Chapter 3: The Demon in the Alley

I'm in a daze.

The police officers have been talking to me asking standard questions that they were probably trained to ask. You know? The basic, "Who are you?" or "Did you know them well?" Honestly speaking I have no clue what I answered with.

I'm just in this blur.

Everything is passing slowly.

Aunt May… Uncle Ben…!

'Huh? What?'

'Peter get a hold of yourself! You need to see what happened instead of gawking at nothing like an idiot! Get some closure at least!'

'... You're right Venom. Thank you.'

With that, I broke away from the cops and begun walking towards the body bag and stretcher which is already being prepped to be loaded in the ambulances.

I look to the stretcher and see…

Aunt May.

My heart dropped.

I turn to the paramedic, "Sir, is she going to be alright? What happened?" I ask in a frenzy.

He looked to be around mid-30s. Brown hair, brown eyes, nothing too distinct. He answered, "There was a crazy lunatic running up and down this block," He huffed as he lifted the stretcher with the other paramedics carrying my unconscious aunt, "And despite him screaming about killing everyone on the block and shooting randomly, nobody did anything. NY, am I right?" He joked awkwardly. My Aunt was in the ambulance loaded up and the doors shut. The resulting boom made me jump.

"Anyways, from reports I've heard nobody did anything except calling the police. After the screams and gunshots of course."

What? How can people be so...apathetic? Why was nothing done? Why wa…

Why do I need to do that?... I'm no hero...It's not my problem…

Suddenly struck with words only recently said, I teared up.

'This...this mentality. Of doing nothing. Of minding your own business. Of not caring about others. Thinking others will do it for you. Is this what it leads too? Just a messy cleanup from people who get paid to just get through with it?'

I clenched my fists.

'NO! Never again! I have this power, and yet I have done nothing with it! There are people out there, who need help, and no one cares! WELL I WILL!' My eyes lit up, flames dancing in them.

"Get this, though."


"Some guy in a mask, really shoddy work apparently, heard the noises and decided to do something about it. So he crept to this house, and before the crazy dude could do anything, he got the crazy dude's gun and twisted it to face himself. The crazy guy was so shocked that he pulled the trigger accidentally and shot himself dead. Crazy right? Anyways I gotta go get your Aunt to the hospital,"

He snapped his fingers,

"Oh yeah, a man was taken earlier. He was complaining about his back and we decided to take him in first to make sure he was fine. He's your uncle, right? Your aunt just passed out and hit her head on the table. We'll take good care of them don't you worry. Go to the Hospital on 14th street in a few. I'm sure you can visit then."

I nodded mindlessly.

"Got to go, take care kid." He hopped in the front seat and left. I looked at the ground.

The wind blew past my face.

"Hehe. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!" I laughed crazily. People around me were looking at me worried. I didn't care. My aunt and uncle, no, my PARENTS, are alive!


'Hey Venom?'

I was currently crouched on the highest building in Queens, overlooking the city. I ran over as soon as people stopped looking at me weirdly or asking if I was alright. I brushed them off easily and ran. After a while, I began hopping from roof to roof. This was, again, easily done seeing as I have a LOT more agility and strength than before. Which leads me to now. The lights were glowing and the sky was filled with smog. Perfect.

'Yeah Peter?'

'Whip me up a suit. Something nice. Not like the MMA suit thing. More like… a costume.'

'Of course… but why may I ask?'

'Oh no reason… just feel like spreading some good cheer this time of year.' I say, a grin stretching across my face.

'My oh MY. Is this a battle I feel. Are we hunting? OOH OOH! I know just the thing to make for you!'

I stood up, expecting my clothes to morph into something awesome with a cape and glowing chest, like a weird Iron Man superhero knock off.

Instead I was left naked.

Cheeks warming up, I yelled mentally, 'VENOOOOOOOOOOM!'

Laughing, Venom replied, 'Sorry! Too easy. OK, for real now."

With that being said, clothes morphed to cover every inch of my body. I turned around to take a look at myself in the metal box thing at the top of the roof and gasped.

I was covered head to toe as mentioned before. The entire suit was skin tight, so all of my muscles were on display, showing my rock hard abs and pecs. My arms looked intimidating, as they clearly showed a lot of muscle, but was still dense and lean with power.

I tilted my head. On my chest was a black spider. Spread throughout my outfit were black spider webs. My bottoms were dark blue, one that could leave me hidden for stealth. The top was mainly red, but a deep crimson red. My mask was a mixture of red and black with red eyes. But the best part?

