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Another side, Another beginning(part 2)






Silence, that was all that could be heard in Naruko's home the others stood looking at her shocked( afraid in Marina and Callie's instance). Three looked at Naruko with a deadpan gaze "Was that really necessary Sis?" she asked looking at the scene before her.

Naruko took her eyes off the downed Inkling "What?" she said with a shrug " She knew what was coming… Now onto the other one" she said eyeing Callie, 'I KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! ' Callie panicked internally.

(OK let's step back a few minutes)

"So no answer? Ok then who wants an ass kicking first!?" Naruko stated as she glared at Callie and Marie, both sat there frozen.

Before Naruko could advance Three spoke up " C'mon Sis, let it go for now you can always do this later… That and Callie looks like she's about to wet herself." Naruko stopped and said " And if she did that she'll be cleaning it with her damn tongue after I… Finish…beating her." she came to a stop finally getting a good look at Three 'Oh boy here we go.' Three thought.

" OH MY GOD EKOLU! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE!?" Naruko shouted her anger replaced with concern as she rushed over to Three, not caring that she was only clad in a smallish towel.

'What?' the other occupants of the room thought at seeing Naruko go from 'pissed and ready to brawl' mode to 'concerned and overprotective big sister' mode, much to Three…No Ekolu's embarrassment.

" It's nothing Naruko just small scar." Ekolu tried to reason but to no avail " A small scar? EKOLU YOUR FUCKING EYE IS COMPLETELY DISCOLOURED! THAT IS NOT A SMALL FUCKING SCAR!" Naruko shouted.

"Umm Miss Naruko." a quiet voice spoke next to them, causing both Naruko and Ekolu to look to their side, " Yes… Ummm?" Naruko asked " Eight, I go by Eight at the moment, and Three is right her wound is not as bad as it looks, it's only where Commander Tartar took control of her." Eight stated innocently not knowing the havoc she just started.

The room went dead quiet the only sound was Naruko's shuddering breaths as her eyes widened and glass over lightly ' Oh.. Oh shit this ain't good. Damn it Eight you really need to learn when to keep your mouth shut.' Ekolu thought

Pearl, Callie and Marie also knew what was happening and had a mixed look of concern between them, Four and Marina were lost as to what was happening.

"Did… Did you say Commander… Commander Tartar….That fucking A.I from Kamabo did this to her?" Naruko asked Eight her voice close to cracking. Eight tilted her head to the side curiously "Yes, but don't worry I beat him and got him off of her head before any lasting damage could be done…. I think." she said not really knowing why Naruko was acting like this.

Ekolu tried to explain just what happened but to no avail, Naruko just stood there with a blank look on her face her eyes slowly beginning to water. " Look Sis I'm fine, no need to panic I'm ok." Ekolu said, Naruko slowly turned to look at her " Uhh Sis… You're freaking me ou..mmmph. " Ekolu did not get the chance to finish as Naruko pulled her into a hug causing Ekolu to lose balance and send them both tumbling to the floor.

The others just sat in silence not knowing what to do "Uhh is… Is Zero alright?" Four asked, Pearl looked at her " I…. I don't know. Maybe?" she said." He.. Hey Eko. Is Naruko ok?" Pearl asked.

Ekolu answered by standing up and responding " Yeah she's good. She just had a little… Episode, right Sis." as Naruko got up beside her, Ekolu's face flushed a little " Uhh Ruko." She started causing Naruko to look at her, "Your Uhh your towel…." She finished looking away.

Naruko looked down " Oh." She shrugged and bent over to grab the towel, as she stood she looked at the others.

Ekolu was looking away red faced, Eight was sorta just… Staring at her curiously, Marina was trying not to stare, Pearl just gave her a deadpan look. She looked towards the others, Marie had one hand covering Fours eyes and her other covering hers a faint blush was evident on her face, and Callie… Well having having caught an eyeful of Naruko bending over she was out like a light.

