Izuku has always had a quirk… he's just never died before. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's been done before. Deku basically has 'Doomsdays' powers from DC comics. Katsuki Bakugo is dead (Itsuka Kendo). Mei Hatsume x Izuku Midoriya

"I forgot." Katisuku mocked as he walked out of the classroom. "There is a method that can be really effective if you want to become a hero so much…"

I try to hold back the tears as I stare at the ground.

"Take a leap of faith from the roof, and believe that you will have an 'Individuality' it the next life."

Something in me breaks as I hear them words. Kacchan was the only friend I've ever had. Years and years of bullying have piled up towards this moment, and I willingly let my resolve snap. Surprisingly, it feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I smile a little bit.

"Okay…" A quietly whisper.

Kacchan freezes and turns on the spot, looking menacingly towards while using his quirk. "You got something to say?"

I take a deep breath and look him in the eye. "Good-bye Kacchan."

He narrowed his eyes and 'tsk'ed' at me, leaving me along in the classroom.

I stand there for a while, mentally asking myself if I'm really going to do this.

"Okay, who will miss me?" " …Mom."

"What will I lose?" "…My life."

"But is it really worth much?" He thinks about it.

"No friends, constant beatings, quirkless, useless… Yeah, pretty shitty life now that I think about it."

I mechanically walk up the stairs and go through the roof access.

"What will I gain?" "…"

"Okay, most importantly… Can I become a hero?"

I don't want to admit it, but I don't think I can. And with that final revelation, I close my eyes for the last time.

I clear my mind to stop myself from chickening out. 'Pretend to run away from Kacchan and his friends.'

I run, not even thinking about where I end up. Just telling myself anywhere is better than here.

I hit a railing, my eyes open fearfully, I fall off the roof. My breath hitches in my chest as the air rushes past my face.

The first thing I feel is pain. I almost wish I was hit by a bus, because I am convinced that it would hurt less than what I'm feeling now. I have a headache that hurts so much it feels like the world is ending.

I lie still for what feels like forever until the pain recedes to a dull ache. I finally open my eyes and find myself staring up at the sky right next to my school.

'What the hell happened.'

I recover my wits and sit up slowly and look at the red liquid surrounding me in dumfounded confusion.

My eyes widen when my brain comprehends that its blood. I scramble up to my feet in panic, wondering what happened.

'The last thing I remember is-' I almost stop breathing when I remember falling off the roof. I meekly look up at the four-story building in confusion. My eyes trail back to my feet, where I'm standing in a very large quantity of blood. My blood.

My mind starts racing. Thoughts and theory's flying through my head so fast I can barely register them.

I end up walking back towards home, notebook and all suicidal thoughts completely forgotten. Not even noticing that the back of my clothes are completely soaked blood while I leave a trail of red-coloured footprints.

"I'm alive? How? This must be a quirk. But I'm quirkless, aren't I? Well, I've never died before. But I've never heard of a quirk that prevents death… Or revives someone from death. Could I have had a quirk all this time? Yes! That must be it, how else could someone walk away from a fall like that? This changes everything. I can be a hero!" I start getting excited and pumped up, just before a sludge villain bursts out of the sewers right behind me.

I turn around in fear but its too late, he's already constricting and suffocating me. I don't want to die, not so soon after finding my quirk. Doesn't look like I have a choice though.

I regain consciousness for the 2nd time in about an hour. Headache has returned full throttle as I groan.

My head feels like its tearing myself apart when I get slapped. "Kid! Kid! Please wake up, don't die on me!" A worried voice says. 'Probably the guy slapping me silly', I think irritability.

"I'm up, I'm up. Just please stop hitting me." My eyes open up to a blurry image of a skeleton looking man.

It takes a second or two for the image to clear. He looks sickly thin, with blood running down his chin and sunken eyes. I honestly consider the thought that I'm dead, and this re-animated skeleton is taking me to the afterlife.

"OMG. Kid!" He visibly sages in relief. "I was sure you were dead."

"Nope." I croak. "Just a killer headache." I reply, exasperated.

'Seriously, how many times can I die in one day?'

The man weakly chuckles, helping me up. "All-Might saved your life if your wondering."

I freeze. "A-All… Might? All-Might was here!?" I ask excitedly.

