed me and Him for the last time."

"Please for forgive me, Lord Minver!" Robotnik cried out, that he is really in deep trouble, "I- I- I- I'd promise that I will destroy that machine. Knowing it is a crucial black art and ego-manic who created this device. Unfortunately, that he's escape and end up teaming up with that Freedom Fighters."

"And did you get rid of them? Have unlock the way to defeat that meddling 'hedgehog' from what you call him, hmm?" Minver question him for utmost reason to know. "You forget that you suppose to destroy all life and use your 'collection' of your 'IQ knowledge' to unlock more and more since what happen your 'hero' Gerald Robotnik since what happen 50 years ago."

Ivo knows the story what happen to his beloved hero. The master of IQ knowledge name Gerald Robotnik. One of the greatest scientists on the planet who keep research about anything from his scientific knowledge since he was a young lad. Until something went wrong since he got report from his mum that, there has been an accident from his grandfather labs and the people who work. Until it was too late, his grandfather was now highly treason against the people of Mobius. That was the last thing he knows about him. His faithful hero – the Master of Knowledge of Science, Gerald Robotnik when Robotnik is taking a moment of silence from what he remember since he was little.

"Judging by your silence that you know about your grandfather," said Minver. "But did you know that your mother tell you that she got a brother and had a daughter name Maria?"

"My mother told me that she got a brother," Robotnik is taking a small thought when he's rubbing his fat chin. "But she never told me that I got a cousin. But how you know about my grandfather got a granddaughter that's I'd never heard of it? Explain to me, right now!"

Until Minver use his ability by rising his right hand and somehow make an invisible squeeze that's confuse Robotnik. Robotnik is not sure when suddenly he felt a massive pain inside his heart that it's somehow squeeze in agony of pain that he is having a heart attack and he couldn't breath it in when he quickly fall down on the floor and try to breath increase rapidly that Robotnik shouldn't said to him, not what happen the last time since he yell out to him. Minver continually squeeze with his Force ability and feel the pain and agony that's bury deep inside Robotnik's heart and smile out without notice from him unknown that Cluck is making the same noise from before, that Robotnik is trying breath, but the pain that's hurting inside his heart from his own arrogance mistake.

"Never question back to be Julian," Minver said. "Never, ever said to be back as long you were doing what you have told. Do you want to die? Do you want to suffer? Or do you want to end of your begging life that you call this place home?"

Minver is correct to him. Everything Robotnik fall betray on his own people for his own fault and clever ideal experiment until the people who's now turning against him since what happened in the Great War event. Yet only two people who rescue him who happen to be Sonic's father and his uncle, Charles and his younger brother Jules so that they take him when the nurse who help him and heal his wounded and agree to join them and get rid of his own people before his own betrayal against them.

Robotnik is try to speak in front of him, when Minver lower his arm down and let go the sudden pain from him. Robotnik agree grasp out for breath and suck in and out at the same time to get some air. Fresh, pale oxygen air that he did to stay alive when he quickly coughing out in deep bellowing noise sound that he shouldn't said to him. No one should mess with Lord Minver.

"Now you got that clear for the moment," said Minver. "Now the next phase so that you can collect the seven Chaos Emerald in each corner of the plane surface. Knowing you fail to obtain one of them by those Freedom Fighters you call them. How foolishness those pitiful rebellion they'd truly been so that they can win this 'civil war' between you and those fighters. So tell me, Robotnik did you locate the Chaos Emerald?"

Robotnik slowly grasp out some air and rubbing his neck when he look back at him. "It was . . ." struggle to say to him, knowing that his voice is now heavily sore since the felt the pain inside his heart is still lingering and very hurting as well, "complex . . . and very hard . . . to find it."

"Complex, yes. But very hard is only the puzzle to know where those mighty of those crystals are lay hidden on each selection of the planet world. But rest ashore that the second one was indeed locate in Grove Canyon from what the other said to you. That's place was once many moons ago before it was an abandon wasteland so that this 'tourists' think it was one of these best landmark in history. Now naïve they'd turn out to me."

"But . . . but . . ." he try to speak, even though his voice is still hurt while keep rubbing his neck. "The legend say that there is a ghost that's haunt the place."

"Ghost?" curious voice take place on Minver. "Hmm. Interesting from your make-an-excessive logical theory about this 'ghost' you speak it. Why this place is haunted from what you know about this place?"

"I heard," he quickly cough once more when his throat is regaining its strength. "I heard the story about the place that Grove Canyon where many people and Mobian believe when they'd saw a ghost that's haunted a place for not sure how its keep roaming the place. Yet, there is an ancient relic called a Mural Wall. One of the most priceless and excellent relic in history."

"Mural Wall. . ." a secret breathless take place on Minver without hearing this including secret silent shock. "Did you destroy it?"

"No," he quickly said back when he quickly clear his throat from his own sudden intrusion. "What I mean is that the Mural Wall is very priceless and very important artefact to learn more about the ancient past. We have no idea who creative this excellent masterpiece since it was discovery many years. Why would I want it to destroy it? It's very priceless and very masterpiece from what I look at it."

"It's none of your concern," he quickly shout back to him, and yet Robotnik make a flinch for not questioning him back. "Although since you told me that this Mural Wall is very priceless . . . unless. . . the rumour is true."

"What do you mean?"

"Silence!" he yell out to him and cause him to flinch. "Make sure you get that Chaos Emeralds from your mission. Find those rebels are hiding in any selection and bring them here so that you will interrogate them one by one so that I want their information and spare that fox cub."

"The Prower's son? What so important about him?" he ask him is too know why he wanted that meddling fox name Miles Prower who goes by the name Tails in short. "I could robotise all of them to be my slave, but why him? Why is he so special?"

Until Minver's patience is now becoming thin, when he use the method as he did when he use his ability when Robotnik felt a heavily pain inside his heart once more that Robotnik is trying to breathe once again.

"Don't tempt me Robotnik," Minver sneer at him while continually use his ability on him. "My patience is beginning to startle. Or you will suffer the fate for your disobedience. Make sure that you got all seven Chaos Emeralds and capture those infective rebels and make sure you will spare that fox cub for good reason. Is that clear?"

Robotnik is trying to nod to him for making his mislead information from what he said to him about one meddling Freedom Fighters that he knows his name since he remember one of them named Amadeus and yet hoping he will Sonic and the others for good when Minver quickly switch off his holographic projection when Robotnik is now quickly cough out and slowly regain his heart and his breathing from his respiratory system and quickly make a deepest inhale and exhale at the same time. That Robotnik is now messing with Minver involve since the last time that he'd almost died once more. Yet that magic from what Robotnik notices long ago, was nothing he never seen before in his entire.

Yet he's slowly rose up from his unexpected and slowly exhale out from his mouth when his metallic bird – Cluck slowly flying toward his shoulder plate as he walk approach toward the door as he open it, when suddenly his nephew Snively is somehow standing in front on him, holding his datapad on him, when a confusion and surprise take place on him.

"Is something wrong sir? You seemingly quite pale when I look at him." Snively said to him, when he notice that his uncle's face is slightly pale.

"None of your business, Snively!" Robotnik yell out to him, when his nephew is now freak out and stepping. Until Robotnik is slowly notice why his nephew is standing outside of his privates room when he quickly said to him. "How much did you hear thing inside my privities quarter?"

"Hear what, sir?" Sinvely confuse out to him. "I'd just got here to bring you an urgent update when I was about to press it before you step out in complete panic. Why? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing from your concern," he replied to him as he shout back to him. Until he notice from what his nephew about update. "Wait? What do you mean urgent update? What's going on? Has my Digger-bot have found and locate the second Chaos Emerald? We need it to secure our power for world domination. Did they find it? Have they secure their mission and send the package to me?"

"About that, sir," Snively said to him. That this is very bad and very high temper for upcoming moment for Doctor Robotnik, while Snively continually talking to him.

Rosie Woodchuck, Sally's nanny who look her along with Sonic and the others after since what happened years ago when Robotnik took over their home during the unexpected when many of her own people were taken, transform them into mindless machine to do his bidding including one Sir Charles who also taken and he too was robotise as well. But thank to Sonic overconfidence and manage to break though and join the Freedom Fighters to bring it end of Robotnik's region. Yet they're something else in the village when she's hold a tray with hot soup for their guest. A stranger from another world who goes by the name Yas Aguchi and this robot – well according to Tails from what he said that R3 called a droid, which it a same type of robot but more different to compare from what Tails said long ago.

Yet she need to give Yas some food, knowing he's having been eaten for the 3 days since he got here with this strange ship that she's never heard of it called Tornado. But according to Tails that he's somehow manage to cloak the ship to make sure that Robotnik won't find it ever again. Yet for now, she's need to make sure that Yas is fully regain and then – but hopefully she will ask some question is too know more about between this primitive and civilise that she's not sure about it. Hoping she will get some answer, if she is feel ready for this.

After she done making some soup for Yas, when suddenly little that she didn't that know that Tails is now approaching her and said.

"Hey Rosie," Tails said to her.

"Oh Tails," Rosie said to him, when he make his approach. "You give me a quite a state when you said to me."

"Sorry about that," Tails apologise to her. "Is that soup? Yum, its smell since I taste it and it look delicious since I try it before."

"Well to be honest that," Rosie said to him. "This soup is not belong you or the others. It belong for our guest."

"Oh right, Yas," Tails quickly remember that they'd got guest from another world. "How is he?" he ask her about him.

"He's fine," she replied to him. "I manage to change the bandage since he's got up and yet his wounded is slowly growing inside his body and yet he ask the name of the planet, so I told him the name of the planet."

"Well, since he is a visitor and he didn't know the name of the planet since he crash landing on the surface and cause major on the opening field in Meadow Valley – the Field of Plain," said Tails. "And yet Princess Sally told us that we need to look after him before they went on the mission in Grove Canyon. I wonder why the second Chaos Emerald is hiding in the most famous landmark since no one didn't know about it?"

"To be honest Tails that I have no idea why the most powerful gems is hiding there in unknown reason," Rosie replied from her own admit. "Besides, I'm sure that the princess and Sonic and the others are okay. Yet according to the Scout that's General Edwardo is leading operative."

"General Edwardo?" Tails' confuse that he's not familiar with that name.

"Oh, I know him since me and him were very . . . good friends since we known each other," Rosie almost laugh from her fun experience memory she's having since she was young in her own time. "Edwardo is leading men who fought in the Great War including his trusted men who fought bravery against those Overlander since they keep coming over and over again for the past five years since the war is now over."

"Edwardo-guy seem knows all about military campaign," said Tails. "You seem quite a lots about him since you told me. Was he really special to you?"

"Well, more like a friend since I know him since we were younger in our time," Rosie replied to him. "Yet, I'd imagine that he'll be teaming up with Sonic and the others since they will get the second Chaos Emerald. Although, this soup is getting cold, that Yas need something to eat so that he will gain his strength back."

"I can help," Tails said to her.

"I don't know Tails," Rosie said from her own concern about Tails' duty. Knowing he is eight years old.

"I promise I won't do anything," Tails said to her. "Knowing he is from another planet since he told us since he woke up for the three days and it was long time since me along with Sonic and Sally and Dulcy have found a ship along with his droid name R3 and him as well. But there is something different since I look at him."

"What do you mean, Tails?"

"I'm not sure," he admit to her. "It like I becoming – I don't know what it is. But there is something is not right since I hear something inside my head including this strange nightmare that's keep haunting since for not sure how long for exactly."

"Well, that mysterious nightmare is remain unknown to us since you got it," Rosie said to him. "And yet you are perfectly capable for helping me to carry a soup for him," she look at him knowing he is the son of both Amadeus and Rosemary Prower and yet Amadeus' elder brother name Melvin who also capture as well since she did tell Tails that his only uncle was capture by Robotnik Swat-bots and yet she don't which locate for his parents along with King Nigel and Sonic's parents as well. Yet, Tails do got a kind heart on him, knowing he would do anything for the Freedom Fighters. "Although, I won't mind to have a little helper to come along with me, so that you can kindly open the door for me."

