A/N: because we know it was all Seska's idea in the first place :P Written for Fictober 2018, prompt #2: "People like you have no imagination." Set pre-"Basics" pt 1.

Thanks to Devovere for the beta read!

"And you're sure this plan of yours will work?"

"Of course it will work. As long as your men do their job and do it right."

"I still don't see how using the infant is going to be of any benefit."

"That's because people like you have no imagination, Culluh-"

"You dare insult me, woman?"

"I'm sorry, Maje..."

"You'd better be."

"If I may continue, Maje?"

"Yes, what?"

"The point I was trying to make, Maje, is that Janeway is no different from most human females. Oh, she puts on that big, bad Federation captain act, but she's just as soft-hearted and weak as any of them. She'll jump at the chance to come running to the rescue of a helpless infant, especially considering he's Chakotay's."

"So you claim. And if she doesn't?"

"Then we move to our second plan."


"May we begin now, Maje? I will signal you just like we discussed."

"Very well."

"Chakotay, they're going to take your son..."