It was moving.

Venom must have made the suit autonomous. The Web design all over my suit was moving and swaying slightly in a hypnotic fashion.

'You know, they are more than a fashion statement. Those webs are useful too, although I doubt you'll need them often. The webs will lash out if you need to. They automatically defend.'



I roll my eyes at Venom's pride and stare in fascination at my suit. I could look at it forever, to be honest, but I came out here tonight for a goal.

Quickly, I sprinted along the side of a building. I made a few noises as I did so. I guess that's one more thing to work on. Not stealthy enough.

As I was running around Queens building by building, I began getting bored as nothing seemed to happen. Except for a few yells. Must be a sports game or something. Just to make sure I headed over in that direction.

'If a random pedestrian were to look up at the building at the moment, all they would see is a fast dark colored object zooming past. Surely, they would be amazed… wait amazed… amazing. The AMAZING Spider-Man! Hehe, other than sounding a little arrogant, it's not a bad title. I am 15 years old, and my name is… THE AMAZ-'


I stopped immediately.

'Hey Peter keep going down this building and make a right in 500 feet. Make a left after and that's where the sound originated. GO!'

I needed no other provocation.

As I began hopping over. I realized something, 'If I need to get somewhere quick, I can't keep running. Sure I'm fast but it's useless if I get tired during the upcoming fight. I need a way to get somewhere quicker.'

As I made the left turn I quickly scanned the scene. Grinding my teeth I leaped into action.


"Hey girlie! Whatcha doin' round here tonight?"

A middle-aged man walked around the corner, looking all the part of a degenerate gang member. He stepped up to the girl, whose back faced him.

"Shit," she muttered, "I knew I shouldn't have taken the alley."

"What can I do for you, sir?" She said. 'I really don't have the time for you right now buddy.' she thought.

"Well well, you didn't really think you could walk down this here alley of ours and not have anything happen to ya. Must think yer Iron Man or summin? Hmm?" He said, a malicious and leering grin appearing.

"Ours?" 'This guy is a riot! He really thinks he can stand there and get me to submit to him? I know at least 5 martial arts styles already, not to mention that with my catlike reflexes and agility I can get out of here in no time. Oh well, I already committed to being a robber like daddy. Might as well take their stuff.'

His smile got wider, if possible. "Come on out boys!" He said banging on a nearby trashcan.




Suddenly a bunch of gang members began appearing out of hiding spots. Behind a dumpster, under a trashcan, in a trashcan, on a ledge, from the other side of the alley, even from the street!

There seemed to be at least 40 of them.

She started sweating. 'Nope. I can fight well, but this is crazy! I would get overrun immediately. I need to just get out of here!'

"Well boys it's been an honor, but I really must go." With that being said she crouched and prepared to jump onto a ledge and climb the building. It would've worked too except for the fact that as she crouched, she made the mistake of not keeping her eyes on her opponent.


"AHHHHHHHAHHHHH!" Electricity coursed through her veins. 'A taser gun. Wonderful.'

As her muscles kept spasming, the gang member- presumably the leader- from before began laughing which quickly spread to the other guys.

"You dint really think you was goin' anywhere did ya?" He said walking over to her.

"You pretty girls are all the same. Same lines, same LOOK, same screams." He growled.

But then he smiled again, almost disarmingly.

"But that's the best part. Alrighty boys, dessert is here!" Yells filled the alley.

She began tearing up. 'NO! This can't be happening! All because I let down my guard! And now I'm going to be ra-'

A gross man came from behind her and began taking her top off. Another began tying her hands. She tried to fight, but there were too many. Eventually, her top came off.


Her body snapped to the ground as the ringleader guy smacked her.

"SHUT IT WENCH! Just for that, I'm going to have the first go." He said. "Boys, hold her still."

At this point, she was kicking and screaming, but they muffled her with her shirt.

She closed her eyes. 'No no no no no! I need- I need someone. SOMEONE PLEASE HEL-'


Everyone's eyes snapped to the front of the alley. Where a costumed man was standing over a downed gang member.

He was the scariest thing they had ever seen.

Wearing some weird costume like those superheroes, he stood looking down at them with murder in his eyes. He wore a maroon, dark blue, and black suit that emphasized his musculature. His fists were clenched, his teeth seemed to be grinding, and even though she couldn't see, his face was terrifying. The eyes seemed to glow red. But even scarier…

The lines on his body were moving,

Laughing, that Gang leader yelled, "And who the HELL are you? Some sort of crossdressing loser?" Smile in place.