"Sure thing, Rosie," Tails happy to help her, when both of them are heading toward same direction where they keep Yas along with his personal friends who happen to be a droid name R3-H7. Yet little they don't know some people who's now living in Knothole since what happened long ago. That's many Mobian are whisper to each other one at a times, knowing they'd can't be trusted with the Overlander. At least they thought it was since they look at him since Sonic and the others return back from the daily rescue mission.

"You know I starting to hate this Overlander," said one of them.

"Me too," the second agree. "I don't trusted from what Sally said."

"Who care from what she said to us," the third respond. "This Overlander need to be hang for us. Knowing they are the one who cause to start the war right in the between negotiation chatting room before they'd announce that's war is now official declare."

"Agree and they are the one who destroy everything that we love the most," second Mobian said in confirming tone, knowing what happened over 5 years since the between conversation between the Overlander and the Mobian until it went lose since the outcome the war is now official declare. "Including our family relatives as well."

"They will get their revenge since what happened in the past," said another Mobian. "Knowing they were killed in the war during when they bomb several villages from each selection including the Sea Bay Rocky when they'd murder over 1000 Mobian-"

"Actually less than a 1000," a female Mobian clarified.

"How did you know about this?"

"Because I was there and watch dozen of my people got killed that's way," she shout and replied out.

"Good point," he understand from what she said to him.

"The point is that we need to stop this 'Overlander' from what he claim to be an alien from another world," first Mobian said to them. "We need to stop him and kill him before he will summon reinforcement or better yet, he could be a spy for working that notorious Doctor Robotnik so that he will capture us and turn into one of them, since he storm the place since he betray us before."

"Then it settle," the second Mobian make an official declare to them. "We will kill him, right now. After they'd left in the hut, so that we will kill this instinct before Sonic and the others return from their mission. Hoping they won't bother with it."

Few Mobian quickly nod their head and made several commotions talking to each other so that they will return to their hut and grab any tools what they need like anything like blade or non-blade to kill so that they will be hurry before Princess Sally and the others come back from their recon mission. By then, they will have to wait before they will strike him down for good.

Rosie along with Tails have safely arrive toward one local where Yas and R3 are living here, when Tails gently knocking at the wooden door when he hear Yas' voice inside.

"Come in."

Tails garb a knob from the door and open when both of them have enter Yas' hut and yet surprise than ever when Rosie and Tails look at Yas. That he's some kind of meditation when both of his legs are folding together in sitting position and yet that Yas' eyes are now close and see that the bandages on his chests is doing its told to heal his wounded including his head since Rosie put some healing medicine inside the bandages called Viridoluem. A type of herb that will heal the wounded from any Mobian. But, will it work on human? As Tails and Rosie look at him, yet R3 is standing beside him when Yas slowly open his eyes when he saw Rosie and the kid who goes by the name Tails because of his twin tails. Yet his real name is Miles Prower since Sonic told him since he woke up from his sudden slumber. When both of them entering his hut.

"I bought you some food," Rosie said to him. "It's one of the famous soup – well basically it was homemade soup which everyone call it. But I hope you will love it."

"Oh that's great, thank you," Yas thanking her, when she allow herself to enter with her tray and place it on the table that's right to near to him when Yas slowly got up from the bed and walk toward the table and see a clear white bowl with orange-brown type of colour with a single spoon on its left side and with a glass cup and inside it an orange fluid that's almost toward the top of the glass. "My. This is interesting. May I ask, what kind of soup is it?"

"Oh it's homemade with good and quality vegetables that's we normally grow underground," Rosie answer out to him. "Its called Mobi-dish or was it called-"

Tails solemnly roll his eyes and said to her. "It's Mobilish soup."

"Yes, that's the one," Rosie remember now that she's sometime little forget one or two reason. "It's called Mobilish soup, very popular soup since it was made long ago. It's still delicious. Try it, knowing its taste good."

"I see," Yas said to them. "And this strange liquid drink?" he point out.

"Oh, that's orange juice," she's answer to him.

"Orange juice?"

"It's a fruit juice," Rosie said to him. "It's very healthy drink contain vitamin so that it will make you strong and it is very good for you."

"I'd see," Yas is concern about this 'orange juice' that he never stumble upon it. Yet he is not concern about this 'orange juice' when he ask them nicely to them. "Do you have any tea?"

"Well, we do have some," Rosie replied to him. "I can make you want if you want it from your request so that you don't want your orange juice."

"No, no, no, it's fine thank you," Yas said to her. "I do need some liquid juice to regain my strength back since I regain myself from a sudden impact since what happened. But its fine, thank you."

"Oh, I'd see," Rosie said and little confuse from what Yas said to him. Gosh, he is wiser and generosity when he said to me. He's seem a nice fellow with kind embrace on him. "Well, eat your soup so that it will taste nice since you never try a Mobian dish before."

More like my first food from this planet, Yas thought out to himself. But the soup from what Rosie said to me is very custom mix-blend since I know about it. This is remarkable planet from what I look at it. Well let see it good or not to compare my taste bud. "Of course, thank you," as he sit down on a wooden chair, while Rosie and Tails watch Yas take the soup. R3 is getting concern to him, that its believe is poison from its realise when its quickly replied to him in high communication whistling voice to him, when both Tails and Yas listen from what R3 said.

"R3," Yas said. "It's not poison or any highly toxic from your national database chip. It just food."

"He's right, R3," Tails said as he agree on him. "It's just food that your master haven't eat for 3 days since he woke up," as he listen when R3 making a commotion beeping sound. "R3, please, let your master eat before you decide from your opinion."

"My Tails, you perfectly understand from what R3 said," Rosie is impressive on him since she got a report from Charles that Tails have somehow understand R3 binary talking. Which its remain unsolved. Yas look at him that he know something about this kid, so that he will keep an eyes on him.

"Yes, he does understand from what he said about hoe he understand the language code of binary," Yas is very impressive on Tails good sense of communication speaking and how he understand R3 language.

"Well, I only know how I understand the meaning, but I have no idea why I understand is remain unsolved," Tails replied out that he have no idea how he's understand binary is beyond him, when he's rubbing his fur.

"There's nothing to be afraid about it," Yas said to him. "You did well to understand the meaning from what you said inside your heart that's you somehow the learning from what you don't understand or more you are being connect within you."

"Connect within me?" Tails is not sure from what Yas said. "What's that?"

"You understand in your heart to allow your connection that's something inside from you," Yas continually said to him to take a small sip from a soup. "Yet, the connection inside of you have somehow reawaken your inner strength or better yet, it's the link that's somehow made a special gift inside your body that's allow your heart to guide your understand from you correctly understand when R3 said to you," when he hear R3 beeping and sounding noise comment its make. "Exactly, R3. It's the link."

"The link?" again Tails is not sure from what Yas said. As Yas take another sip from a soup that he's try. "I have no idea what's it mean exactly."

Just before Yas said to when Rosie kindly interrupted said to them. "I hate to interrupt you Tails that Yas need some food to regain his health and yet he's enjoy eat the soup that I made."

"I'm afraid she's right," Yas agree with her. "I do some food to regain my strength back since I just woke up from my long slumber and yet this soup from what I try is: excellent blend of mixture from what I'd try is really good since I taste it. This is an excellent homemade from what you describe is very good."

"Oh, um. . . thank you," Rosie respond to him with a small blush on him that Yas seem to be a nice guy since she look at him. Yet Tails notice that Rosie is somehow make a blush for not knowing why she make a blush. Could Yas be a the most charming man from another planet, but there is something else that's bothering him when he notice that sack contain Yas' belonging and yet he notice he could feel something inside from it, like, it call out to him in unknown reason, it like something he's not sure about it. Hoping he will find out what inside Yas' belonging hoping he will a find clue to learn about him. "Come on Tails," she said to him. "We leave him alone so that he's attending his meal so that he will regain his strength while Princess Sally comes back from her mission to get that Chaos Emerald."

Chaos Emerald? Yas thought to himself that he never a word call Chaos Emerald. That he's know only possible is a kyber crystal – but emerald is something he never of it while he taking another sip, when he watch both Rosie and Tails are walking out from the hut when he quickly inform the others when they'd make their move. "Oh, one more thing before you make your move: watch your space before they got in."

Tails has no idea from what Yas said to him about 'watch your space before they got in' that he is a complete inside his head when he make a sudden odd-confusion take place on him, when Rosie.

"We're very careful to our watch Mr. Yas. But rest ashore you that we are perfectly safe from harms way since Robotnik didn't find our home since well – you know when Sally told you when he's somehow turn and betray and took over our city."

"Yes, I remember from what she and Sonic said to me including Chunk as well about a man who betray since from the beginning," Yas remember that report when Sally, Sonic along with Sonic's uncle Chunk who explain to him everything from what happen today.

When R3 is making a raspberry noise mix with a sudden commotion with high beep on him. "R3, what did I just tell you. Don't do that in front of an eight-year-old child. You need to learn to respect on him, okay?" until R3 is making binary commination with whistle and bleeping sound. "Oh right you are talking about this Robotnik character. But remember don't do that same effort, okay?"

R3 quickly make a confirming sound to him.

"Raspberry noise from what R3 said it very offensive from what Yas tell us about to it," Tails explain to Rosie about all this.

"Well I never," Rosie didn't like it, not in one bit at all. "How rude that robot of yours. Yet, I can't stay mad forever," she laugh, briefly. "Come on Tails. We'll leave Yas some rest while having some food."

"Yeah, okay."

"And Yas," she said to him before she's leave the hut. "Yet me know if you want some more, okay?"

"Of course, and thank you," Yas said to her. When both Tails and Rosie are now leaving the hut for good. Yet unknown to them that few residents of the villages are planning to kill Yas.

Yas is taking another sip from this soup and yet he's somehow love it from that sense of taste from what he can't describe. Yet he did talk to her that the soup is blend in with excellent taste from what he knows about it. But he is not sure about this strange fluid call 'orange juice' since Rosie said to him. Yet he never heard this juice, knowing it's fluid juice. But orange is another thing from what he never heard of it as he take that glass from the try and slowly heading toward his mouth. But first he sniff his drink and surprise that he can smell some fruit inside from it from his utmost curious when he slowly take a small – but tiny sip from this orange juice as he felt the touch of this fluid liquid on his mouth, when suddenly as he quickly felt it when R3 quickly whine out to him.

"I know," Yas comment that he's already know. When a sudden burst broken from the main cabin that Yas is sitting down and look at his right hand side and see some group of animal Mobian with different colour that some of them were wolf, few were dog that form a shape like a German shepherd, some were Mobian-Pig and one of them who is happen to be a Mobian-Ram with long curve horn on it. And yet few of them are carry sharp object like knife and some were carry some wood plank on them and yet all of them are serious regent on him.

"Well, well," said one of them who happen to be a Mobian-Wolf with blue fur colour with yellow eyes on him who happen to be a male with white glove and hi-top as well in deep bellowing voice. "Look like he is eating Rosie's famous homemade soup and he was about to take a sip from of an orange juice. So tell me Overlander, does it taste good?"

"I was about to take a sip from it before you rudely interrupted my meal," Yas said to him. "So uncivilised when you bought weapon in front of me."

"Oh ho-ho," another Mobian-Wolf said to him in lighter voice. Who appear to be an adult-male who is slight taller than a first Mobian-Wolf. Yet the colour is different that his fur is light grey with hazel eyes colour with the same gloves and same hi-top that he wear. "A wise guy we got here, huh," a Mobian-Wolf approach him in slight sinister glare and revealed a fang-like teeth. "Well, then Mr Wise-guy that you do have a name, this juice that you are about to take your first ever sip?"

"I'm afraid so, since this is my first place arrive on this planet," Yas replied to him.

"Your first time to arrive here, huh," Mobian-Wolf continually said to him. "Talk about that someone who got a fracture head wounded since we got report from our beloved princess that you suffer a head wounded. Don't you know who I am?"

"Can't say for certain that I'd never met you," Yas replied that he is telling the truth that he never see a Mobian-Wolf before.

"My name is Bark," Bark said to him by small introduce. "So tell me, Overlander, this juice from what you are going to drink. Is it taste good?"

"I am, but you are kindly interrupted it when you are making a serious emotion aggression talk right in front of me," said Yas, when he was about to take a sip when Bark quickly garb that glass from Yas' hand.

