"W-what you're actually my mom...?",said Charles Wallace in shock.

"I was trying to find the right time to tell you! My sisters said for me to wait until your 18 birthday to understand but I knew myself I couldn't wait so long. I figured,

now since you're 17 , its close enough. I figure why not tell him now?.",explained .

"Then, if you're my mother, then, who is my father, Happy Medium?",guessed Charles Wallace.

He thought that the male figure he already knows, since they were always so close during the search for his dad, might be the one. responded with silence until she finally answered.

"Charles, you're not going to like on who your father is.",said .

"Wait, if Happy Medium is not my dad, then, who is it?",asked Charles.

The two of them were in silence for a while until Charles shouted in shock.

"Oh no, my father is Red!?",he shouted, as nodded.

"I'm so sorry, Charles. Even though he is your father, you are nothing like him. You are kind,upbeat and a good person." softly reassured Charles as he sat on the bed with her.

" , what happened? I know you reminded me that I knew all my life that I was adopted at birth, but had no contact with my bio parents. Why and how was I placed up for adoption in the first place?",asked Charles Wallace.

took a heavy sigh when he said that as she looked over at him

"Charles, when I was pregnant with you, I was frightened! I wasn't married, I was in a secret relationship with your fa-uh Red, and when I found out that when I was in the medical center the caretakers were feeling my stomach!

They told me straight away that I was pregnant. They tried to suggest to me a termination. I couldn't, because you were inside of me. I had to tell Red.I felt my heart racing when I told Red. He teleported away when I told him. I tried to hide it from my sisters as well as my mother and father. found out what has been going on I was 3 months pregnant so we decided to keep it a secret but you could say "spilled the beans" to everyone.

My parents were furious. was furious. looked like she was about to kill me. I believed well I thought I could raise you on my own. My parents were even more furious. had trouble processing this and started being mean to me. Both my parents noticed it and knew that you wouldn't be safe in a environment like this, so they suggest me to give you up for adoption. It literally broke me but I had no choice.

I gave birth to you. You were a cute little baby but I had to let you go in my heart. I knew I made the right decision, but, in my mind,I still wondered what it would've been if you've stayed with me...",ended , as tears were streaming down her eyes.

Charles Wallace just sat and stared while before he leaned over to to give her a big hug as he was also crying

"I'm sorry.",he said.

was silent for a little while before she starts hugging him back as she was continuing to cry even more.