Naruko shrugged and made her way to her room "I'm gonna go get dressed." She said as she walked off not bothering to put the towel back on.

"Well." Marie started "That happened." as she finally uncovered hers and Fours eyes " Uhh girls." Four said causing them to look at her "Is Callie dead?" She said as she poked Callie's face causing everyone to sweat drop. " Also what's wrong with her?" Four said pointing to the corner where Pearl was crouched with a rain cloud over her head as she mumbled things like 'not fair.' and ' I'm the oldest, why is everyone bigger the me.'.

"Really Pearl?" thought everyone.

Marina walked over to Pearl and gently pet her on the head "There, there Pearlie your perfect to me." but that only made her worse.

(A few minutes later)

Marie stood from the couch with Callie and Four " Well girls it's been… Interesting but we gotta get going. Do you think you could tell Naruko to go see Gramps to debrief later?" Ekolu nodded her head "Yeah will do, Sis probably fell asleep or…not." She finished as Naruko came out of the hall now fully dressed in some casual clothes.

"And why do I need to debrief with Gramps?" Naruko asked. Ekolu explained that Cap'n Cuttlefish wanted to know why she was in the Metro and what she found. "Huh ok then we…*sigh* let's go then." Naruko said causing Ekolu to look at her weirdly " Really… Dressed like that Sis?" she pointed out seeing as Naruko was only wearing a loose orange tank-top and a pair of black shorts. " What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Naruko asked.

"Really Ruko?" Pearl said, her eye twitching. "What?" Naruko said still not knowing what her problem was, " you do realise that one slight breeze and you be showing your chest right? And from my angle I can see pretty much your entire left tit with how loose that tank-top is, right?" she said" Ugh fine I'll get changed again, and on that note remember all the times you forgot pants Pearlie~" Naruko said with a cheeky grin as she walked back to her room.

"Well we'll meet you there and… Really Pearl again" Marie said looking at Pearl who was in the corner again. 'So mean!' Pearl thought, the rain cloud bigger than before.

"Oh shit that's what I was forgetting!" Naruko exclaimed loudly from her room followed by the sound of her moving quickly down the hall.

"Huh wha..." Marie was cut off by a fast right hook to the left side of her face, knocking her over the coffee table and onto the floor. 'Oh shit, it's going down!' Pearl thought.

(Aaand back to the present)

Ekolu looked at Naruko with a deadpan gaze "Was that really necessary Sis?" she asked looking at the scene before her.

Naruko took her eyes off the downed Inkling "What?" she said with a shrug " She knew what was coming… Now onto the other one" she said eyeing Callie, 'I KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! ' Callie panicked internally.

Callie braced herself for the incoming punch…waiting….waiting…. It came. Or really a hand gently cupping her face did ' Wha..what's she doing?' Callie thought.

"Cal open your eyes please, I need to check something." Naruko said with a slightly concerned tone.

Callie did as Naruko asked and looked her in the eyes, albeit a tad reluctantly 'Hmm slight dilation of the pupils and a slight hazy unfocused gaze… What about?' Naruko lightly clicked her fingers next Callie's right ear causing her right eye to twitch. "Cal… Have you… Have you worn Hypnoshades in the last month by any chance?" Naruko asked as she shifted her eyes towards Marina then back to Callie.

Callie's eyes widened as did Marina's 'HYPNOSHADES! OH NONONONO! I'M SO SCREWED.' Marina thought in a panic as she eyed the door.

" Ye.. Yeah I got squidnapped about a month and a half ago by the Octarians…. And I was forced to wear a pair of them…. How did you know? " Callie asked." And how long ago was it that you got rescued?" Naruko asked 'Please for the love of God say a week or two after you where squidnapped' She followed up in her mind.

" At about seven last night…. Why?" Callie asked but she then checked the time on her phone " Oh wait it's seven in the morning so about ten or so hours ago.." Callie corrected, Naruko's and Marinas eyes widened ' not good.. ' Naruko thought.