"Not today, Overlander," Bark yell at him. "You are not getting that sweet orange juice from your filthy mouth of yours."

"Yeah!" few of the residents agree, knowing they hate the Overlander since they fought and won against them for the past 5 years. Including those who are lost and killed by them since they got emotional scar on them. Knowing they'd all hate Overlander including one Robotnik himself.

"You Overlander have ruining everything since what happened in the Great War effort since you destroy dozen of our home and few of our people since they'd lost their life against you," shout by one Mobian-resident who speak out to him. "You Overlander will pay for this."

"I did not enter your war," Yas said to him while remain calm. "I don't know anything about this Great War from what you said to me. Besides, I just got here since my arrival."

"Another Overlander lies," another villager sneer with sinister growl at him. "You Overlander have killed dozen of our people and you will be the first our vengeance since they did to us!"

"I'm sorry about your people who fought bravery against these 'Overlander' you said to me," Yas apologise to them. "I'm sure that your people will find peace, not bring vegerance upon you."

"You know nothing about the war," Bark said to him in sinister sneer. "And you fought against my people, our kin that we love the most! And yet this orange juice from what Rosie give you," when he spilled it on the floor, "it's not yours anymore and so are you Overlander – time for you to die."

Yas understand about the solution, knowing he is a light of the Force. He could use that weapons that's fond and channelling the link together since he remember every training in the Temple, until Purge comes along and killed their brothers and sisters in the Temple and he failed to protect them from him, but he manage to save his own student from the Purge at self. Knowing this is a non-negotiation – in fact this is now a serious outbreak and serious outrages from the Mobian. Yas have no choice, when he rose up from his seat and said to them.

"If you strike me down," Yas trolling on them. "I will become more powerful than possible you can."

"And I will show you when I rip your guts open!" as a Mobian-Wolf who goes by the name Bark as he roar out toward him when a single small dagger on his left. "Time for you die!"

As the blade is about to approach him when Yas quickly grab it and swing and throw the wolf on the ground when the villages look at him and surprise to see quick speed from what they look at Yas. Yet they are not making total impressive on him, instead they are going to kill him before Sally and the others comes back.

"You'll pay for this!" another Mobian villagers cried out to him, when few of them quickly charge while Yas have no choice to use his combat since he remember his training combat in a Jedi Temple, while R3 is making a yelling noise in high definition beeping sound-

Until out of the opening distance when Miles Prower – Tails have somehow alert to the others when he quickly rushing back toward Yas' hut that he is trouble that he's finally understand from what Yas said about '. . . watch your space before they got in,' it mean that few local Mobian are going to kill Yas knowing many Mobian believe that Yas is an Overlander, but they have no proof nor evidence as well. When he quickly rush when Rotor quickly said to him.

"Tails, what's going on?" he quickly shout to him.

"It's Yas," Tails quickly replied. "He's in trouble by our people who's going to kill."

"Wait?" Rotor said to him. "How did you know about all this?"

"I don't know," he quickly replied from his own admit. "But Yas need help, right now!"

"Oh my Chaos!" Rosie quickly remember from what Yas about 'watch your space before they got in' that she's finally understand from what he said. "Yas is right. The people! Our people is going to kill him, now!"

"Not on my watch," Rotor said, knowing he can help. After all he's understand the logic about star and everything that's want to know learn more about it. "And yet, Sally is not going to be happy about all this."

"Indeed," Chunk agree with him. "Let's go!"

Both of them quickly running toward the hut, while Rosie is getting worry to make sure that's Yas is okay, including brave Freedom Fighters as well. Hoping that Princess Sally will come back to sort them out for good. Knowing what happened in the past since the outcome of the war since they leave them scar forever. But killing a visitor from another world is bad thing that none of the Mobian didn't know – well apart from Sonic and the others that Yas is indeed from another planet not from their home planet as well. Can Tails and the others get there before it's too late?

Yas is now fought those civilians that they claimed that he is an Overlander so that they are going to kill him with every weapons from what the Mobian got. Yet he already knock at three of them that the first one is charging toward him with fury and quickly garb a local left arm and quickly swing on the floor. And yet two of them charge with high dangerous weapons that's equal to compare a virobalde, but the blade got very different custom since he know about it when he quickly garb and lower arm and give one local an elbow blow on a face, when the second charge and manage to dodge that assault and quickly use a small attempt blow on the shoulder in spilt-quickly second. He could his weapons, but instead that he is going to use hand-to-hand combat since he remember in the Temple before everything is now change since what happened in the past.

He quickly use his hand and feet in excellent combat that's few Mobian are trying to swing and slash him. But Yas got some excellent combat skills like he's doing marital art style that's the Mobian didn't know one bit when he quickly dodge those assault one-by-ones. But his small pain inside his body, his rib is getting little pain inside from him. Knowing he is slowly regain his effort since the sudden crash landing and now he's up against the people of Knothole Village that the Mobian are now going to kill him without knowing why.

He can already sense inside their head, that he felt their pain, their anger, their hatred and their despair since one of them said about their love one or a friends was killed in the Great War. He know the feeling since what happened in the Temple when he watch dozen of his Jedi brothers and sister were massacre by them and him as well. Yet he have no choice to fight against them, when few Mobian are trying to attempt to hold him down, but Yas is very quick and very difficult to hold him that none of the Mobian have zero experience hand-to-hand combat yet few of them recognise that's skill that some of them knows marital art skill, but this one is much and much different from what they'd know about it. Yet this isn't going to be easy to stop him.

Yas jab and punch few Mobian villagers in slight speed second from his hand-to-hand combat skills, including his marital art kick as well. But the pain that's inside is doing what it told, but he is try to hide it from them. Hoping they will caught off guard and manage to weaken to him. But the people from what he look at them, that he can sense their anger toward him. But why? Why would the people of Mobius turning against him that he hardly even know them? Except from what he remember from what Sonic and Sally about a person who betray them from the beginning since the outcome of the Great War. But this Great War is highly unknown to them, yet it was almost like the Clone Wars by one person who thought who can bring hope, instead he learn the truth from him that he didn't know from the beginning. How could the Jedi be so blinded from the beginning from what they didn't know about it all these years since the Rise of the Empire.

Right now, he's up against those people who turn rebel against him. This is not looking good at all. One of them is using a chain to whip around his ankle, when Yas quickly jump, avoid the ceiling that the hut is slight small from what he look it and quickly doing a flip on their head over and over again that he's toying with them. Yet Yas didn't know that he is now actually outside the main hut when the rest of the Mobian cried out to him.

"AH! It is an Overlander!" one of the cried out.

"Kill him!" another said. When the few resident who rebel against him have already merge out from Yas' hut, when Yas is trying to calm them down.

"I know you are afraid to see a local human from your home," he said to them. "I know your upset and anger against when what happened in the past. I know what it like to loose someone who care the most about it including mine as well. But please, lower your weapons so that we can talk about it."

"Enough on your filthy lie!" one of the rebel Mobian shout out to him. Who happen to be a Mobian-Wolf who revealed his fang wolf teeth and yet the colour of the fur is hazel brown with green eyes and wearing pale white gloves along with red and blue trainers that's holding a small penknife on his right hand. "You know nothing about what its like to lose someone we care the most. My older brother fought against you filthy Overlander and yet he was shoot died by the hand of you!"

"You people murder my uncle!" another one said out who happen to be Mobian-Ram. "They are the one who declare war against us since the outcome. And we have won, but some of them have no experience from their own restore since we lose our love one from our family. I don't know who you are, knowing you are clearly an Overlander and all Overlander must die since we won the war."

"And you Overlander will join the others for good!" third Mobian who somehow shout out to him.

But Yas have never been in their war before. Yet he never heard about it. Yet he knows one war – the Clone Wars, yet he learn it was ploy. Played by the Sith Lord who led by the mysterious called Darth Sidious who plan it from the beginning, to wipe out all the Jedi for good. But this planet since he's standing on is strong in the Force from what he notice, hoping he will find more about it and learn their secret from the past itself. Right now, the people who called Mobian from the local planet Mobius which he found it. After all these years since he found the planet since it was hidden in the national Jedi Archive, except he remember when he was student that he's only found the word called 'Mobius' without seeing any planet from it, nor any history or any information to know more about this planet. Until after all these years, that he is now actually standing on the planet was remote hidden in the Unknown Region. But now, the people of Mobius are turning against him. That Yas have no choice to defend himself from his excellent hand-to-hand combat skills as he urge to them to calm down.

"Look, if you continually fighting against me, since you are claim from what I am," he said to them in understandable calm solution to solve those problem. "If you believe that I am this 'Overlander' from what you saying? What if you are wrong from what you said that I am one of them? Is this will change your life forever by killing me? Will it change your experience since what happened in your own past? Please, lower your arm so that I can help you. Please. Let me help y-"

Until a sudden hit from behind his head by a thin long metal poll that one of the local Mobian have somehow manage to hit him without knowing. Yet this Mobian who is a Mobian-Deer, male, with orange and white fur who appear to be a mid-20s with blue eyes when he saw Yas' body on the ground is clearly a knockout. How came Yas didn't see what happen. Could the Force have somehow blinded from his over reaction or was it that someone who got the Force?

"I got him!" he cried out to them. "I got him!"

"Well done," Bark said when he walk from this sudden impact when he's rub his head. "Man that guy got some excellent skills like a professional fighter since I was try to hit him."

"You're not the only one who got hit," another Mobian-Wolf said to him. "This guy got have incredible. Yet its more like martial art like – hand-to-hand combat. I think this guy was train in heavy combat skills. You know that army were the Overlander train against us?"

"I don't think that combat wasn't compare the Overlander's training camp," Bark replied. "This one is very differential from what we know about it. But I have never in all my life to see that's someone got excellent grip and excellent hand-to-hand combat and take down – well knockout on few of our people."

"Well, cheer up," Mobian-Wolf said to him with a simple pat on a back. "At least we got him. Right now, it's hanging time."

"Indeed," Bark agree, knowing he hate those Overlander ever since as he walk out from the hut while finish his rub. "Hang him, now!" he order his people.

When all the people are shout and yell out to the Overlander that's lying on the floor. When one local village bought out a clear – but rusty brown rope. Luckily, the village do have some excellent rope since they salvage from they'd find in their own rope. And they'd found at least more than 30 of them they'd got and now one of them will used it to hang Yas for good.

Once the people of Knothole when all Mobian are shout out and yell out. Some of them yell in offensive languages. But the mother who got kid quickly cover their ear. Yet some of them yell in offensive abusive tone, good thing that mother of their child quickly cover their ear. R3 is trying to high-beeping sound that's mix in high commotion sound to them. But all of them are ignore R3 said. Can anyone save Yas before its too late?

One local Mobian have already made a knot on the rope and quickly throw in a nearest tree. Likely that the rope is long about well over 15 long distance. Once the rope is secure and stable when one local quickly make a signal to bring him there so that they will strangle him for good, when suddenly Tails quickly run toward them, ignore the shout out from what they said to Yas when he quickly approach one of them said.

"What are you doing?" he shout out to one of the local Mobian.

"What do you think?" Mobain said out to him. "Killing the Overlander," as they trying to hoist and drag him.

"He's not an Overlander!" Tails try out to them. "He's not Overlander!"

"He is an Overlander," another cried out and this time is a female Mobian who said to him. "Look at him. He's human and human are Overlander so that we can kill them for good."

"But you don't understand," Tails try to urge them. "He is not from your world. He's not from this planet. He's from another world in another world."

"Look kid," another said to him who appear to be a male-Mobian who sneer at him. "I don't know what that Overlander said to you. And we don't have enough time for this nonsense. We need to kill him, right now, before Sally show up. So just leave it kid and grow up and learn some important history to remember what happen in the past!"

"He is not an Overlander!" again Tails try to said to him. "Have you know nothing about all this?"

"Yeah, I do!" another one replied and shout out to him. "You getting a smack to keep your mouth shut!"

Until Rotor along with Sir Charles quickly follow and see what happen. When the villagers are going to kill him by strangling him with that rope.

"What are you doing?" Rotor said to them. "You can't execute him! What if Sally will be very angry to see about it?"

