"She's gonna fall"

"She won't"

"She's falling"

Weiss fell off the Nevermore that Ruby and somehow roped her into riding 'to gain a high vantage point'.

Underneath her was the psycho as he was re-setting his shoulder. Jaune stretched and rolled his shoulders as he was at last whole once more, until he found Weiss using him as a crash mat.

"Woman, when I put my arms back together, I'm gonna strangle you." He growled, coughing out a blob of blood as he felt his ribs and punctured lung knit themselves back together.

Weiss made a point to be out of arm's reach before that happened.

Sure enough, it only took a few moments before his arms were serviceable again, and Jaune stood up slowly. Jaune straightened out his his mangled glasses before frowning and reaching down and scooping out a small hollow into the dirt. Jaune quickly buried his poor wrecked glasses, and replaced them with a fresh pair sequestered from inside his coat.

He observed the group of teens in front of him wearily before sneering. "Oh, great! More bloody heathens! I'd say it was my birthday if I hadn't been forbidden from purging the lot of you!"

A green-clad heathen appeared from the treeline, having apparently been thrown by one of those despicable Ursae, as another heathen wearing an indecent pink miniskirt and wielding a hammer wrangled with the beast in a mildly impressive manner.

The Ursa charged and the green-clad heathen boy spun and delivered an incredibly strong kick before blasting the ursa in the face with his twin pistols. It was hard to tell if the crazy bastard was tainted beyond all hope of redemption given the absurd nature of semblances.

Jaune noticed he'd been ignored in favour of seeing the filthy vampire he'd been partnered with running from the deathstalker that'd thrown him all this way. Jaune readied his sword but another student, likely another heathen, shot ahead to deal with the deathstalker the vampire had lead all the way here.

Jaune charged off to help defend the student, if only because the only thing he hated more than a filthy Protestant was a grimm, and he wasn't going to just stand there and let a grimm do whatever it wants. If anyone was killing anything, the one doing the killing would not be a stinking, vile, filthy Grimm! Ideally he'd be putting protestants to the torch, but he knew people rarely got what they wanted so he'd just have to make do.

Jaune reached the heathen in time, the giant Nevermore circling above sprayed its feathers to trap her, and Jaune used his shield to deflect the incoming quills before they could impale him, and used his holy silver sword to slice through one that had pinned poor little Red. He noticed she at least had the right idea, with the pair of cross pins on her hood as he shoved her aside only to get stabbed through the chest.

"Maybe you're not a bloody heathen after all, Lass!" Jaune said as the barb retreated, before clutching at the wound to make sure his guts didn't spill out.

The creature moved to strike again, and this time the Schnee heiress stopped it with a wall of ice, trapping the stigner before the deathstalker could do something he'd really regret.

"Well! If it isn't the Protestant Bastard!"

"Save it, asshole, we're in this together- I assume your regeneration can't hold out forever."

"What are you on about? I can do this all day!" Jaune retorted, smirky madly.

"...Be that as it may, the rest of us simply can't."

Jaune frowned, glasses glinting as he looked over the group of teens around him. "Well, isn't that fucking disappointing. I suppose you need me to help you out."

"If you would be so kind."

"So, what do you need? Want me to throw one of ye at the birdie up there?" Jaunes eyes glinted madly. "It'd be such a shame if I missed…"

"We need to finish the initiation, asshole. We all need to grab relics and get back, and you're part of that, like it or not."

Weiss could feel shivers run up her spine at the angry psychopathic look in Jaunes eyes, before jumping when he burst out laughing.

"WELL! Look at the balls on this one! I like you, even if you are a crazy Protestant bastard."

Weiss eye twitched. "I'm a woman."

"Call yourself what you like, you crazy protestant bastard." Jaune scoffed, before throwing a blood-spattered, traumatized Ruby over his shoulder and walking away.

Weiss just scowled at him and stormed off to grab a 'relic', settling for the White Knight.

Jaune grabbed the back bishop piece, holding it up to examine it. He didn't notice the indecent one staring at it with him until she loudly declared, "I like his hat, it's so pointy! I want one too!" right next to his ear, making him jump.

She immediately dashed off, swapping her White Rook out for the other black bishop as Jaune grumbled.

"I take offense to that" he said to no one who was listening

With all four pairs now loaded up with relics and the grimm looking like they would start attacking again at any moment the majority was unanimous, and they decided that discretion was the better part of valour; and to get whilst the getting was good. Jaune protested and dug in his heels, so they left dragging a belligerent Jaune behind.