The masked man's body began shaking as he began to speak, 'with his husky voice' she thought blushing.

"Who am I? Well. I like to call myself the Amazing Spider-Man, but I think for tonight I can change my moniker."

Suddenly the lines on his costume thickened and spread outwards. The gang members took a step back.

Spider-Man stepped forward and stopped.

"You can call me… VeNoMmMm!" His face changed to have a long tongue with sharp teeth. His eyes widened and had a red glow.

"What the hell is that thing?!" A random gang member yelled from the back.

"I don't care! Waste him!" Yelled the Gang leader in response.

The gang members ran to some corners of the alley and grabbed hidden weapons. They turned to the masked weirdo and widened their eyes in confusion.

"He's gone."


After partly changing into venom, I spider climbed upwards. While I could just run them and not get hurt, they also have a hostage and there are pedestrians on the street. I have to play this smart.

My vision in this suit was like predator sense. I can feel all the members and their heat signature.

'Venom? How should I handle this?' I asked.

'Well, you could just stick to the rooftops and then take them down one by one. That would cause enough fear to get the rest. Cause a few distractions to do this too. That's all I'm saying, figure the rest yourself.' Venom grinned evilly.


'Venom, one last thing.'


'Can I use your body thing to create weapons? Like some webs? I got the idea after thinking about the suit. Also, can I change them to other things, like a hammer or something?'

'Yes actually. Glad you're using your head of yours.' Venom said.

'Must be the boosts kicking in' I shrugged mentally.

With my suit being dark, I easily blended into the night. They were still swiveling their heads looking for a sign of me. I smiled and got to work.

I crawled over to the back of the alley, where there were 2 gang members looking at the rest. They were alone and open to an attack from the top.


I stopped right above them and began trying to form what I wanted. Within seconds, black web strings formed from the end of my suit.

I waited above them until the right time.

Once it seemed good, I moved the webs and had them grab the 2.

"AHHHHHHHH!" I quickly muffled them with venom webbing.

It went perfectly.

Then I knocked them out and tied them with some Venom webbing. It should dissolve after a while, so I should probably make some. Huh, that's not a bad idea actually…



Everyone turned to see 2 of the gang member be dragged up by some black, stringy, alien substance. Some started to shake.




"I don't know! I think Jimmy and Rosh got taken!"

"Damn it!"


"WHAT? He was just here where did he go?"

"This isn't worth it! Let's just get out of here!"

"NO!" The Gang Leader said. "No one is leaving! Stay here and if you say a whiff of 'em spray it."

Looking around, he turned pale when he saw that he only had 5 members left.

"Where did everyone… go?"

"Where you will soon buddy." He turned around to see the rest of his members on the floor, seemingly dead.

With one arm around the girl and another with an assault rifle, he sprayed it at the man.

Spider-Man stayed still as each bullet hit him. The suit he had on stuck the bullet and then dropped it on the floor. After a few seconds, the magazine was done, Spider-Man was standing in the same place. He began walking to the leader, who was uselessly trying to reload. That is, until, he threw the gun down and took out a knife from his pants and held against the girl's throat.

"Whatcha Gon' do now Spider-FUCK!" He yelled, murder in his eyes.

Spider-Man bowed his head.

He lifted it and GLARED.

The Gang leader froze up after witnessing the Glare. He felt like he was standing up to Satan himself. A dark hero. A devil of angelic value. For the first time in his life,

He had witnessed true fear.

"My name is Spider-Man. I stand for justice. To every low life in this city, to every crook, every rapist, every gang, every corrupt politician, I am their worst enemy. Today marks the day where I have begun my mission. To clean up this city of its filth. And guess what you are." He GLARED. "Tell everyone about me, about my mission. Let them know never to cross me. And to stop while they are still walking. I may not be a shiny hero like Iron Man or a Green tank of a man or even an American Patriot, but to you, I AM GOD!" His eyes glowed red as his body turned black with mouths appearing all over it. Tongues smacking their lips and sharpened teeth glistening in the dark alley.

Eyes wide with fright, the Gang leader didn't even remember dropping the knife or getting knocked out. He was just happy to not see the DEMON in front of him.

"Well, aren't you interesting?"


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