The man grins as best as he can. "Yes, my boy. But he had to fight that sludge villain, he saw me walking past and asked me to watch over you."

'OMG. All-Might was here! And he saved my life! …Well, he freed me from the villain. But still! That's amazing!'

I beam up at the old man. "Thank-you very much sir. But my mother must be worried about me."

"Ahh. I understand young man. Try to stay out of trouble."

I bow my head towards him and run off towards home.

All-Might looks at the kid with worry. 'That kid was nearly drenched in blood, but he had no wounds on him. And I am sure the sludge villain kills his victim before he hides in their body's.' He shakes his head. 'He looked fine when he left, and that's all I can ask for.' All-Might walks off.

I managed to get home and hide my bloody clothes from mum. I quickly disposed of my bloody clothing and took a long shower, thinking the day over.

"I have a quirk that revives my body after I die. I feel different after waking up from dying by the sludge monster, almost like breathing is easier, or I don't need as much air as before. Is there more to this quirk than revival?" I mumble to myself.

I take a deep breath, and expel as much air out of my lungs as possible. The need to breath is almost non-existent. I do not breath and continue to shower.

Surprisingly, about 15 minutes later I feel the need to breath again, but not urgently. My heart rate was approximately same the whole time. 'I think I deserve a long shower after the day I've had.'

I turn the shower off, get dry, and rush into my room. I pull out an empty journal I've been saving for a long time. It's a high-quality leather journal that I've been saving to study my own quirk with.

Name: Midoriya Izuku

Age: 14

Quirk: Revival? Evolution?

Death 1: Blunt force trauma. I jumped off of a four-story building and woke up with nothing less than a migraine, in a pool of my (assumed) blood.

Results: …

Future Tests: …

Death 2: Suffocation/strangulation. A sludge villain strangled and suffocated me. A by-stander reported 'I was sure you were dead.' I am inclined to believe him. He also said that I was rescued by All-Might.

Results: Increased efficiency of respiratory system. I can easily survive a minimum of 15 minutes without breathing while at rest.

Future Tests: Pressurised diving, hyperventilation?, breathing techniques / exercises, oxygenic intake, oxygen substitute?

It seems that when I die, whatever the cause of death was, my body revives and evolves itself. This 'evolution' is assumed to prevent or reduce the chances, of dying in the same or similar circumstances. If this is correct, the potential of this quirk is almost limitless. While I am hesitant to test out this theory, it stands to reason that I should be dead from Death 1 and therefore, cannot (easily) die from repeating the 'test'.

Possible results from death 1 could be; increased bone density, flight, shock absorption, etc.

Perhaps now that I've died for the first time, I can learn how to evolve my body without dying? Similar to building muscle?

Izuku taps the pencil to his chin. Thinking if there is anything else worth writing about.

"IZUKU! Quick, come down here!" Mum suddenly yells, shocking him out of his chair and making him land in a heap on the floor.

He drops everything and sprints towards his mother. 'She has never sounded this distraught before.'

He stops dead in his tracks when he see's what is causing his mother distress. The TV news is reporting the death of a student. A student from his school, from his class.

'Earlier today, the sludge villain known as 'Sludge' murdered Aldera Junior High student 'Katsuki Bakugo', while attempting to evade authorities"

I stop breathing completely, luckily I don't need too, otherwise I think I would have passed out from hyperventilation.

'The villain has been apprehended by All-Might, who had this to say.'

The screen switches to All-Might, who is visibility straining to smile and looks straight-up guilty. "It is unfortunate that a life was lost today, and I am sorry I was not able to prevent it. Sludge is now in police custody and we should be thankful no other lives were lost or injured in this attack. My condolences to the young man's friends and family."

Mum sobs loudly, breaking him out of his trance. He numbly sits on the couch next to her and hugs her. He feels the tears pour out of his eyes as mum wails for my childhood friend.

'He was an asshole. But he didn't deserve to die.'

"D-d-do you want *hic* t-to talk about it?" Mum asks.

He stays silent, not trusting himself to talk at the moment. He shudders and inhales a sharp breath. "Later." I tightly reply.

'That villain killed both of us. If I was stronger, I could have stopped him from hurting others,'

'No! Don't think about that. Not even All-Might could have prevented it in time.'