"So? She will rewarded us for killing an Overlander," said a Mobian.

"Did she say about rewarded to you?" Rotor said. "Did any one of you hear say anything about 'rewarded' for killing our guy?"

"Look Rotor," Wolf-Mobian said to him. "Princess Sally want that guy died and he is an Overlander."

"Did you hear from what she said that this guy is from another world? Another planet?" he remember correctly from what Sally said. That's Yas is an alien from another world contain another human being. So basically that Yas is not born on Mobius.

"Well, she did say that he is from another world," another female Mobian said. That she's remember correct from what Sally said to them.

"Oh, don't listen to this nonsense from what she said," an elder Mobian said who appear to be a Mobian-Beaver in utterly disgust. "Another world. What a load of rubbish."

"It's the truth!" Rotor said it out to them. "Yas is from another world."

"And where is your proof?" one local said. "Where is your evidence to believe that this Overlander is not an Overlander from what you generally speak about it?"

Rotor face palm himself that some residence are blindness from their own rection that the only proof of evidence is R3 who is a completely different to compare to other robot. But the only problem that they need to bring Yas' ship. But it was remote hidden from what Tails said and the ship is cover in a cloaking device. But they do have a point about evidence, yet they do need another evidence. But where?

This matter is getting worst and worst in each time. If only Sonic and Sally quickly stop them before its too late. Few Mobian carefully drag Yas from his unconscious when all residence shout out to him. When the body of him is almost toward a tree. But Tails won't give up, knowing he need answer to know. This guy is the only one who solve this matter when he quick said –

"I won't let you do this!" he quickly running toward them until a heavy smack come along that's across his right face and landing him on the ground.

"Tails!" Rotor shout out in slight angry. "That's it!" he quickly charge toward him and give us the one who hit Tails like a professional rugby player and quickly slam him on the ground. When few Mobian quickly rush toward him, while Rotor give them a slight good combat. Sure is a mechanic and excellent genius, but he can be quite ruthful one or two punch combat on their face and their stomach as well, since he had a fight from one of the local children in his spare time when they'd begin to fight when Rosie quickly this madness.

Chunk quickly help Tails as he kneel down in front of him. "Are you okay, Tails?"

Tails rose his body up when he felt a moaning sound from him when he's rubbing his fur. "I'm fine," he replied, when he quickly look back and see that Rotor is fighting against his own people. "I won't allow them to kill Yas."

"But Tails," Chunk comment to him.

"There no but, Chunk," Tails quickly said to him. "We need to stop this madness before Sonic and the others show up!" he quickly hosit himself up and quickly run back toward so that he can support and help Chunk.

Chunk look at them, yet young Tails does have a point about all this. After all he fought in the Great War against his mortal enemy. Yet now, he learn in couple of years later that Yas is only visitor from another world and since he is a visitor, knowing he would ask some question about the life in a star. Yet he agree on Tails, this madness is got to stop right now.

"Your logic is confirm Tails," Chunk agree with him. "I'm with you." That's now Chunk quickly help them. Knowing from his own calculation head that Sally will return shortly in few moments. Hoping they will get there in no time to sort this madness so that Princess Sally will be furious to see this.

Rotor did well to punch few – well at least 3 of them that this small rebellion that's they'd decide to kill their honour guest. Yet he remember correctly from what Sally said 3 days ago before this would ever happen. 'Our guest is staying so that we want some question if he regain and manage to reawaken from his long resting. As a princess of the royal dynasty that it is my job to protect our people and I decide it that he is staying until he regain, not killing him.'

Those are her order and her choice. Yet the people are waiting for this day to make sure that Yas is regaining or not. Although it has been three day since and yet they waiting for this day to come. Chunk quickly hold few of them down, knowing he is now part robotise that he got some incredible strength since what happened in the past since that notorious traitor name Doctor Robotnik who help them in the past and now he betray them since the final outcome in the Great War when King Nigel order those weapon to be lock up forever, until that weapon is now be reused once more.

Right now they did to stop them before they will hang Yas for good, when few of them are wrestling Rotor pin down, with Chunk's help to with his robot's incredible strengthening ability so that he will do whatever it take to stop those small rebels before they will hang Yas for good.

This is now a small bloodshed in the Knothole, and they are now making their small mini-war in the village of Knothole.

Sally along with Antoine and Bunnie are flying with Dulcy the Dragon after they'd make a successful mission to get another Chaos Emerald at Grove Canyon and yet their mission is now total success along with their good friend since they know him for a while name Edwardo and his good friend and ally Carlos the Meerkat and Boa and the Cape Cobra and the other residents of the Freedom Fighters have finally capture another Chaos Emerald.

After what happen and yet some unknown explanation take place on them for not sure who said to them. Yet they'd are now learn that a ghost have somehow said to them, which it is total surprise on Sonic and the others. Right now, they'd heading back toward Knothole Village to get some earn rest to achieve their mission.

Back there, when they'd saw the people who already robotise have some fled toward the carrier. That they have somehow abandon their equipment. They could rescue one or the another, but it won't have enough time to save them, when they'd found a perfect carrier so that Dulay can fly it. The problem is that the carrier is now become extremely heavily.

But Sonic and Mole have decide to take their own shot cut. When Sonic quickly use his speed and Mole quickly dig underground so that he will there in more than an hour's. Except that he will arrive back in a blink of a flash.

Sally have decide to hold the Chaos Emerald for safe keeping to make sure that the Emerald is remote secure while Dulcy is flying toward the village with heavy cargo on her. Knowing she's big enough to carry thing.

Below them are Edwardo along with his comrade have decide to return back to Knothole after their long experience effort and helping aid with Sally and the others.

Sally look at the Chaos Emerald on her hand. Ever since they did well to get the first emerald before Robotnik get his hand on it. But with Antoine's help and got it. When Robotnik is now in a fury and make a sudden tantrum on them. She look at the jewel and the colour is yellow. Yet the last time it was green, when they were successive to obtain them. Yet there is more than one emerald in different colour. How many emerald from what they know about it? Yet they'd learn that there are only seven of them in different each different colours that no one who or what could those power of the Emerald is capable of? Yet, there are so many questions that's need answer when Sally look at it. So that she will find more clue to learn more about the Chaos Emerald.

"I can't believe we got another Chaos Emerald," Bunnie cried out in joy. "Man, that was a very trouble battle and luckily for us that we didn't lose a single fighter."

"That's because Robotnik's Super Swat-bot is not in that location," Sally replied to her. "Just some old and regular Swat-bots from what we know about them ever since."

"Well, those Swat-bot are nothing more than junk and heap of metal," said Bunnie.

"For once I thought they were rapid machine," Antoine said to them. "Yet from what Bunnie said – it's official."

"Actually it was Sonic who said it out," Bunnie said to him. "He is the one who make those words – mostly from what he said."

"You're telling me," Antoine agree from what Bunnie. Knowing that's some of his pun or his little joke are little layoff.

"Well, Sonic can be a little handful from what I know him," said Sally. Which its true that she know him ever since. "But I was wonder to know what happened in Grove Canyon."

"You still on about it, Sally," Bunnie said to her. "We still have no idea what happen nor anyone who speak out to us. That it is a ghost who told us."

"But we don't have proof."

"She's right, Bunnie," Dulcy agree from what Sally said. "We have no evidence. Except the voice who speak something about this 'Force' from what I'm making of it."

"Well, I'm no excerpt an' all. But this Force business is getting very interesting to find out more about it," Bunnie is concern and curiosity as well from what that voice said to them about the Force. During inside a sandstorm that's Sonic have somehow figure it out to break free from loose end. "Any idea what is the Force?"

"I have no idea," Antoine replied to her. When Dulcy is almost losing her flight ability when all of them are hanging on.

"Be careful, Dulcy," Sally said to her while holding a Chaos Emerald. "We don't want to lose that Emerald."

"Sorry, Sally," Dulcy apologise to her, when she look at Edwardo and the others are in small crate that only Ducly can easy fly, yet it was little heavy from what she's carrying it. "Will up stop messing each other? Otherwise, I will be a heavy damage and easily broke my wings."

"Sorry about that," Bulk said to her.

"You may have excuse from what happen today," Boa apologise to her once more. "We have some minor problem since what happen today is a little misfortunate."

"Well, keep it down will ya?" Dulcy said to him and the others as well. "Otherwise we will about to crush – a good one so that will no longer flying."

"She does have a point you know," Bunnie agree with her including Antoine by nodding his head. Knowing Dulcy is a Mobian-Dragon that her people got some excellent remarkable flying skills like all Mobian-Dragon got that they'd are the master of flying. And yet from what Dulcy saying that if her body crush landing into the open distance she will lose her wings – not ripping apart but broken her extend wings so that her flight ability will no longer flying,

"Guess we need to be a little careful before anything else goes wrong," said Bulk. "And um . . . we still have no idea about this mysterious voice who calling out to us without knowing why. But besides, we got a Chaos Emerald!"

"Indeed, Bulk," Edwardo confirm to him. "Gettin' that emerald is no easy task to get them since it was buryin' deep within the planet itself. I'd may no information – but I know the power of that's emerald itself like nothin' you never seen before."

"You mean like power or way beyond it?" Bulk rephase to him.

"Like I said, I'd may no information," he said to him once more in clear reference to him. "The emerald's power is like power from what I know about it. Besides, our mission is now complete and soon we will toast to victory for gettin' that emerald."

"With all due repeat, Edwardo," Antoine said to him. "Knowing there are seven of them, but we got two of them. How are going to find the others before our enemy get them?"

"Ya may have a point, Antoine," Edwardo replied to him. "Ya may have a point about all this."

"Oh, by the way, Edwardo," Sally said to him. "Do you know the name of that weapons called LE-195, right?"

"Yes, that's the one," Edwardo confirm to her. "A sniper-weapons. A very dangerous weapons since our weapons create them since the upcomin' threat in the war. Although I remember those blue print since one of them show it to us that those weapons can shoot out in miles distance from what I notice. Those weapons should remain hidden in a vault, until him come forward and take eveyrthin' from what he did."

"We know that Edwardo," Sally understand the problem. "We need to speak to Charles about all this that Robotnik got another weapon."

"He'll be shock from what hear this," Bunnie add on.

"I hope so," Antoine concern from what Bunnie said. That he would picture inside his head that Sir Charles will be shock and horrifying to learn that Robotnik got another weapons call LE-195. As Dulcy's continually flying toward Knothole Villages so that they won't be spotted from any hidden trap including Robotnik spy-link Spy-bot as well that he lay several spy surveillance cameras. But the Freedom Fighters have already took down several on them so that Robotnik can't find the location of Knothole Villages, knowing that villages must remain hidden at all.

Right now, they need to go back to Knothole that their mission is now success and tell Chunk about the weapon and also mythical tale that a ghost have somehow save them in unknown reason. There are so many theory have yet unsolved.

Sonic quickly use his hyper speed ability knowing he is the fastest on the planet Mobius, knowing he will get there in a moment of flash before Sally and the others come along in Knothole Villages. Knowing it is a very best place to hide from that notorious villains name Doctor Robotnik himself who betray them from the beginning.

Yet the battle between the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik about 4 years since a newcomer who goes by the name Yas Aguchi and this droids name R3 and learn that's both are from a different world in a different planet from his surprising event and make sure that Yas is stay secure so that any Mobian won't kill him otherwise Sally will be shock and furious from what they did. After all, she is a future queen of Mobius and daughter of King Nigel Acorn of the Acorn Dynasty.

While he keep on running and running, hoping he will get there in no time before anything else will show up and yet he is getting concern on his little buddy name Tails and the others for looking after Yas. After all, he is their guest not invader. Besides, what could possible be happening? Unless something is not right, as he's almost nearing toward the village from his superior speed.

I know I am the fastest of Mobius, he said to himself in common thought. But I was born with it that none of my parents couldn't figure it out how I obtain those speed. Which its remain a mystery, not even my uncle couldn't as well. Besides, its my job to protect my home and my people from any common threat from my dad told me long ago before everything change since that day.