The group ran through the forest until they came across a set of ruins bridging a great gorge surrounding the cliffs around Beacon, just as the Grimm caught up. The four partnered pairs attempted to get across the bridge in time, several among them revealing almost ungodly speed factors and helping those who couldn't run as fast as the whispering wind in the night to catch up. By the simple nature of being a flying creature, the Nevermore was faster then the initiates, and grabbed part of the bridge as it flew past, tearing a great chunk out and trapping several of the initiates on either side of the bridge.

Jaune had enough time to set down Ruby before the girl with the too-short skirt slammed her hammer on the bridge and catapulted both him and herself to the far side, and- much to Jaune's delight- straight at the deathstalker, where that filthy Vampire and the green one were already battling it.

As soon as Jaune landed- and recovered from that landing- he rushed in, his sword, being made of thrice-blessed silver swiftly proving anathema to near any unholy and evil creature. Crocea Mors left large, nasty gouges in the beast's thick hide, but it, as well as concentrated attacks from the rest of his 'team' could penetrate the beast's thick chitin. Thankfully, they were able to keep it handily at bay by jabbing at its joints and seams- where the armour was thinner and the flesh more sensitive- whenever the deathstalker tried to attack or move towards them.

The green one seemed to notice something, and leapt at the thing whilst firing his handguns at the beast's stinger. The rounds tore at and damaged the joint until the stinger was hanging by a thread. The agonised beast screeched and swiped at him with a claw, the oversized appendage catching the green one as he was still airborne and thus on a fixed trajectory, flinging him at part of the ruins.

Jaune and the Vampire assumed the green one was out of the fight now, but assumptions rarely match up with reality. Neither of them expected the boy to come charging back out, changed into a large bipedal wolf with giant claws and running on all fours. The werewolf leapt onto the Deathstalker, biting and clawing savagely before it seemed to catch a grip and- with a great feat of strength- tore the offending bug's claw from its joint.

The indecent one knew about his condition too, if her soft "no" was anything to go by. Jaune was too busy to do anything about the werewolf attacking the deathstalker however: said deathstalker had gotten a grip on his shield and was holding on despite the fact its carapace was clearly sizzling from the contact with the blessed silver.

"Oi, you!" Jaune shouted at his other two teammates, gesturing with his head as he held onto his shield for dear life, trying to keep the monster from tearing it off his arm… or for that matter, tearing his arm off "One o' you has a hammer: there's a nail."

The vampire and the indecent one exchanged a glance, and the vampire threw her shield. Vampiric strength worked behind the shield to sever the last tendons and cut the stinger completely free, where it dropped down onto the deathstalker's head, right onto a collection of gouges. By virtue of the stinger's extreme sharpness and heavy weight, it lodged itself where it fell, and the deathstalker roared with pain and anger at being disarmed.

The Vampire cupped her hands and the indecent one ran and put her weight into the boost. The Vampire threw her as high as she could go- which was very high given her unnatural strength. The indecent one soared up high, even hollering with delight before coming down bearing the mother of all hammer blows; driving the stinger into the beast's skull, killing it at last.

Now that the deathstalker was dead, the indecent one immediately surged towards the werewolf where it was still trying to pull the Deathstalker's legs off and hugged it tight, snapping it out of its blood rage. The werewolf turned back shortly after.

"Seems she can calm the beast," Jaune said. "I wonder how long that'll last before the devil's given his due."

Yang looked around as the Nevermore circled overhead, seeing the bird dealing with the exotic effects of the princess' dust and her partner's pistol.

Yang was about to join them, but noticed her sister laying there, shivering and catatonic. Yang reached down and pulled Ruby's hood over her head, the act of annoying her kid sister seeming to snap Ruby out of it.


"Not now Ruby!"

Ruby seemed to notice where she was and what was going on, then realised she'd completely spaced out on everyone. "Oh, jeez."

"Yeah… looks like they're not doing much…" Yang said

The dust attacks seemed to do little more than annoy the Nevermore, when they didn't outright emulate the faunus girl's bullets and bounced off its steel-reinforced feathers.

"We should help!" Ruby said energetically.

"It'll take a lot to even hurt that thing… Ruby, you're… you're still covered in blood." Yang said, leaving the request hanging in the air unsaid.

Ruby was dead silent, Yang asking for blood was a serious occasion.

Ruby held out her arm and Yang ducked her head over it, sucking the blood out of the otherwise-ruined clothes, draining of Jaune's gore off her clothes and leaving them actually clean.

Yang reeled back and screwed up her face in "Ugh, it tastes like holy water. Bleck!"

"Are you okay?"

Yang gave it a moment to let the blood hit the bottom before she felt it kick in. Despite the godawful taste- the incompatibility was likely going to make her sick later on- it was still Blood, and it still had the right effect.

"I'm better than okay now, sis," Yang said as her eyes turned red.

