Weiss ran, Jacques was coming for her, and she didn't have much time. She had to get out. There was a secret entrance in the basement which lead further and deeper into the estate.

"You shouldn't have gone in there, Weiss." Jacques called out from the top of the staircase.

There was a mechanical sound that Weiss realised was Jacques readying his pistol as he methodically walked after her frantic flight.

"There's nowhere to run in here, and nothing but a couple of old corpses in here."

Weiss ran anyways, anything to prolong her life if for a few moments.

Entering a room, Weiss almost immediately tripped over something large and heavy and nearly screamed when she saw it was an old, mummified corpse.

Weiss didn't have long before Jacques opened the door and saw her. Weiss scrambled to her feet, seeing the throne and running for it, hoping to get behind it before-

A loud bang interrupted her train of thought, and her shoulder felt like it had been punched. Weiss fell over immediately and felt pain lance up her side as she landed hard on her injured shoulder.

Weiss clutched at where she knew the gunshot wound was and screamed.

Oddly enough, she landed right at the feet of another old, dessicated corpse sat on a large, plush throne, riddled with many long wooden poles. Someone had made a concerted effort to make sure whoever it had been stayed dead.

"I have you now," Jacques said as he lined up the sights, and Weiss could see his eye behind the little notches, and realised he was going to shoot her in the head.

"You should have rolled over and died, princess," Jacques growled as his face screwed up into a snarl, before adopting a look of utter shock and horror.

Next to his head, protruding from the dungeon wall behind him, was a large wooden stake. The same sort that had been in the body, and even had a ring of disgusting gunk, dried brown blood and rot on it.

Eyes turned to the body, and both humans screamed as it began to move, and again when it spoke, its voice harsh and dry, like someone who hadn't drunk anything for weeks and had been gargling salt.

"My Dear, Jacky Snow… assaulting a little girl with intent to kill… We've only just met, and I can already tell you're a piece of work."

With a number of sickening noises that don't bear description, the corpse pulled itself off the throne, largely taking tis stakes with it and leapt at Jacques. Jacques screamed before he was tackled, letting a shot off into the ceiling ineffectually before gurgling.

There was a number of noises, and Weiss shut her eyes to block out the horrors, yet no matter how tightly she clamped her hands over her ears, she couldn't stop the sounds.

Weiss didn't open her eyes until a soft, pleasant voice spoke to her. "It's okay, it's over now."

Hesitant, Weiss opened her eyes and saw a tall woman wearing a yellow uniform crouched down beside her, her gloved hand carefully reaching out to rest comfortingly on her shoulder. She had blonde hair pulled back into a short, spiky ponytail and red eyes that seemed to glow in the dim light of the dungeon's throne room.

Her soft face and comforting smile won her over, though Weiss looked all over for where that corpse might be. "Where's that… thing?"

"I chased it off, it's gone and everything will be okay now… I'm Seras. Seras Victoria," the woman said with a strange accent.

"O-okay..." Weiss said, still unsure, until she glimpsed her uncle's corpse, and saw that his throat had been torn out and the wound wasn't bleeding, just raw gore.

"It'll be okay, Weiss. Just sleep now…" Seras said as Weiss' vision went black and she passed out.

Weiss gasped as she woke up, trembling slightly before feeling her familiar presence next to her. In the darkness, Weiss saw a pair of red eyes staring back at her, and Weiss took comfort from Seras' presence, before rolling over and going back to sleep.

Across the hall, Jaune saw the eyes as they blinked, once, twice then blinked out of visibility, and wondered why a Vampire was in Beacon.

He grimaced, hoping he wouldn't have to fight the monster, turning over and keeping one eye open for several hours before finally drifting back to sleep.

He never noticed the second pair of glowing eyes in the dark, staring at him with unnatural intensity.

Weiss grinned excitedly as she gushed at Pyrrha, internally frowning.

What was a vampire doing in Beacon? And more importantly, how could Ozpin let it happen?

She thought she was making progress when her musings were brought to a halt, a tall Blonde Teen stepping between her and Pyrrha to get to his locker.

Though it was hidden under paint, Weiss could still see what was obviously thrice-blessed holy silver in his armour. That stuff was rare as is, and typically only made and used when slaying the supernatural, like Vampires.

And speaking of vampires, Weiss didn't miss the way Pyrrha's eyes immediately locked onto the boy hungrily.

Pyrrha looked over her shoulder suddenly, but couldn't see anything, and she couldn't detect anything after she'd sensed something right on the fuzzy edge of her sixth-sense, but she knew that there was someone else here, another like her, awoken to the night.