" Wait what's going on Naruko?" Ekolu asked confused looking back and forward between Naruko and Callie.

"Hypnoshades Ekolu, She wore bloody Hypnoshades for over a damn month." Naruko exclaimed. "This ain't good Ekolu it's.." A soft thud of a phone hitting the carpet interrupted Naruko causing her to look back to Callie.

"Na.. Naru..I..I don't feel good.. " Callie whimpered, her eyes now completely hazy and unfocused.

Callie stumbled forward and tripped only for Naruko to catch her " Easy Cal I got ya.. I.." ' blargh' "Got ya…" Naruko finished after Callie threw up on her. That's when things got worse, Callie began to twitch and shiver in Naruko's arms.

" Shit… SHIT, SHE'S GOING INTO HYPNO-SHOCK!*" Naruko shouted as she tried to lay Callie down gently.

"What.. What's hypno-shock!" Four yelled as she hurried over to Naruko and Callie, the others(minus Marie who is still unconscious) followed suit.

"Ask Marina." Naruko stated trying to keep the shaking Callie in a comfortable position.

All eyes(minus Callie,Marie and Naruko) where now on Marina " Ummm…Hypno…. Hypno-shock is a after effect from prolonged use of the hypnoshades… It tends to occur roughly ten to fifteen hours after they have been removed… It can vary in severity, but.. " Marina stopped." But what!" Four yelled.

"Well she said she had them on for a month and a half right?" Marina asked getting a nod from Four. " Well that means she is going to be in for perhaps the worst next few hours of her life… The symptoms she will 'likely' have is vomiting, hallucinations, fever, and probably night terrors. And that's not counting the possibility of her suffering some lingering after effects. " Marina finished.

Four stared her dead in the eyes "How… How do you know so much about these things?" she asked. Before Marina could respond however "Shit she's burning up, Ekolu go run a lukewarm bath for her, Pearl get on the phone and call Gramps." Naruko ordered as they did what she asked.

"Four try to wake Marie up, and Marina… Help me get her to the bathroom OK… Oh and Eight uhh go sit with Pearl. " Naruko finished as she gently picked Callie up with Marina's help and made her way to the bathroom.

Four moved over to Marie and shook her gently "Marie… Marie you need to get up… Like now." Marie groaned slightly and slowly began to get up. "Ow ow owww…Why does she always punch me in the left eye?" She groaned out holding her eye.

Marie looked around the room with her good eye "Uhh Four… Where is everyone?" She asked, Four explained what had happened after she was punched out. As she finished Pearl and Eight came out of the kitchen "Well the Old Man was not picking up, so I guess he's asleep." She said as she sat down on one of the couches." And I see your up… How's the eye?" She asked Marie who shrugged " I've had worse." she said while thinking ' Not that I did not deserve it last time… *sigh* I really need to apologise to Naruko about what I said to her back then.'.

"Are you sure you're OK Ekolu? She kicked you in the face pretty hard." Marina said as she and Ekolu entered the living room, Ekolu responded with a nod as she held her bloodied nose. "What happened to her?" Pearl asked "Callie did… And by that I mean she kicked me in the face when we were trying to get her in the bath and don't worry it's nothing…. We'll compared to what she did to Naruko. And by that I mean she bit her… Like hard and then Naruko had to hop in with her to stop her from thrashing to much and accidentally drowning herself." Ekolu responded.

Four then decided to speak up " Wait if she has a fever shouldn't Naruko do something other than a bath? I thought baths did not help that much?" Four asked not understanding why they put Callie in a bath." Well Four." Marie began." That's because whenever Callie gets a fever her whole body begins to overheat… No clue why it just does, I mean it happens to me to… But nowhere near as bad. So whenever she gets a bad fever it's either a trip to the hospital or a somewhat tepid bath, though the hospital would be the better option... But then they would ask questions, and well..you know we kinda got to keep what we do on a need to know basis. " Marie explained getting a nod from Four.