Sonic remember when he was little when his father, Jules who explain to him about heroic and bravery to make sure that any threat will not be made. And also his mother Aleena who also explain to him that's protecting Mobian is very important knowing she is great descendant of Arthur Ericius from what she told him about the epic tale of Arthur Ericius who stop the notorious villain name Wik the Traitor about over 2000 years ago that's all the Ericius have pass down to generation to generation in very male and female bloodline.

Right now, he'll make his own epic tale to stop Robotnik and hoping he will surrender for treason against them and reclaim their rightful home. Once he's arrive at Knothole Villages, when suddenly he heard a loud commotion from the entire villages, when he arrive back and quickly halt for a second, when he notice something is not right.

"What that-? What is going on?" Sonic examining to know what is going on. When Rosie rushing toward him.


"Rosie!" Sonic exclaimed out is to know what is going on. "What's happening? Why the people are yelling out?"

"Oh Sonic," Rosie explain to him what happen. "The people are going to kill Yas for believe he is an Overlander."

"What?" Sonic shout from what he hear today until he make a complete stamina to know why. "How they can do this?"

"I don't know," she replied to him. "It must be when our Mobian still got scar issue since what happened in the war, when they'd lost their close friend and family since what happen and yet they are going to kill him for good."

"Who's stopping them?"

"Well, there's Rotor along with your uncle and of course Tails as well," Rosie answer out to him.

"What?" Sonic is now freak out that his little buddy is fighting against them. Knowing he is eight, but he is no match against them, that's some of them were ex-army and some of them were ex-machinic since the outcome in the Great War from what he knows about it. "Why did you stop them or telling them for stop killing Yas?"

"I thought that Rotor and the others could stop them," Rosie replied out to him.

"Seriously Rosie, you're suppose to do your job from what Sally said to you," Sonic said to her. "Once Sally come back she will be very unhappy since you didn't stop them."

"Now Sonic you need to respect an elder folk," Rosie commented to him. "As a Royal Nanny that it is my job to protect the Princess once the battle is now over. Have you learn nothing to respect?"

"Not all the time," Sonic answer out. "Right now, I got to stop them before they will kill Yas for good and Sally will not be very happy."

Sonic quickly use his speedster ability, hoping he will get them in no one. Until he reach in less then a second, when few villagers and yet he saw Rotor is fighting few of them and yet he saw his uncle have already take down about five of them, but more of them are hustling him down and lastly he saw Tails, and yet he fear the worst that he's barely hanging on when he's kneel down that one of them have somehow beat him up. And yet, even worst when he saw few Mobian have somehow manage to drag Yas toward that tree and surprisingly than ever that Yas have somehow unconscious let again. That's mean the residence have some rebel and disobey from Sally's order for not killing him.

Aw, man Sally is not going to be please from what she's saw this when she come back with the others. Sonic look and shock that they were about to hang him for good. And yet: they hurt his little buddy Tails for doing this. He almost saw R3 is making a whistling in high definition wailing that no one didn't hear it from anyone else. Knowing Yas is very important to R3. But still Yas must be save no matter what it would take.

"Bring him here, quickly," one local said to them. "We don't have enough before Sonic and the others show up!"

"I don't think so," Sonic said to them when the residence saw Sonic is now back from his mission.

"Sonic?" Tails confuse that he could have sworn that Sonic is now back from the mission.

"About time too," Rotor said to him since he got his handful on them.

"It seem that Sonic's mission is now success," said Chunk. "But we got more problematic since you went away."

"I know," Sonic knows about all this when he look at the residence and the ringleader of this operative. "This is gone far enough since you guys are planning him. Release him, now!"

"Not on your life, Sonic," said a Mobian-Wolf who appear who happen to be the same wolf when Yas first look at him. "This man who is an Overlander and we Mobian hate him for good."

"He is not an Overlander," Sonic said to him from their own recommendation. "He is a Off-worlder from another planet from a different planetary system. And you guys have broken Sally's direct order for not killing him."

"So? What Sally doesn't know that Overlander can cause mayhem and destruction," he said to him. "Have you forget what happened?"

"I know that," Sonic knows about the Great War. "But you broken a rule from Sally's order for not killing him since she told you three days ago and yet you defined her order."

"I don't care about her rule nor her obey!" he flip out to him. "This man from what you said that he claim to be this 'Offworlder' from what you mention it. But this man is an Overlander and Overlander that we don't like the most. Overlander must die before he will summon reinforcement including as well."

"He never heard that man," Sonic replied to him. "We told him since the moment he woke from his longest slumber and then he never heard a man."

"Another lie from what he said," this time Bark said to him. "Overlander is making a filthy lie about all this. Lies and greedy like they do. Greed is what they like the most since we drove them away for good."

What Bark mean that since what happen in the final Great War when Robotnik use his powerful machine and destroy – well mostly when he drove his people away. Never to be seen again for over 5 years since they'd vanish without a trace. Knowing the Mobian have won the battle, but the Overlander is nowhere to be found since they'd won. But some of them got some heavily scar on all of them since they lost the one they'd care the most. That's why many Mobain who got hate issue on the Overlander including Robotnik as well.

"Oh, for Chaos sake Bark!" Sonic yell out to him. "You cause trouble from what you did and you broken her order and her rule. You will pay for what you did."

"You are not my boss and my order," Bark again said to him. "My order are from the royal dynasty. You forget that I was one the King special captain and elite captain bodyguard that it my sworn duty to protect the royal monarch at all and I know what I have to do: kill this wrenched Overlander," he look at unconscious body of Yas that's his body is now almost toward a hanging rope.

"I won't let you do that," he yell out to him. "And you broke her words, so that you will pay for this."

"You're too late, Sonic," Mobian-Wolf said to him. "Hang him, now!"

The body of Yas is now entering the hanging rope, when the people of Knothole place his neck onto a rope when an executioner is beginning to execute him right him when Sonic shout to him.

"Oh no, you don't!" He shout out when he quickly his spin dash attack and quickly hit the local executioner before the worst yet to come and pin the executioner down and quickly grab Yas' body.

"You little pesky, hedgehog!" Bark yell out to him. "You ruining everything to kill him! You broke the most scared law to all Mobian that all Overlander must be killed under a direct order from the King and it wasn't the current king."

Sonic have no idea which King from the past, but all that matter that he need stop this small rebellion before they will kill Yas for good and also Princess Sally will be forever furious to see this.

"I don't have enough time of this!" Sonic yell out. "You will pay from what you did!"

"Bring it on, Sonic," Bark yell out. "You will never stop the execution!"

"I am courting on it," he said to them when both Mobian begin a beatdown.

Sonic got quicker speed so that he can dodge those punches assault including missile as well since he dodge several Robotnik's deadly missiles during his recon missile to foil his plot, yet Sonic is now encounter few Mobian residence for betrayal on direct order from Sally's order. As for Bark however that he is a professional elite trooper from what he mention to Sonic that he's job is too protect King Nigel since the outcome in the Great War. That he got some experience boxing skills and excellent jitsu-technique as well. But he got a bigger problem when he's encounter Jules and Aleena's only child and he remember correct that Aleena's mother is an Ericius' bloodline. Of course he know that the Ericius' families are all heroes since he know the tale of Arthur Ericius since he was a kid and now he up against his descendant from Sonic's mother.

When he try to punch Sonic quickly and easily dodging those punches. That Sonic is no easy take, more like hardest task from his ever encountered. But he must act fast before the princess will show up before its too late.

As for Sonic when he quickly dodging those punch, but unknown from his blindness that the local executioner when he's rubbing his fur. Yet his appearance is a Mobian-Beaver with brown fur and beige under belly with rusty-red gloves and boots with buck-teeth. "Man, Sonic got some speed."

"Hey!" Mobian-Wolf said to him. "Quit stalling from what you said. Just hang him before Sally comes back."

"Oh right," Mobian-Beaver understand his duty and his mission, when he quickly got up. And heading toward Yas' body.

"Quickly, quickly!" he yell out to him.

"I'm trying," he replied in his serious grunt that Yas' body is little bit heavy. "And I do need some help to carry it. That my hand and body can't left him."

"Oh for Chaos' sake," Wolf cried and quickly help Beaver to carry Yas' body that few more people are against Rotor and Sir Charles as well. When both of them carrying his body toward hanging loose.

Tails slowly rose up that his left face and his right eye are swelling including a small blood that's leak out from his nose that he saw wolf and beaver have somehow carrying Yas and also hearing R3 is calling out in high definition who call out to him. That Tails understand from what R3 said. But he could help him, yet he suffer a small damage from him since few Mobian who beat him, and luckily he's still survive that he won't give up. But how, he wonder? How he can save Yas before he will get hanging? If only he can save him.

Sonic had well enough on Bark when he quickly use his spin-headbutt tactic and hit Bark's underneath chin that his matter end now.

"I won't let you do it!" Sonic yell out to him. "This little rebellion of yours have cause some problem. Don't you see that Yas is not an Overlander but an alien-"

"Enough!" Bark shout out to him. "I don't care if this is guy an alien or not or he is an Overlander or not. That we Mobian hate those Overlander since the outcome! And us will never forget about all this."

Sonic know that few or more Mobain got some serious issue in the past since the Overlander killed over 1000 Mobian including many incorrect people as well. But getting to them is impossible to do so and getting through to them is getting harder from what he notice. All he can do is to make a distraction before Sally show, otherwise, he'd failed along with the rest of the villages as well. And disloyal on the Ericius' family bloodline and Hedgehog's family as well. As for Tails that he finally got up, knowing he got server injuries on him and also Rotor did punch few Mobian on their face, but most of them have somehow pin him down, but Sir Charles got no problem, that his superior strength since he was robotics by his own machine many years ago until it was disband when Robotnik storm in and use it for purpose.

Yet many villages are now terrified in fear, knowing that Sir Charles was once a living being, until a machine change him into one of those mindless robots. But Sonic manage to break though on him before he agree to join them for good.

"I had enough of this!" Sonic is getting enough of this. When he quickly jump in slight mid-air and quickly bounce Bark down on the ground. Bark is alive and well, but the problem is now too late.

"You're too late," Beaver said to him. When Sonic look at Mobian-Beaver along with another Mobian-Wolf have already Yas inside the rope, but they'd still hold him before they go so that they will achieve their mission to stop him for good. "We have now kill him for good!"

Until a mysterious fireball that's appear from nowhere in blazing orange colour that's firing toward a rope that somehow breaking loose from Yas' bond when two Mobian are now in shock and surprise. Yet Sonic know that snot-fireball come from. That's mean Sally is back.

All people of Knothole look up and see Dulcy the Dragon and yet she's carry something. A crate from what she look at it and yet something inside those create when Hank the Wolf look up and see his good friend Edwardo, Carlos, Boa and the others as well. But still he is now in shock that Bark and the others are doing foolish attempt. After all Bark is distinct relative, he's got back to the villages and reunited with him. But from what he said about losing something he's understand as well. But he's decide to not to take place otherwise he will disband his troopers and his best commander at all time.

Dulcy place a crate down and make a complete exhaustion from her mouth when Sally quickly down and shout to them. "Who responsible to make a small liberation to this matter? Who make an utter cruelty for this?"

Until Rotor break free from his mad pit he's been though. When he walk her, and yet he suffer pretty badly when he got several cuts on and also his left eye is now full shut when he said to her to know what happen. "It is Bark and the others who did this. They were planning to kill Yas that they'd believe he is an Overlander."

Sally is now getting fury from what the people have done now, when she's out to them since Rotor said. "You people have disobey my order and my rule that I don't want him to get kill."

"But your highness," Mobian-Wolf said. "He is an-"

"Silence!" she roar out. When the rest of the people are now finch including Sonic as well. "You Mobian are now disgust me from what you did and yet you disobey my order since I told you for the past three day and you defined my rule since I told you and now you betray me and my trust. How could be so impulsive stupid for killing a man that you think he is an Overlander? Well, I'll you want okay," she said to them. "You remember from what I said that he is another planet? Well, he is and his ship is will hidden in Field of Plain since we kept hidden from Robotnik himself won't find it in general reason. I don't have any more and more evidence, but I will ask you for this: don't you dare killing our guest that he is now welcome and you – all of you have return it!"

Bark is now regain from his small knockout turn when he's slowly rose up when he rubbing his wolf and open his eyes and surprise enough that he saw Princess Sally is now turn and yet she's holding a Chaos Emerald in her hand as well, when he's about to make his word.