Her eyes narrowed. Whoever it was had better stay out of her way; That boy was hers.

Seras watched from below as the students were flung, one by one, off of the cliff with a giggle at how plainly ridiculous this era was.

Though the Grimm were annoying, and considering her powers revolved around manipulating shadows, she was somewhat offended by the Grimm's sheer existence. Manipulating Shadows was her schtick.

Regardless of her musings, she kept an eye on the blonde boy and Miss Snow, though her master seemed to be handling herself admirably. She was sure that Miss Snow wouldn't need her help, but it never hurt to be on standby.

Her thoughts ground to a halt as she saw the crimson blur impact the boy's chest, startling her. She hadn't seen that coming.

Seras charged off in the boy's direction, searching for him desperately, and finding him pinned to a tree with the spear sticking out of the middle of his chest.

Even as she watched, Seras saw the boy fatally impaled on the tree reach up and begin to wiggle the spear out. It didn't take long for the boy to fall off the tree, collapsing to the ground with a gurgle of pain.

"Don't pull it out!" Seras said, worried when she saw him reach for the blade again.

"Why… eugh… why not?"

"You'll bleed to death… I… I can help," Seras said, the situation reminding her a bit too much of her own turning, when she'd become a Vampire.

"You're a vampire aren't you? You want to bite me, make me like you..."

"I- yes, how did you-"


"What? But you're dying!"

The boy shakily stood up and grasped at the spears shaft, grimacing in pain. "...for though I stand in the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for my will is strong, and you are with me..."

With the sound of steel moving through wet flesh, the boy pulled the spear from his chest and threw it aside. "Amen."

For a moment Seras didn't see a boy, but an old enemy, long thought dead. It was impossible, Anderson was long dead, consumed by the thorns of Helena's Nail.

The boy fell to one knee, clutching his chest in pain and coughing up a blob of blood. True to the man he was emulating, the boy quickly turned out to be a Regenerator, and the wound slowly started sealing before her eyes.

Seras had to wonder where the technology needed to enhance humans like that was on Remnant, but her musing were cut short by Weiss entering the clearing.

"Oh, Seras…"

"Miss Snow."

"Uh… am I interrupting something?" Weiss asked, glancing worriedly at the clearly injured boy.

"No, we were going to work this out. I think..." Seras answered, grimacing slightly.

"We were?" the boy asked raspily, forcing himself to his feet.

"I don't have my anti-regenerator gun on me, and you don't have the stuff for step 1, let alone 2-through-30 it would take to kill me normally…" Seras said.

Weiss and Jaune nodded awkwardly, the latter clenching his teeth and beginning to walk away. Seras could just hear his mantra of prayer as he worked through his pain, clearly wanting nothing to do with a Vampire.

Weiss ran up, before feeling Seras' hand on her shoulder, stopping her as Jaune turned his head towards them.

"If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let them be accursed at His coming. God save you from your fate. Amen!"

Weiss was taken aback at his words, and let him go without protest. She decided the uncoordinated dolt was better than the raving loon.

Once Miss Snow was gone, Seras readied herself for combat, her severed right arm resuming its more usual shape of a twisting mass of unformed shadows as she felt killing intent floof the clearing.

Jaune drew his thrice-blessed holy silver sword and moved to attack her. Credit where credit was due, his stance was somewhat informed, and he was using a holy sword against her. It was just that she was in an entire other league when it came to a fight.

She readied herself to clash blades with him until he ran right by her, blade clashing with a shield.

Seras turned quickly and saw the girl from earlier, Pyrrha, the Vampire, blocking the boy's sword.

Seras stood by and reformed her arm as she watched the two fight. Pyrrha was good, incredibly so, but Jaune was solidly trained, and his training seemed to focus on perfecting the basics of killing the undead, helped by his almost manic rage-fueled state.

She only hoped they didn't kill each other. That would get messy fast.

Ozpin hid his worried frown behind his mug as he watched Glynda's face pale and contort in worry and shock.

"This is…"

"It seems that Iscariot is still alive and well in this millenium," Ozpin said, sipping his mug. "Though I can only guess at the source of Miss Nikos' animosity towards Mr. Arc… and then there's the matter of the other one, the trespasser..."

"I'll have her removed as soon as-" Glynda started, before stopping as Ozpin held a hand up.

"No… that won't be necessary. It would seem she's here as an accessory to Miss Schnee." Ozpin stated.

"I- what? But that's-" Glynda sputtered in confusion.

"I will explain it as soon as this is over. I am going to have to ask that you trust me on this, Glynda," Ozpin calmly stated. "It would seem that Miss Schnee is the heir to a far older bloodline than anyone would have guessed."