'But I still did nothing. I was useless… I was Deku.'

'If it weren't for Kacchan, I would never have found my quirk.'

'I-I promise Kacchan, Ill get into U.A., and be the number one hero for both of us.'

The next few days were kind of both depressing and hopeful. Kacchan had his funerial, and the only nice things said about him were lies. I'm not really sure what to think about that. As sadistic as it sounds, my life has gotten a lot better since his death. The bullying at school has been reduced to scowls, looks of distain and off-handed comments. They are nothing compared to what Kacchan put me through.

In other news, since discovering my quirk, my inspiration to train to become a hero is at an all-time high. I've made a training, study and diet plan that will produce maximum results for the U.A. entrance examinations.

After school, I timidly walked back up to the roof of the school building and leaned over the railing. I shuddered at the height I found myself at, "It looks a lot higher from the top." I mumble.

"Okay, okay. Breathe in…. Breathe out… You got this. You got this." I look over the railing again and find myself contemplating life.

"It's easy." I try to down play it. "I've done this before with my eyes closed. And I even know what I'm doing this time." Crap… It's easier to jump of a building when you have nothing to lose.

I stand up on top of the rail and balance. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Okay. I'm gonna fly, I'm gonna fly." Keep telling yourself that. The wind pushes me forward a little bit and I swing my arms wildly… to no avail. I let out a small, terrified 'eeep' just before I find myself plummeting to the ground again.

'Honestly. The scarcest part was psyching myself up, falling is way less scary.'

Just half a meter before I hit the ground, all motion stops. I absolutely freeze and lock all my joints in anticipation. There was no vertigo, no stomach lurching, no pain, no discomfort. Just… stillness. I marvel this new ability of mine and study myself as I float above the ground.

"Magnetic repulsion? Possible, that would be powerful. There's no breeze or wind, so it can be that. Energy redirection? That would explain why I didn't feel anything when I suddenly stopped." I unfreeze my joints and land with my two feet on the ground harmlessly, before I start walking aimlessly, trying to clear my head.

"Temporal gravitational manipulation? No definitely not, I would have felt something." I stop in my tracks while a metaphorical lightbulb goes off in my head. "I need to jump from different heights. Get more data." I look around for a smaller building that would allow roof or window access, that is relatively pedestrian-free.

The answer comes to me when I see a multi-story carpark. I immediately run up the first two stories and didn't even hesitate to throw myself off from this height. Again, I float about half a meter off the ground. From high-speeds to zero without any internal disturbances. "Definitely not gravitational. And magnetic repulsion would have slowed me down, not stop on a dime." I hum to myself before I start experimenting again.

"Looks like I can't move while floating unless I want to be dropped. I wonder if this ability would work over liquids. I might take a trip to a diving centre to test that out one day." I drop to the ground again and take out my personal quirk journal.

Results: Instinctive or automatic energy manipulation. Main theory is that the energy gained while falling, is compressed into impulse signal that affects every part of my body. This would explain why I can stop all motion immediately without feeling anything, because the energy gained in the fall would spread evenly throughout my body. This would mean that for an infinitesimal amount of time, there is an infinite amount of force and energy acting upon my body. It is still unclear why I can float. Flying using this method has yielded no results, but not impossible.

Future tests: Minimum height for ability to occur, results over different materials or liquids?, result horizontally?, can I hold something or someone while I fall? What if I am sideways or upside-down?

"Hmmmm. What other abilities can I obtain by dying?"

Possible Future Abilities: Note: Might be able to practice multiple at once

Super strength - Crushed by heavy/er object?

Super speed - Run away from hungry cheetah?

Body temperature regulator - Hypothermia?

Poison / Venom proof - Ingest/inject toxic chemicals? Antagonize venomous animals?

Bullet proof - Get shot?

Stab proof - Get stabbed?

Unbreakable Bones - Crush bones with heavy/er object?

Flight - …

Long / Height Jump - …

Super reaction time - Try to catch bullets? Arrows?

Martial arts / Weapons training - Get the shit beaten out of me

Izuku chews on his pencil as he stares at the notes he's written down. He signs heavily before getting up, "Well… better get started."