"Oh. Princess Sally, I did not see you that's coming-"

"Enough!" Sally yell out to him. "You own an explanation Bark, including your revolution friends as well so that I will talk to you, big time."

Yas is now making a small moan when he's slowly open his eyes and surprise enough that he is caught in a middle of a rope that's hold his neck and see that two Mobian are holding him when both of them look at him. "So uncivilised," he said.

"You're telling me," Sonic agree with him. Now that Sally is back along with Antoine, Bunnie and the others as well. Mole have now quickly resurfaced from his digging experience from Grove Canyon toward Knothole Village is a very long distance, but he is a Mobian-Mole that his people are excellent digging and also they are excellent miner as well. Now that Sally is now back and she's holding a second Chaos Emerald, that's mean the Freedom Fighter have won the outcome for getting that Chaos Emerald.

But first thing first: that's Sally need a word with them for good.

After what happen today and take time to sort things out on the village when Sally told them off for good from what they did. Rotor is now pretty bad-shape that he got several cuts on him since few Mobian are turn out to be a rough-time bully. Charles is okay, but he got no damage from his joint and his head as well so that if any one of them will hit his head; he will go back to be a mindless robot once again and take captives on the prisoner. As for Tails that he got a bloody nose, but his nose is not broken from what Sonic helping him clean his wounded and see that he got a small bruise of his cheek and his right eyes that it's almost swelling.

Yet Sonic is going to have a words with Bark for what he did. While Tails put some ice-cloth on his right eye.

This matter of crisis have gone too far since what happen today is utterly furious. That Sally is now furious on Bark and the others for treason and disobey her direct order when she have no further choice to outcast them for good. But in the early day, during in the medieval time when Sally's ancestor, one of the Acorn Dynasty name King Harold III have learn about this treason on few Mobian for betrayal their crime against the monarch when he have no choice to execute them for messing against the monarchy. But that was in the olden day when another king name King Theodore IV, descendants of his great-great-great uncle who have decide to change the execution law, that he decide to outcast them for treason. Yet his descendants relative in the mere following future that future queen of Mobius have no choice to ban them for good. That's Bark won't come back along with few others as well.

Edwardo is impressive on Sally ordeal word just like her father, knowing she would be an excellent future queen, once the palace will be restore so that Sally will take the throne. But he got a small issue with that Overlander who goes by the name Yas. Which Sally told him and the others that Yas is now welcome to the villages and told them that he is a visitor from another world so that she will keep an eye on the villages for their disobedience from their disobey order so that she will banish them for good and never return and yet Bark is the first one along with few others are now banish for the first time by Princess Sally direct order, knowing she is their future queen.

And yet they told what happen in Grove Canyon and they were successful to obtain another Chaos Emerald and show it to them a yellow-gem like colour and also Sonic and Sally told Chunk about that weapons from what they'd obtain in Grove Canyon that's near toward Glister Wall that's near toward Mural Wall.

"I see that you obtain another emerald," Chunk said to them as he examine a yellow Chaos Emerald. "And yet you said that Robotnik have somehow obtain a sniper weapon," he told Sally.

"I'm afraid so," Sally confirm to him.

"I didn't know that Robotnik got LE-197 since we keep it hidden in the vault and yet he's somehow obtain them just he obtain that weapon as well," Chunk's emotion is not getting depress since he learn today. "And we are dealing the two most dangerous weapons in his own hand?"

"How many weapons did they created?" Sally ask him.

"What do you mean?" Chunk said to her.

"How many weapons did our people create those weapons? How many did our people created many weapons against our common-?"

"Sally," Sonic quickly hushing that they got guest in the village.

"Sonic, we know he is not an Overlander," Sally said to him. "I won't say he is the enemy. I mean Robotnik's people."

"Oh, I get it now."

"As what I'm saying that, before I was rudely interrupted," Sally continually speaking as she make a glare at Sonic. "How many did our people created many weapons against our common enemy from what we didn't know about it? So tell me Chunk how many weapons did out created?"

"I'm not so sure how many weapons that our created," he confess from his own admission tone. "I'd only know few weapons like HO-125 and LE-197 including others from what I know about it are DX-001 who happen to be a heavy-type weapons along with SP-231 and RA-8 from what I know about it."

"SP-231 and RA-8?" Sally is little confuse to know more about it. "What are SP-231 and RA-8 by any chance?"

"I know the name and number but I have zero information to know what it mean exactly? I swear on my life Sally that I have no idea what kind of weapons since they'd keep do it for so long. I swear," Chunk said and replied out.

"Well, since you told me the truth," Sally acknowledge him. "Although I am not uncomfortable since you told me about those weapons including this SP-231 and RA-8 which it highly unknown to use and you told us about this DX-001 which you told me it is a heavy weapons. I gather that Robotnik got his hand on them."

"I agree on your, princess," Chunk confirm to her. "Those weapons are very dangerous that we Mobian refuse to use weapons since we have no choice but to use them since in the Great War. Yet you're father disband them for using them since we won the war. And yet Robotnik got his hands on them including blueprint as well. I don't know what he's going to use them for a reason. Yet I'd fear in momentarily that he will wipe us out for good."

"I know what you mean," Sonic understand from what his uncle said. "This will be madness and making another war."

"We must stop Robotnik before he will get his hand on them," said Sally. "And yet we got a Chaos Emerald from Grove Canyon."

"Oh yes," he remember that place long ago. "That's place is very remarkable since we Mobian agree that area is now neutral from any environment including the Overlander as well. So tell me where was it by any chance?"

"Its that Mural Wall," Sonic answer out to him.

"Mural Wall, you mean that the Emerald is safe and well hidden in Mural Wall? Did Swat-bots destroy it?"

"Oh no, the Mural Wall is safe and un-damage from what I look at it," Sally quickly replied to him. "It's now safe and secure. I guess that Robotnik reprogrammed them for not destroy that wall."

"Thanks goodness for that," Chunk is now getting relief from him. "And yet your mission is now secure and manage to obtain one of the Chaos Emerald. I will put it will the others so that you, along with Sonic are the only one who knows where my safe and know the combination before I will delete those inside my memory log before Robotnik use his re-activation code."

"Of course, we do," said Sonic when he's rubbing his nose.

"Come on," Sally said and she's almost laugh when she escort them toward a safe. "Let's find them safe before anyone know the location of and make sure you will delete the combination lock inside your head, Charles."

"Of course, you're majesty," Chunk understand what it need to be done, when all three of them are heading a safe place so that only Sally and Sonic know the combination of it. Yet unknown to them, when Yas is talking to Rotor as a new addition and welcoming to Knothole that Yas is getting to know Rotor along with Bunnie and Antoine. But Antoine got some small issue on him, but he will get use to it. When Yas could have sworn that he sense something from not sure why. That he could have sworn from his own thought that someone is crying out to him. But where? And why it call out to him in unknown as well. And yet he is not the only one when Tails could have sworn that someone is crying out to him too. It's just like before when Sonic and the others return their mission to get their first Chaos Emerald. But where that crying come from? It's impossible to know where it is. But they will find that source and make sure that crying will calm down for sure.

Later at night while everyone is having their food. Yas is beginning to enjoy the taste of homemade soup which its liquid that he fluid to survive and he finally try that orange juice when he take a small sip from it and it's taste like nutrients from what he describe. Yet Sally is now very happy to see that Yas is now eating once more. But few Mobian still got some grudge but Sally told them off for good. Edwardo told Sally is to know why she allow Yas to stay in the Knothole Villages. Sally explain to him what happen for the past three days when she told him everything from what she knows about it. Boa and the others are getting some rest, knowing they'd been though a lot since he keep on scouting in Grove Canyon for quite a while. But they deserve a well-earn rest from job will done.

Bunnie and Antoine are heading toward their separate hut so that will get some rest. Rotor as well need some rest too. Sonic need some rest as well, knowing he's been though a lot since what happen today including that Ghost have somehow helping him without telling him not even Tails as well.

As Tails, before he will go to bed before Sally will read him a story while she keep talking to Edwardo about everything about a ship name Tornado was hidden in the most secure place in Meadow Valley- the Field of Pain. But something is not right since the moment he saw Yas since he come to the planet. Ever since he enter his hut when he notice he could have sworn that something that's inside Yas' belonging for not sure why it call out to him. He could ask him, but he's taking a small sip from Rosie homemade soup when he sit down in another table that's lay out for him with a cup of orange juice and tissue when Rosie told him to clean his mouth and Yas understand about manners, while Rosie change another bandage on his head since one of the local hit him for behind and make a small bleed on him. Luckily, his skull is fine from what he look at him. But more importantly that Tails have no choice to walk toward Yas' hut. Hoping he will find some clue to know more about him and where is he come from. Knowing he is from space, but which planet does he come from? There are so many questions that's need answering. And answering will reveal a truth that was burying deep within.

Once he's about to enter Yas' hut. Unknown to him that R3 saw him is heading toward a hut. That Tails didn't know about a little spy have watching him that Tails is now arrive at Yas' hut.

Tails have already entering Yas' hut and see that the bed is secure in neat and tidy along with another set of table and chair since Bark and the others storm in to kill him. But he wasn't look at Yas' bed nor his table. It his stuff that's inside the main sack that he keep thinking over and over again to know what inside that bag. Hoping he will find some answer he need it and to learn more about this Yas.

Yas is busy talking to Sally and Sonic and give him a tour of the village. But few Mobian still got some grudge issue so that they will shield their children from his hand so that he will take them in good measurement. When Yas went out when Tails' walk approach toward that bag, hoping he will find some good use to see what inside.

As Tails approach a sack, it is large that's contain lots of items from what he have no idea. But he is so desperate to know what inside.

"I know I shouldn't make a peek to see what inside of his stuff," Tails said himself. "But I really need to know."

Once Tails' hand now touch it and gently open it, to see what inside Yas' belonging. Hoping he will learn more about it. Knowing he is a Mobian-Fox, but according to Rosie that all Mobian-Fox are can be mischief and very cunning from what she knows about it. But Tails can be a little cunning and little curious to know. Once Tails now open Yas' sack, knowing it is a huge backpack. Once its open and Tails make a small peek to see it when curiosity and confusion take place on him.

"Okay, this is very new to me," Tails said it out. When he saw something from his own curiosity as he grab it and revealed a brown leather robe like jacket from what he look at it. "Whatever it is, knowing Yas keep it for good reason. Although, I rather like it. I wonder it fit me on this," as he examine this lovely brown robe when he quickly put it on. Although, Tails does admire it, but the sleeve are very long and very extender including the bottom length, when he somehow roll it up to make his own sizes. And also it has a hood that's behind him and yet Tails love it. "Man, this robe is very good on me. I wonder it's come in smaller version for me. Oh well, guess Yas got the only one who have it." He look back at Yas' stuff and see another curious and surprise event on him. When he saw something else as well. "Never seen those things before, and what is this strange cube anyway?" he grab that object and left it up and see a strange cube-shape in excellent custom in golden brim colour with six light blue circle in every centre on it. He never seen that's object before and he saw two more of them, when he place one on the lamp desk and get two of them out and place them on top of the lamp desk.

"I'd never seen those objects before," Tails said. "Guess this is very highly alien tech to me. Which of course Yas told me about all this since he got up. And why he put some clothing? And why he put those boots in there as well and this strange belt?" he got them all out and see beige colour clothing along with two boot in two different shades of brown and the belt is also brown as well. "Man. Yas got some excellent clothing. What does it mean exactly?" he make his curious to know who is that Yas person and why he got those strange clothing like never seen before including that three cubes as well? This is getting too mysterious by the minute, when he could have sworn that he hear something that's inside Yas' belonging that's call out to him. When he look back and see something inside when he grab it and revealed a cuboid box. Long and thin with clear beige colour with remarkable pattern on it like nothing he never seen before.

As Tails examine this strange box. "This is a new one to me. Wonder what's inside of it, anyway?" when he open it until face is now awe with surprise that he never seen anything like this before to see a strange cylindrical-object in durasteel and cooper and the length is twenty-six-sixty centimetres with two small-like lump on it that's Tails have no idea what it is. Yet he keep hearing inside this object like humming or whispering that's somehow reach out to him. Tails have no idea when he's use his right hand in act of caution, slowly and careful to make sure it is not a trap to make sure it safe to hold it.

