A 17 year old, Charles Wallace, was running late to class with all his papers and textbooks in his hands.

I'm going to be late.", he thought in panic.

He ran quickly as he could to his next class. The further he got he bumped into someone. He landed on the ground. After rubbing his head, the person who he bumped into asked, "Are you okay?"

A beautiful female voice reached out to help him up.

"Yeah, I'm fine.", he mumbled.

He grabbed the hand but was shocked when he saw the person's face. It was a beautiful young girl, maybe younger than him, like 16 or 15, she is beautiful.

"You probably shouldn't go running into people like that and fall. You could hurt yourself.",said the girl.

"S-sorry.",stammered Charles Wallace.

"Anyway, I'm Alice.",introduced the girl.

"Charles Wallace.", Charles Wallace introduced himself.

Alice looked down on the floor below. Charles Wallace then looks up at her.

"You're on your way to class aren't you?",She asked.

"Yeah.",responded Charles Wallace.

"So am I. Let me help you with your stuff.", she said as she starts picking up Charles's textbooks and papers and give them to Charles.

"Here you go.", she said as she walked away leaving Charles Wallace to make it to class.

When he got to class, he couldn't stop thinking about Alice and pretty she really was.