" Yeah that's right ain't it." Pearl said " Hell I remember that one time we had a sleepover when we were kids and we had to make an emergency trip to the hospital…Shit that was bad" She finished, getting a nod from Marie and a quiet "Yeah.. It was."

Pearl then however got a small devilish smirk " I also remember you bawling your eyes out all night because you thought she was gonna die… You know AFTER the doctor told you and your Gramps she was gonna be fine." Pearl said getting an embarrassed blush from Marie.

"He… Hey I was only eleven Pearl… And you promised to never speak of that!" Marie shouted getting a round of chuckles from the others in the room.

Ekolu then asked Marie " You know to be honest I'm surprised you haven't rushed up to the bathroom to check on Callie yet." Making Her look away " Look it may not seem like it but…I trust Naruko, and if she is trying to make Callie better then… I won't get in the way, hell I'd probably just get punched out again." Marie said getting a nod from Ekolu who then stood from the couch and stretched slightly.

"Well I'm gonna go get changed, I've been wearing this for over a week…. Oh and Ruko said to help yourselves to the fridge." Ekolu said as she walked to her room.

" Welp that's all the invitation I needed." Pearl said as she made her way to the fridge getting an amused chuckle from Marie, "Hmm OK let's see what we have here." Pearl said as she opened the fridge " Beer, beer, beer, Pepsi, Orange juice… WITH Pulp, beer again, Vanilla-Coke, some water bottles, some cans of Monster Energy drink aaaand a bottle of milk…Expired milk…. Ew nasty." she said as she grabbed a can of Monster( she went for the beer first but Marina sent her a stern glare) and the bottles of Pepsi and Vanilla-Coke.

(fifteen minutes later)

Ekolu reentered the living room fifteen minutes later dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a black tank-top, and sat on the couch next to Eight who had fallen asleep. She grabbed a cup and poured herself a drink " Oh. By the way Naruko will be out soon, she just trying to get Callie to a bed to rest." She said as she looked at the others.

" *sigh* God I am so fucking tired." Three said as she gently rubbed the now slightly discoloured side of her face. All she wanted right now was to just fall into her nice soft bed and sleep for a week, especially after the fucked up shit she and Naruko had to traverse through when they had briefly met up in the Kamabo facilities lab ' Ugh I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks from that shit…. I hope Ruko ain't too shaken up about what we saw...fuck she probably is, the fuck was she even doing there?' Ekolu questioned in her mind, just what was Naruko doing in the Deep-sea Metro, why the hell indeed.

While Ekolu was lost in thought she did not notice Naruko re-enter the living room and lean on the couch, nor did she notice the look Pearl gave Naruko because of her current attire which now consisted of a pair of black gym shorts and a purple long-sleeved buttoned shirt that was mostly unbuttoned.

"How is she Naruko?" Marie asked greeting the tired Inklings attention, with a tired sigh Naruko responded " Well she's sleeping for now… Other than that… We'll just have to wait and see when she wakes up." Marie nodded at that " You can go in and check on her if you want, she's in my room… The last one on the left." Naruko suggested but Marie shook her head.

"No I'll let her get some sleep she needs it… Also Naruko I… I wanted to thank y-. " Marie began only to be cut off. " Don't thank me Marie, I… *sigh* look Marie." Naruko began " Me and you may…be currently at odds with each other and you did something that I.. I just can't forgive you for at the moment but no matter what. You, Pearl and Cal will always be my best friends... My... My family even. " She said as she looked away with a sad smile "And if you honestly thought I'd let either of you suffer something like this and not try to help.. Heh then I guess I would need to kick your ass again like two years ago." Naruko finished with a tired smile.

Marie smiled lightly at that. Naruko stood up and gave a loud yawn while she stretched, however in doing so her partially open shirt exposed a good portion of her large bust. " Well I'm gonna catch some sleep, you get to bed to Ekolu." Naruko began getting a sleepy nod from Ekolu who slowly walked off to her room.