And yet he did when he got hold this strange object from his admiring when he examine to know what it is and place a cuboid-box down.

As he examine that object, when suddenly a change a scenery on him from his surprising from his surrounding, that one minutes he was standing at Yas' hut and next he's somehow standing in the open distance and also it's snowing from what he look at it.

"What in-?" he try to said when this mysterious launch that's somehow fire toward when Tails look at his surrounded and see so many dozen armour suit in all exact a same including same helmet, yet all of them are wearing red and some of them are wearing white armour when all of them are firing at something when Tails look at it and look at his left hand side and see dozen of strange robot. Its almost like Robotnik's Swat-bot but different from what he notice including he saw a strange three-legged robot with strange but large sphere from what he look at it with three long point nose distance that's shoot with three red lights that's attach from it.

He have no idea what's going on, when he saw a large explosion that's coming from his right-hand side and see something that he's not sure what it is. He saw a figure with coned head with small ponytail and a small white goatee beard and holding a weapon on his hand and revealed it is a blue-colour blade. He have no idea what who or what is that guy when he's somehow redirect those red lasers that's shoot out in complete randomly. Whoever that guy is, knowing he did a very good job and also he hear something from what that guy said.

"Come on," he said to them, "we must take the bridge!"

As he charge toward them when the armour warriors somehow stop in unknown reason, when a conned-headed warrior turn in utmost stun to know what is going on. When his troops turn against him when they all fire at him, yet blue-wielding warrior try to redirect until he was shots – multiple shots as Tails shock and see a body that's lying in the snow. Until another sudden appearance take place on him that one minutes he's somehow standing in a bridge from what that guy said and next he's somehow standing in a jungle when he saw the same troops, knowing this one is very much more different from what he knows about it and also he saw another figure, only this time it was a she and she's completely cover in blue with long-head tails and her outfit is too hard from what Tails look at her.

He notice that she is holding a weapon, just like that guy who shout out to them. But the hilt is very different from what he saw but he have a feeling that those 'men' are going to kill her without knowing why.

"Look out!" he try to yell out to her, but his response didn't reach out to her. "They're going to kill you!"

Until it was too late when she try to draw her blade until she was shot fire so many times on the ground, when he shout out, "No!"

Until another scene take place when he's somehow standing in the open air without knowing when he saw a massive star fleet, until he look down and saw two strange odd ship with a triangle nose-like fighter and inside it is a strange alien wearing a protective goggle who flying it, when suddenly he saw two odd ship is flying toward triangle-shape-like fighter and quickly blow it up in heavy smoke. He gasp out from his own mouth, until another scene take once again and this time he saw a woman-like robe with strange helmet, at least he thought it is a helmet. Riding a strange bike or something with two exact-like troopers when he try to said to her.

"Get away from them! They're going to kill you!"

But his voice won't reach out to her, until two troopers who stood aside her when they quickly shot her down and blow that bike-like custom for good. He couldn't believe his own eyes that he's not sure what just happen and yet those people. Who are those people anyway and why those troopers turn against them without knowing why? He have no idea what's going on, when another scene take place.

And yet this scene he look at it, that he look up in the sky and see is midnight dark blue that's gaze upon it when he look down and saw a small bonfire like he saw few people taking a rest from their own excitement time the way he look at them. And also he saw those troopers and surprise enough when he saw those men are exact looker-like with same face, same nose and same eyes colour except they got small little features from what he notice that some of them got scars, some were plain but same face and also he notice one of them got a beard when all of them are having a laugh and talking exact same time and yet he saw two people wear exact same clothing. One of them who is female-adult with breaded knot behind her hair with strange dots on her forehead and her nose who sitting down with her legs cross like he saw Yas doing the same thing as well and the one other who happen to be a kid. A boy, that he is not sure who old is this kid with brown hair and teal eyes colour on him and yet he saw something on a boy hand that he saw one of those cube-shape thing like the one Tails saw when he accidently look inside Yas' stuff. He's not sure what they are. But he notice something is not right, when he notice that one of those exact-like men who got a call. Until in quick second, everything is starting to change when an adult female quickly grab a boy arm when she shout to him

"Caleb, run," she quickly draw out and revealed her green blade when those troopers are now turning against them.

He watch a boy. Yet a boy who goes by the name Caleb when he watch him that Caleb is shock, surprise to see that few troopers are going to kill them. When they'd fire at them, when the woman who quickly redirect and reflect them back and manage to hit at least two of them and then she quickly slash another troopers at toward his neck. He's about to be sick, but he didn't. When he heard a woman who quickly said to him once more.

"Padawan!" she cried out to him, while the boy remain frozen in sudden shock. While a boy's master is continually redirect from them with her green blade. "Run or fight. But do not just stand there."

"What?" he quickly snap from his sudden-trance and look back to his Master. "Oh," he quickly draw a different hilt and revealed a sapphire blade and quickly help his master before its too late, "yes Master."

Tails watch them both. That both of them got excellent skills, like nothing he never seen before. When he is watching her stab one of them and then a boy quickly jump and slash few troopers down. Never in all his life to see something that's cool in all his life. But why would that hilt quickly show it to him? What is going on? Knowing he have no idea, while watching them so that they can kill them in single moment, when he heard a woman who said to him.

"There are too many," she said to him. "And they'll soon cut off any escape. Caleb," she look at him that's behind her shoulder, "we cannot win this battle. You must run," as she look back and quickly redirect those light blue blasters from what Tails look at it. "Go," she order him to run. "I'll be right behind you!"

But from what Tails look at her that she's somehow lying to her. He's not sure why she lie and yet he saw a boy is running away from them while his master continually what she's doing. Yet he watch a boy is running at the top of the hill when one of them shout to kill him when she quickly said to him.

"Styles," she shout and cried to him, "no!"

Until a blast quickly fire at her from her behind and quickly shot her down. He is now horrified to see what happen when few troopers quickly shot at her once more. While a boy, he look at him who is now afraid and shock to see a horror that a boy's master is now gone, when he watch him fled into the forest, never to be seen again. That scene from what he look at it is too horrible from what he look at it. He could save them, but he's understand that they won't listen to him. But why? Why would those men kill them in unknown reason? Until another scene take place when he is now standing in some kind of ship when he saw two troopers in same white colour with those strange guns on them that's shoot blue blaster. Yet the armour plate is yellow and white at the same time.

It look like they'd standing guard for what purpose. When another main-hatch is now open when he saw kid with red hair and green eyes, yet his appearance is almost like that kid-ages from what he look at him. When two troopers were about to shoot him, when another person who quickly stepping in and from his surprise that he saw a tall figure with long hair in ponytails with strange bat-like ear with a beard and also he never seen that tall person got purple skin and his fingers are now four instead of five fingers from what it look and surprise that this guy could two-edge blade on him and the colour is blue. When he watch a tall figure quickly headbutt on one of them and look at the other one when a trooper quickly almost make a hit when a tall figure quickly slash and quickly warn to him.

"The door control!" he quickly to him. When Tails watch a boy quickly run toward one of those strange hatches that's he never seen before and also see a tall figure quickly slash another one in excellent spinning tactic. He admit to see some cool part but when he watch him and a boy as well, when sudden surprise take, when he saw dozen of troopers have somehow open it when a tall figure quickly look at it when the troops fire at him. "Cal, hurry!"

Cal? Tails thought to himself. When he look at a boy who goes by the name Cal. When he watch Cal quickly try to open it, while tall purple figure quickly redirect their firing at them and manage at least one of them with that spinning double-bladed. Which from his own admit it that is cool to see an excellent stunning effect. Until – when multiple shots at him and see one of the blade is destroy without knowing how nor why, when Cal shout out as he watch a horror from him.

"Master!" he cried that mix with sudden scared on him. When Cal quickly cover himself from so many fires. And also Tails watch a tall figure look at him when he use his one last effort to protect him when he use a strange power like nothing he never seen before and quickly hoist three of them in the air and slam them in the ceiling in full impact. Until another shots take place and hit a tall figure when he walk back toward the open hatch, when a boy step forward and said –

"No!" Cal cried out to them, when a single blaster hit his right face that's Tails is now in shock. Until something went wrong to him, when Cal use yell out when and same ability like the tall figure did. Only this time from what he look at them. That the troopers are now frizzle like blurry when he watch a boy along with his master are already inside the main hatch and quickly seal, when firing take place.

He's not sure what happen to them, but he have a feeling that Cal's master didn't make it because of his wounded that's damage him for good.

Those images. Those horrible images from what he never seen before when he saw another one with three people are standing in another snow planet when one of them is holding them off, while two of them are standing. Yet he saw a teen- girl when she cried out.

"Master!" she cried out heavily, when he saw person who look like Mobian, except he is completely different from what he look at him, when this stranger said to her.

"You're Master know what she's doing," he said to her.

"But I won't leave her!" she cried out to him. "Master Kai," she try to let loose from him. "Master Simms need me."

"She knows what to do Padawan," Kai said to him. "Come on! We must move before its too late."

"But what about-?" She was about to say when she heard her master as she yell out to them.

"Run!" she yell out.

"Do what she said," Hai said to her. "We must move now. Now!"

A student have no choice to follow Master Kai's choice when she quickly got on those speeder-like, until Tails saw a horror take place when a girl-master is now killed, shoot by one of them.

So many images, so many horror take place when he saw the frightening look. Some of them were older, some were younger from what he look at it. Too much detail, too much horror that's no eight-year-old shouldn't see a horror when suddenly a last and final appearance when he saw something that is not sure what it is, when he's somehow standing inside a strange building that he is not sure what it is when he saw so many troopers in blue-and-white armour against so many of them in blue and green colour blade on male and female in different ages group species. Some were human, some were strange alien that he is not sure what they are and also he saw few armour warrior wielding a yellow-blade. Like the one he saw in his dream that he's wielding a yellow blade without knowing why. When all of them fought against them, yet one-by-one that the wielder are shoots in complete different random when those troopers fire upon them.

Yet those yellow wielders bladed got some excellent skills to defend it against them. They're like superior warrior. But this is not from what Tails look at them, when he saw something from him. When he saw Yas and yet he is wearing the robe from what he look at Yas' belonging and also he see him wielding a green blade from what he look at it and its exact same hilt as Yas is holding. Like the one he saw inside a cuboid-box and the one he is holding now. Green blade? Wait could be the one who wielding green blade? Yet the colour is almost like emerald from what Tails look at it. Like the one is his own dream.

"Wait is that Yas?" he said to him. "What he's doing there? What is going on here?"

Until he saw something else from what he look at it. A person cover in dark brown cloak who wield a blue-blade colour from what he look at it. And yet he saw Yas is fighting someone that he have no idea who or what is that person is. He saw the duel and it is far out from what he look at them. That's both of them clashing their blade like faster than a speed of light in excellent movement skills like nothing he never seen before. He is now total speechless to see a cool epic showdown. Yet something is not right on Yas' face. That's he saw horror and fear take on him when he quickly use his green colour blade against this unknown figure when he use a same ability like he saw a tall figure along with Cal as well. That a figure is now slam on a wall when he saw Yas and see him in the main quarter and surprise than from what he look at him: he saw horror. True horror.

What Yas saw. It may highly offensive to see what happen. When he saw few troopers rushing toward when Yas quickly look at them. When they start fire at him and Yas quickly redirect from them and start to run from them as he hear the sound from a robe figure said to him.

"You can run, but you cannot hide from me."

As Tails watch the figure rose up and said to them. "Kill him before he escape the Temple!"

"Yes sir," one of them quickly acknowledge him as those troopers quickly running toward him as the figure walk toward another direction and see two blue-blade and one green blade are fighting against this unknown hooded figure in quick second.

But first, Tails need to watch Yas. As he saw him keep on running for not sure how long he would last when he notice he saw another child, male, who got blond hair and blue eyes who appear to be a teenage boy. Yet he notice that the hilt is lying in the floor, damage and see some small sizzling smoke from it and he notice that a teenager boy is afraid, scared and fear at the same time and in front of him are two troopers are ready to shoot him. When suddenly, he saw Yas is rushing toward them.