Both Weiss and Blake were surprised when a yellow streak shot past them as it leapt up the side of the ruins and into the air, intercepting the Nevermore as it made a pass. There was a colossal, resounding 'Smack' as Yang delivered the mother off all suckerpunches, the force of the blow stunned the great creature, causing the entire bird to list to the side, sending it careening straight into the cliffside. Rocks were shaken and blown loose, bombarding the ruins below as the Nevermore bounced off the cliff and fell through a large portion of the ruins.

The four girls had to leap to safety, Yang used the falling rubble as a series of stepping stones to ascend back up to the ruins. Blake caught herself using her ribbon, swinging and rappelling back up. Ruby had merely needed to use the recoil of her rifle, the scythe forming a large hook and the heavy calibre sending her skywards and Weiss attempted to use her glyphs, but was caught in the stomach by a large boulder. Aura kept her ribs from being powderised, but the rock still knocked the wind out of her.

Weiss fell, and thought that she'd met her final end already, until a red-black streak flashed through the air and caught her. Weiss was swiftly carried back to the ruins, and saw Seras had once again come to her rescue.

"Be more careful, Miss Snow. Don't want to lose you already."

"For the last time, Seras, it's Schnee."

"Sure thing, Miss Snow." Seras said, setting Weiss back down onto the ruins

Weiss gave an exasperated shout and stormed off as Seras flew away, grinning like a madman.

Weiss arrived with the rest of her 'team', and at their questioning looks, Weiss gave them an annoyed "Explain later". Further conversation was interrupted as the Nevermore swooped back up, having apparently recovered from Yangs titanic punch.

"We need to take this thing out if we wanna get back in one piece" Blake said

"I've got a plan" Ruby said

The team was quickly filled in on Ruby's plan, and, seeing there wasn't much else better to attempt, they went with that., scrambling into positions as they ducked and dodged the strafing runs of quills.

Yang caught the bird's attention at the base of the cliff; leading it into the trap. The nevermore, predictably, charged straight at her but got nowhere before it slammed into the cliff, where Weiss froze its tail feathers to the cliff and used her glyphs to mark the cliff above it and make a hasty retreat. Blake's ribbon was quickly used to create a crude slingshot, and they loaded Ruby into it, Weiss using her glyphs to hold Ruby still and aim the shot.

"Can you make the shot?" Ruby asked

"Can I?!" Weiss scoffed

"...can you-"

"Of course I can!" Weiss snapped, before preparing to launch her partner.

Taking aim, Ruby was flung at the Nevermore, her scythe's blade catching the NEvermore's neck like a hook as she landed on the glyphs. The glyphs activated and kept her boots on the cliff as she began to run, pushing her semblance to the limit and firing her gun to drag the Nevermore behind her. Ruby felt a strange power building up as she ran; a power that she'd only felt once or twice before when she was in dire need and giving it her all. Ruby charged up the cliff with doubly renewed vigour, knowing this was going to be good.

Jaune turned as he heard the shouting, and saw the nevermore being dragged up the cliff by the red one's scythe. Her scythe's blade began to glow as she ran until the bright twinkle became a brief light that was definitely too bright for muzzle flash as she reached the top and pulled hard with her scythe, decapitating the thing, and leaving a trail of rose petals to blow away in the wind.

Jaune lowered his glasses, crossed himself, and simply said "Sweet mother of mercy… an angel of death."

Ozpin's eyebrow rose at the use of her powers at this early stage.

"Fascinating, most fascinating."

"What is, sir?" Seras asked from beside him, cutting of Glynda asking the same question

Ozpin showed Seras his scroll as it ran an 'action replay' of the events.

"Hmm… reminds me of… of…" Seras said, suddenly becoming distant.

"Reminds you of what?"

"N- Nothing, Sir. Must've been my imagination." Seras lied.

Ozpin didn't believe her, but he wasn't going to press her for more information just yet.

After some faffing about getting the other seven initiates back up the cliffside, and some waiting for other teams to arrive again, they were taken to an acceptance ceremony.

"Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren; For collecting the Black Bishop pieces, you shall be known as Team JNPR, led by Jaune Arc." Ozpin said

Jaune seemed to swell at the praise, as if of course he was the leader. There was some polite, congratulatory clapping and the newly christened team JNPR got off the stage.

"Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long; For collecting the White Knight pieces, you four shall be known as team RWBY, led by Ruby Rose."

Jaune gave an approving nod, glasses glinting in the light as he muttered scripture.

"...And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee… Amen."

"It looks like this is shaping up to be an interesting year" Ozpin muttered into the microphone.

Teams RWBY and JNPR milled about as the ceremony concluded, waiting for the message that'd tell them which dorm would be theirs. Instead, all eight of them received notifications on their scrolls to meet with Ozpin in his office.

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