Naruko turned to the others " And I take it the rest of you are gonna just hang out here till Callie wakes up?" She asked getting nods from them," Well if you get bored feel free to watch some TV or use one of the consoles" Naruko said followed by her yawning again however this time she noticed the pointed look Pearl was giving her.

"What?" was all Naruko said causing Pearl's eye to twitch " Damn it Naruko stop unintentionally sexualizing things, I already get that enough at home with Marina." She yelled getting an embarrassed squeak from Marina.

This caused Naruko to halt as she made her way to the hallway " You think I'm unintentionally sexualizing things?" she asked getting a nod from majority of the room causing her to giggle lightly. " Oh dear sweet Pearlie." Naruko began " When have I ever done something unintentionally?" she said with a flirty smirk making Pearl blush brightly.

" Hehehe Naruko one, Pearl zero." Naruko laughed as she walked down the hallway as she was walking she shrugged and decided to go to Ekolu's room, as she reached it she saw the door was open and entered. Naruko smiled lightly at her sister who was out like a light she moved towards the bed and sat down on next to Ekolu.

Naruko sighed lightly before laying down on the large bed " Scooch over sis, I'm bunking with you." She said as Ekolu lifted her head and looked at her with a half asleep gaze and rolled to the left slightly, only for her to roll back and latch onto Naruko when she had gotten into a comfortable position causing Naruko to chuckle lightly "G'night Eko." She whispered as she gave Ekolu a gentle kiss on the top of her head before drifting of to sleep herself.

(In the living room)

Back in the living room Four looked at Marie and asked " OK. One, are all of your friends this weird? And two, is it wrong that I think she is kinda hot?" Four asked getting a glare from Marie, and while this was happening Eight snoozed quietly on the couch having fell asleep shortly after Ekolu went to her room to get changed thus is completely oblivious to the last ten minutes and the ensuring 'Talk' between Four and Marie.

After a few minutes Marina decided to ask a question. " Umm Marie." she asked getting said Inklings attention from her current task, I.e having Four in a headlock for saying her friends are weird...And for admitting to ogling Naruko. "Yeah Marina what do you need?" Marie said as she let Four go. "I uhh, I was just wondering... What did Naruko mean by you did something to her that she can't bring herself to forgive you for yet?" Marina asked making Marie's eye's widen before she looked away Four then decided to add her two coins "Yeah what IS her problem anyway? What did the two of you date at some point or something?" she asked causing Pearl to choke on her drink in shock and Marie to look away sadly with a slight nod.

Four and Marina's eyes widened " Holy... Shit, are you... Are you for real?" Four asked dumbfounded Marie took a deep breath and responded " Yeah... We uhh... We didn't end things on the best of terms." she said getting a scoff from Pearl " You mean you dumped her because your bitch of a manager told you that a relationship would ruin your career...which by the way we all know she was full of shit Marie. " Pearl said with no small amount of venom in her voice.

" You think that I don't fucking regret what I did... What I said to her Pearl! For the last two goddamn years I've tried to make it up to her but I- "Marie was cut off before she could finish. " Oh, so now you feel bad about breaking her fucking heart huh? Miss ' I never loved you I only pitied you'." Pearl began " You even blamed her for the Great Zapfish getting taken two years back, how in the fuck was she supposed to prevent that huh? Seeing as she was covering both you and Callie by pulling triple patrols because you two where to damn busy being idols, fuck I'm surprised the damn stress from all of that shit didn't kill her not that you gave a shit then." She finished.

Four decided that now was the time to step in seeing that Pearl looked ready to beat the hell out of Marie and well Marie herself was on the verge of tears." Hold up, guys let's not let things get outta hand. We are guests after all, well that and Callie and the others are asleep so yeah." Four said as she tried to ease the situation " How about this. Marie how about you tell us how this all began." She said getting a nod from Marie.

" I guess I should start from the beginning then." Marie said as she wiped the tears from her eyes...







(To Be Continued..)

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