"Master!" he shout to him.

"Master?" Tails said out, when two troopers look at him when Yas quickly slash them from their lower chest in excellent slashing technique.

"Master? What's going on? Why the troops turn against us?"

"I don't know," he admit to him from what Yas said. "We need to leave, right now!"

"What about R3?"

"I'll get R3," Yas quickly said to him. "There's another exit that's hidden from the temple foot. You know where it is, right?"

Tails watch that a teenage boy quickly nod to him.

"Quickly go there right now," Yas quickly said to him. "I will meet there and fast as I can! Go! Go!"

As Tails watch a teenager boy is starting to run. Ever though he have no idea what's going on when he saw Yas is heading toward another direction. He have no idea what's going on here. Could this be Yas past? Or something else that hilt want to look at it to see what happen to the other robe warrior who wield blue, green and yellow bladed as well? Who those cult or tribe that he have no idea what's going on? Including he saw a blue-wielded warrior slash them few of them and see one of them a warrior wielding a yellow-double bladed like the one he saw before. Yet this one who is completely different from what he look at it. And see a person who is an alien in different look and confront against this figure.

He could see what happened, when suddenly another scene take place on him. When he look at his surround and see the scene is now complete black, that he can't see what's going on. When suddenly he heard something when his ears are now twitching when he heard a powerful heavy, metallic breathing sound, when he heard an activation sound and see a crimson blade and see a figure who's wearing black armour with long black cape who walk toward him in utter fear and afraid to see a black-tall figure is slowly walk toward him and said to him.

"You will never become," it said to him in deep-mature voice that's coming from inside that helmet as its speak "You will never become to success your own training. You will never become."

Tails has no idea what's going on. When suddenly another sound when he look behind and see another figure. Yet it is the same one from his dream, who wield a crimson blade. Yet the figure is completely hooded from what he look at it. He is scared and afraid to see both red wielding warrior is approach. He could scream, but there is no reply. Nor he could shout to Sonic, but his help won't replied out as well.

When another figure said to him. "You will never become. You will never become," a figure said to him. And look at black figure as it approach him and Tails look at them and see them that's both of them are clashing their red blade together in different position. He watch them for not sure how long it would take when he saw a horror takes place on him that a black-cloak figure have somehow defeat black armour warrior. When he saw a black cloak slash an armour arm and legs in quickly that he hear a black armour breathing is rapidly fast. When a black cloak look back to him. "You will never become," it repeat out to him, when a figure quickly slash at a black armour helmet. Yet it head fell down on a ground without see where its head. "You will never become a Jedi, Miles 'Tails' Prower."

Tails is now shock that the figure have somehow know his real and nickname. Without knowing why it speak to him, without giving an introduction to say. Who is this guy from what he look at it? And why he know his name and furthermore who is that guy who wear black armour as well? The answer from what Tails need will be revealed soon enough.

Once he look at a figure, when another voice said out to him.

"Tails?" an unknown whispering voice said to him in earn-well manner voice. That's he's not sure where it is. When a black cloak figure approach him once more when he step back when he's somehow slip that he's about to fall.

Until suddenly that someone who quickly grab when he silent voice said to him. "These are your first step to achieve your own glory to become."

"Are you okay?"

Tails hear a voice, when he look at his surrounding and yet he is now back in Yas' hut and see look up and see Yas is standing and helping from his sudden.

"Um . . . yeah, I'm okay," Tails respond to him. That's Yas have somehow entering a hut that's R3 have somehow communication to him without knowing.

"You almost fell down when I caught you before you got unfortunate accident," Yas said to him. "Good thing R3 warn me about all this."

R3 approach them and make a whistling out.

"I'm alright now," Tails said. "Thanks R3."

Yas notice he saw something that his eyes pupil is now slowly shatter in fear when he saw to him. "Where did you get there?" he point that hilt, when a freeze shock take place on Tails. "Have you been looking inside my stuffs?"

"I didn't mean to," he said to him. "I am so curious to know what inside your stuff. Yet I shouldn't done that. Knowing those items are yours. I am sorry," he apologise to him.

Yas kneel down and place his hand on Tails' shoulder without shout out to him, yet he speak in understandable voice. "It's okay to look at my stuffs. But you need see me and ask, so that I can show it to you. But in the meantime, let that's be a reminder for messing other people properties for seeing thing. I know you are curious to know what inside my stuffs. But you shouldn't done that, Tails. It's not very good for now to look other stuffs that's belong to me or the other people."

"But Sonic won't mind to look at his stuff," Tails said to him in less guilty.

"Then Sonic need to be wise and give you some advise," Yas replied. "For now, can I have it back please?" he present Tails another hand, when Tails give back the hilt to him. "Thank you," when he kneel up from his rose. "Now then: what did you see inside my stuffs?"

Tails look up when Yas look at him in questioning tone when he remember now when he look at Yas' belonging. "Well, I saw those strange cube-things," he point out to those objects, "and your clothing in custom and yet I saw this brown leather robe from what I make of it."

"And yet you wearing it," Yas said to him when he examine him wearing it. "Does it suit you?"

"Well to be honest that it's long and extend from your own sizes and yet I'd somehow rather like it from what I look at it," Tails replied as he examine a brown leather robe. "Do you want it back? I know it is yours."

Yas smile out to him and said to him. "Keep it," he said. "But only for today so that you can bring it back to me. Think of it as a gift – a welcoming gift. But make sure it's not damage nor making a rip, okay?"

"You mean, I am going to keep it?" Tails rephase from his own speechless, when Yas nod to him. "Oh, thank you," he quickly hug him that somehow making Yas surprise when Tails somehow hug him in unknown reason. "I'd promise I will bring it back to you Yas. I promise."

"I know you would," Yas said to him. "And yet you look great wearing it. But make sure it's mine okay. I expect back tomorrow or I could make an extend. How about day after tomorrow? Is that okay to you?"

"Really?" surprise to Tails when he look at him. "Oh, boy. Thank you very much," he quickly hug once more when he quickly walk out from Yas' hut and suddenly a halt take place on Tails when he quickly said to him. "Oh, and one more thing," he said to him. "Who is that student of yours?"

"What do you mean?" Yas make a small lied confusion without getting expose.

"I . . . um . . . saw something inside from what I am not sure what it is," Tails explain to him. "I saw several people were killed one by one. But I do saw a kid who make a run from his master. Someone name Caleb by any chance?"

Caleb? Yas thought cried out to himself from what Tails saw. Yet he is not sure how Tails somehow learn that Caleb Dume survive. Yet the last thing he saw him when he talk to him about every history in the past before he got his own Master who happen to be Master Windu's student name Depa Billaba before he went to her to continually from her own mistake since she was almost killed by General Grievous. Could Tails saw an eclipse and learn that he saw that Caleb Dume survive and watch the death of one of the Jedi Council? It possible when he quickly make his own word before his cover will foil to him.

"Never heard of him," he said him without making a single guilt on him so that he's play along to him.

"Oh," Tails understand the solution. "Does Cal ring anything to you?"

Cal! Again, Yas is doing the same thing as well that he was silent surprise when Tail mention his name call Cal. As in Cal Kestis, who was train by his own master Jaro Tapal. Yet he met Jaro Tapal for few year ago and he too was train by his own master as well since he took as his apprentice before his time show up including another Jedi he remember long ago name Diana Mirant who happen to be the daughter from one of the local planet he been too many years ago and yet he's not sure if she survive the Purge including her own student as well. But he must act and play along before anything goes wrong.

"Never heard of him," he said to him in small lies to him.

"Oh," Tails said. "I thought that you knew something from what I notice. Including from what I saw few people from what I don't know much about them and all – no one by one they were shots in unknown reason. It is horrible to describe from what I saw. But my heart told me that it's afraid of me and yet I saw something else from what I am not sure. Two figure with red blade from what I make it and yet they said something to me for not sure what they have said, 'you will never become,' from what they said to me."

Yas look at him in odd-most curious from what Tails said to him. Yet he is wonder if Tails have it or not, knowing this kid must be the one who communication to him. Then he must be strong in the Force from his hunch correct. "Never become what, exactly?"

"Something about never become a Jedi?" Tails answer. Until Yas' pupils is now shaken from what Tails said Jedi. How could Tails possible knows about Jedi? Yet he is only eight-years old boy. Unless he is definitely strong in the Force. But he need prove to see if that kid got it or not. He must act fast, before his identity will be expose when Tails continually said to him. "Do you know anything about it?"

"No," Yas quickly said to him. "Never heard of them." That's last part is definitely a lies. When he quickly change a subject to him. "Listen Tails," he look at him. "I don't want to make a fuss on you that it's late so that I need some rest since what happen today since they rebel against me. We can talk about it another time okay. I need some rest."

"Okay, well rest Yas so that you need some strength," said Tails, when he make his move.

"And also tell Rosie to bring more of this 'orange' juice if you please?" Yas quickly add on to him.

"I will," Tails acknowledge him, when he quickly walk with Yas' Jedi robe that Tails have no idea or he does know that Yas is a Jedi. But one problem: Yas is not his real name. His true name must remain secret so that he will tell them when the time is come.

R3 make a whistling sound to him when Yas replied.

"He knows something R3," Yas said. "He know something from he saw something that he shouldn't look at it. He didn't know or he does know from what he saw inside his vision. A boy is strong in the Force since I look at him. But I manage and acquire to take a small blood sample when Sonic clean his wound so that I need to know if he had it then I will train him to become," he took a tissue and see Tails' red blood on it. Hoping he will find out more about him.

R3 again making a conversational beeping out to him, when Yas smile out.

"I know R3. But this planet, that I have finally found it for the past 10 years since I first saw it. Still from what he said to me about Caleb Dume and Cal Kestis. I can't believe that they'd somehow survive from what he said. How did he knows about it? Unless," he look back at his lightsabre. "Guess you show it to him from what he saw. I don't blame you for this, nor anger out to you. You are wise to show what happen since I lost so many Jedi brothers and sisters. Right now, I will put it back and then I will use it again in case there is trouble and soon I will join them to make sure this planet will be restore once more and this planet will never find me from the Empire itself."

R3 makes a beep and bloop sound to him mix with high definition sound to him.

"I know I already got my student. But I told him a while ago to make his new life that I don't want him to get kill nor capture by the Empire. My Padawan will make a new life I told him since we escape the Purge to reunite with his family. So that he will enjoy his family life and then he will enjoy his new beginning from his own choice. But I will not rest so that I will take Tails as my new Padawan learner. Yet the Force will guide him, and his link will become one of the cosmoses itself. And the Force will show him the way so that he will become a Jedi Knight."

I know this is long. Trust me I work so hard to create this chapter. Anyway Robotnik is now afraid to see Lord Minver from his own uttermost fear to see him. So that he won't fail him for the last time. Yet what does it mean exactly? Something not right on Robotnik the way he said out. Unless, that Robotnik is not a true villain after all. He might be or might be not since I wrote down about him.

Also Tails saw something inside Yas' belong when he saw - if you are a Star Wars then I won't type it down. But those who are not a Star Wars fan then I will tell you that Tails have found a Jedi Holocron and a Jedi robe that Yas usually wear it since he was a Yas. And also one last thing that Yas is not his real name. Think of it like Caleb Dume for example, but I will reveal his true name when the time is right. Also he saw those Jedi purge who was kill by one by one. I will tell them if you are not a Star Wars - if you are a Star Wars fan then I won't wrote down. Anyway the Jedi were killed are Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, Stass Allie - Master Adi's cousin, Plo Koon, Depa and also Jaro Tapal and Master Simms.

Master Simm is from a Star War Legend character who was kill by the troops from Star Wars Volume series during Execute Order 66 and Jaro Tapal - a very rare Lasat Jedi who was shot many times in the Jedi Fallen Order game and also Depa was kill when Caleb saw his master from Star Wars comic about the origin how Caleb {Kanan} survive the purge toward Star Wars Rebel. That's how Tails saw them got kill in the Jedi Purge

And yet in this chapter that Yas got his own student, but his student is making a new life for him. I can't the name of his student so that his name will revealed soon enough.

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