Ozpin and Goodwitch turned back to the cameras to see Pyrrha and Jaune wrestling over Crocea Mors, both with a number of nasty flesh wounds, various gashes and Pyrrha missing two fingers on her left hand.

The area around them was covered in broken trees, pitted with human-shaped craters and was also somehow on fire.

"That said, I do believe we should make an exception to intervene in this case, before either of these two cause more destruction, or worse, out their supernatural nature to the entire student body."

Ozpin arrived and with a tap of his cane, the vampire and the regenerator were separated from one another. A second tap on the ground caused magical bindings to spring and restrain the two to stop them from leaping at one another's throats again.

Both were in… poor condition.

Beaten, bruised, bloodied, covered in wounds, scraped, torn clothing, and Jaune's silvered glasses seem to have gone missing on him.

Ozpin lightly cleared his throat before speaking up. "That's enough of that, you two. I won't have two of my students murdering each other in cold blood on my watch."

"Violence is never the right answer, unless used against heathens and monsters," Jaune spat angrily.

"And which of us attacked the other for no good reason?" Pyrrha hissed.

"You. When you threw a javelin at me. If I were not blessed by our Lord, I'd have died when it speared me through the chest!" Jaune raged, straining against his restraints.

"It what?!"

Ozpin frowned and slammed his cane on the ground again, the pulse of power causing both teens to halt and look towards him. "I am quite aware of Ms. Mikos' attempt on your life, Jaune. She will be reprimanded when the time comes, by someone with authority in this jurisdiction who is not the attacked party. I thought the Iscariot Organization trained their soldiers better than that."

Ozpin noted the understanding flash in Jaune's eyes and let him move again, watching him carefully as he stooped down to pick up his glasses, dusting off shards from the now-missing lense and placing it back on his nose, the remaining cracked lense flashing in the light.

"So, the legends are true… So how long will it be then? How long before you're no longer cursed to walk the Earth, wizard?" Jaune almost mumbled.

"As long as the demons of my past still walk among us."

Jaune pursed his lips in contemplation, slowly sitting down and grunting as his body continued repairing itself.

Ozpin brushed off Pyrrha's questioning stare, letting her free as well before sighing.

"You two have been officially partnered according to the rules of the Initiation… that said, I would appreciate it if you refrained from attempting to kill one another. The Grimm are more than happy to oblige that request."

Jaune grimaced at that, before sighing and standing back up.

"I will see you and your team in my office once Initiation has been concluded."

"Very well. I will work with the Damned Vampire." Jaune's tone said he was very against the arrangement.

Ozpin nodded amicably. "That is all I ask. The Grimm are much more demonic after all. By your own tennants you should be allowed to ignore their presence in favor of destroying the greater threat."

Jaune's glare at having Ozpin logic out his order's tenants for him was legend.

"Fine." He nearly spat, before his glasses remaining lense flashed silver again. "We are the servants of god, and the messengers of his justice. We are the instruments of his divine wrath on Earth. We are called upon to cleanse his Kingdom bringing Ash from the Flesh of thine enemies. Praise to our Lord!"

Ozpin let himself a small chuckle at the familiar antics of the Arc Paladins, and silently hoped he wouldn't need to step in again for a good while as the two begrudging partners ran off into the woods.

"Now, for our uninvited guest…" The headmaster mumbled, turning towards Seras.

Seras gulped.

"I assume you're not here to interfere in any way."

"No, sir. Purely watching over Miss Snow."

"How is Hellsing these days?"

"It's been a lot better since Winter took over," Seras said, before hesitating.

"You wish to know how I know about Hellsing Organization, no?"

"A-And Iscariot as well."

"I was young when World War 3 happened… but, after Hellsing pulled through in Britain, I started researching the arcane and the occult, and eventually discovered a means to divorce my soul from my body when I died… I was more concerned with Immortality than I was of the repercussions of what I did."

Seras frowned. "That's not your original body then."

"Indeed… and when I die, my soul will pass to another and susume their identity." Ozpin said "of all the mistakes I've made and regrets I have to bear, snuffing out so many lives for my own is among the greatest."

"H-How did that bo- Jaune, how did Jaune know this?"

"Iscariot didn't all die out in World War 3 as you well know. Over time they've maintained a small presence in one form or another, carrying on old traditions and dogmas. Mr. Arc's family in particular, was born using DNA collected from a man you once knew, if you believe some of their long-held records and family secrets."

Seras' brow furrowed, before raising in realization. "Alexander Anderson… That explains why Jaune is his spitting image, down to the attitude…"

"Indeed… It seems this year at beacon is shaping up more interestingly than usual."